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Hi All, 

I have converted the OS to a SS to show the Journey of their Love . I am still a amateur writer,so please ignore my mistakes

In this story Sameer is fond of Shayeri and some urdu words are used . All the lines in Blue are some good lines that I had read from some writers , few I remember and few I don't . Credit for all those lines goes to them.  Hope you will enjoy it .Waiting for your feedback.

Chapter 1: Izhare-e-Mohabbat

Chapter 2:  Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke

Chapter 3: Yeh Dooriyan

Chapter 4: Fanna

Chapter 5: Tanhai

Chapter 6: Ehsaas

Chapter 7: Kismat

Chapter 8:Dard-E-Dil

Chapter 9:Faisale

Chapter 10: Dil se Dil Tak

Chapter 11: Aashiqui Phir Se

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Chapter 15:Khwaishen

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Chapter 17: Suhana Safar

Chapter 18: Rishthey

Chapter 19:Bandhan

Chapter 20:Rasmein

Chapter 21:Milan

Chapter 22:Humsafar




Chapter 1 :  Izhare-e-Mohabbat

"Weekend kaisa raha Karthik ne kuch kaha, propose ki ? tum dono ki dosti ko 2 saal ho gaye " asked one of the fresher to her friend, the other replied " Kuch khas nahi bas shopping ki aur movie dekhi . Sach mein samaj nahi aa raha ,confused houn .Lagta hai sach mein pyar karta hai par kehta kuch nahi hai, kaise kahoun usse samaj nahi aa raha hai “ . They continued with what all the sweet things about him and their relationship. 

Naina who was sitting next to that table sipping her coffee smiled at the conversation and reminiscing her first love murmured “Izhar-e- Mohabbat  bhi kya ajeeb cheez hai.ek sher ko yaad karte kahan

Hal-e-dil kyun kar karen apna bayan acchhi tarah , 

ru-ba-ru un ke  nahi  chalti zuban acchi tarah “.

(How can I say convey nicely the condition of my heart, when I can’t even speak properly when face to face - Bahadur Shah Zafar)

The conversation led her down the memory lane of her days in engineering college .It was the beginning of her dreams to go to college and to pursue a higher education. So many emotions were running through her.  It was the first time being in this level and the first time paying for her education. That day she had so many things on her mind, from what to wear, figure out where the class number and the floor it would be located at. It was actually a day full of new experiences

She walked hurriedly to the notice board to find out which section she was in and asked to a group who was standing next to the notice board  " Excuse me where is Section A CS ". One of the girls asked "Fresher?” She nodded in confirmation." Pehle Seniors ko Gooooood Morninnng Madam bolo nazre jhukake". After obeying the command, followed the directions given. It took around 20 minutes circling the college and reaching the same spot, wondering she looked around and found the class just a few steps ahead . "Suna to tha college mein ragging hoti hai .Aate se hi mai bali ka bakra bani, bewakoof banake isliye hans rahi thi”. Ab class mein pata nahi kya hoga friends banege bhi ya nahi " with these thoughts she entered the class to see all new faces. At one corner of the class she saw Munna, her school friend which brought an instant sigh of relief.

Finding a vacant seat she made herself comfortable and by the first half she had made friendship with Swati and Kamya. Both were quite friendly, Kamya stayed in hostel and Swati with her aunt. They talked about their scores and family backgrounds. 

During break she headed to the Munna and said " Accha huva Munna tum bhi meri hi class mein , chalo koi to jaan pehchann ka mila . Warna mai to darr hi gayi thi aur subah subah bewkoof bhi bani" 

Munna smiled and had a brief discussion about the morning encounter.  Later Munna introduced to his friend Sameer who was just looking at Naina with a quite and charming smile staring at her , she looked angelic with no make-up on her, her eyes sparkled like stars.  

Munna then pointing towards Naina “ Yeh Sameer hai aur Sameer yeh Naina hamari school ki topper. Tum jitna bolti ho yeh uthna hi khamosh hai”.

