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Chapter 41

The shrill sound of the alarm clock interrupted their sleep as dawn was making its way. When Naina tried to get out of the bed after turning it off, he pulled her back mumbling sleepily "Panch minute aur..." She gave in for about two minutes and then pulled away muttering "Nanaji ki dawai late ho jayegi... abhi chai bhi banani hai." 

As Sameer watched his wife slip out of the room after quickly freshening up, his thoughts raced back to last night's events. Everything else had been almost perfect, till the point she had stopped him from kissing her properly. Her reluctance to allow more intimacy while his mother was visiting was rather confusing. For a moment he had almost been about to argue that it did not make any sense at all, didn't couples living with extended families not indulge in marital intimacy? But, seeing some apprehension in her eyes, had decided to take things forward as per her comfort level. And though, a passionate lip lock had been the only thing on his mind in that moment, in retrospect he knew he would not have been happy to just stop there. 

After some deliberations, he concluded that in all likelihood, she had been apprehensive about what would follow the kiss, than the kiss itself. The idea of celebrating their Suhag Raat while her mother-in-law was visiting, and that too so suddenly must have been overwhelming. Afterall, though he had spent the last couple of nights in her bed, they had made very little progress in that department. She probably needed more time. He decided that a couple of days, while his mother stayed with them, would be just enough time to slowly ease into it, and then thought, Bohoot jyada control karna padega yaar!

For the next few minutes he pondered and planned his approach for dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai... He even considered making a list, but soon abandoned that idea, not wanting her to come across it while he was still working on it.

When Naina returned to their room after serving Nanaji his morning tea accompanied by the medicine, she was rather surprised to find her husband exiting the bathroom, as he wiped his face on a face towel. She asked "Aap itna jaldi kaise uth gaye?! Abhi toh saat bhi nahi baje hai..." He came closer, put his arms around her and murmured "Ab mujhe akele neend nahi aati..." She blushed and lowered her eyes. He teased "Yaar kitna sharmati ho! " And then added huskily "Itna sharmaogi toh baat aage kaise badhegi??" She still blushing, stretched a bit and placed a quick kiss on his cheek and then asked "Ab nahane jau?" He let go half-heartedly thinking, Hayee ... Kaash jau ki jagah chale kehti! And then he mocked himself, Sameer beta, tumhe nahi lagta ke tum kuch jyada hi mungerilal ke sapne dekhne lage ho?!

When Naina emerged from the bathroom some fifteen minutes later, in her red petticoat and blouse with the towel pulled around her, he was standing by the window looking outside. She shivered a little from the chill of the November morning and called out to him “Khidki band kar dijiye… bahoot thand hai! Aur aap neeche nahi gaye?”  He muttering an apology closed the window and then turned to admire the view inside his room saying “Coffee toh tum aaogi tabhi banaogi, toh bhala jaldi neeche janeka kya fayda?”. In the silence that followed over the next couple of minutes, as she draped her saree as fast as possible, a new fire seemed to start within her, lit by the hot intensity of his unwavering gaze.

As she started combing her hair, he walked over and stood close behind her. He ran his fingers through her tresses for a few moments and then murmured “You have no idea… main yeh kab se karna chahata hu! Bahoot khubsoorat hai tumhare baal.” She croaked a tiny “Thank you.” And then muttered something about needing to rush downstairs to get breakfast sorted for all. 

When Sameer arrived downstairs about eight, Naina was in the kitchen while the rest of the family was sipping on some tea at the dining table. Nanaji and Bobby were engrossed in two separate newspapers, while Vishakha sat lost in thoughts staring at nothing in particular. The Maheshwari bahu soon brought out his coffee followed by some streaming poha. There was some discussion about Dr Pradhan’s visit scheduled for that morning. Bobby cast some furtive glances at Naina’s forehead till he was satisfied that no bumps or nicks had appeared overnight, and then whispered not very softly to his wife “Chalo, lagta hai, sab theek hai. Phir se giri nahi hai sofay se…” Everyone else at the table pretended to not have heard this observation.

