Celebrating 2nd Anniversary of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon3

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Posted: 9 months ago

When shows are small, every moment is cherished...... every memory feels beautiful! 

Today on twitter I got caught in the euphoria as IPKKND3 magic continues after 2 years......and the moments linger in everybody's heart even today, creating beauty...... spreading happiness!

Sesi, a Barunrogi same as me and her edits in moments......Humare Lamhe!

Sesi Moments

Sesi Moment

We had waited for years after years just to have him back on our screens. And voila! He came back so magnificently. He made us fall in love with Advay Singh Raizada. We loved the pair, we loved their chemistry, we loved the show in spite of few flaws. We were so blind in love that we never saw any flaws. We love the show in true unconditional way, like a lover, like a mother, like a daughter! 

Whatever anybody felt about the show; for us, it fulfilled our wish to see Barun on screen again. It was and will always be "Our Show!" We will watch it on hotstar. And every other site which shows this series. This show with all its flaws will live forever ! 

We will relive IPKKND3,  travel to our own dreamland... have all our Gutter Mind activated  forever...Party our  love will keep it alive! Thanks to  Our Hawt freaking sex God,  Barun dreamboat Sobti!!

And the Moments will Linger

Lingering Moments IPK3 stays forever

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Posted: 9 months ago

This one is for you, Barun!

Who in the world does not know Amitji, the great! I hope you gals recollect that this pic is from K3G. Amitji is playing Yash Raichand and during his own b'day party, Amitji does this short yet beautiful piece of dance as a gift to his son.

 Hats off to this manClap! During K3G, he was already very old and troubled by all god forsaken diseases. That act was so energetic that it would put Shahrukh( our known and loved energetic dancer) to shame. The steps were so different from his always known steps, so new in choreography; yet so beautifully and gracefully done that it would put Hritik( our drooled over greek God known for his inborn supple graceful movement) to shame.

 Amitji said once that he loves acting and he takes energy from young generation! He proved his words right! Pa, Vazeer, Piku, Pink... every character portrayed differently yet breathtakingly real. Volumes of books won't suffice to admire this person's talent and dedication.

As per Hindu religion belief, Prayers made to any god ultimately reaches Shree Narayana! In my write-ups for this forum, every start will ultimately lead to Barun! LOLLOL

Barun has the god gifted expressive eyes; which Amitji had classified as the most required ingredient in acting skill. In addition, he has the complete dedication to his work however big or small his role is.

 Now to connect all the dots and get my intended picture clear for you...

 It was in the very initial episodes, that Veer makes Amitji as Metaphor for Barun's character. 

" Kaun kahata hai ki Amitabh Bachchan Allahabad chhod ke chale gaye. Voh dekho unka Angry Young man Avataar ja raha hain. " ( who says Amitji left allahabad. See there, it's his angry young man avatar going)

My god! Clap Clap Do the dialogue writers admire Barun's talent as much as we do? Are they trying to really tell us that it's only Barun today, who is capable of taking the flame of acting from Amitji and run ahead for the new young generation in life's relay! Through Veer's mouth, were they praising Barun's dialogue delivery and expressions? 

Barun's dialogue writers must getting inspired to write wonderfully because they are so sure that he will deliver them in the most soulful way interpriting the exact emotion as depicted in their colourful thoughts.

Even when Barun's   voice is not there to make verses into melodies; his facial expressions bring out the beauty in the shero shayari. 

This makes me genuinely wonder, what the original story could have been as was shown during promotions time. The first day TRP, not coming as expected  perhaps changed the whole game show and deprived us of Barun making Gold from the stuff given to him. 

Request to all Barunrogis, rewatch the first Bromance shot in Mahapooja track in episode 1,2,3. We never got to see slow opening of layers in Adveer Bromance which had captured our hearts. Let's make do with memories.

Barun, all our heartfelt wishes with you to conquer every medium of entertainment through your acting talent. Let someday somebody write in their precious show, 

"Kaun kahata hai ki Barunji Delhi chhod ke chale gaye! Voh dekho... Amen!

The same comparison was once again made for Barun by Chandani when she first came to his guest house. 

" Allahabad ke sabse unche Uncle bhi chhoti si aunty ki baat sunate hain!"

 Khuda kare Barun bhi sirf Pash ki aur Pash ki sune; aur baaki sab so called "pretentious pseudo intellectuals ko unsuna kar de!

( Allahabad's tallest Uncle also listens to a short Aunty. God willing, Barun also may listen to only Pash and ignore the bashers spreading negativity about him and shivani)

 The same Amitji feeling was brought to us once again in lat track...immediately after Sasha Chandani Advay first face off.

 " Shayad meri Height kum hain isliye aap ko meri baat sunaayee nahin deti "

 I am short so you can't hear me, Says Chandani and pulls a stool to whisper sensuously into Advay's ears. The pulling of stool was a copy of Amitabh- Jaya action from K3G. 

Bow to Atif for bringing the reference once again and so subtly, so beautifully!!

Remember his first meeting with Chandni, 

"Tum Mujhse Phir Se milana Chaahati ho, you just don't know it yet." 

