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Posted: 2007-01-04T18:08:27Z
i heard there was one before but it was closed for some reason so i thought of starting a new one:

he is Fardeen khan:


About him:

Full Name: Fardeen Khan

Profession: Actor

Star: Pisces

DOB: March 8, 1974

Height: 5'9"

Education: Studied in the USA (Business Management Degree), loves to do the stunts himself

Family: Father Feroz Khan, Hrithik Roshan ( Brother in Law )

Address: Fardeen Khan
Sunshine, Jassawala Wadi,
Juhu road,
Mumbai 400 049, INDIA

Debut Film Prem Aggan directed by his father Feroz Khan

Did you know? He had been investigated by the Central Narcotics Control Bureau in Mumbai on March 5, 2001 for allegedly possessing ten grams of cocaine.

likes and dislikes:
Turn ons: The beautiful game called life

Turn offs: Poverty

Car in school: I kept borrowing my father's car when he was asleep

Car now: Make-up trailer

Favourite TV Show: Untamed Africa

On what occasions do you lie: I act for a living

Memorable moments: They won't all fit in this little space

Philosophy of life: Life goes on

On blind date you'd go out with: Given a choice,Madonna

Secret ambition: To be a race car driver

If you were a burglar you'd steal: The government's secrets

You'd like to be reborn as: A great white shark

Favourite night activity: Watching a flick

Allergies: Pretentious people

Favourite drink: Gin and tonic

Terrified of: The movie audience,it's way too sharp

Recurring dream: Hanging out on my island

Favourite book: Notes To Myself by Hugh Prather

Vegetable you resemble most: No clue

One role you'd give your eye and teeth for: My eyes and teeth are way too precious


Initially dubbed "Cowboy Junior" and "FK Junior", Fardeen Khan, was born on March 8, 1974. He is a typical Pisces. Stubborn yet caring, affectionate and very hard working.

Not much is known about the latest Khan. He is a son of superstar actor, director Feroz Khan. His mother's name is "Sundari" Khan and he has at least one sister (Laila Khan-Rajpal).

He entered films in 1998 with a home production, directed by father Feroz Khan "Prem Aggan". As the name depicts, it was all about love (Prem) and lust (Aggan). The film bombed big time. And with the film, bombed newcomers Fardeen Khan and Meghna Khotari. Their futures bleak. Their confidence shattered!

He was young, cross eyed (that's what makes his soooooo aha! J). Fardeen projected awkwardness in front of the camera and didn't act or dance confidently. Although everyone could see he had immense potential as an actor, Fardeen however, danced like he would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else but perform in the movies.

His biggest mistake {one could say} was to debut under his father's direction. Because everyone associated with Bollywood knows Feroz Khan "The Great". The great actor, director and of course the great father, husband and brother. But Feroz Khan is also known for his great love for love itself which stays dangerously close to the other side of lust. Most of Feroz Khan films always have love, muscle, sex {hint of} and political themes.

Feroz Khan in his lifetime has given us superb movies like Dharmatma, Kala Sona, Jaanbaaz but failed miserably with Prem Aggan. One can now argue, he made the film from a father's point of view and not from a director/producer's point of view.

Everyone loves their child and wants to spoil them rotten. But none as openly public about it as Feroz Khan who short of engraving on his forehead "My Fardeen is IT", thinks Fardeen Khan, his son, is the best looking bloke and the best human being in the entire world. That attitude, seemed to back-fire with Prem Aggan.

And while it is true that Fardeen Khan is the best looking bloke in, well, Bollywood. He is perhaps from his generation (Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Aftab Shivdasani, Tusshar Kapoor etc., etc.,) not only the best looking of the lot, but also perhaps one of the most educated and flamboyant of the lot. Yet, in front of the camera, he lacked the very glitz.

Fardeen Khan was born in India but has a very "in-between" accent because he has studied abroad a lot. A graduate from the University of Massachusetts, USA, Fardeen Khan has a non-Indian accent which clearly comes across on the big screen. He also has very western looks which, in the past has been a negative point for a lot of actors because they can't easily fit into the stereotype, typical Indian male roles. Thanks to Aamir Khan (and Karisma Kapoor in females) who aren't very Indian looking, things are looking brighter for stars like light eyed Hrithik Roshan and very Iranian looking Fardeen Khan.

With his career in films failing miserably, this stubborn Pisces typically decided he was no quitter. Instead of sitting home feeling sorry for himself, he talked himself into "someone saw some good in me" (he received thousands of fan mail with people praising his performance in Prem Aggan). He also received the filmfare best debut male award in 1998.

Keeping that in mind, Fardeen decided he was going to convince someone, anyone, that he was worthy of a second shot in films.

