PreRish OS : Deservedly So

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I thought kyun naa behti nadi mein haath dho lein! Hope it's not too bad a read!


The TV constantly flashed the breaking news of the day. Yet another take over, yet another victory.

Mr. Bajaj sat in his study, coldly smiling, as he once again lied to himself, of true happiness. This was it. Or was it not? Deep down, he knew it all.


Prerna sat at the porch, located in one of the remote areas of the Mansion. It was her secret hideout of sorts. The silence here allowed her to listen to voices of her heart, detaching her from the war and chaos of everyday life. 

Tears rolled down her light shaded eyes. It was raining outside but it was her self and consciousness that was turning stormy.

These were the evenings that reminded her of him the most. Rain had been close to both of them and it were these moments that she couldn't help but think of him. 

She pressed her eyelids to let the lone tear make it's way down her neck.

She wished she could reminisce the good moments spent but the fact would remain, he hated her. Anurag Basu hated Prerna Sharma Bajaj from the bottom of his heart. It felt terrible to feel hated by the person you had loved the most, in life. She always managed to keep a strong facade but today was one of her weak, vulnerable days. All she wanted right now was to hug him tight. Forget everything that had transpired. Feel wanted and loved by someone who cared for her. She was tired of this burden everyday. Tired of feeling lonely, all by herself in this cruel, cruel world.

She heard a slight cough and felt someone right behind her. She quickly pressed her eyes with the dupatta and got up.

"Mr. Bajaj?", she was quite surprised to find him there. He never came around, looking for her like this. It was always a butler, asking her to see him in his study, if there was anything he wanted from her.

She looked down, awkwardly, she never liked people witnessing her weak sides.

"It's almost 7.30 pm, you haven't ordered the dinner to be laid yet", he said without any emotion. "Sneha doesn't like it late", he said, stressing on the last word. "And I hope you'll serve my favourite wine too".

He loved it when she served him wine after his acquisition of a company.

He turned around to leave when she said -

"Congratulations Mr. Bajaj. Aaj ek baar phir aapne kisi aur ko barbaad kar diya", bitterness and hatred of the situation reflecting strongly in her words. "Khush toh bohot honge aap. Naa jaane kitne aur Guptas, Ahulwalias, Sharmas aur Basus ko barbaad karenge", today she somehow couldn't put it within herself. "Meri zindagi barbaad karke chain nahi mila aapko? Kyun main? Why me? Don't I deserve happiness?", she shouted. 

"Pata nahi aap kaise khudko roz mirror mein face karte ho, if I were you, I wouldn't be able to face myself in the mirror even a single morning! Jo log aise, aise business karte hain, unhe kabhi khushi nahi milti, mil hi nahi sakti", she said sobbing and overwhelmed.

She had never got personal with his life. She never, ever expressed her opinion on whatever he did but today, she wanted to lash it out.

They always had treated each other with immense ignorance, or in better words, respect. He never came close to her. Never visited her room, even after 3 months of the contract. Even during business parties, he kept respectable distance, never made her feel a bit uncomfortable. He had surrendered his entire household to her, without questioning her capabilities. And she in turn, never meddled in his affairs. But today, was different. They never have had such a talk or an accusation session till date.


Usually he was unaffected by people judging him or passing comments but today he felt disturbed. Almost as if he couldn't stand her weeping like that, in front of him, because of him. It felt bad. It felt weird. He had never felt this before.

He grabbed her hand and lead her outside, in the garden. Rain drops fell over them as they stood, getting wet. Her emotions started disappearing in this sudden shock, as she cooled down. As the water drops touched her head, she felt lighter by the minute.

"Dekho apne aas paas, just have a look around you. Tum Kolkata ke sabse bade Mansion mein, Kolkata ke sabse bade businessman ke saamne khadi ho, uski wife bankar. You seriously feel ki tumhaari life barbaad ho gayi hai?", he asked her, smirking. He couldn't stand his own prestige going down the drain like that. He was, Mr. Rishabh Bajaj after all!

"Tum kuch bhi kar sakti ho, kuch bhi. You can complete your studies. Get a great job. Do research work. Open your own company!"

"And please don't tell me, that meri research tumhaari apni life ki understanding se better hai. Yes, you didn't deserve your past, but you certainly deserve this".

She was left speechless. His two lines, kind of changed her perspective. Made her feel unbelievably better. Yes, better.

Was he trying her say her life was full of opportunities now? But at what cost?

"Kya aap jaante hain saccha pyaar kya hota hai?", she asked innocently.

"I wish I wouldn't ever know about it", he said, coldly smiling to himself, leaving her there, to ponder.

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Posted: 3 months ago

It's raining PreRish one-shots and I'm enjoying getting drenched. smiley42

It's a fantastic OS, Morning.Flower! smiley10smiley32

You portrayed their emotions really well. I loved the way they broke the ice and felt at ease. The rain scene was beautifully written and served a major symbolism. RB's last dialogue is everything...smiley42smiley27

Posted: 3 months ago

I'd like to invite more people. Aao behti Ganga mein haath dho lo. smiley36

Posted: 3 months ago

Thank God you liked it! I literally was nervous about this one cause it's not among the regular ones I read or write.

Gives me confidence. Thankyou!

Posted: 3 months ago

Hii hello hii 

this is the first time i am reading your work and I am mind blown. smiley9

My fav parts 

1) Bajaj knew though he got everything once again it wasnt true happinesssmiley19

2) Prerna's turmoil and the way she vent it out especially the choice of words. smiley20

3)  Bajaj's quick decision making skills. Took her outside smiley32

4) but you certainly deserve this The way he gave her hope and maintained his image was classic. that was true Bajaj and he would have done exactly the same. smiley32 

The OS was perfect, ended at the correct place yet left wanting for more and more. just 2 lines and entirely dekhne ka nazariya badal gaya. just like Bajaj says. Very nice OS. Very good I WANT MORE FROM YOU NOW smiley41

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Posted: 3 months ago

That was a lovely os...The way Rishabh put it out in front of Prerna that she had a world full of opportunities waiting for her was brilliant... Though they were at loggerheads but it seemed like the gates for their better future opened up with the conversation...smiley20

Posted: 3 months ago



It was so real. So realistic. There was no out of the blue love confession (as in most stories, like minesmiley37) or something like that but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Prerna still mourning the loss of her love after so many months. Yes, it's very hard to move on from someone whom you've loved so much. And her answer to Bajaj was befittingsmiley32

But he's also Mr Rishabh Bajaj! The mature one. He tells her, indirectly, that love is not everything. Life isn't over if you lose someone you love. It's full of opportunities, it's hopeful. 

And he opens her eyes. And I hope she opens his life to lovesmiley27

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Posted: 3 months ago

So many OSsmiley42. It's prerishlicoius land everywheresmiley42

@moningflower. Very well written .Loved the style . Description of Prerna's loneliness was good  but I did not like P shouting at Bajajsmiley15smiley36 call me  always Bajaj biased girl smiley14smiley36and  that will never change also but your story for first time made me like Prernas dukhi part smiley36

My  favorite and beautiful part  is the rain seq smiley32it was superb  and especially the last line said by Bajajsmiley14smiley14

Keep writing and we shall keep waiting to read such beautiful OS from all your girls smiley31

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