You wanna meet me again; you just don't know it yet!


In flashback, Mahant whispers in yashnarayan's ears and Advay whispers back in Chandani's ears. This dialogue was the first whisper of Advay scaring, bewildering Chandani totally! 

Barun's dialogue delivery gave us goosebumps then and made us wonder what would come next? Absolute wonder and beauty in storyline before the TRP pressure killed it. Such enthralling slow opening of layers in ADNI relationship.

 Is Barun saying it to Chandani alone? Did he or us know then ... that 3 months later how apt this dialogue be for each of us who'll miss Barun everyday on their screens. How did the dialogue writers get the premonition? Or was it destined already through falling of idol sequence?

Yet today, Barun's dialogue intended to inflict pain in Chandani, actually brings deep sadness to our hearts as this show closed prematurely. At the end we got a FFW track where Chandani alone had Indrani arrested and Indrani not budging from her nature. Where was the true revenge done?

The kinner had then pointed out, "Voh Aakar Kahar Laayega!" (He will bring the wrath upon you)

Referring to Advay as Shiva himself. In Chandani's prayer to Shiva, the dialogues were said to Shiva the god and meant for her love Dev. 

How beautiful it would have been had we seen slow unfolding of original story. ...

 Complete revenge taken by Advay with all his researched people( man with the axe and the one with keychain...As Shiva had brought back Parvati's memory of married life... Advay himself pulling Chandani out of her delusion of saintly parents...As Shiv-Shakti do to punish wrongdoers, Chandani And Dev joining hands in punishing Indrani... giving her full blow of public defamation of her wrong doings ... make her face fear of death from being burnt alive ...and finally repent her doings...

Yada yada hi Dharmasya... would take its full meaning in the show and not remain just BGM! 

Let me try and get this kind of fulfillment in Adni Untold Saga!

Adni Untold Saga

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Posted: 9 months ago

In all the happy celebrations, have we all forgotten our hotwa flirting with Kaajal maasi. How come in all the pics posted, this scene got missed?

"Vaise maanana padega, Aap log Chandni ki mousi nahi lagati, behane lagati hain."

(I have to admit, you gals don't seem to be Chandni's aunties, rather her sisters!)

Kya Irada hai, ASR? Aap toh London mein Maths padhaate the! Yahaan baithkar fool piro rahe ho? Voh bhi..........Aaju baaju gopiyaan, beech mein kanhaiyya style!.......Eyelinerwaali Kaajal ko saali banaakar pahale aadhi gharwaali ko patana; aur uske baad chandni se shaadi karke poori gharwaali banana??

(What's the plan, ASR? We believed you taught Maths in London! How come you are busy making garlands here? That too with, damsels all around you and you, the rogue, in the middle!...... Eyeliner fame Kaajal, you want to make your  "in law" sis first and woo her as half of better half..... and then later marry Chandni and make her your better half??

And before we know what the plan is, the shaatir Advay Singh Raizada(shrewd ASR) jabs at Shagun through his shaayari.

Chhup chhup ke jo ishque karein, unse nafaratwaale achche hain

Naa taareefein saari jhoothi hai, na ishque saare sachche hain

(Those who show passion in hiding......haters are better than them

Not all praises are fake; neither are all romances true!)

Whom does Advay have in mind while saying this? Is it Shagun, or does he mean it to Chandni who romanced Dev in her heart, yet agreed marriage to PP; while Advay in spite of all hatred, insisted on marrying Chandni! (Chhup chhup ke jo ishque karein, unse nafaratwaale achche hain)

It wasn't untrue, when disguised as a jab, he praised her Geeta recitation in English. 

"You change colors every time I get to know you." 

Had he ever imagined Chandu to get into the swag mode so different from his favorite Katto Gilheri?

(Naa taareefein saari jhoothi hai)

And after it was clear between both that "Dev ko Chandu ki Parva hai" (Dev cares for Chandu) then why did Sasha get the engagement ring meant for Mrs. Chandni Advay Singh Raizada?

( na ishque saare sachche hain)

the scene that tore Chandu's heart , video by sherosobti king bollywood

The layers of Advay Singh Raizada, Uff Touba!!

The Shers narrated by Barun,  Maar daala, allah, maar daala!

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Posted: 9 months ago
Thanks Neha) I'm reviewing show. I have already watched episode 67 and will probably come back to the first one.
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Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by AnnDan

Thanks Neha) I'm reviewing show. I have already watched episode 67 and will probably come back to the first one.

Ann, let's all hit like on hotstar on each episode and prove to star plus that it's our favorite Barun show, so better than all their current running shows.

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Posted: 9 months ago
Hotstar platform is not available in Russia. We have already asked for access many times.
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Posted: 9 months ago

I love this show! This is one of the best roles of Barun Sobti

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Posted: 9 months ago

Originally posted by anishabs

I love this show! This is one of the best roles of Barun Sobti

Absolute truth, Anisha! The role had such layers, only Barun could justify with his talent.

I loved the show, too. Didn't want it to end, hence the FF , ADNI untold saga continues.smiley1

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