Shall I just stop updating?🤔😅 All you need to do is say...

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Posted: 1 years ago

Ok, I will be straight, a big Sorry at the very beginning...But....😉

 I am appalled at the rate and speed of the responses...I mean let's be clear this whole site turning into something new has not been very smooth...🙄

Writers, content creators are are the ones who just got stabbed right on the heart...Still, we're trying so hard to update...

I try to update regularly...Not some 500-words...But full updates which take a lot of time and energy!
But the feedback has been utterly disappointing.😏 

I can't and will never force anyone to read my work..However know that it's not easy to write, molding a story (keeping some sort of originality). And the feedback always not have to be positive. At least state why you might now like some story.

Feedback is my ultimate guidance& source of motivation...🙏

Now shall I assume seeing the amount of response that my stories are not well received and stop coming here altogether?? It's totally fine to share your viewpoint in a polite manner if that's how you feel, I promise it's much helpful to me than updating like a wandering person as I really don't have such luxury of time, neither the energy or patience anymore. 🙏 Forgive me for that.

It's Maaneet what made me write & I can do that without sharing here. 😉 Since after giving immense effort if this lack of response one gets then why shall one go through so much pain and be here??🤔 Also given the fact how it's a torture to update on this new layout, even PM! 

I wonder! 🤔🧐, Is simply reading and commenting, liking is much harder than this?? And what's with these selective reading thing going on??  Can you please answer my simple question. Or this thread will also be overlooked? Ah..Either way, I will get my message!!😆🤣

For the next few days, I am not updating since it's EID...After that, I am hoping sincerely that the activities of this forum increases. 👍🌙

(Regular readers, I am very sorry for this but everyone has limits of their patience level, I for the one don't possess much of it now. I love you all immensely and thankful for your company, constant support)

Posted: 1 years ago

I don't know if it's sounding like a rant or what..But I am genuinely curious to know what is the reason behind such selectiveness or disinterest? 

Have everyone simply got bored of Maaneet or what?? Or it's some shady GC vs DD thing?? And here I thought we are all maaneetians..

Another forum similar to us...I saw a lot of encouragement happens there.. Still, they have 200 likes (after IF revamp) on their newer updates...Also neither they discriminate. Yes, there's also lack of activity but none like ours or matches Geet Forum's strange outlook...

Why are we lagging like this? At this rate what if Our forum gets closed?? There are so many new policies are being introduced every day. Now even new shows would not get a dedicated forum automatically like before.

Posted: 1 years ago

It's not only you dear 

I think everyone facing same situation. 

Niw toh i just want to stop updating. When readers can read then why did they shy while expressing themself?

I don't get it at all.

I'm too planning to finish everything off  🙁

Posted: 1 years ago

Understand your frustrations and anger 

I think people get over on maaneet smiley19

Posted: 1 years ago

Pls dont stop urs story their still have some loyal reader who want to read maaneet stories.pls countinue urs writing stories on maaneet.

Posted: 1 years ago

I'm truly sorry , yes I've seen your PM , today when I logged on 

however I needed to start with much older PM's 

I do promise by tomorrow I'll open your PM and if Updates 

then I'll read and comment 

I'll be fully active in few days 

Posted: 1 years ago

Hi baby 

I Know how much pain u have to go through and even other writers 

I am with you no matter what happens 

And yes it didn't sound like ranting at all 

Posted: 1 years ago

It's happening for years now iptida and if it continues our forum may get locked too.. there are many shows which are on the verge of closure now, they are relatively new compared to ours ...

Well Fan wars have left forum years back.. 

GC fans are hardly on IF anymore..

It's a general thing I guess 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami

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