Gaurav Sareen Quits Udaan

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Posted: 4 years ago

Here comes another shocking update from the world of television. Udaan actor Gaurav Sareen, who is essaying the character of Sameer Sharma, will no more be part of the show. Actor has decided to call it quits and will shoot his last sequence tomorrow.

Gaurav, who joined the show in February this year (post the leap) was the main lead opposite Tanya Sharma. While entering the show Gaurav had spoken to SpotboyE.com exclusively and said, "You know what I am excited to be part of the show also because I used to watch this show when I was in 10th standard. And I didn't know that one day I will turn the main lead of the show". 

Irony is the actor will be exiting his second show also with a death scene. Before this in Krishna Chali London too, Gaurav exited the show in the same way. Tomorrow again for Udaan, Gaurav will shoot his death scene. We contacted the actor to know about his sudden exit and he said, "It's actually not a sudden exit as such because I informed my decision to production around a month ago. And will be shooting my last scene tomorrow.”

When asked about the reason of quitting, he said, "I was disturbed with the way my character was being shaped. There was nothing much to do for me and no variations in my character. I was just reading and delivering my dialogues. Like in my previous show, Krishna Chali London, my character Radhe had a lot of variations. I was performing there. But this character is normal with no variations. So, I don't see myself anywhere in the show in spite of being the lead hero. I am not at all satisfied creatively and hence I though it's better to leave the show.”

Gaurav also added that the producers did try to hold him back but he had made up his mind. Eventually, they agreed to it.

When asked what kind of character he is looking for after this? “I am taking a break and going to my hometown with family on June 2nd and post that I will think about work. But one thing is sure this time I want to do a character which is challenging and have a scope to play with,” Gaurav signed off.


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Posted: 4 years ago

Another death in Udaan, it must be a record.

IMO it was expected, I sensed he wasn't happy with his role, he was always more like a side character, Anjor's love story was never properly developed with too much focus on Chakor-Anjor and Chakor vs villains.

A show can't go on with the love story of second leads alone, a show needs a proper male lead and this has been missing since the leap. It's clear the leap was a terrible idea without any proper planing, a compulsive decision by a PH addicted to leaps.

I think the show will spend its dying days focusing on the mother-daughter duo taking revenge from RV.

It's sad to see the state of the show now.

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Posted: 4 years ago

I think the show will end soon. I can’t see a male lead being brought in now at the last minute. Good for him

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Posted: 4 years ago

Wow! A once upon a time, long long ago successful show turned disaster show! Epic!! He entered a sinking ship anyway. Now Anjor is also a widow. Addiction for leaps & deaths...team Udaan needs a rehab! It's hard to believe for me that they couldn't maintain dignity of this show. 

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Posted: 4 years ago

What a pathetic condition. Very sad for the actor. 

What a show turned into what. 

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Posted: 4 years ago

A first blunder followed by a series of blunders. thats what udaan is known for now.

It started right from suraj death and got worse with that disastrous leap and now show is doomed.. none to blame except the over confident bhallaji...  serves him right.

This fellow need to learn acting first is my personal opinion  but then, really all the actors who signed in after leap , really feel bad for them  , i knew they entered a sinking one and all their efforts will go in vain long back.

Really what a show it was, and what have they made this into😔

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Posted: 4 years ago

New actors pissed off with PH in just these 3 or 3.5 months !!

Never thought Udaan will turn out to be a disater like this !

ndivyateja thumbnail
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Posted: 4 years ago

I donno if I can say this..

Except Vj, who is offered a meatier role like Suraj/Raghav, no positive ML can mark their presence in this show. We've seen how Vivan was never recognized, neither remembered. Firstly, he shouldn't have taken this role. Anyways better late, he took the right decision.

Pollyanna thumbnail
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Posted: 4 years ago

I am not a big fan of the actor but I admire his guts for quitting the show for creative reasons. Not many new actors will take such a step. They would rather stick it out than upset the channel. At least he has credibility now. The show is heading towards disaster and the others left behind will be forever associated with that phase of the show. 

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Posted: 4 years ago

What the show was and what it has become the writers of the show have ruined everything. Now what? A new male lead or will the show focus on Chakor-Anjor. They should have just ended the show on a happy note with Sameer-Anjor now that Gaurav Sareen is leaving rather then stretching their terrible story line further. The show isn't gonna survive for too long anyway now with the type of trps it's getting it's just a matter of time to see when the channel is going to pull the plug.