 Smiling she replied "Accha! dekhte hai Naina ki sangat mei kab tak shant rahenge , mere saath koi zyada der khamosh nahi rahe sakta “ . 

“ Koi sunne wala bhi to chahiye , aap boliye mai sunuga “ Sameer replied. She studied his face with amused eyes. 

Later they all headed to canteen and then main topic was if they had been subjected to ragging and what all the juniors faced who stayed in hostel. Seeing Naina a bit scared Munna assured her "Hum local hai hum par yeh log kuch nahi karenge, Kamya ko thodi dikat ho sakti hai par hum hai na Kamya ke liye”. Sameer didn’t fail to notice the way her eyes reflected every emotion she thought or talked.  He looked at her and said "Isse pehli baar aapko dekha tha school ke pass ,mere friend ne bataya tha ki  aap topper ho aur bahut tariff ki thi aapki". Naina smiled and looking into his eyes said" Pehle ek baat clear kardoun, ab hum dost hai to “aap” nahi “tum” bolo. Tum mein zyada apnapan lagta hai manzor hai? " . He smiled and nodded. 

Naina’s VO : Yeh meri pehli mulaqat thi Sameer se , zyada kuch kaha nahi par ek apnapan sa laga varna pehli mulakat mein kisiko aap se tum kehne nahi deti , ji haan yeh un dino ki baat hai jab dost bane mein bhi time lagta” .

The group bonded well in the coming months, they would bunk classes together and chill out at the institute opposite to the college. They would study, discuss various other topics that were trending in Information technology.  The institute was their “Adda” which saw all the colors of friendship. Naina would always be immersed in the world of books, she had earned the nickname as “Book Worm”. Sameer never missed to notice the innocence in Naina. They meet regularly and would discuss about some lecture or books. Sameer’s favourite was lunch break as he would meet Naina alone since the rest of the gang would go home for lunch as they said nearby.

Once such afternoon while Naina was making notes, Sameer pulled the book from her , 

“Sameer book do , itne saara portion hai aur semester exams bhi aa rahein hai”  she said a bit annoyed. 

" Nida Fazli ne tumhare liye hi yeh arz Kiya hai " Dhoop mein niklo, gaataoun mein naha kar dekho ,Zindagi kya hai kitaboun ko hata kar dekho.  Kya tum hamesha padai padai karti rehti ho, chalo na kuch khake aate hai bhook lagi hai  ! Phir uske baad practical hai. " Sameer appealed.  

 “Wah Wah! Shayari . ? Yeh kab se shauk hai tumhe?  "  Naina enquired

"Jab se dil ne dard mehsoos kiya hai tabse "  with a hurtful voice ," Chalo ab yeh sab phir kabhi baat karte hai , chalo na " Sameer pleaded  

" Chalo Bhukkad Sameer !! “  Nahi to tum mera dimag khaloge. "  She replied packing her bag.  

"Saara  dimag to books mein lagati ho kuch bacha hai jo mai kha jaounga ".  She hit him playfully and headed to the canteen.  

They had become good friends. She got to know Sameer had keen interest in music be it bollywood songs, gazals or shayari. He was an exceptional singer and had a warm and comforting voice. Often he would share some shayari with her, sometimes she understood sometimes she would ask their meaning and would often say “ itni urdu nahi aati samjao na kya matlab hai?” . 

He would laugh at her and then explain her the embedded meaning. "Baap re baap ! itni sanjidgi  itna dard ! kaise padhte ho tum aisi shayeri?.  Muje to itne dard wale bilkul acche nahi lagte.” 

“Log Kaanotn say bach ke chaltey hai, Humne phooloun Se Zakhm khaya hai

Tum Ghairon ki baat kartay ho, Hum ne apne bhi  aazmaye hai “

Suni hai kya tumne yeh gazal nusrath fateh ali khan Sameer replied with a melancholy in his voice.  “Nahi par bahut dard bhari lagti hai “ looking at him trying to read him. She felt a deep sense of loneliness and longing within his heart but never asked about it. She knew with time he would tell her and she had to be patient with him. Sameer on the other hand felt her company healing his wounds and he had developed a soft corner for her. 

