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Posted: 4 months ago

Isse paagalpan nahi, deewanapan kahate hain! " ( This is not called madness, this is besottedness)

That's tricky statement!....You said it for us, riiight? 

You cannot deny that, Barun! You said it for all of us, Barunrogis! Kyunki hum tere deewane hai, Deewwane hai, Deewwwane hai!

 It's storytime!...

Ek Barunrogi Deewani thee! Uska Poora naam tha Meera Kapoor. Barun ke Haider Avataar mein voh Haider ki premika thee. Haider ke prem mein voh usike poetic ways mein rang gayee thee.

 (There was once a girl gone insane with Barunrog. Her full name was Meera Kapoor. During Barun's incarnation as haider, she was the love of Haider's life. In Haider's love, she was colored in Haider's poetic ways)

She was a girl with a dazzling heart. Once she opened her heart to Haider and precious gems fell out. 

"Haider,... Happiness is like a butterfly. Aapki hatheli pe sirf ek pal ke liye rahata hai. lekin agar aap us pal ko achchhese jeete hain to voh rang hamesha aapki hatheli par rahata hai

It stays on your palm just for a moment; but if you live this moment to fullest, then it stays with you forever.)

Whether Haider understood it or not; but Barun surely imbibed it. Acting is his happiness, right? So whether IPK3 ran for 3 days, 3 months, 3 years... he would be OK with it. He would give his best to the serial........ and did he not? koi shak? (any doubt?)

We all had been singing 

"Inteha Ho Gayee Intezaar ki! "... (The wait has reached its limit)

Bujurgo ne kaha hai ki tum kisi cheejh ko poore dil se chaaho to saari kaaynaat use pane mein tumhari madat karati hain. 

(The limit of our patience was being tried in waiting for Barun. Wise men have said that if you desire something with all your heart, the entire universe would support you in getting it). 

Voila! Suddenly he was on our screens in Advay incarnation. And what a magnificent return! 

People kept saying Advay is copy of Arnav; both had troubled childhood; blah blah... He in his majestic composure maintained that Advay was nothing like Arnav and without getting into any wars, he proved it through his acting. We never saw any Arnav, any Haider, Any Shravan in Advay!

We had seen Barun in tears, remember? Remember the kya sach mein voh Taare ban jaate hain episode? 

Arnav getting nostalgic about his mother's moments, the sound of her bangles putting him to sleep. He missed his parents hugely and his pain was deep. Not only Khushi but also all of us viewers were touched by it. We wanted to hug him and soothe his pain away.

Haider had lost his best childhood pal. His friends wanted to help him, wanted to know how he felt... he just wanted to break down the whole world in Hulk mode. He missed his Bro and shed tears. We wanted to wipe his tears.

But Advay! Advay was different!!....... 

Once a happy, cheerful, very caring Dev ...Betrayed by his most trusted childhood sweetheart and having lost his whole family, his very reason for existence! A trauma beyond any words....... indescribable; but enacted by Barun!

Did you look into his eyes? The tears don't cry, they burn! They make your own eyes sting with tears. You wouldn't dare wipe his pricking tears. He was red hot burning coal, you wouldn't dare touch him, forget hugging and soothing him.

It was very early in the story, TRP pressures had not made Naani arrive. We were in a dilemma, what is he like? He is an Anti-hero, whatever he does; will it be right? And we got our great moment!  

In one scene, Advay pulled us to his side like a magnet. We all started defending him and continue to defend him even today. We easily love Dev; but we cannot hate Advay, can we?

Speaking of conflict in a story! The eternal conflict of Dev and Advay! It's not just about Dev loving Chandani vs Advay hating her. It's about Advay struggling to become Dev again! He is like a fish pulled out of water and wanting to go back, wanting desperately to belong once again. His tears show his desperation.! However strongly he may resolve to get back everything that life took away from him... Yet, at the moment... his frustration burns in his tears!!

 The way this guy touches our heart and makes connection; it stays with us even when he is crying on Naani's lap much later. We totally completely understand his " Intequaam nahin loonga to Maa-Baba ko kya Muh dikhaaoonga! 

(if I don't take revenge, how will I face my parents)

That was our original story! I believe in miracles. May some miracle happen and Star Plus make a web series of the original story like how they had made IPK1 Ek Jashn... And Barun will return back for us!

Barun, Hamein bhi wait karane ki aadat nahi hain!( We don't have the habit to keep waiting) 

Come back soon!!!

Till then I keep you alive in.......

Adni The Untold Saga IPK3 54 chapters

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Barun Sobti

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