As Naina brought out some freshly cut fruits, Vishakha and Bobby exchanged some looks and then Bobby cleared his throat “Papaji, woh… Vishakha aur main ab saat-aath din yahi rahenge.” 

Sameer almost chocked on the water he was drinking. Nanaji muttered "Aaram se beta..." Sameer asked his mother "Par ab ko toh possible nahi tha na itne din yaha rehna? Matlab aapke yaha guests bhi toh hai. Unnecessarily waha sabko pareshaani hogi..." Vishakha very pleased by his caring and understanding response, remarked "Vivek ne ghar pe baat karli hai... Engagement toh waise hi ho gayi hai, aur ab woh log kuch din humare Bombay wale relatives ke yaha jaa rahe hai." Sameer tried again "Aur Deepika kaise rahegi?" 

Bobby waved away his concerns "Maa usse leke uski Bua ke ghar jaa rahi hai kuch dinon ke liye. Woh toh apne cousins ke sath khoob maze karegi." Turing towards his father-in-law, Bobby continued "Papaji, mera aagle mahine iss taraf ke kuch suppliers se milne aane ka plan tha, toh bus woh saare kaam abhi nipta lunga. Ek-do trips yahi se laga lunga... Vishakha khud hi kuch din yaha reh ke bachon ko sath dekh legi toh issi bhi wapas jaakar chinta toh nayi lagi rahegi..." 

Nanaji nodded in acceptance, while all Sameer could think was how their delayed departure would affect Naina's reluctance to consummate the marriage. He looked in the direction of his mother, sulking on the inside, Innhe bhi abhi itna pyaar aana tha mujhpar! Naina thought a little relived, Ab toh Mummyji se aaram se sahi samay dekhkar baat kar sakti hu...

As soon as breakfast was wrapped, Bobby settled in the lounge making various calls and planning his itinerary for the next few days. Naina and Vishakha headed to the kitchen to plan the meals for the resf of the day, as in Ramdhari's absence, there was a lot more for them to do than usual. Sameer retired to his room and paced around the room restless and rather irritated. Munna, who had been ouf of town the previous evening, called him for congratulate him on getting his wish fulfilled. He teased "Bhai, ab toh badiwali party chahiye! Bhabhi uppar shift ho gayi... Khush toh tu bahoot hoga!" Sameer laughed to hide the new challenge that his wife had created, "Ha, parfy toh banti hi hai! Yaar, par Mummy keh rahi hai ke woh ek hafta rukengi." When Munna failed to see the issue with that, he muttered something about how Mr Somani got on his nerves.

Dr Pradhan arrived for the check-up just as the clock chimed at nine. He was happy when Vishakha received him warmly. The results of a thorough examination were quite positive. Nanaji's BP and Sugar were both in the normal range. Dr Pradhan decided the new medication and diet were working very well and advised them to stick to it. After that Naina served him some tea and he sat chatting with the family for some time. Sameer though very relieved by the doctor's verdict, was mostly lost in thoughts.

After bidding Dr Pradhan, Naina returned to the kitchen in high spirits, mentally congratulating herself on successfully executing her first big responsibility of looking after her Nana-Sasur. She quickly lit an agarbatti in her little mandir and then started chopping the vegetables.

All the elders were settled on the sofas, each expressing their relief about Nanaji's recovery. Sameer after standing in the porch for a bit, entered the lounge and addressed his grandfather "Nanu, woh, main kuch soch raha tha... Matlab... Sirf agar aapko theek lage... Aap chahe toh mana kar dijiye... " Nanu looked at him mystified "Aare, jo kehna hai... Khul ke kaho. Aise hatla kyun rahe ho?" 