Days went by and their friendship had grown strong . “Aaj to Sameer ka favorite hai lunch mein bahut khush hoga , Aloo parata aur Gajar ka halwa dekhke “she murmured happily to herself. Her heart would dance in pleasure seeing him enjoying the lunch, she didn’t know why but she would make sure to get his favorite atleast once or twice a week.  “Swati tune Sameer ko dekha  kya , nazar nahi aa raha hai mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai  “Abhi Abhi Munna ke saath bahar chala gaya , abhi dekha tha . aata hoga. Chal mai nikalti houn. Institute mein milte hai “ replied Swati packing her stuff after the class. Naina waited patiently for him, usually he would let her know if he is not joining for lunch. After waiting for an hour or so she left to the institute with a grumpy mood. 

Around 4 pm when Sameer reached the institute, Naina didn’t look at him. She ignored him and was shouting at Swati for not working on the assignments. 

“ Naina sunno na , baat kyun nahi kar rahi ho , plz naaraz kyun ho bata do “ Sameer pleaded

“ Mai Naaraz nahi houn , mujhe assignments khatam karne hai  “ replied looking at the books. “Accha lunch karliya tumne, sorry who Munna ke saath chala gaya tha kuch books lene the aate aate der ho gayi  “ was when the Naina devi avatar broke out “ Haan kar liye hawa khayi maine, waise bhi mai khayi ya na khayi tumhe kya? Batane ke liye paise lagte hai na ?, itna nahi keh sakte the ki Naina mai lunch aaj nahi karunga bahar jaa raha houn. Ek mai bewakoof wait karti rahi ab aaoge tab aaoge”. 

“Tumne abhi tak lunch nahi kiya, pagal ho tum!! . Mai nahi aaya to tum nahi karogi. Ek din bhul gaya batana ,tum kar leti  “ shouted back Sameer angrily. Was it hunger or anger Naina couldn’t really point out , with tears in her eyes replied “Ab se nahi wait karti tumhara  , aaj tumhare liye aloo paratha aur gajar halwa layi thi socha saath mein kahenge “ . Seeing her crying Sameer heart melted and in a soft voice replied holding his ears with his hands “ Sorry ! tum mere liye wait kar rahi thi aur mai tum par gussa huva , chalo ab kha lenge, waise bhook bahut lagi hai maine bhi kuch nahi khaya , socha tumhare saath aakar  kha lounga “ . Hearing he hadn’t had lunch, she quickly opened the box and handed to him “ .Arey wah pura lunch mera , tum to hawa kha chuki ho ab to pet bhar gaya hoga na “ he smirked. Naina smiled at his antics and then both shared the lunch. 

After the lunch “ Naina , kyun fikar karti ho meri itni “ questioned Sameer.  “Naina dosti nibhana khoob janti hai , hum bhi yaaroun ke yaar hai “ she replied smiling at him. That Night Sameer couldn’t sleep, none had taken care of him like Naina use to do, the way she would scold him for his mistakes, listen to him. Sometimes without saying a word she would understand him. He could share with her everything without the fear of being judged. He knew he was in love with her but was scared to reveal his feelings for her. What if he would lose her friendship?. He decided he would let her know his feelings indirectly if she could understand it.

For the first Annual day Naina insisted Sameer to show his talent in the cultural section and asked him to sing. “Naina mai sabke saamne gaa nahi sakta , mujhse nahi hoga “ , he argued with her. “Dekho meri taraf , sabko mat dekhna sirf mujhe dekh kar gao , itni mast awaz hai tumhari aur hamare group se tum ek hi jo kar sakte ho “ .Munna and Swati too agreed with Naina. “tumko to mai kabhi mana nahi kar sakta , par jhoote chappal mile na tum log aa jana stage mein mere saath khane “, the whole gang agreed and laughed at this. 

