Gold Awards 2019 (October 2019) - 7 RadhaKrishna nominations and 1 win

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Posted: 8 months ago

Hi everyone!

Voting is currently open for the 2019 Gold Awards, and will apparently remain open until "the event date in October", which is Friday 11 October.

There are 20 categories of popular nominations in the TV list, and there are seven RadhaKrishna nominations. No matter how strange the actual show is, you may wish to vote for your favourite actors/characters to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Voting is open at and requires you to first register. You then need to log in using your registered details, and you have to vote for someone in every single category in order for your votes to count.

Multiple votes are allowed - you just need to register/use separate email addresses for each set of votes.

These are the TV categories in the order that they appear, showing the RK nominations:

  1. Best Actor (Male): no RK nominations
  2. Best Actor (Female): no RK nominations
  3. Best Supporting Actor (Male): no RK nominations
  4. Best Supporting Actor (Female): Reena Kapoor (Yashoda)
  5. Best Actor in a Negative Role (Male): Rushiraj Pawar (Ayan)
  6. Best Actor in a Negative Role (Female): Malini Sengupta (Jatila)
  7. Gold Debut in a Lead Role (Male): Sumedh Mudgalkar (Krishna)
  8. Gold Debut in a Lead Role (Female): Mallika Singh (Radha)
  9. Best Actor in a Comic Role (Male): Basant Bhatt (Balram)
  10. Best Actor in a Comic Role (Female): no RK nominations
  11. Best Anchor (Male/Female): n/a to RK
  12. Best On-Screen Jodi: Sumedh Mudgalkar and Mallika Singh (Krishna and Radha)
  13. Best Child Actor: no RK nominations
  14. Most Fit Actor (Male): no RK nominations
  15. Most Fit Actor (Female): no RK nominations
  16. Style Diva of Television Industry: no RK nominations
  17. TV Personality of the Year (Male): no RK nominations
  18. TV Personality of the Year (Female): no RK nominations
  19. Most Stylish Actor (Male) - TV: no RK nominations
  20. Most Stylish Actor (Male) - OTT: n/a to RK [This category is clubbed onto the end of the TV nominations list section, so you still have to vote for it for your other actual TV-related votes to count.]  

You need to select/vote for someone in each category in order to be able to access the next category, and then your votes are submitted after you reach the end of the 20 categories. Please make sure that you see the end screen with the message that says "Thank you for casting your votes" at the bottom/end of it. If not, log in with the registered details that you used and check through to the end again.

(There are also separate nominations/voting for Web Series, which you can access once you are logged in.)

So go on and vote to show your support, if you are so inclined!


PS. Even though Basant's Balram is very witty and funny, how weird does it feel to see this character based (loosely) on Shri Balram nominated specifically as a comic role! Who ever would have thought we would actually see this day! smiley44smiley37

Basant acts fabulously with both the nice and the weird stuff he is given to do by the RK writers, and so is very well deserving of nominations, votes, and awards. smiley20smiley10smiley32 However, I feel that Best Supporting Actor would have been the more appropriate category for him/Balram rather than the Comic Role category specifically. This is just my opinion about these awards, although Basant deserves votes regardless of the nomination category. smiley1


UPDATE, 12 October 2019: The awards ceremony was held on 11 October and there was one win for RK (as far as is currently known) - Sumedh in the "Gold Debut in a Lead Role (Male)" category. Further details (including videos) are available in a separate dedicated thread.

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Posted: 8 months ago

appreciate the effort you took to put all the details here arti smiley32

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Posted: 8 months ago

Thank you, Arti for the info and the details. smiley31 Sumedh and Mallika deserve the awards.smiley27 Sooooo fed up with these negative ones... Ayan and Jatila, won't vote for them.smiley29 Well, one can't get over the habit of being a little girl all at once!!smiley5 There is a child in every one of us, not always accompanied by an adult!!!smiley2But one thing is true, Jatila is a very good actress, Ayan .... well, not impressed with his stiff persona. 

The paradox in the TV industry is making a valiant character into a funny one , the best ex. is our Basant!

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Posted: 7 months ago

Hi guys,

Just a reminder that voting for the 2019 Gold Awards is still open.

The event date is 11 October, although the website still tells you that the voting is open until the "event date in September" without specifying an actual date for when voting closes.

So, I have no idea if voting will be open for all of September or if it will close at some point during the month.

In any case, voting is currently still open so please go and vote for your favourites if you are so inclined. Details are in the opening post above.

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Posted: 6 months ago

Hi again guys,

A gentle reminder that voting for the 2019 Gold Awards is still open.

The event date is 11 October (this upcoming Friday) and the website says that the voting is open until the "event date in October".

Voting is currently still open (and seemingly still will be next week - perhaps until Thursday). Details of the RK nominations and how to vote are in the opening post above, and remember that you do have to vote for someone in every category for your votes to count.

Please go and vote for your favourites and everyone you feel is deserving of awards in the various categories (RK-related or otherwise), if you are so inclined. 

(And everyone here knows exactly who my favourite is, so you'd better vote for him, too! smiley2  Also feel free to poke fun at me if you are inclined that way, but maybe wait until after you've voted as much as possible! smiley37  You know where I'll be - voting as much as I can!  smiley1)

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Posted: 5 months ago

The 2019 Gold Awards ceremony was held in Mumbai last night (on the evening of Friday 11 October), and Sumedh won the "Gold Debut in a Lead Role (Male)" award for his work in RadhaKrishna! smiley32

(The RK show's storyline may be weird, but there is no denying that Sumedh and the other actors and technicians involved have put in a lot of effort.)

Further information about Sumedh's award win, including videos of his acceptance speech and post-win interview, are available in this separate dedicated thread.

As far as I am currently aware, Sumedh's best debut award is the only award for RK: I have not heard of RK being awarded any critics awards (so far), and out of the 7 popular RK nominations, I have heard about the winners of all 6 categories except the "Best Actor in a Comic Role (Male)" category, in which Basant was nominated for his role of Balram.

I have only managed to find partial lists of the award winners so far, and the full list may not become available until after the full awards ceremony is telecast on Zee TV on a yet to be announced date. I will post any new RK-related Gold Awards information that becomes available once a comprehensive winners list is available.

This photo of Sumedh and Basant on the Gold Awards gold carpet is courtesy of IndiaForums from their gallery of 112 photos, "Celebrities attend the 12th Gold Awards!" 

Celebrities attend the 12th Gold Award!

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks for sharing the good news Arti.smiley31Regarding the actors and technicians, your praising words are apt , the storyline and the writer's unique thinking made this serial to meet such a fate! 

Congratulations to Sumedha, he put extraordinary efforts to make this Krishna a watchable one, only for his sake! 

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Sumedh Mudgalkar Basant Bhatt Mallika Singh

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