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Helloeveryone,well I know very well that many of you wants to kill me as you werewaiting for the updates of both the stories but kya kare after watchingyesterday’s episode an fresh idea popped up in my mind and luckily Kajal toorequested me for the same.

What ancoincidence.So,I decided to give an try please marna mat as bohot sara episodeske according hi hoga,maybe thoda zyaada drama hoga and aage ka track hume patanahi toh who mera apna take hoga and Mujhe title nahi mil raha tha so assuggested by Kajal I am keeping the title all of you can suggest too afterreading the story.

I will tryto restrict this with single part maximum 2 parts but cooperate if not andstarting is inspired from current episodes so bear this I know it’s tough forall of us but we have to cope it and you all have to cope with this here too.Sopehle se dher sara sorry for that.

Ab jyaadatimepass na karte huye let’s go to story.



It was afterboth of Akshan’s beautiful love confession,both were too happy and excited asit was just the fact about the night as Antara will leave the house very nextmorning and both will be together forever.As both were romancing,Lakshmiinterrupted and watching both of them getting cosy she turned around and madevoice of clearing throat,turning around she kept her hands on her eyes andsaid.

Lakshmi- Iam so sorry,I didn’t intended to interrupt you both,Waise I came here to callboth of you for dinner but you both can take your own time.

Guddan whosecheek had become red due to Lakshmi’s words said.

Guddan(shyingly)-Kya Lakshmi bahu aap bhi,chaliye hum aate hai.

Lakshmi- Arekoi baat nahi sasuma take your own time,koi jaldi nahi hai.

To thisGuddan raised her eyes on Lakshmi to this she got afraid and ran fromthere.Akshat was admiring his fearless tiger getting shied as she started toleave the room he holded her hand and pulled her towards him.

His fingersformed a cage around her waist and he pulled her more close towards him and hislips having a contend smile.

Guddan(whispered)in his ears huskily- Kya kar rahe hai Jindal saab?

Akshat(naughtily)-kya,mainkya kar rahahu,I am doing absolutely nothing.

Guddan-Achha,not now sab khane pe wait kar rahe hai humara.She released herself fromhis cage and ran in dining hall while Akshat followed her.


Even at thedining hall,both were staring each other and their ishaare,uff.

Akshatnodded her to sit besides him and she was left with no option but to follow hisinstructions she sitted besides him and he holded her one hand and intertwinedboth of there hands.She tried to release her hand from his hold but failed asthere ishaare were at peak.

Antaraentered there with the dinner and announced as it was her last night in thehouse she has made dinner as farewell.To this Guddan got angered and clutchedher fists.This could not remain unnoticed by Akshat. He knew very well thatGuddan didn’t like Antara,infact she hates her.

Akshatthrough his ishaare asked her to be calm and he smiled looking at her.She toosmiled thinking whatever it maybe it was the last night she had to tolerateAntara,but she could not trust Antara blindly as she knew Antara is not soseedhi she is upto something.

She went inkitchen and looked at the empty bottle of poison,Guddan and Antara had anfaceoff where Antara told her that jo uska nahi who use Guddan ka bhi hone nahidegi,and admitted she has mixed poison in kheer of Akshat.

Guddan rantowards Akshat and stopped him from eating kheer and allegated Antara of mixingpoison in his kheer where Antara too created drama and refused all theallegations and to prove Guddan wrong she ate the kheer and fainted wheredoctor came and announced about Antara’s pregnancy.

Guddan wasstunned with this,while Durga and Antara smirked and Dadi was superhappy as shewas going to see her lalla’s child and scolded Antara for hiding the fact.

Where Antaradid the same drama as she didn’t wanted to came between Akshan she hided it andcreated an emotional drama that the memories of Akshat and his nishaani( child)in her womb are enough for her to live.


Pissed offof all these Guddan clapped and said

Guddan- Thaknahi jaati aap Antara ji,I thought that in this house I am the only one whoacts best but no you are actually better than me.Didn’t you get tired of doingall this drama,how many lies she was going to tell.

Antara- Whatare you saying Guddan,please stop allegating me and all drama as in theepisode.She said Guddan main toh yahaan se chali jaane waali thi so that Ididn’t came between both of you hence,I even lied that all that didn’t happenbetween both of us,please Guddan itne ghinoone ilzaam mat lagao mujhpar.

Akshat’sheart melted watching crocodile tears of Antara and stopped Guddan and yelledat her.

But Guddanwas in no mood to listen him,she disclosed how Antara faked her death and wasback just for the property.