 “Aaj meri pehli koshish Naina ko apne dil ki baat jatane ke liye , pata nahi who buddhu samjegi bhi ya nahi “ . On the first annual day Sameer sang " Pal Pal dil ke pass tum rehti ho,jeevan ki meethi pyas tum kehti ho", when he was singing these lines his eyes emanated the love from his soul while he kept on looking at Naina 

“Har sham aankhon par, Tera aanchal lehraye

Har raat yaadon ki Baarat le aaye

Maein saans leta hoon Teri khushboo aati hai

Ek mehka mehka sa Paigham laati hai

Meri dil ki dhadkan bhi Tere geet gaati hai

  The auditorium echoed with applause after the song. Naina felt proud  as  she had insisted him to take part. She beamed a smile at him .

As soon as he joined the group, he asked her “How was it. Tumko accha laga? “.To which Naina replied excitedly "Ek dum mast ,bekar mein keh rahe the ki mai accha nahi gaata. Buddu,  agar kisi ladki ke liye gaate to woh bhi aaj dil haar jati tum par". Sameer looked at her with all the love and said " Sach mein?" .Naina was topper in studies but was zero when it came to love ." Nahi to kya?, bata do koi pasand hai to mai help karoungi. Friend houn itna to banta hai “and laughed at him.  “Tumhara dimag sirf kitaboun mein chalta hai kya ? “ ,  Seene mein jo dab gayein hai who jazbaat kya kahein, Ab khud hi samaj lijiye , har baat kya kahein “.he whispered to her.  She glanced trying to read what his eyes had in store just then Munna said "Chalo yaar bahut bhook lagi hai dinner karte hai nahi to bahut der ho jayegi". 

The first year passed and vacation had began. Sameer was waiting for the holidays to get over and meet his Naina. He was missing her terribly, unknown to this Naina was busy looking for next year syllabus, books and was practicing the new programming languages. Memories of her with Sameer would sometime cross her mind , leaving a smile .”Bilkul Buddhu hai !! “ she would often say.

When the college reopened, Sameer was the first person she met at the gate and waved at him with a smile. Seeing the smile on her face , it washed away all the worries he had. He was waiting for her from past 30 minutes. "Arey Wah ! aate hi shayar ke Darshan ho gaye ? Kaise hai Janab ?“. Naina asked him with a smile.  "Zarra nawazi bande par nazar to padi aapki. Kaisa houn matlab bas itna samaj lo ab thik houn. “Unko dekh se jo aa jati hai muh par raunak woh samajte hai bimar ka haal accha hai ". (Courtesy Ghalib)

“Wah Wah ! , lagta hai tumhare sher sunne ke liye koi nahi mila , bahut miss kiye mujhe ?“ . Sameer fondly replied “Haan bahut miss kiya" suddenly releasing what he had said added "tumhare alwa shayari kaun sunta hai“. Both laughed at this and Naina said chukling “Ab chale Shayer ji warna first day late ho jayenge”. Naina as usual unaware of the storm she was causing within Sameer’s heart went on discussing about the holidays, and on various topics non-stop. He just loved the smile, the nonstop bak-bak which he had missed .Everything about her mesmerized him.

During lunch they would talk about everything in the world , their pain , their small wishes and about their family dynamics. One such afternoon he lent out his pain without the fear of being judged for the first time to Naina.  He had tears when he said how he missed his mother and craved for her love. “Sameer who tumse bahut pyar karti hai , par unki bhi koi majboriyan hongi na , mai tumhara dard samaj sakti houn . Maine to Maa to dekha hi nahi aur papa to hamesha Arjun Bhaiya se pyar karte hai , mai unki kabhi favourite ban hi nahi payi. Par mai thodi kabhi udas dekhti houn tumhe , zindagi  choti si hai muskurake guzaro “ she tried to console him. Naina’s heart had winced in pain seeing him. She knew Sameer would never share his inner turmoil ,and pain to anyone and would always cover up it with a smile on his face. Naina had gauged his pain and made sure she would give him all the emotional support and spend as much as possible time with him. 

