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Clearly u hv been reading lot of paid articles by rivals. Blackface was done at a time when Afro Americans were slaves and were not permitted to act and Whites used to not only paint their face black but also mocked their lips and nostrils. To compare it to a brown man who plays another brown man and tanning himself to match the guy he is representing and then saying only dark skinned guys shud hv played the role is a sign of Racism and Stupidity. If Kajol could play Kashmiri by using light lenses and lightening, if Rajkumar Rao cud look like a clown playing Bose, if SRK cud VFX himself as a dwarf, then even Hrithik can play Anandkumar. It was choice of Anandkumar to select Hrithik and he alone has the right to decide. And he is very happy. 

I don’t care enough about Hrithik or this movie to read articles by rivals.  I’m only giving my opinion after seeing the trailer and some pictures on social media or here.  I know full well what blackface was about and yes I will compare a very fair skinned man getting painted to look dark to blackface.  Anand Kumar May have chosen him but that doesn’t mean it’s wasn’t an absolute ridiculous move to paint Hrithik like that.  And I’m sorry but your examples don’t apply here.  SRK played a fictional dwarf, it wasn’t a biography.  Rajkumar Rao isn’t known for being fair and doesn’t have striking green eyes and he also wasn’t painted.  Issue here isn’t that Hrithik’s look was changed.  It is that he was painted to look darker.  In a world that has such a messed up unbalanced view of dark skin vs white skin watching Hrithik’s painted face only reinforces those prejudices.  

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Posted: 7 months ago

Murnal is so pretty. I find her better looking than the likes of sara, jhanvi and alia

Hrithik Roshan Mrunal Thakur Super 30 

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