He coloured a little "Nanu, ab aap ki tabiyat bhi theek hai. Aur aap hi keh rahe thay na ke kahi ghoome chale jaaye." Before Nanu could reply, Vishakha spoke "Aare abhi toh dawai ne asar kiya hai, mere hisaab se abhi kahi nahi jana chahiye." He lost some colour, but persisted "Mummy, Nanu keh rahe thay ke Ramdhari wapas aaye toh main aur Naina kahi hoke aaye. Ab Ramdhari se toh aap hi better care lengi na Nanu ki... Matlab, Naina aur mujhe jyada tasalli rahegi." 

Bobby started chuckling. As everyone looked at him in surprise, he looked at his wife and said "Aare, yeh Honeymoon pe jaana chahata hai." Sameer looked away "Woh Nanu ne hi kaha tha..." Nanaji agreed " Ha, maine socha dono zara ghoom aaye... Toh acha hi hoga. " Vishakha too nodded "Ha Papa, idea toh acha hai." She then turned to her son "Tu plan karna shuru kar de... Par itne jaldi booking kaise hoga?"

Bobby gave Sameer his local travel agen's number and asked to check with him for some options and flights. Sameer got on the phone and explained his requirements, which weren't many expect either a hill station or a seaside place which had something to offer in terms of sightseeing and most importantly was readily available. 

The agent promised to make a few calls and get back to him soon. When he informed Naina of this plan in making, she started "Inti jal" He cut her off abruptly "Naina, ab please yeh mat kaho ke shaadi ke itne mahine baad bhi honeymoon jaldi hoga!" She muttered " Nahi... Main toh kehne wali thi, itne jaldi packing kaise hoga. Aur, maine toh jeans bhi nahi kharidi hai..." He was confused "Jeans kissliye chahiye??" She smiled " Honeymoon ke photos mein toh sabhi ladkiya pahenti hai na... " He pleased to see her enthusiasm for the trip, pulled her close and then smiled "Saari shopping wahi kar lena. In fact, sirf jeans nahi dresses bhi karidenge. Ekdum woh Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na ki Anna ki tarah!" She asked in a teasing tone "Kyun Taiji ko dikhani hai?" He shook his head "Dekhunga toh sirf main!"

The agent called back some fifteen minutes later saying that it was proving very hard to find anything due to the diwali holiday season. But they had just received a request for last minute cancellation and that place was available from the that evening itself. Sameer asked surprised "Aaj sham se leke kya karenge?! Jab waha pohochenge tab chahiye hoga." The agent replied "Sirji, toh problem kya hai? Aap agar lunch karke bhi nikal pado toh sham tak waha pohoch jayenge. Mount Abu toh bus teen sade teen ghante ki duri pe hi hai.

Sameer had been hoping for a more glamourous sounding place and felt uncertain. He covered the mouthpiece and said to the family members "Mount Abu ka booking available hai. Pata nahi kaisi jagah hai... Kuch khaas hai bhi ke nahi..." Nanaji nodded "Achi jagah hai... Bahoot sundar mandir hai waha. Mausam bhi acha hi hoga." Bobby tried to coax him "Aare bhai... Honeymoon pe jaa rahe ho... Kaha jaa rahe ho, isse koi khaas farak nahi padega. Hotel acha hai na, zara privacy wala… wahi pooch lo." When Vishakha patted her husband 's arm trying to stop him from more inappropriate comments for the company present, he mumbled back to her "Aare main toh sahi keh raha hu... Ab bachon ko hum nahi samjhayenge toh kaun samjhayega?" 

Sameer looked at his wife in question for her input. She beamed at him, nodding her agreement. Sameer spoke to the agent for a few more minutes, ensuring the hotel was up to the mark and then collected all the booking details from him. 