Sameer would try to steal as many chances as possible to be with Naina. Join her to the bus stop and wait with her for the bus. He would be extra cautious and would ensure that none would know about his feelings for her. He would keep looking at her in the class , her smile , her innocent face would always raise his heart beats . He would keep thinking “Sab baatein hoti hai par tumse apne dil ki baat nahi keh pata, tumhari masomiyat , tumhara muskurna sab gazab dhata hai dil par, shayad Saajan film ka gaana mere liye hi bana hai and would hum " Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai yeh pyar to tumse karta hai par samne jab tum aate ho kuch bhi kehne se darta hai.". Naina on the other hand loved his company, with him she never had to pretend and felt so comfortable. Third year had passed and Sameer was still trying to convey his feelings for her indirectly. 

Once while they were working on the assignments “Maan liya hai Maine,  Nahi aata mujhe Mohabbat jatana , Nadan to tum bhi nahi samaj na sako shayari mein zikhr tumhara “ , whispered Sameer.           “ Hmm ,Acchi lines hai “ Naina replied ignorantly concentrating on the work at hand . Sameer sulked at the response and kept looking at her. Her hair was tied up but the pin was coming loose. The wind was playing with her hair, disturbing her, she would often tug them behind her ear and continue, he was basking in the warmth of her company and adoring her  with a husky voice said “Ladne do zulfoun aur hawa ko aapas mein, tum kyun haath se un mein sulha kara rahi ho “ she looked at him and replied playfully “ Aaj romantic lines sunayi jaa rahi hai , kahan dil laga baite ho ? ” . Sameer now taking this as an opportunity fondly replied to her “ Tum kabhi kabhi yun kiya karo  , chodo meri shayari dil padh liya karo “ .  She stared at him trying to figure out the meaning. Seeing her confused expression he smiled at her and said “Assignments pe dhyan do , khatam karna hai aaj “ to divert her chain of thoughts.

 It was their Final year every time Naina would say “Yeh apna last year hai pata nahi sab kahan honge iske baad” Sameer would just walk away unable to express the pain he was going through. Sameer would avoid her or would be silent most of the times. She never understood what was going on. One on afternoon the gang was chilling out at their Adda. Everyone insisted Sameer to sing a song. He looked at Naina and poured out his emotions while singing 

" Hothoun se chulo tum,mera geet amar kardo ban jao meet mere meri preet amar kardo". Naina after listening was teary eyed and said "Kya shidat se gaye ho ,sach mein dil ko lag gayi . Ek kasak thi tumhari aawaz mein" . She didn’t understand why she felt the pain that Sameer’s voice had. From then on she listened to his shayari and pondered upon it. She felt as if they were conveying something to her.  Like one day he said 

" Usne gaur se dekha hi nahi apni hateli ko kabhi usme halki si lakhir meri bhi thi"  

“Kya who apni kismet mere haatoun mein dekhta hai ?? “ aur when he would hum songs like " bahut pyar karte hai tumko sanam " or "Hum mein tum mein kuchh to hai kuchh nahin hai kya, Aur kuchh ho jaaye to kuchh yakeen hai kya. Dekh lo ye dil jahaan tha ye wahin hai kya". “Kahi yeh mujhse kuch puchna to nahi chahata”? She was in a dilemma about the feelings she was experiencing recently. His proximity affected her. 