Akshat andDadi both told Guddan that they understands what she is going through but sheshould not cross her limits and it’s not good to allegate Anntara,this brokeher heart.

She wasshouting but no one listened her and Antara with her drama and Durga with herlogical debates manipulated the whole family,even Akshat.


Guddan-Durga bahu,aapko kisine sikhaaya nahi ki jab ghar ke bade baat karte hai tohunke beech main nahi bolte and aapke saas sasur hain yahaan don’t forget.

To thisDurga pleaded, I was just expressing my views.

Guddan- Didanyone asked you for it,then please don’t give we didn’t need it and what youdid that day uske baad toh bilkul nahi.

Stop itGuddan,Akshat yelled but she didn’t listen.

Guddan- Whyare you yelling at me,I can’t see you getting trapped when I knew very wellthat you are innocent.

Akshat- Stopit Guddan,I know digesting this is too difficult for you but you have to acceptthe truth and you can’t deny it.

She went toAntara and holded her arm tight.


Guddan-Happy,bohot khush ho rahi hongi na aap,but I won’t let you succeed in youragenda remember.

Akshat-Guddan leave her Akshat again yelled,She leaved her hard so hard that Antaraexperienced jerk and was about to fall on the floor on her stomach,but Akshatcaught her.

And Akshatwho was fuming in his anger slapped Guddan hard.Enough! Stop it Guddan tum manoya na mano this is the truth and you will have to accept this.


Akshatannounced his decision and left the room while Dadi too scolded her.

Dadi- Ididn’t expected this from you,never look Guddan I understand what you must begoing through but what you did just is discusting.

All wentfrom the room and she was left alone with Lakshmi,Lakshmi came and hugged herbut she could not do more for her.


HereAkshatwas punching his punching bag hard remembering about Antara’s pregnancyand the way Guddan reacted,he had to slap her.he punched the bag so hard thatblood started oozing from his palm still he was punching the bag hard.

Suddenly atight hand gripped his hand and stopped him.

Akshat-Don’t stop me Guddan,I deserve this I hurted you.

Guddan-cupped his face and said him,Kuch nahi kiya aapne stop  blaming yourself and kuch kha lijiye.

Akshat-Guddan,Iknow you are hurt,Sorry I didn’t wanted to slap you but you kept no optioninfront of me,I know you are not wrong but Guddan Antara bhi galat nahihai,Galat main hu I made lost our love,Sorry Guddan  and my only punishment for this would be………

Guddan-Jindal saab why are you not listening me,aap humari baat kyun nahi maan rahehai hum keh rahe hain naa aapne kuch nahi kiya.

Akshat- Stopit Guddan and he left from there.


The verynext day Guddan called Rawat for help and he got killed by Antara actuallyRawat was faking his death infront of all as he too was in Antara’s teamafterall Antara was his sister and he too had his scores to settle with Guddanas it was Guddan who proved that Vikram faked the proofs in Akshat’s case andhis reputation was spoiled.

Guddanallegated Antara of killing rawat but she could not prove it.

Antara againdid the drama by taking all her bags and leaving the house,Dadi stopped her.

Dadi- Rukjaa beta,aise halaat main kaha jayegi,Abb toh Vikram bhi nahi hai tere saath.

Antara(Shedingher crocodile tears)- No maa,I can’t take this more,I won’t be able to take allthis,main nahi jee sakti main aise roz roz ke tanoon ke saath nahi jeesakti,Maa Guddan ko lagta hai that I I killed my own brother…….

How can sheeven think of this maa,she didn’t even know the depth of mine and bhai’srelation,kabhi kehti hai I was not in coma,kabhi kehti hai I killed Durgabahu.No maa I won’t be able to handle this,she thinks I came between both ofthem,Main chali jaungi un 2 on ke beech se.

Dadi- Kahinnahi jaayegi tu Antara and it’s my decision and Guddan will have to acceptthis,if she doesn’t accept it’s her problem,you don’t worry I will talk tolalla.



Akshat- Kyabaat hai maa aaj achanak se you called me Akshat

Dadi- Akshatisiliye because you are no more my lalla.

Akshat cameand holded his mother’s hand.

Akshat-Iknow maa,you are upset with Guddan’s behavior,but maa we can’t blame Guddan forit,afterall she is too young to handle all this and on top of it all thishappened after we both confessed our love to each other.Maa who galat nahi hai.

Dadi-GalatAntara bhi nahi hai Akshat.,you better solve this problem soon,as we won’t beable to hide Antara’s pregnancy for long.Afterall it’s about Jindaal’sreputation.


