Can enuch transform? Can Saumya change?

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Posted: 11 months ago

I first heard it from a gynecologist that now a days parents are informed after the child birth that their child is eunuch. And with some surgery most of them get a chance to be male or female. If man can transform in to woman and woman into man , then why not eunuch? 

Saumya is living like a female and she actually has no external sign of eunuch. In fact this serial is just like average saas bahu serials. She doesn't have the voice like eunuch. This serial is kind of cheating eunuch. As they are not showing a eunuch. They are showing a girl, a normal girl. With normal problems which almost all the heroins of TV serials have. Baas naam ka kinnar. There is no connection with the real kinnar. Neither show their real problem nor how they can come out in normal life. Uparse Saumya looks super beautiful, every guy falls in love with all the heroins have. So what is the use of using kinnar's name. When there is no connection with them , nor solution related to their problem. I have doubt did this maker ever met kinnars or abe? None of its action has anything to favor kinnars nor help them. Just sell product which they sell in other serials too. The difference is the cover page is kinnar's baaki saab ke saab ek. smiley5

Harman never talked with doctors or ask solution. I have doubt if Saumya is real kinnar or not. She was raised by her mother only. No one saw her inside , not even Harman. So far what we have learned from this story Saumya is very innocent girl, uparse uneducated.

At first I thought may be they will talk about real problems of kinnars. Solutions may be ...........but no. They are running another saas bahu serial. smiley11

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Posted: 10 months ago

Even I am skeptical about it. Nowadays the technology has advanced so much that a eunuch can be changed to Male or female. In one of the episodes Harman had talked to Preeto about it ask Soumya whether she is ready for the surgery. Preeto agreed but didn't talk about it.

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