While she was waiting at the institute he joined her very late. She asked him annoying “Kahan the tum? Project submit karne mein sirf 3 din baki hai ? He tried to tease her” Mai apne dil nashi ke pass tha . Ek sukoon sa milta hai uske pass “. She felt a pang of jealousy after hearing this , “Accha ab yeh dil nashi tumhari kab mili ? saara din to mere saath hi rehte ho ?with a slight irritation in her voice. It was a fest for his eyes to see jealous Naina. He continued to tease her “ sunno na , yeh lines kaisi hai , Meri aakhoun ne pakda hai unhe kahi baar range haath, who ishq karna chahate hai magar ghabrate bahut hai “  looking at her , she averted her eyes from him and just walked silently thinking “ Shayad woh aaj tak jo sher keh raha tha who uske liye the , kaun hogi woh “. With aching heart she just sat , looking at the books trying to ease her pain. Sameer now looked worried and sat next to her  “Naina suno mazak kar raha tha , ab gussa nahi hogi to ek baat confess karna hai “ he  said with a guilt in his eyes. “Kaho ab aur kya kehna hai “. He confessed that he had gone for smoke, he had started this just few months back .She was so angry with him, she just ignored and didn’t talk to him. He was apologizing her saying sorry to calm her later he promised to quit smoking.  “Dekho Jhooth bol sakta tha par tumhe mai kabhi jhooth bol nahi sakta , isliye sach kahan hai yakin mano chod donga” . She just nodded and asked innocently with a bit of anger in her voice“ Kyun nahi bol sakte Jhooth mujhe se, mai kaun lagti houn tumhari?? “he came close to her and whispered “ Khud hi puch lo apne dil se  “ Naina felt butterflies in stomach. She was terrifyingly shy and looked flushed. 

“Sabke applications short list have hai job interview ke liye, next week we are supposed to travel to Hyderabad for the call “ Munna’s pitched voice was enough to break her reverie. She could feel his gaze on her but tried to diffuse the intensity of the moment and left him stating she had something to discuss with Swati.

 It was a rare opportunity for the entire gang to stay 3 days away from house and be with their friends.  Since it was an interview call none of the families would object. Accommodation, bus tickets, resume and aptitude questions, places to visit a list of to do things was prepared. Various tasks were assigned to each.  

The next few days went in preparation for the interview. Sameer was feeling uneasy as Naina was avoiding him lately siting one or the other excuse. Naina didn’t understand how to decipher the feelings she was experiencing.  She was not able to look into his eyes and talk freely as she did in past. There was an uneasiness in heart, many questions unanswered. She wanted to clear the uncertainty in her mind. 

Finally the day arrived, everyone joined at the bus station to board. They were all excited how they could make their last days of college memorable, each one had their plan, which included everything but not clearing the interview. 

Sameer wanted to convey his feelings to Naina during this trip.  Naina made a silent prayer for all her friends and Sameer as a special case to God to help them with the interview. Naina was on the adjacent seat with Kamya whereas Sameer and Munna occupied the other one.  After a long chatting and discussion session everyone went to sleep except one soul , who was adoring the beauty of his lover sleeping on the adjacent seat. Looking at the strand of hair on her cheeks he thought to himself “ Unke Hothoun, Kaano, Aakhoun ke bade karreb ho tum , yeh zulf ki latein, kabhi hamari bhi sifarish kar diya karo “.  As if her heart heard him, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Seeing him awake she gestured him to sleep. Imagining himself awakening each day seeing this lovely face , he smiled at this thought and drifted to sleep.

Next day they all joined at the college where the off campus drive was scheduled. Anxiety was at their peak as it was their first interview. The HR announced there were 3 rounds Aptitude, Group discussion and then face to face. They had to clear all the rounds and wished them all the best. 

After first round among 11 friends, 9 had qualified for the next round. Sameer and Naina both had qualified. Sameer saw a ray of hope if both of them joined the same company then things will be easy for him and he could propose her. The next round ground out of 9 only 4 qualified , Sameer lost this round  whereas Naina qualified. 

A fear of losing her and insecurity crept in him. He tried his best to keep a smile, but his heart was crying in pain, why was it so hard for him to get what he loved. After a hectic day, the results were announced at 8.30 p.m. All four of them secured a position with the company. The gang enjoyed the victory of their friends, those who lost had a hope “Abhi to yeh pehli company hai aur bhi bahut honge”, they said and smiled. Sameer though he might get another company but not his Naina in that company. Sensing his sadness Naina said “ Arz kiya hai

 “ itna bhi na-umid  dil-e-kam-nazar  na ho ,

 mumkin nahin ki sham-e –alam ki sahar na ho”. 

(Don’t be so narrow sighted disappointed heart ,  it’s not possible there is no dawn after a sorrowful evening).