After ending the call, he said to nobody in particular, "Ussne kaha hai, hotel wale sightseeing aur bakki sara information waha jaane ke baad de hi denge." Naina spoke up excitedly "Mujhe sab pata hai, waha dekhne ke liye kya hai! Bahoot kuch hai... Mandir, boating ke liye lake, sunrise aur sunset point... " He stopped her sounding annoyed, "Ek minute, tum already ho ke aayi ho kya?!" She admitted sheepishly "Woh actually eleventh mein thi, tab school ka trip gaya tha... Uss waqt maine bahoot research kiya tha. Par phir ghar se permission hi nahi mili..." Her husband smiled in relief, thinking, Thank God! Mujhe toh laga uss Kismi toffee ki tarha mera ya bhi idea second hand nikla. 

Sameer made a few calls to the factory and notified Munshiji, Mr Parmar and a couple of other people that he was travelling for the next few days. Nanaji decided that they should leave soon after lunch to ensure that they arrived there in broad daylight. Vishakha looking at the clock and urged them to get started on the packing. Naina asked her if she could call Preeti over as she was very good at that sort of a thing and then rushed to make the phone call. Sameer rushed outside to get the car refueled and ready for the trip, while Naina finished the lunch and showed Vishakha what might be running out in the kitchen soon.

Preeti arrived about forty minutes later with a big handbag. After greeting the elders, the two girls rushed upstairs. The moment they were on their own, Preeti pulled her sister in a big hug squealing in delight "Naina! Tu uppar shift ho gayi!!! Mujhe toh itni khushi ho rahi hai ke main bata bhi nahi sakti! Hayee... aur tu honeymoon pe jaa rahi hai!" Naina tried to shush her " Dheere bol na! Koi sunn lega toh kitna ajeeb lagega... " Preeti dismissed her objections "Yaar, ajeeb na sirf tu hai! Acha sunn, main tere liye meri nayi wali jeans aur kuch tops leke aayi hu. Socha waha photos mein achi lagegi, nahi?!" Naina smiled even more broadly "Tune toh bilkul mere dil ki baat sunn li!" Preeti said with some fake attitude "Yaad rakhna, jitna main tujhe jaanti hu, Jijaji ko tujhe samajhne mein aur teen-char janam toh lag hi jayenge!" 

Before Naina could respond, her husband who had just been entering their room said "Saalisaheba, yeh baat toh aapne theek kahi hai, ke iss waqt toh aapka hi palla bhari hai... Par mujhe bhi ek… nahi adha hi janam kafi hoga aapki behan ke dil ki saari baaten samajhne mein!" All laughed amicably, while Preeti was suitably impressed by her Jijaji's resolve.

Sameer quickly picked out a couple of jeans and bunch of t-shirts and handed them to his wife "Naina, main kuch aur samaan nikal ke rakhta hu. Tum packing ka dekh lo. Mujhe ek jaruri phone call karna hai ek supplier ko." 

The sisters continued giggling and packing for a bit and then went downstairs around lunchtime. Vishakha insisted that Preeti join them for lunch. Though simple enough, the meal was a lively one. The elders all had lots of advice, some of which was repeated more than a couple of times! Mr Somani sadly recollected one of his trips to Mt Abu from a few years back to meet some client, when some rowdy kids on a school trip had caused some damage to his car. He repeatedly told Sameer "Free parking ke chakkar mein bilkul mat padna!" Vishakha advised her bahu "Shwaal aur sweater dono rakhlo sath. Aur Sameer ko toh aadat hai thand ki... Par isske chakkar mein tum bina sweater ke mat ghoomna!" Nanaji told them "Aur roz kum se kum ek baar humme phone jarur karna!" 

Preeti said to her sister " Naina, yaad hai... Woh Swati aur Kamya bata rahe thay, ke uss mandir ke paas koi pedh hai jaha manchaye var ke liye mannat mang sakte hai... " Her Jijaji scowling asked "Aare, isse kya jarurat hai ab koi mannat mangne ki??" He was wondering, Kahi abhi bhi options open rakhna toh nahi chahati?! 