And the verynext day,Akshat announced his marriage with Antara as he does not want hischild to be called illegitimate he asked Guddan for divorce but Guddurefused,he tried to send her to her papa’s house but Guddan refused.

So,heasked  Bhushan to take her to his houseto this Bhushan answered firmly that Guddan has called off their fatherdaughter’s relation and when there is no relation use ghar lane ka sawaal hinahi.

Here Guddanhad tried all her efforts to stop the marriage and expose Antara’s true facebut failed as always as Antara was having help from Rawat and Durga while thewhole family too supported her because of her pregnancy.

Akshat triedto throw her out of the house but she demanded 90% of property as alimony andDurga and Antara manipulated the whole family and Akshat that Guddan was thegolddigger.Hence she was alligating Antara as we judge other people through oureyes.

And Akshatin his rage started to disbelief her and  he wanted her to be away from him.To make heraway from him he handed the whole responsibility of his wedding on her.

She diedthousand times with each preparation  andwas alone only she knew through what she went through.Here Akshat too washurt,even he was going through pain watching his love going through all thisbut still he can’t deny his mistake and can’t let his own child suffer dueto  his own mistakes,while Durga,Antaraand Saru used to taunt her and make her fun.

It wasfinally Akshat and Antara’s wedding day,Guddan came to Akshat’s room.

Saru andDurga who were decorating the room for Akshat and Antara’s first night handedGuddan the basket of roses and said as the whole responsibility of wedding ison her shoulders.

It’sinappropriate that they should decorate the room and made Guddan to decoratethe room,going through all this she still managed to keep a smile on her face.

Lakshmibecame emotional watching all this,she hugged Guddan and asked her to leave thehouse,she doesn’t deserve this pain and apologized as she could do nothing forher.

In returnGuddan smiled and said She’s absolutely fine look at me.


She went toAkshat’s room and made him wear his sehra.while here Durga and Antaracelebrated their victory.All the rituals took place and Rawat came out of hisden.

As Panditjiasked to take blessings of elder the wedding couple took blessings Antaramaking an excuse went near Guddan and taunted her on loosing,that Guddan’s loveloosed and all.


While Guddancalmly and smilingly replied.

Guddan- Jeetse pehle jeet ki mithaiyaan nahi baati jaati Antaraji,jaisa dikhta hai waisaaksar hota nahi.

Antaralooked confused and asked What does she really mean?She asked her violentlytabhi,

Akshat camerunning down from stairs, holding an strong nylon rope.

Akshat-maasomeone made me unconscious and tied me with this rope,who did this?

The earthbeneath Antara and Durga’s  legs slipped.

Antarastarted shouting- How can this be possible,just we got married Akshat,no thisis not possible.

Angad-Bhai,agar aap yahaan ho toh who got married with Antaraji.

Akshat camenear the groom and lifted his sehra.

Ar…….ArjunAntara exclaimed.

Antara doyou know him?Dadi asked while Akshat removed the cello tape wrapped aroundArjun’s mouth.


Guddan cameforward and said

“Yeh kyabatayegi maa ji inhe toh saap sungh gaya hai,toh I will do the honours.

Jindaal saabit was me who kidnapped you,Akshat was left shocked,



Guddan wentto Akshat’s room to make him wear sehra,where he holded her hand and asked herwhy she was doing this.he pleaded her to stop all this as today after marryingAntara he will be fully her’s.He asked her to move on and forgive him ifpossible, Guddan just smiled and said

Guddan- Ifyou can’t see me in pain,toh stop this na,mat karo yeh shaadi.

Akshat turnedaway from Guddan avoiding any eyecontact as he was scared if he looked into hereyes,it was definitely gonna be impossible to keep with his decisions.

Akshat- Goaway Guddan and forgive me if possible,you have whole life infront of you.

Guddan-Theek hai,if you are not changing your decision,how could you expect me tochange mine.She made him wear sehra and left the room.

He could notbear this and gulped the whole glass of juice which was kept on side table andGuddan had purposefully mixed appropriate amount of Ketamine in it.

After thathe got unconscious and Guddan swapped the groom.

Guddan- I amsorry Jindal saab,but I was left with no option.

Dadi wassuperfurious on Guddan She scolded her too bad and used abusive words againsther,Guddan’s eyes teared up.


Dadi- Nowstop sheding this crocodile tears Guddan,you snatched our waris from us and youled Antara’s marriage to a random guy,Before guddan could utter a word, a youngboy of around 10 years entered the hall running and hugged Antara.


The boy-Mumma,where you went? I missed you so much! Abb toh game over ho gaya na.

