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In a corner of Lucknow there is a small village, the name of village loved by people called "Muskurao" (Smile). The reason is called because people here live very harmoniously, always happy and helping each other like a big family no matter how poor the village is.

Khushi Gupta - the unfortunate girl who lost her sight due to a car accident, she is the youngest daughter of Shashi Gupta, who is a the village chief. Today is the Holi festival, everyone celebrates the festival with colorful pigments. The screams, loud music, the chase of the men and women chasing each other to exchange color stains on the face seems to have become too familiar. While she and her sister were sitting on the porch, a child approached, gently to call her:

"Payal jiji, Khushi jiji, don't you go to the ceremony? Hurry up and come with me!"

Payal turned to look at Khushi and answered, Khushi also agreed later.

"No Shubham, my father won't give it!"

Sigh, the little boy smeared the color powder on both sisters. She and her sister froze, instantly glaring at him, pretending to be angry. So he saw it, he was mischievous against his hips:

"Happy Holi, Jiji"

Sigh, he immediately ran away because Payal raised his hand to hit his butt. Khushi touched her stained cheek, smiling.

In fact, she wanted to go to the festival too, but her father didn't want her to go out while she couldn't see anything. The reason was that once Payal took her to Diwali, she got lost. So since then he has been very strict with her, but somewhere she still knows that he loves her so much ... He is the person she loves the most, at that time she told him "later married, must marry a man like father ".

"Payal! Khushi! Happy Holi, stweets" Her mother came to her from behind, hugged her two daughters.

Seemingly uneasy about the face of the youngest daughter, Garima knew immediately how much she wanted to go to the festival. Today Shashi received an invitation letter from the commune to go the meeting with the elders in the village, so there were only her and her children in the house. Taking this opportunity, Garima has an intention to lead his two daughters to Holi.

"Let's go, my two idiots!"

"But ... Father ...?" Khushi stammered.

Garima gestured peacefully because she could handle her husband so they didn't worry. After that, she immediately helped Khushi to stand up, Payal also helped her with one hand ... They locked the door carefully and merged into the line of people playing with colors. Khushi loves Indian color festivals, people go down the road, spray paint and water! But, while Holi is a great excuse to be dirty, the true meaning of this lively festival is even deeper because it manifests as a strong brotherhood regardless of which nation it is, what color From the day she lost her light, she used her hearing and touch, so she knew how beautiful her life was.

"Khushi, the other side has juice, can you and mother stand here waiting for I bring to?"

Saying that Payal rushed away, Garima shook her head and looked at the figure of the girl slowly disappearing. The songs started to open larger, everyone was pulled out to dance, even Garima was no exception but she could not refuse to be her old friends. So she instructed Khushi to sit in a nearby bench for her to observe and not forget to give her some sweet cakes.

In another segment, Shubham jokingly accidentally bumped into a young man, after a collision they both took a few steps back. Khushi heard the cries of Shub being very close to her, she gripped the fence tightly, walking to the place where the sound was coming from. The boy saw her, immediately dove into her lap.

"Khushi jiji, this person touches me without apologizing!"

"Really? Or are you causing trouble?" Khushi narrowed his eyes and asked.

The other guy was wearing dirty clothes and his hands with some long scars. His face was covered by dry mud, he stood there staring blankly at the beautiful girl in front of him for a while, then, he said:

"I'm wrong, okay? Sorry"

Shubham lifted his chin arrogantly, then took Khushi's hand and turned it away. But only a few steps interrupted by the call:

"Girl ... Do you know any jobs and inns here?"

Khushi turned his head. Just after hearing his tone, she had guessed that he was outsider of the village, so she did not dare to contact, but seeing him asking, was probably a poor man who wanted to find a piece of rice and get lost here. Silence for a while, she smiled and said:

"My house has a room for rent, the work of lifting sand bags every day, can you do it?"

He was glad, the hand wiped away the stains, accidentally making the stain spread wider.

"Yes! I can do it!" Thinking for a moment, he hesitantly said, "Wha...t... what's your name?"

"My name is Khushi Gupta, and you?"




"I ... I'm Arnav Malik"


      "That year, she first met him. In the same year, he told her what love is ... But, he himself was cruelly depriving her love."

