T5 Bond : pt 60 / 61on page 96/97 ~completed~

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Chapter 47 

That day in KM everyone were so disturbed for him. Nobody dared to go near him except janki who dressed his wounds and not to forget scold him for hurting himself like this. He too didn’t disappoint his mother and asked for apology for hurting her and family.

In all this only geet was one who was feeling something much more wrong. His words rang in her head like everything was directed towards her only and the mere thought of him knowing her truth send shivers down her spine.

Everytime she underestimate him but it’s today she witnessed in him actually a screwed business man not to forget a DANGEROUS ONE! 


It was night time annd everyone present their except maan. 

Saksham is in their room with his father and downstairs everyone else so disturbed.

J- geet beta go and help maan. Doctor strictly denied him from putting pressure on his hands otherwise it gonna create problem in future.

He is anger didn’t had anything since morning.

G- ji maa 

Geet gulped her saliva listening her. 

She can’t deny janki otherwise they will doubt her and can’t even go near him fearing he may throw her out this time out of her life. 

But in between this their was one more struggle seeing him so much hurt her heart was breaking from within in. Agreed she being selfish to not go near him as she feel he throw her out the moment she step inside their room but she just didn’t want to be away from him.


Geet held bowl of daliya in her hand and head upstairs with her heart beating with double speed..

She was about to enter when she witnessed something so pleasing

Maan was playing with saksham holding him talking with him in babyish language. God that was a sight to see.

Pure bliss.

But a gasp left her lips when she noticed his bleeding bandage. She immediately rush inside

G- yeh aap kya kr rhe h?

She said snatching saksham away from him

He was about to brust on her but she hold his hand making hik sit on bed. Her eyes turn teary that’s when he realized that his Palms are bleeding again.

He was about to jerk her hand but his family enter in room that moment only much to his dismay he need to keep calm.

Geet rush inside to get medical kit and janki too come toward his side worried.

J- what is this? 

Why can’t you take rest? 

How could you be so irresponsible maan?

Can’t you see you hurt us but hurting yourself! 

Me your papa 

Your family

Your wife and your son they both depend on you  .

Janki scolded him causing him to keep his eyes low.

M- i'm sorry maa 

I didn’t do that intentionally..

Voh saksham was crying and no one was their so I picked him up.

R- have you gone insane son?

Doctor strictly denied you to move your hands forget about picking something up..

Do you have any idea how it could create problem?

M- sorry 

Geet by now come back and start changing his bandage.

Everyone present their finch by seeing deep wounds. Glass pieces harm his skin so badly.

But maan never even move forget about showing pain as his wounds remind him about backstabbers and one is here before him.

Ram place his hand on maan forehead 

R- try to understand son. 

Like you can’t see saksham in pain we too can’t see you in pain. 

Maan look at them and nodded in understanding.

M- i'm sorry dad 

I promise I will take care of myself.

J- great geet help him. 

He must be hungry by now.

Geet nodded her head and forward spoon toward him. 

He want to go away but the presence of his family didn’t let him take the step.

Once he finished everyone retired to their respective room not before warning him to take care of himself.


Maan rest his forehead against head post looking at her but he decide to let her do whatever she want. He decided to expose her but he needs to find her motive but she is not going to get forgiveness this time.

If it’s not about his son she was get kicked long ago but it’s going to affect his son so he needs to think calmly. But if she didn’t open the secret on him then no way he is going to forgive her.

Geet cover him with duelt and asked him to sleep now.

Maan in response just lay down turning to other side.

Geet looked at him as he turned to another side.

She never witnessed him so angry. 

She can't take risk to lose him if he comes to know he will throw her out of his life and she can't bear it.

She will never let him know her truth .


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Congrats on new thread 

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I'm 1st 🤗🤗

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Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Congrats on new thread 

thank you 😃

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Congrats on the new thread! 

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Family is worried about Maan .but they don't  know the main reason.what will they do when the  truth comes out.how long Maan will hold his temper.and Geet is again doing same mistake by hiding the truth.if she have doubts regarding Maan knowing something, gave it a try.she knows he hate lies.but she is not ready to accept  the truth

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very imotional but scary update 

ye tufan aane se pehle ki shanti hai maan kya karega geet k sath waiting for next 

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