Preeti explained "Isske liye nahi... Mannat toh ab mere liye mangni hai!" Naina chuckled "Agar aisa hota toh, Swati aur Kamya ki shaadi ab tak ho gayi hoti. Tu bhi na..." Sameer was relieved to hear this and advised his saali "Aare, tum bus uss Shivji ke mandir chali jao, jaha Naina mujhe leke gayi thi. Bahoot powerful hai woh wale bhagwanji!" Vishakha listened on to this conversation extremely amused. Bobby suddenly asked Preeti "Waise kitne percentage aaye thay tumhare peechle saal?" When Preeti happily shared her less than average score, Bobby went quiet looking mildly disappointed.

After lunch was done, while on their own, Preeti asked Sameer mischievously "Waise Jijaji, aapne kaunsi mannat mangi thi Bholenath ke mandir mein? Kahi, jaldi honeymoon pe jaane ko mile, yahi toh nahi??" Sameer first looked at her in surprise and then blushed, indicating her guess was not far off.  Soon after Preeti bid everyone a warm goodbye, followed by some last-minute whispering in her sister's ear, post which Naina's cheeks took on a delicate shade of pink. When Sameer curiously asked her "Kya keh rahi thi Preeti?" she shook her head and rushed inside.

Nanaji anxious for the couple to reach the destination well in time, pushed them to finish the packing and get on the road. By 2 pm the young Mr and Mrs Maheshwari had completed seeking everyone's blessings and drove away.  He clad in his jeans and a red and white striped t-shirt and she in a saffron organza, looked every bit, a newly-wed honeymooning couple!

About twenty minutes later, both relaxed as they left the city traffic behind and joined the highway. Sameer asked her to choose some music from the stack of cassettes in the glove compartment, and soon A R Rehman's melodious music from the film Rojaa, Dil hai chotasa, chotisi asha started playing. 

The magic of small dreams and hopes that we all carry in our hearts, and the immeasurable potential for joy, that we will experience when these are fulfilled, is what gets us through life, Naina thought looking outside at the lush green fields. Just a few months back this journey had seemed highly improbable. Yet, here they were. Every few minutes they would both steal some glances at each other, but in relative silence. 

Sameer finally asked her "Itna kya soch rahi ho? Kuch toh bolo..." She smiled at him " Bus gaana sunn rahi thi. Aur soch rahi thi, ke meri ek asha aaj puri hone chali hai! " He blushed thinking, Aare wah, matlab honeymoon ke sapne yeh bhi dekh rahi hai! Kal raat na sunn ke, main toh khamakham hi darr gaya tha... Naina continued "Pata hai, maine aur Preeti ne kitni minatte ki thi gharwalon ki! Par koi fayda nahi hua… Taiji ne ek baar na kar diya, toh phir bahoot mushkil hota hai unka faisla badalna. Saara planning aur research waste hi gaya tha... Par ab use aayega!" She excitedly opened her handbag and pulled out a small notebook and pen "Abhi list banate hai, ke waha kya kya karenge!" 

He pulled the car to the side of the road. She asked in alarm “Kya ho gaya? Gaadi kyun rok di?” He seemed a little miffed and responded “Naina, tumhe yaad hai na ke hum Honeymoon pe jaa rahe hai?! Na yeh koi school trip hai aur na hi main sirf koi classmate…” She taken aback fumbled a bit “Par, hu kya? Aap ghussa kyun ho rahe hai?? Main toh…. sirf list bana rahi hu ke hum waha kya kya karenge.” She tried to appease him “Maine to socha, achanak plan ban gaya toh, bus thodi taiyari kar lu.”