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Nice story...waiting to see what happens nextsmiley20

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Can't wait

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The beginning is promising. Lets see how their relationship evolves.

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Love it :)

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            TOO LATE - CHAPTER 2

2 months later,

"Ms. Khushi, I have a salary today! I am even more rewarded.  You look! " Arnav took the money to run in front of the yard, eager to call her name.

Khushi heard that and brought head out the window and smiled, clapping his hands repeatedly. He is really a hardworking man who never complains, so the people in the village are very love to him. Even she is. Every day, he will receive the money, he will divide it into two, one is to pay the rent, the other is ... secretly buy snacks for her! It was only now that he still called her "ms. Khushi" instead of "Khushi", the name she wanted to hear most from his mouth.

"Arnavji, congratulations on you!"

He shouted again:

"You remember staying home waiting for me, I have this surprise for you!"

Before she could reply, he quickly went away.

Suddenly, she realized her father stood behind her long ago. He said there was something to discuss with her, but what was it? He helped her sit on the bed, took her daughter's hand, and asked:

"Khushi, I have recently seen you and him close?"

She did not understand all the words of her father, she just nodded. But perhaps Shashi was not satisfied with it, not that he did not want his children to be close to others, but for Arnav who was an outsider, he himself had to have insecurity. He said again:

"Don't blame me, but I have to say I don't trust him very much ..."

"Why? Arnavji is a good person. Everyone likes him, but why are you ...?" Khushi said hesitantly.

"Everyone? So do you like him too?" Shashi teased her, she is blushing in embarrassment, then he added seriously, "Khushi, I really hope you will always be happy ..."

That year, she told her father, she would definitely be happy ... Unfortunately, she couldn't do it ...

Night, Arnav has not yet returned. If it is everyday, he will be early. However, it was now 8pm and he was still missing, during the whole meal she hadn't swallowing rice only because she was worried about him. He in Khushi eyes as a hard-working and adorable idiot, and because of his stupidity, she is afraid that he will be taken advantage of by others, and yet here he is peaceful but if he walks out of the village, she just afraid he won't know the way back.

Sky started to rain, there was no news of him, Khushi kept standing outside on the porch waiting. Payal advised her to go inside, but she insisted on waiting, which made Payal stand with her. And then, she heard the familiar footsteps getting closer - it was him, definitely him.


"Careful!" Payal said, gigging as Arnav almost fell for the sake of staring at Khushi and running away without forgetting the steps ahead.

Khushi heard Payal still laughing, nudging his sister's hand lightly, wanting her to stop laughing at him.

He hesitantly approached her, then looked at Payal again:

"Miss Payal, can you ... be able to leave us alone?"

"Why? Oh, oh, I understand!" Payal said after hearing him and saw Khushi's pout. Then she quickly left, leaving them behind, leaving two beating hearts behind her.

Waiting for Payal to really leave, he took a bag he was holding in his hand and placed it in Khushi's hand. At first she was a little surprised, but she also obeyed him opening the gift inside. She guessed it was made of wood when she touched it to discover. Can take the form of a boat ...

"Is the music box," said Arnav.

"Did you buy it?" Hearing him say that, she raised her head in surprise. Although he received extra salary, he still had to pay his own rent and food, how to buy it.

"I ... don't have enough money ..." He paused for a moment and then continued. "The thing is, the few days ago I went to work, I came across a wood craft gift shop, I asked to go to school. I'm late because I want to finish this gift ... Miss Khushi, do you ... like it? "

"Like, of course I like it!" She smiled.

He pulled the cords. The music without words echoed in the rain like a romantic song for a couple's love. She closed her eyes, muttering something. Seeing this, Arnav asked:

"Miss Khushi, what are you talking about?"

She shook her head:

"I'm singing along to the music."

He was excited, urging her:

"Please sing for me"


"Once upon a time, have a teenager

 A teenager

 Stupid stupid, innocence

Very lovely

 Once upon a time, have a girl

A girl

 Look look, wait wait

That boy returned ... "

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Sweet innocent love. wonder what will happen.

Sanaya Irani Barun Sobti

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