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This is a two shot of Prerna and Mr Bajaj. Please bear with the spelling mistakes, I wrote this from my mobile phone. Hope you'll like it...

After the wedding had happened, Anurag left the place heavy-hearted. On his way back home he met with an accident. He was rushed to the hospital and by time the doctor checked him, he went into coma.

In the Bajaj mansion, Mr Bajaj brought Prerna back home and completed all the rituals. Then, when they were in their room, he told her 'I only brought you here to take care of my daughter, Sneha and be her mother. You have all the rights to this house and only her, don't interfere in my matters. You are only my wife, Mrs Bajaj to the world but in here this room, among these four walls you and I are just strangers.' After saying this he left the room to go see Sneha. 

In the room, Prerna gets a call suddenly. When she answered the call, she knew it was her mother. She said ' Prerna, Anurag met with an accident... he's in coma now.' Hearing this, tears started to flow from Prerna's eyes. Still keeping the phone at her ear, she listened to her mother saying, 'Prerna beta, good that you did not marry Anurag. I don't know why you married Mr Bajaj, but it's lucky that you did not become the daughter-in-law of a murderer. You know beta, Mohini is the one who caused Mr Bajaj's parents' death. She did all things possible to get the properties from them by cheating her own brother and sister-in-law. Not only that, she was the one that caused their accident and made you husband an orphan. Mr Bajaj is not wrong beta, he is just getting back what was rightfully his. His method might wrong but after all the pain and backstabbing he had gone through from his own aunty made him who he is today, a heartless businessman.' She was just silently listening to all that her mother was telling and was shocked. She then told her mother everything about how Mr Bajaj trapped Anurag and sent him to jail, then made a deal with her to marry him in order to release Anurag from jail. She asked her mother, ' what was mine and Anurag's fault in all these. It was all done by Kaki ma, not Anurag, so why did he punish us. Why ma? why?' her mother told her what Mohini had told her a few moments ago, 'Prerna, he didn't want to get you or Anurag involved so he told Anurag everything and told him to marry you and leave this country. But, Anurag didn't want to do so. Not only that, he also said he will protect his mother, although she is the murderer of his own uncle and aunt. That was why he sent Anurag to jail, so he will not be in the way to protect his mother. But, Anurag's mother was cunning to send you to Mr Bajaj and to tell you to accept anything that he says. She just wanted to get rid of you from Anurag's life.' 

Hearing all this Prerna fell onto the floor still holding the phone to her ear, but with so many emotions running through her at the moment. She then said to her mother, ' but why did he need to marry me, he could have just told all this to me and I would have left Anurag if he still wanted to support his murderer mother. I would have stood by justice.' 'All that I don't know beta, but I'm just saying that I'm grateful that you are not that Mohini's daughter-in-law. Okay bye beta, I will come and see you tomorrow.' after saying this she kept the phone.

Here Prerna was still confused, although she was tired and sleepy with all the happenings of the day, she waited for Mr Bajaj to return to the room so she can get some clarity. Mr Bajaj didn't return to the room even when the clock struck 12am. Then, she went out to check in Sneha's room, but what she saw there shocked by her. Mr Bajaj was sitting beside Sneha with tears running down from his eyes while whispering, 'i did a big mistake princess, to get you a mother. I ruined a beautiful soul.' He continued to sob and said 'i destroyed her life. I can't forgive myself for doing something so despicable. Mujhe maaf karo beta maine bohot galat kiya tumhari mumma ke saat. I'm sorry Prerna, I'm very sorry.'

Hearing all of this, Prerna stood speechless and then slowly turned to return back to their room. In the room she was thinking to do some background check on her husband in order to know the truth of what had happened in the past that made him the way he is to the outside world. 

Part 2 (

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Hey interesting story continue soon! 

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Super interesting! Please update jaldismiley20

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interesting start...continue soon..smiley20

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When are you updating the next part? smiley1

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Awesome smiley32

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Nice .plz update soon.thanks.

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