Understanding his shocked expression “Ab tumhari sangat ka kuch to asar hona hai na “.  Naina called up home and shared the good news , Sameer was happy for her. He decided he will propose only when he has a made a mark in his career. Does destiny play as we wish , little did Sameer knew what the evening had stored for him.  

All the friends had plan to have dinner together and then take a walk on the necklace road. While on their way Naina was talking to Sameer who was very quite, when he could not express his grief he choose to be silent. Naina knew this and she walked along with him talking how she has started to read and understand urdu and her failed attempts. Suddenly they heard siren of an ambulance making its way through the traffic. Looking at it Sameer remarked if we donate our organs then we can make a difference in someone’s life, a life worth to be lived after our death. The thought was noble but at this time she didn’t like the thoughts of death and disappointment from Sameer. 

As she wanted to talk about it, Kamya whisked her out to talk about the plans the girl had made for the night.  She was half-heartedly listening to them, she wanted to be with him, take away his pain. When the girls had finalized Naina nodded not aware of what was discussed, she looked around for Sameer. He was nowhere to be seen, her heart skipped a beat, the unsaid fears she had after listening to his disappointments took over her. She panicked and stammered “Saa ….Sammer ko dekha hai? Kahan hai ho ?“ , everyone started looking around none of them were aware . A tremor of dread slid through her. She felt something broken inside, tears started welling up in her eyes “mujhe use is waqt akela nahi choda chaiye tha, who bahut udaas tha. Is job se uski bahut umeedein this mujhe aisa nahi karna tha , she was sobbing and cursing herself for leaving him. 

Munna in a concerned voice said “Darr mat yahi hoga woh , aa jayega, restaurant chaltein hai wahi aayega “ .   She keep praying her Lord to keep him safe. 

Sameer wanted to settle his mind and heart and accept the current situation, he just walked away to be alone to gather his broken heart and desires. 

As they reached the restaurant she saw him waiting near the gate. “ Arey Sameer kidhar gaya tha tu, kitna pareshan the hum. Naina to rone bhi lag gayi thi “. She silently Thanked God for bringing him safe, she kept staring at him with tears in her eyes.  She wanted to give him a bone crushing hug but aware of the friends around her she just smiled but her eyes spoke volumes of the pain he had given her. Every second she spent without him was as if part of her was breaking away. 

As they were entering she said “Dinner jaldi khatam karlo baat karni hai “ . They both finished of their dinner early , Naina said “Mai abhi aati houn kuch dawai leni hai sarr dard hai “ Looking at Sameer “Tumhara ho gaya hai na  dinner tum chaloge saath mein ? . Hum log necklace road pe milte hai . “ 

Saying so she went out with Sameer. They took an auto to the necklace road, as they walked in silence for 10 minutes, She sat on a bench nearby and asked him to sit. Sameer knew Naina was controlling her anger, her lingering silence made it unbearable for him to stay further, how he hated those tears in her eyes, so a bit hesitantly he said " Naa..ina kya huva bolo?", the soothing voice words from the beloved one broke all the dams of emotions she held so long " Chup ek dum chup, samajte kya ho khud ko, kuch aanap shanp bolke aise hi nikal jaoge, pata hai kitna darr gayi thi mai. In between her sobs “laga kahin kuch huva to nahi tumhe? tumhe kho to nahi di? Mai bahut buri houn, tumhe akela nahi chodna tha mujhe .. " tears started rolling from her eyes. As she finished, Sameer felt an urge to hug and soothe her uneven hiccups, but Yeh un dino ki baat hai jab rishte ke daiyere huva karte the ,something stopped him from doing so to lighten the mood he said “Arz kiya hai 

 Iss Saadgi Pe Kaun Na Mar Jaye Ai Khuda,

Ladte Hain aur Haath Mein Talwar Bhi Nahi “.

