Manmohini these days...

Posted: 10 months ago

Manmohini these days feels a lot more interesting definitely more than pre leap track 

Posted: 10 months ago

I specially liked Rana kali pairing. 

Speaking of Rana i find him way interesting than goody two shoes Ram.

I hope once he regains his memories he stays cunning and not revert like before.

Posted: 10 months ago


It's seems they are swapping characters. Vanraj is becoming Ravan like & Rana vanraj like...

Ram i want him to have shades of rana when he reverts back.

Posted: 10 months ago

Siya is like a warrior in show and Ram the damsel.

I'm glad they got rid of malaika and her son in the show.

I loved the fact they never showed saas bahu elements in this show.

Posted: 10 months ago

Speaking of Vanraj.. there is still no explanation of his origins as a tiger.

And what's his relation with the priest 

cause if he is his son then jhumri can't be priest's wife's daughter.

I don't think makers know themselves which relation is which 

Posted: 9 months ago

The story picked up after Kaali entered the haveli. The whole chudails-Kali-Rana tussle is interesting and has been moving at a good pace.

Don't like vanraj, rajpurohit and the screeching mother/daughter scene. I skip them.

Posted: 9 months ago

I skip them too. I can not stand that raj purohit family. Also, it looks like Ram is coming back to his senses. But as does Hallyumint, even I want to see a different side of Ram, who had shades of Rana within himself. I am curious to see what trick Dai Ma, Siya and Ram will play on Mohini. Will they sucede or will they goof up and get caught by Mohini and her witches? I can imagine a scene of Ram tricking Mohini by faking his death only to land up getting caught by her! smiley37

Posted: 9 months ago

As for Vanraj, I am absolutely sick of him! The way he stalks and obsesses over Siya and abuses Jhumri is so annoying! Why doesn't he just die already?! There is no saas bahu drama, but too much annoying Vanraj drama! Just go away, Vanraj! And get out of Siya's life! smiley7


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