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Posted: 3 years ago

This show has always been fast paced from beginning 

But since elder chandragupta was introduced its stagnating 

Both elder chandra and dhurudhara do not match the roles or inspire story 

The older dhurudhara though irritating potrayed looked like a princess and her chemistry with dhanananad was very good and with chandra too

Sthool looks better and so does ambhi kumar and ambhi raj 

I think ambhi kumar should have been elder chandra he is tall and strong like a warrior 

But his voice and demeanor again fails to inspire a leadership 

Dhananand is doing superb acting hes holding fort with mura and chankya 

Sometimes he becomes ruthless sometimes manipulative sometimes joking(like yogasana) sometimes soft hearted(when he invites chandra to his army) 

Dhananand is best written role in ages for a TV show although villanish 

Otherwse historical roles are very one sided  

I think Dhurudhara should not have started liking Chandragupta so soon and hating her brother 

This should happen after marraige etc 

Even Mura is all fine with dhurudhara so is sthool and than chankya later 

It looks very unbvelievable that dhananand killed chandras father and all his family and friends love dhurudhara ok dhananand killed his father but that does not mean mura will be fine with her husbands killer sister marrying chandra will she? 

And when will helene be introduced? I think helena marraige should have been fixed with ambhi kumar not dhurudharas 

Dhanananand had once eyed helena long back and selecus was mighty furious at that 

I think helena should have helped mura and sthool not dhurudhara that would be a bit logical 

why helena help mura? Because she hates dhananand eyeing her and is being forced to marry ambhi kumar by selecus agianst her wishes 

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Posted: 3 years ago

Durdhara is selfish. 

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by vyapti

Durdhara is selfish. 

Yes she was selfish a s a young teenager 

Not now anymore since she knows her bro well

Dhurudhara is in catch 22 situation one side family another side chandragupta 

Its not easy to just let go off family or brother and support his enemy 

After all for 20-22 years your brother has taken care of you food, clothes, house etc although for last 5 years you are agianst him

Its easy to say shes bad but tough to be in her place for anyone 

No matter how bad your family members are you still love them or care for them 

Like Dhananand if any other girl speak or behave so with him he would kill her

But this is Dhurudhara his sister, he may be angry with her but he still loves her catch 22 for him too

and even chandrgagupta hard for him to trust dhurudhara anymore 

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Posted: 3 years ago

Yes you are right. Actually I got angry as I thought she is disclosing that Chandra is alive. 

And Dhananand killed her father but not her other brothers. Yet she is supporting Chandra.  She is actually in a Arjuna like situation.

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Posted: 3 years ago

They don't want Helena in this show. That's sad. Her presence would have made this show atleast bearable to watch.


Chandragupta Maurya 

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