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                                     THE WOMAN ! DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

Beep Beep beep beep !!

He smashed the alarm clock with one hand and turn to his other side on bed. His eyes were open and he let himself divulge into her thoughts. THE WOMAN. As Kabir has been calling her since last 10 days.

This has become a new habit, a new schedule for him. He is an army man. He needs routines, principles, beliefs - that's how he live.

Last 10 days has changed his life so much that he stopped planning and looking forward to his day plans. He just woke up like this, start thinking about her, send a silent prayer to God to help him guide him and have mercy on his family.and somewhere in between sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowing he send a little prayer for her. THE WOMAN. He wishes she gets peace.

Kabir thought to dig deeper to find out his true feelings towards her, the reasons for having sympathy for his enemy. ENEMY - Kabir pondered over the word. That's not the right word but he needs to get as a very unpredictable day awaits him. He knew - she would have already made new plans to break his bones. And he his whole life to give her a suitable name. Maybe later !

He get up with a thrust, do a little exercise. His days in the army put some habits into him. Now - it's hard to live without his exercise routines. 

So these days he's been waking up at 5:00 A.M. even though he sleeps only after clock hit 12:00 midnight.

As usual his mind start scheduling his day and it was done while keeping her in focus. He needs to get to office by 9:00 sharp so that the gatekeeper can see him before opening the door and he will get into office alone to arrange the mess that women created in her office. And then he wait in lonelyness for everyone else to come.

Yes he will be the first one to enter the office and everyone will come and greet him. Ask him if needs a coffee, a helping hand, a friends, a shoulder to rest head, a sympathetic look, or practically anything else. 

But he only smiles and say - "No ! Thank you very much."

In the meantime the gatekeeper would inform that women that he has been arrived so that she can plan something creatively insane to make his life more hell.

He works like a dog and sometimes he even feels like a dog. 

But there is a difference, a very big difference. 

The is dog is currently in better condition. Atleast he gets appreciation and love gestures from his owner but Kabir...!! 

No ! he isn't asking for her approval or love. Well definately not that. Last time she pretended to be in love - she left a man scarred for life going crazy and in excruciating pain. Unfortunately the man is his own brother . Dhruv bhai.

But he couldn't help and expect a little fair behaviour from her.

He works in all earnesty and he is best than the rest. A little gesture that she is content with his work. A little appreciation if not with the words than with eyes, her demeanor. 

Anything that hint him that despite their differences she register his honesty and dedication towards his work. 

But the woman, she doesn't react. She is a pro at making poker faces.

Sometimes she falter, like last week - his 4th day in the office and not only he get a hold of his work but also point to the risks in tender for foreign company they are planning to collaborate with.

He could sense she went still for complete 6 seconds as if in a shock or surprise. He was elated that besides declaring her hatred openly, she can yet sense other emotions as well. 

But it disappear as soon as it came. Kabir watched her gulped down her saliva and she ordered mr. Chopra to follow his words.

Her exact words were - " okay ! Mr. Chopra, please consult Kabir and include his recommendation before finally the papers. I hope I don't have to repeat myself. This meeting is over. Thank you everyone. "

With that she jolted up from her seat and went straight to her cabin. Kabir ran after her to thank her for not insulting him and considering his opinion but she closed the door.

For the rest of day he didn't see her. She didn't call him up to - make coffee, clean her desk, condemn him, threaten him, or for simple declaration of disgust because she has to see his face daily. 

That's how he was sure that he did make his mark. 

But Kabir often wondered is it that hard to accept.

He was just an employee - she is nice to everybody.

He saved her from a big loss yet she couldn't bring herself to face him, just because it was him who helped her.

Even though she is paying him a huge amount for that. That's his work. He is working for her now so it's his responsibility to be loyal to her.

But does her hatred overpower her humanity. So that's the deapth of her hurt.

Anyways Kabir decided to think that his good work paid him. As she didn't subject him to insulting remarks and stressful work for 1 day. That's god's justice for him.

Kabir looked at the clock - 10:20 A.M. she will be here in exact 5 minutes.

He went to the coffee machine to make her a coffee as per her orders and went to her cabin, put her coffee on the table and went to the window.

He do this daily while others try to comfort him as he was once the owner of the same comany and some female employees often tries to flirt with him. Seriously! He prefer tostay focused in his work and then wait for her in her cabin.

He looked down. Her car was there. She came. And he felt the door clicked.

Kabir swinged on his heel and watched in amazement the beautiful lady before him.



Thats my take on Kabir's provision. I hope you guys like it. If you didn't like something or do like something in particular. Feel free to give me your views. Every comments is precious. I hope you guys enjoy.  Do commment !!!!

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Wow lovely OS dear. I like the way u wrote kabir's pov.. Do keep writing. Would love to read 😍😊

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Posted: 1 years ago

That's an interesting take. Thanks for giving me the link to your work 😊

Kabir Pooja and their office issues are definitely going to be a major track in the serial. After all it is the set platform for both of them to collide.

I have a feeling that many things you wrote might come true. After all if Kabir actually ends up saving Pooja from some loss or helping her in some matter - she is going to freak out.

Your situation was well imagined. I could easily connect it to a future scenario.



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Posted: 1 years ago

Nice, you shoulf write more :)

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Posted: 11 months ago

thank you so much for commenting. i am glad you liked it. sorry for the late reply

i am working on something else please take a look if interested. its related to jabir online track .


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Posted: 11 months ago

thank you dear. your comment mean so much

i am working on something else please take a look if interested. its related to jabir online track .


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Posted: 11 months ago

Originally posted by AnnStyles

Wow lovely OS dear. I like the way u wrote kabir's pov.. Do keep writing. Would love to read 😍😊

thank you so much dear. i am trying to write better

i am working on something else please take a look if interested. its related to jabir online track .


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