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Hello hammie, 

Zainab-kainaat scene was the best.. will zainab actually carry out the threat? Or will her mamta come in between?  But did feel terrible for zainab. 

@irshita: a new promo has been released.. kainaatโ€™s true colors have come out in front of sultanat and sultanat wants to expose her.. so yes thatโ€™s the next track.

@arshian, if you happen to see this post.. the track that you guessed.. Kainatโ€™s exposure.. 

Hi Lonelythots, thank you for the remembering me. 

The fact that my prediction is coming true is not a good thing. Whenever viewers correctly guess tracks then it is directly indicative of the fact that the show is going the cliched route. If makers want to embrace Ekta Kapoor's tried-and-true masala tracks then they can forget about the TRPs. Why would anyone watch SPM when they can watch Ekta's shows with much bigger/popular actors? SPM has only Helly Shah who is massively popular while Rajveer is still relatively new and has a smaller following. Makers are setting themselves up for failure. You have to be innovative enough to bring in audiences but keep the drama intact. SPM misses this balance. It almost seems like they throw in a few random romantic scenes for the younger (online) fans and they are trying to attract "TRP aunties" by increasing the drama quotient with cliched tracks. 

The fact that only Saltanat found out about Kainat means that they are going to drag this, as Irshita  has suggested. The whole family will find out in about 2-3 months. I'm just thinking what the story is then. How long will they stretch the inheritance track? I wonder if my prediction will come true that K's exposure might bring in some TRP. SaRoon love did nothing. Lets see if K's evilness is the key. Honestly speaking, if K's exposure does nothing then SPM is truly doomed. How long can they keep a 0.4 TRP show on-air? Everyone loses money. If there is no money then there is no show. Makers still insist on dragging....

I have a feeling that Zainab may again be used to blackmail S into not telling the family the truth. Who knows? K might emotionally blackmail Zainab to make sure she does her bidding. I used to think that makers love destroying other characters to make SaRoon seem superior but Sultanat's character is also now officially destroyed. I remember she once said "I am not so shameless to meet a guy at night". Apparently, she is shameless enough to live with a guy full-time. Great writing, CVs. 

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