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Hola People...smiley4

I am back again with my third OS. This too was written for the 9th Anniversary Celebration thread.

I hope you enjoy reading this one too...



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                                                               (Banner Credit: Nehag20)

As I sat in the window of my room and sip a cup of coffee, I am wondering how my life has changed so much in just one month. It's like I am in an altogether different world. I am happier these days, get less irritated with the traffic, complain a lot less about the politics of the country, eat without any fuss, ignore the jerks in the office, and I am suddenly always lost in my own world with a stupid smile etched on my face. This is certainly not me and I wonder what brought this change. Well, I know what brought this change or rather who brought this change.

This all happened when I met him' at the conference that I attended last month at Bengaluru. I along with my manager and one of my colleagues was to represent on behalf of the Chandigarh branch of the company at the Annual event for a 3 days-long conference. I was so excited because this was my first time at such a grand event which surely is good for my career. I remember how nervous I was when my name was called out and I had to give a presentation before the VP of our company on the last day. I took Babaji's name and went on the stage. I started the presentation and slowly gained the confidence to keep going. I was in the process of explaining the growth chart when I first saw him'. He was sitting in the second row and looked like he was listening intently to what all I was saying. His eyes had that warmth and his face had that smile which further boosted my confidence. I don't know how that could have happened since I never saw him before in my life, but guess his eyes captivated me.

I was congratulated and applauded for my presentation and in all this; I had forgotten about those captivating eyes but suddenly someone called me from behind, "Excuse me. I turned around and found him standing before me with the same warmth in his eyes.  "Hi, I am Maan, Maan Singh Khurana, he said forwarding his hand towards me "Congratulations.  I shook hands with him "Thank you!!! Geet, Geet Handa. "I know I saw your presentation, he replied with a smile, "You did a great job!! I guess this was your first time right? I was surprised that he noticed and asked him the same "Thank you Maan. Yes, it was my first time, how did you know? "Well, I have been here before too so I know people around, he said. "I really liked your confidence and the way you put forward the whole thing. "Thank you Maan, I replied not knowing what else to say. I don't know why but his constant praises were making me blush; guess this was the doing of his eyes. "So you are from Chandigarh branch, right? I am working in the Hyderabad office, he told me. "Hyderabad?? That is nice, I have heard a lot about the accomplishments of that particular office, I informed him. Hyderabad office really was doing well amongst other branches and we all considered it kind of a benchmark for us. "Oh is it? That is great to know, we have really amazing people working with us in Hyderabad, he replied. Our small talk was interrupted by my friend cum colleague Karthik, "Geet, he called me. "Yes, Karthik? Wait, meet Maan, he is working in the Hyderabad office and Maan, meet Karthik, he works with me, I introduced them to each other. They shook hands and said hellos. Karthik meanwhile told me that my manager was calling me and wanted to introduce us to someone. "I guess I will see you around at the lunch, Maan asked "Sure thing, Nice meeting you Maan, I told him and he just smiled. I and Karthik excused ourselves and went on to meet my manager. Rest of the morning was spent networking with people but that small talk with Maan surely left me smiling.

"So you are not having chicken huh? I heard it's good here his voice startled me and I turned back to see him standing with a sheepish smile on his face. "God, Maan!! You scared me I was busy filling up my plate with pasta when he came from behind. "Hehe!!  Sorry, Geet!! So no chicken huh? he eyed my plate. "Umm, yeah I am a vegetarian, I replied slowly. "What? Really? he asked me with shock written all over his face. "Yea why do you look so surprised though? I asked being confused at his extreme reaction. He absorbed his shock and said, "Umm, no I mean I thought you are a Punjabi and you must... "And I must love Butter Chicken, right? I completed it for him with a laugh. He was embarrassed and looked cute with that face trying to apologize, "Uh no, I am sorry, it's just Punjabis are always said to be chicken fans so I just assumed, I am sorry. "Hey that's ok, please don't say sorry, I hear this quite often I quickly replied not liking the way he was saying sorry for such a small thing because I know that is how Punjabis are perceived right? And I did not mind at all. We moved to the nearby table and sat down for lunch. We had fun talking to each other and were later on joined by Karthik and Maan's colleague Akshat.

   This was the last day of the conference so after lunch we bid bye to our new found acquaintances and proceeded to our rooms to complete our packing since we all had our flights in the morning next day. "Ah, Geet? Maan said while we were in the lobby and moving towards the elevators. "Yes Maan, tell me? I replied, "Can I talk to you for a second? He asked me, being all nervous. "Sure Maan, just a minute, I replied wondering what is it that he wants to talk about that is making him so nervous. I turned to Karthik and told him to proceed and that I will call him when I reach my room to discuss the morning plan. He left bidding bye to Maan and I asked him, "Yes Maan, tell me? "Umm Geet, I was thinking that since we both are leaving tomorrow so maybe... he hesitated "...maybe we can meet for dinner tonight? Only if you don't have any other plans and you want to" he completed in a hurry. I was surprised but I kind of enjoyed seeing him all nervous too. He looked really cute with that entire hesitance "oh Okay Maan. Tell me the time and place and I will meet you there", I smiled seeing how he relaxed at my reply. "Umm you get ready by 7 and we shall go together? Ok? He asked and I said "Ok. We exchanged our numbers and decided to meet in the hotel lobby at 7 and left to our respective rooms.