He now felt like he was being a bit silly. Taking a deep breath, he clasped her hand and then said “Sorry… main ghussa nahi ho raha hu. Mera matlab tha, ke ab yeh chaar-panch din humme ek dusre ko jaanne ke liye… sath enjoy karne ke liye use karne chahiye” She replied “Ha toh, jo bhi karenge… sath sath hi karenge na… aur aap bhi apni preference bata dijiye. Mujhe laga aap ko bhi boating karne mein maza hi aayega…” He felt calmer hearing her assertion, jo bhi karenge… sath sath hi karenge. Yes, he was definitely being silly.


He said with an expectant look “Naina, ab toh waha sirf hum dono hi honge… toh…” She asked her heartbeats starting to speed up “Toh?” He blushed “Toh, ab toh tumhe koi problem nahi hogi na?” She paled slightly as his insinuation finally sunk in and then muttered knowing he was waiting for a reply “Problem?? Mujhe kyun koi problem hogi…”


Her word soothed his anxieties. Since the night before, he had been a little on the edge. From what he understood, the onus of initiating any intimacy sat with him. It was one thing wanting to initiate it, but actually taking those first few steps, was a completely different ball game. He drew her hand gently to his lips, and the muttered cheekily “Yeh bhi likhon tumhari list mein.” She blushed and thought to herself, Naina, ab kuch aisa soch jo inko romantic bhi lage! Warna phir complain karenge ke tum toh bahoot practical ho aur romance aata hi nahi!


After that Sameer drove with a much lighter heart, thinking the most difficult conversation was now out of the way and they were both on the same page.


They now talked about old memories. Naina wanted to know more about his growing up years, what had his dreams and aspirations been? Had he always wanted to join his grandfather’s business? 

Sameer found that for the first time, memories of his hostel days did not seem that unpleasant, the lack of a home for all those years, somehow did not invoke the sullenness it had in the past. He felt he was ready to let bygones be bygones. He chuckled softly, as he told her about the time, he and three other boys in the hostel had created a band and dreamed of releasing their own albums. They had spent months planning, writing the lyrics and practising for hours! In the end, they had ended up giving only a handful of performances at their School’s Annual Day and once at another friend’s birthday party.


As he finished, Naina said “Nanaji mujhe bata rahe thay ke aap guitar bahoot acha bajate hai… par aaj tak toh kabhi sunna hi nahi… Wapas jaayenge toh mujhe sunna hai!” He nodded and then admitted “Band ke liye main gaana bhi gaya karta tha.” She immediately switched off the cassette and said “Mujhe abhi sunna hai!” He asked a little surprised “Abhi?! Ab toh woh words theek se yaad bhi nahi hai….” She replied “Toh koi bhi aur gaana suna dijiye… mujhe toh bus aapko sunna hai.”


He glanced at her a few times, trying to decide on something and then said “Acha, pura toh yeh bhi yaad nahi hai, par jitna yaad aa raha hai, wahi sunata hu…” And then he went on to croon the love filled lyrics from Aashiqui, which were originally penned by another Sameer.


Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har khushi hai

Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har khushi hai

Tu hi pyaar tu hi chahat tu hi aashiqui hai

Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har khushi hai

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu

Pehli mohabbat ka ehsaas hai tu

Bujhke jo bujh na payi wo pyaas hai tu

Tu hi meri pehli khwahish tu hi aakhiri hai

Tu meri zindagi hai

Tu meri har khushi hai

Naina listened to him mesmerised. His voice had a depth that was very easy on the ears, soothe her soul and set her heart aquiver. It was clear that he had a very good understanding and command over the technical elements of music, but at the same time, the music seemed to flow from his heart.


As soon as he finished, she spontaneously clapped. He teased her “Aaj peheli baar, maine solo audience ke liye perform kiya hai!” And yet, her applause, felt so much more heartening than an auditorium full of strangers or acquaintances. She continued animatedly complimenting him for some time, and he basked in the warmth of her affections. Just to ensure, she did not miss the intent behind the choice of that specific song, he announced “Aur yeh gaana Ahmedabad ke Mr Sameer Maheshwari ne apni biwi ke liye dedicate kiya hai.” The flutters in her heart were clearly reflected on her face, he noted with joy.


