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 Episode 5

Brihaspati left heaven

Narads narration continued,

"Kadru and his son succeed in deceiving Vinatha that tail of Ucchaisrav is black. Vinatha accepted her defeat and turned as a slave of his sister. Because of Kadru's curse, all her sons started fretting about janamejeya's yagna. Adisesh got vexed with hatred, lust over authority, jealous and other bad human feelings he saw in his mother. He totally exasperated with that human-life and consulted father for a way he could get rid of moh-maya.

Narad ended, 

"Puthri! Laxmi! Today's time's up. I shall continue this tomorrow."

Laxmi disconsolated as Narad stopped at a interesting turn but couldn't convince him and let him leave. 

Narad intentionally interrupted there to increase anxiety inside Laxmi and clapping his khartal, "Narayan Narayan" left to wander allover the universe.

Meanwhile in swarglok and in Indrabhavan, all dev were on cloud nine and celebrating their victory over asur. Asur were always ready to brawl with dev for the authority over heaven yet dev were successful in defeating them all the time and regain their positions. 

Indra chortled and started praising himself 

"Dev! I, the King of heaven, and lord of rains, again saved all of you from asur. I dispelled away all demons with my mighty strength. Hahaha! None could succeed me". All dev ecstatically enjoyed that pleasure dancing.

Instantly Bruhaspathi, the counsellor and saviour of dev, the ideal among all Navgrah, came carrying his beads and stick there. None noticed his arrival and wished him. He listened Indra's self applause and became dejected as none recognized him. Actually he performs yagnas for their glory, well-being and keep away asur. All powers come from havissu(oblation) of that yagna. Bruhaspathi felt it's an insult ignoring him and left away heaven. He totally disappeared from the sight of dev and set off to Himalayas. He then involved him in deep penance. His absence totally devastated Dev. Dev started loosing their strengths as yagnas had not been performed. Yagna is main source of their powers. Indra, through his divyadrishti came to know about rage of devguru. He then understood the importance of Bruhaspathi. He repented bitterly for feeling himself the supreme and disrespecting guru. 

Devendra instantly arrived at vaikunth and hailed Narayan,

"Hey Prabhu! Jagathpalak! I committed a grave sin ignoring my guru. As a result, I and all dev are becoming weak day-by-day. In this case, asur might attack, conquer heaven and make us homeless. Please save us. Gurudev is in deep meditation in Himalayas. Any dev can't disturb that. Only Narayan can interrupt that and bring back our guru. Please help Narayan"

Narayan told dev,

"I can't help in this. Bruhaspathi decided to continue his penance for an year. It's impossible to interrupt even for Paramatma."

Devendra got perturbed hearing Narayan too couldn't save them and pleaded him,

"Prabhu! Anathrakshak! Narayan is the only way for us. We can't wait for an year for completion of the penance as our powers seem end totally within two days if yagnas are not been performed."

Narayan consoled them,

"Devendra! No need of worry!!

A teacher is the most important person in everyone's life. "Gu" means darkness and "Ru" means remover. A teacher enlightens his students by removing his ignorance.He always strives for well-being of his students and sacrifices many things. He teaches dharm so that his students never crosses it and falls in problems. A guru also frees students from cycles of birth and death. Devguru always thought about uplifting dev but Indra insulted him giving him no importance in your victory. Eventhough your sin is huge, you realized it and had been repenting. It's my responsibility as paramatma to rescue you all. There's an alternative for this issue."

To be continued!!!

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