I must say that I was not this nervous when I had to give the presentation before a room full of people but the thought of going out on dinner with Maan was giving me sweaty hands and I was scared that I do not mess things up. It is not like I was expecting something should happen between me and Maan but I liked him and wanted to have a nice time with him. I chose a navy blue knee-length dress for the dinner and got ready by 6:50. I moved out of my room and found Maan pacing back and forth in the hotel lobby waiting for me. I called out to him and he turned to look in my direction and stopped. I don't know why but the look in his eyes made me all the more nervous. He approached me "Hi Geet "Hi Maan; I replied while looking anywhere but him "...you look beautiful Geet his compliment made me look towards him and I could not help blushing "Thanks Maan, you look quite handsome yourself He was wearing a casual cream-colored jacket with a pair of blue jeans and he looked HOT. "Thank you. Shall we leave then? He asked me ushering towards the gate "Yes but where are we going? I asked suddenly all excited about this dinner. "I heard there is this nice pizza place nearby... he replied and suddenly stopped and asked "You like Pizza right? I mean we can go somewhere else if you want to? "Pizza is fine Maan, I love Pizza I replied while moving towards the Zoom car that was parked at the gate. He saw me looking at the car and cleared his throat "I thought driving would be better than a cab and all so I booked this, I hope you are comfortable with it, If you want we can still book a cab and leave He was being all cute and I liked how he was considerate about my comfort "Maan...I am glad you booked a car and please stop being this worried about things, I trust you and your choices. Let's leave now, shall we? I tried to ease him out. No doubt I liked how he was trying to be goody but did not want him to be all worried. I wanted him to enjoy as much as I was. He smiled relieved at my reply and moved forward to open my side of the door. After we settled, he drove us to the place where a table was already booked for us.

We settled at our table and the waiter approached us with the menu card. We placed our order and I noticed that the waiter brought us a bottle of wine and left. Maan was about to pour some in my glass when I told him I did not drink and he looked surprised again. "Really? No Chicken and no drinking? I laughed at the way he asked me "Well, guess I am a boring Punjabi then, I winked at him and he just laughed "not boring but quite unusual "I did not say I was usual Maan, I am different from others, hehehehe I replied and he just smiled "That you are Geet, that you are... The way he said those words made me all mushy inside and I just blushed. I noticed that since I refused he also did not have wine, I asked him to have if he wanted to and that I did not mind but he denied. This was such a small thing but it meant a lot to me. The fact that he did not want to make me uncomfortable at all made me smile so much that my face hurt. Rest of the evening passed in our talks about each other. We discussed our likes/dislikes, our families, our jobs and whatnot. I really enjoyed being with him.  He made me feel at ease and I felt secure with him.

                 We reached back to the hotel at around 11. He being the gentleman he is opened the door for me and I stepped out. "So, I guess that is it... I said wanting to spend some more time with him. "I guess so... He replied. It seemed that he wanted to say something else too but did not know how to. Seeing him not saying anything I said bye and turned to leave for my room. "Geet... he called me from behind and I turned immediately wanting anything to prolong this moment with him. I raised my eyebrows in question and he hesitated before saying "Geet...Umm, I don't know how to say this but I guess if don't say it now then I may never get a chance to. I kind of knew what he wanted to say but I still wanted to hear from him so I feigned innocence "Yes Maan...tell me? "Geet...the things is... He paused and closed his eyes before opening them again and holding my hands "Geet...I like you, I liked you from the very first moment I saw you giving that presentation on the stage. I wish I saw you before so that we could have spent more time together in the last three days. I wish that this night never ends and that we do not have to leave tomorrow. I wish to listen to what else you don't do, that a usual Punjabi does. I wish...I wish to just stay with you and I wish to give us a chance. And I just wish you say yes... I was surprised at his confession would be an understatement.   I tightened my hold on his hands and said "Maan...I am glad you told me this...and... I can clearly see him being impatient "...and it's a YES I quickly gave a kiss on his cheeks and ran away to my room. Once in the room, I sent him a message "Oh and Maan...I like you too :)

                The continuous ringing of my mobile brings me back to present and I quickly jump up to take my phone from the bedside table knowing very well who might be calling me at this time "Hello Maan... "Hi Jaan...missed me? His husky voice came from the other side.

                                                                                The End.

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Thanks to Ipti and Madhu, who forced me to write this one...smiley31

Girls, I hope you know why this one is a special story for me...smiley2

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Special Thanks to Neha for such beautiful Banner smiley31

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Hello, Suhana...smiley31

Good to see you here...smiley4

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Originally posted by sahibasharma

Hello, Suhana...smiley31

Good to see you here...smiley4

Me too 😀😀😀

Will unres soon 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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