Antara couldreact nothing

The boy-tell me na mumma,did you missed me too,and mumma papa told me that you aregoing to bring me a younger brother or sister,is it true mumma,mumma pleaseanswer na.


Guddan-Yeskrish beta,mumma is gonna bring you an younger brother or sister beta aap uparjaake khelo I will just sent you snacks thak gaye honge na aap,aur bhook bhilagi hogi.

Krish- Butdidi please send chocolates and cake in snacks and samosa too you know na howmuch I love samosa as you too loves it.

Guddansmiled and said I knew,bhijwaate hai and krish went up.


Dadi- yeh hokya raha hai koi batyega?

Guddan- Insemiliye dadi yeh hai Arjun Mittal,owner of Mittal and Sons kaafi bada naam huwakarta tha inka Delhi main.

Akshat-Innsab ka yahaan kya lena dena? And that child .


Guddan-Krish,his name is Krish Arjun ji’s son.

Arjun- I can’tbelieve this you could stoop so low Antara.

And Arjunnarrated the whole story.

Arjun washappily married to Devki Mittal they had an elder daughter Mishti and therenewborn baby Krish.Antara went in his house as Krish’s caretaker as it wasreally hard for Devki to look after both the kids and handle her separatebusiness too.


Being ArjunMittal’s wife she had an equal share in Mittal industries too and was board ofmember.So to ease her task she hired Antara who was in need of job as she toldMittal’s that she lost her whole family in an accident.

Slowly slowly Antara starting taking care of Arjun too along with Krish. And one dayAntara spiked Arjun’s drink and created a picture that they both got intimatelast night same as the way akshat did.

Arjun lovedDevki alot, he didn’t wanted to hurt Devki at any cost and he knew if Devkiwould come to know she will take his both children away from him and quit thebusiness too.Apart from business he didn’t wanted to be away from his children.

So Antaraand Arjun made a deal,Antara demanded the physical pleasures from him as shehas lost her husband,she needed one but she didn’t want to marry.

Arjun whowas left with no option accepted her offer,slowly slowly he felt in love withAntara and their deal got converted into relationship.Antara started completing duties of a wife in Devki’s absence and one day Devki caught both of them redhanded,She left him and after somedays she came with an strong proof againstAntara.

She warnedAntara and was coming downstairs when Antara pushed her and Devki gotparalysed,Antara manipulated Arjun that she did all of this just for him,justfor them.

After coupleof years both got married in this whole successive years Antara cleverlybrainwashed Arjun’s elder daughter Kiara’s mind that now she hated her dad andafter going to boardings,she never came back home.

She justused to come for a day to look her baby brother and her mom’s health whileAntara kept Devki paralysed by changing her medicines.

Slowly,Slowlyboth got settled,everything was going great but couple of years ago Devki’s parentsovertook Mittal industries as it was there but they gifted there daughter andArjun came on road.

So,Antaradecided to leave Arjun and come towards Akshat as Akshat was richest in thecity now.

Now Antaracouldn’t bear more and split the truth infront of everyone.

Antara- haanhaan kiya maine yeh sab,I did all this that fake death drama,then coma,Devki Arjunsab maine kiya…..



So Antaraaccepted her truth abb aage kya hoga? What will Guddan do?Janne ke liye staytuned and Sorry for the long update


Hey kajal Ithought ki yeh 1 part main complete ho jayega but yeh toh itna lamba hone kebaad bhi nahi huwaa,pata nahi aur kitne parts jaayenge.

Sorry asmaine Arjun ka naam yahi kisi FF se churaaya and Arjun Antara ki story as mujhekuch sujh nahi raha that oh I made Antara trapping Arjun,Sorry use itna buradikhane ke liye ……………..

Abb maro jomaarna hai……..








































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Continue soon

Main jaana jaate ho kya hoga akshat reaction jab woh pata chalega ki antara ki paas bacha hai aur pati hai arjun band bajayega usse with his gussasmiley36

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Update the next part soon.

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Antara smiley7such a evil lady kash show mein bhi iska aisa khulasa ho 😤😤😤😤😤😤

Next part jaldi update karna 

Aur ongoing stories too😊

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Emotional tha bahut loved it

Dadi se ye umeed nhi tha in sb ko bahut mehnat krni paregi guddu ko manane ke liye afterall they hurted her alot. 

 anyways next part v jaldi update krdo na plz ho ske to aaj hi

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Nice start

Love it

Continue soon

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Update next soon

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Update Soon 

Guddan:Tumse Na Ho Payega 

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