About an hour later, they stopped at a small roadside hotel named Rajbhog Palace that claimed to offer Bast Gujjurathi Chai an Nashta. Apart from the obviously misspelled Gujjurathi and an, Naina couldn’t decide if the Bast was a misspelled Best or Mast. 

Naina trying to prove that she could be romantic, ordered at the counter “Bhaiya, ek plate samosa aur ek chai dena.” Sameer asked “Tumhe chai nahi peeni?” She blushed “Ek hi share kar lenge…” He said to the owner “Nahi bhaiya, chai do dena.” She walked away and settled on a relatively clean table.


When Sameer joined her at the table after stretching for a bit, his wife was busy staring at all the plastic containers of very stale looking biscuits, cream puffs and couple of things she couldn’t identify.  When the tea and samosas arrived, she poked at the samosa from a couple of angles and then pushed it away and proceeded with sipping on her tea. Sameer after taking a couple of bites of the samosa asked “Kya ho gaya?” She just shrugged and continued looking around. 

When he received a similar response to another observation about something, he knew something wasn’t right. What had he done to earn his wife’s cold shoulder?? He tried again “Naina, Samosa acha hai. Tum khaa kyun nahi rahi ho??” This time she mumbled, her nose starting to redden “Mainne soch aap ko Samose ka plate bhi share nahi karna hoga… Aur phir kahenge main hi romantic nahi hu!” 

He mentally slapped himself for not understanding her intention behind order a single cup of tea. He now exchanged their half-finished cups and then offered her a bite of his half-eaten samosa. When she hesitated a bit, he explained “Aare, maine toh, driving ke liye alert rehna chahiye, yahi soch ke alag chai mangayi.” She smiled a little and took a bite from his samosa and then proceeded to drink the tea from his cup. He now teased her “Puri pagal ho! Aisi baat pe kaun naraaz hota hai bhala?” And then he leaned closer and added huskily “Bata nahi sakti thi ke tumhara romance ka mood hai?” She .gulped nervously fidgeting with her pallu.

Soon they were back on the road and driving towards their Honeymoon destination, the car filled with love songs and their hearts full of excitement.

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Hey May,

We can wait.. take your time with your new assignment and work load... It must have been hectic to update on Friday night after a busy day... story is so good that we are always desperate to read more but we can wait Yaar 🙂🙂

Now coming to update first of all you clean bowled with the same day honeymoon planning... I was expected something like this eventually but Sameer dint have to waste a single day “KAAL KARE SO AAJ KAR.. AAJ KARE SO AB” 😁

Naina being so naive has no idea of Sameer’s imaginations... it’s gonna be one hilarious ride... You made this whole intimacy thought a mix of comedy and sensuality... I still wonder whether Sameer will  laugh or cry after hearing Naina’s tongue protection philosophy 😂

Smart way of added a pinch of Preehan topic through Somani... Bande ko topper bahu chahiye phir ladki mein aur kuch ho na ho 

Loved Vishakha’s perspective but i am still wondering what was that Naina wanted to discuss with her and could not 

Can’t wait to see the outcome of this honeymoon trip full of romance, suspense and adventure 😂



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Originally posted by hj42928

thnku may...smiley27 or weekend mtlb on saturday or sunday...

I will try to stick to Fridays only.. that way I am also able to enjoy the weekend without the update constantly on my mind 😃 

Will leave a note on Friday if I can’t update.

Hope you enjoy this chapter! 🤗

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Wow!!!! Very romantic update but I think it is so short. Anyways I loved it. Naina ka romance is so cute. 💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝

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Nice update ... I know it's not easy to manage both the job and the writing but still u r managing...  So thank you for this.  Please take your time . Whether it's weekend or Friday, doesn't matter but please give an update every week.

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SamAina OS : Haminastu

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Watching Samaina/Ashdeep once more.

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