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Feel free to discuss any movies you've recently watched

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Dead to Me

Imagine Tum Bin, but as a dark comedy instead of a Bollywood romance. Replace the leads with two flawed, emotionally vulnerable, mildly psychotic women who form a twisted codependent friendship. You get dead to me. 

Jen Harding is a grieving widow. Her husband was recently killed in a brutal hit and run. She joins a grief support group to deal with the emotional trauma. There she meets Judy Hale. The two form a close friendship. What Jen doesn't know is that Judy is the one who killed her husband. 

The show doesn't take too long to reveal Judy's secret. That's not the big reveal. The suspense lies in the questions around it. Will Jen ever find out? If so what will she do? Will Judy ever confess? Will the police investigation ever catch up?  Can a friendship built on lies sustain itself? 

Although it promotes itself as a black comedy the humor is often too subtle and overshadowed by the drama. The big glaring flaw in this show is that it waffles between dark comedy and drama. But that's the only major flaw. The narrative is sharp and keeps the audience on the egde of their seat. You are curious how events will unfold. Christina Applegate as Jen and Linda Cardinelli as Judy give stellar performances. It is refreshing to see two flawed women take centerstage. I love the elements of marital issues, changes in family dynamics, raising children while grieving and other such things that shows rarely touch upon. James Marsden adds delightful support as Judy's smarmy lawyer ex-fiance. 

The season finale sets the stage for season 2 perfectly. 

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Jinn (Arabic) on Netflix.

First two episodes were good. Boys are good-looking. It had beautiful shots of Petra. Last three episodes were pure idiocy. BW does better than this. 

Always Be My Maybe on Netflix.

One word - Cliche

Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

Watching this show for the 4th time now. It's a masterpiece. From acting, dialogues, cinematography to music score. Everything is brilliant. Thomas foocking Shelby is iconic thanks to Cillian Murphy's class apart acting. Now awaiting its fifth season.

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My sassy girl. Jun ji hyun is my new crushsmiley27

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About the movie :

A group of Kerala policemen go to Chattisgarh for the election duty. How they spend five days there with the fear of maoist attack is the theme of the movie.

Positives and Negatives:

A realistic approach by the director Khalid Rahman is the biggest plus. He has succeeded in giving life to each and every character in the movie. Mammootty was good. You can't blame him for his low energy level as the character actually demanded it. I read some of the reviews saying Mammotty was nowhere in the film, there was only 'Mani' sir. Its all exaggerated. It is the same Mammotty with the same voice, same expressions, even the same dialogue delivery which we all are used to in some of his films. So, nothing new. Nothing special. Of the other actors, Arjun Ashokan and the actor who played the role of an ITBP commmando stood apart. Sajith Purushan lifted the movie to a higher level.

Editing was excellent. The final scenes, though shot realistically, lacked the right impact.

Rating: 2.90 / 5.00
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Movie seen: The Da Vinci Code

My Review: I did not read much about the plot before watching the movie and took it as a regular murder mystery but after an hour when the real plot was revealed, I got to know it was about Jesus and a fictional story which they tried to make appear real. They tried to explain about the blood line and all but gladly it wasn't offensive or anything but just some fictional story and I liked the suspense elements although I was guessing it before it was revealed.

I later read that it was a highly controversial movie due to its story line which was obvious as they are challenging the views of the church and it was banned in India too. But overall the movie was good enough and I did not keep thing about it and just took it as fiction. 

I'll give it 7/10. A good one-time watch and great acting by Tom Hanks as usual.

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movie review---Kabir Singh

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga recreates his 2017 telgu hit movie 'Arjun Reddy' in hindi as 'Kabir Singh' with Shahid Kapoor in title role . He plays a house surgeon who has been a topper in medical college . But he suffers from a streak of uncontrollable temper . At the slightest provocation he goes on a spree of violence . And typical to his personality , he falls in love with a girl named Preeti Sikka ( Kiara Advani ) like a man possessed . Luckily for him , the girl reciprocates his feelings . One wonders what would happen if she did not . Would he take her by force ? Not beyond him to do such a thing .

But her family especially her father is not amused . Because the girl is Sikh and Kabir is hindu . Even though Preeti admits to her parents as to have slept with Kabir several times ( also many kisses and smooches are showcased ) , she is prohibited by her father to marry Kabir . Kabir is physically assaulted by Preeti's father and thrown out of their house . Typical to his personality , Kabir goes on a spree of self destruction . Drinks and takes drugs thus ruining his career .

I had problems understanding some things in the movie . Kabir is shown to be the bully of the college , and while Shahid looks young and fit he hardly has a body menacing enough to intimidate others . Shahid has tried to compensate for this by acting with real passion and has succeeded in his quest to look aggressive . But why is his friend Shiva ( Soham Majumdar ) so fiercely loyal to someone who is almost psychotic , has a drug problem and an alcohol problem ? Such friends like Shiva are to be seen only in movies and don't exist in real life . Most importantly , why does Preeti fall in love with the violent college bully who smokes incessantly , urinates anywhere , beats up people , hurts even himself by using a knife on his private parts which ooze blood after he self inflicts a would on them ? We are forced to ignore such unbelievable behavior because it's just a movie what else .

The movie goes on too long for nearly three hours , and soon we are tired of Kabir's over drinking , over smoking , his overseeing a surgery even though he is drunk and has taken drugs and falls unconscious during the surgery , and his continual obsession with Preeti even though she is married to another man and is seemingly out of reach . When we have just given up on the movie , there is a twist of fortune . At the end of the dark tunnel , there is a glow of light . And that does bring back the spark in the movie .

Kiara Advani plays a meek submissive girl at the start who hardly opens up her mouth for some time in the movie , and then suddenly starts speaking and showing inexplicable passion for the crazy Kabir . Acting by others is good too . But acting wise the movie is dominated by Shahid . Colours photography etc are okay . Songs and background music is good . The movie can be enjoyed for the zany unreal madness displayed by Shahid Kapoor on screen .

Verdict--- Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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Toy Story 4 ~ Movie Review

What should I say about this experience?? As a Toy Story fan, I was a bit skeptical regarding the 4th Part after an absolute brilliant end to the Trilogy. I was wondering whether is it a business motive to earn a few bucks?? Are they planning to spoil the good name?? But its A BIG NO!!!

Toy Story 4 keeps up with the legacy of the Toy Story franchise which itself is an unbelievable achievement considering the humongous quality the movie possess in terms of humour & emotions!!! Just imagine Godfather series having the same quality throughout the trilogy...That's the same achievement Pixar & Disney have achieved ith Toy Story 4. It makes you laugh and cry just like Toy Story 3!!!

One of the highlights is the storyline where the movie brings back a character which wasn't discussed much in the previous 3 movies and that itself lent freshness to the idea. The idea of bringing back Bo Peep and the transformation she had during 9 years brings the franchise to another space which was never explored. Then the idea paves way for loads of adventure, laughs and moments of tears with an absolutely beautiful ending which might match Toy Story 3!!! Since the majority of the happenings take place in a Carnival, the movie provides loads of stunning visuals!!! For me the most fav scene amongst many fav scenes is the "Key Hunt" scene!!! Thats an EPIC!!!!

Voice performances from Tom Hanks as Sheriff Woody & Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear made me feel nostalgic!!! The highlight performances came from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as Ducky and Bunny!!!

To all TOY STORY FANS.....NEVER EVER EVER EVER MISS IT!!! To those who haven't seen Toy Story...Watch the Trilogy and Go 4 This!!! To those who were never Toy Story Fans......GET A LIFE!!!

Ratings - 3.50 / 5.00

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