Fardeen restrategized and succeeded. He needn't have worried. Because being a Khan (alone) was an asset since, in Bollywood, it has always been the Khans and the Kapoors who have ruled the industry. Do not know how the Bachchans sneaked in??? But that's another story. But being a Khan, and a damn good looking one at that, was icing for any director to give him a second chance. Still for an entire year, Fardeen sat home, plotting his re-entry. Because it had to be a successful one this time!

A year after Prem Aggan, Ram Gopal Verma spotted Fardeen at a party. Thank God he had not seen Prem Aggan and signed him on his looks and his sincerity. The rest, as showbiz would say was history! Ram Gopal Verma gave Fardeen a chance in his 2000 released movie called "Jungle" opposite sexy siren Urmilla who is a resident female lead in most RGV films.

The public although not sure of Fardeen, gave RGV the benefit of the doubt and thanks to the super successful promos of the film showed up at the cinema to capacity. The film was a hit, the Fardeen-Urmilla pair was a hit and Fardeen became a superhit. Especially among young girls who couldn't stop raving about how "hot" Fardeen is.

It goes to show, parents are never wrong about their children. Feroz Khan was shouting on top of the mountains for years that his son Fardeen Khan is the best Khan ever. And now it seemed, after only FK Jnr's second film, the cinegoers agree with FK senior and Fardeen's career took off like a Concorde flight.

As An Actor
Just Married (February 2007) (Under Production)
Aankh Micholi (2007) (Stuck/On Hold)
Darling (2007) (Under Production)
Subway (2007) (Under Production)
Hey Baby (2007) (Under Production)
Kurbani (2007) (To Go On Floor)
Aryan - Unbreakable (December 15, 2006) (Released) 
Pyare Mohan (April 21, 2006) (Released)
Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena (November 18, 2005) (Released) 
Shaadi No.1 (November 2, 2005) (Released)
No Entry (August 26, 2005) (Released)
Fida (August 20, 2004) (Released)
Dev (June 11, 2004) (Released)
Janasheen (November 28, 2003) (Released)
Bhoot (May 30, 2003) (Released)
Khushi (February 7, 2003) (Released)
Om Jai Jagadish (July 19, 2002) (Released)
Kuch Tum Kahon Kuch Hum Kahein (June 28, 2002) (Released)  Abhayendra Singh
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (March 29, 2002) (Released)
Hum Ho Gaye Aapke (August 13, 2001) (Released) 
Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (June 29, 2001) (Released) 
Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (April 27, 2001) (Released) 
Jungle (July 14, 2000) (Released) 
Prem Aggan (October 30, 1998) (Released)
Subah O Sham (1972) (Released)

Playback Singer
Fida (August 20, 2004) (Released)
Dev (June 11, 2004) (Released)
Kuch Tum Kahon Kuch Hum Kahein (June 28, 2002) (Released)


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i any of you have any siggies that you want people to use then pm them to me. I will make some too.
here is a siggy made by me:

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Posted: 2007-01-04T19:37:43Z
i liked his film pyare mohan and om jai jagdesh(cant spell it).
what are yours?
Posted: 2007-01-05T15:10:35Z
Salman Khan or Hrithik Roshan in Hey Baby?

Sajid Nadiadwala's 'Hey Baby' directed by Sajid Khan, starring Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Fardeen Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh has been in the news recently.

This mega budget extravaganza will be shot all across the world. Recently a special song was shot, starring Akshay Kumar with the top twenty actresses of Bollywood making a special appearance – probably the first of its kind in the history of Bollywood.

If this wasn't enough, there is a new surprise element in 'Hey Baby'. According to reliable sources, it is being speculated that one of the top superstars from the industry will be making a very interesting special appearance in the film. According to trade speculation, it could be either be Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, or any of the other Khans.

When contacted, Sajid Nadiadwala said, "Just Wait & Watch. I do not wish to reveal much at this point of time."

Indeed, with movie being made lavishly under the Nadiadwala banner, one could always expect surprises Edited by Robinasandhu - Friday, January 5, 2007 at 3:11 PM
Posted: 2007-01-05T15:41:19Z
samir soni has no fan that's why his picture not here.
Posted: 2007-01-05T15:46:55Z
Originally posted by FairyAngel

Omgosh i love him... too bad you don't see him in movies anymore! So I am so in this club!

                                     Heart Always

nice to see you dont worry he is working on some new up coming movies for this year.
Posted: 2007-01-05T15:52:38Z
cool...i wana join 2
Posted: 2007-01-05T15:54:24Z
so what is favorite of his?
Posted: 2007-01-05T16:05:05Z
hrithic is Fardeens brother in law right and zayed khan is his cosin that is so cool.

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