Hearing this Naina chuckled and hit him on his arm. Sameer softly asked " Tum kyun itna pareshan ho gayi thi mere khone se, kyun royi Naina". Naina suddenly looked at him surprised not knowing how to answer this question. Lowering her eyes fidgeting with her fingers in her laps "she stammered a little" woh yeh..kya boloun " . " Naina bolna mai kuch nahi kahoga" assured Sameer softly. 

She calmed herself and then started "Kahan se shuru karun  pata nahi. Tumhare saath pehle din se hi ek apnapan sa laga,dheere dheere tumhe samaj ne lagi . Jab tum khush hote to mai khush hoti,tumhe koi taklif hoti to dard mujhe hota, jab bhi tumhe dard mein dekhti mann karta saare dard tumhare khud le lo. Tumhari ek muskurahat ke liye kuch bhi kar ja ne ko dil karta.  . Books, formulas aur logic ke alawa mere dimag mein kuch registered nahi hota tha,par mujhe tumhare har ek sher aur har ek gaana jo gaye ho, ya gungunye ho sab yaad hai. Jo tumhe accha laga use apnane lagi ,shayari padhne aur samajne lagi thodi thodii urdu sikhne lagi. Tumhare saath khud ko mukammal si lagne lagi. Tum jab dekhte ho to lagta tha mai sabse zyada haseen houn, Kuch dino se bas yahi sawal kar rahi thi khud se. Aisa Kyun ? . Shayad mere dil ne pehle se hi chun liya tha tumhe, par aaj jab tum kho gaye laga ki meri duniya hi chot gayi. Tab ehsaas huva ki ..she paused " Sameer had tears in his eyes , he asked softly " ki???: Naina closed her eyes and said 

"  Woh duri bhi kya duri to Aakhuoun se naapi jaye ,                                                                                           Woh ishq hi kya jo lafzoun se bayan ho jaye " 

She covered her face with her palms. Sameer chuckled at the innocence that reflected on her face and the way she blushed. He slowly came near to her and whispered " I love you too", holding her hand for the first time. "Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki koi mujhse itna pyar karega, mai to tumko 1st yr se pasand karta houn par kehne ki himmat nahi huvi. Isliye shayari aur gaanaoun ka sahara liye,apne jazbaat ko jatane ke liye. Ab tak jo bhi sher sunaye hai ya gaane gaye hai sab tumhare liye hi hai. Is trip mein mai tumhe propose karna socha tha agar mujhe bhi job mil jati , lekin jab aisa nahi huva to mai tooth gaya laga tum ab mujhse dur chali jaogi. Is liye khud ko samjhane ke liye mai wahan se bina bataye nikal gaya. Sorry tumhe taklif dene ke liye.. holding his ears he apologized.  

Naina smiled at his sweet apology and said " Job career aisa nahi ki ek baar fail huve to aage bhi aisa hi hoga. Aage  aur bhi kitne openings aayenge . Hum abhi final year mein hai. Tum hyderabad mein job dhund lena. Phir hum saath honge. Agar kahi aur bhi job mili to hum emails ke through baat karte rahenge. Ab muskurado,tumhari Naina tumse dur nahi hogi" . He smiled at her and they both sat holding their hands, Naina leaning on his shoulder. Finally their hearts were at peace. 

The gang joined them. Relishing the ice creams they played antakshri. Sameer and Naina sat next to each other. When Sameer got a chance , he held her hand  under her dupatta , Naina tried hard not to blush but the redness flowed to her cheeks , she just lowered her eyes and smiled when he sang 

Kehana hai kehanaa hai , Aaj tumse ye pehli baar

Tum hi to lai ho, Jeewan main mere pyaar pyaar pyaar

Tumse kehane wali ,  Aur bhi hain pyaari baatein

Tumse kehane wali,Aur bhi hain pyaari baatein

Saamane sabake bolo kaise Keh duun keh doon saari baatein

Aaj mujhe bas itanaa hii ab karanaa hai iqaraar

Tum hi to lai ho Jeewan main mere pyaar pyaar pyaar.

Suddenly the mobile rang, breaking her back to the present, as she picked the call “ Naina , jaldi neeche aao mai wait kar raha houn “ Sameer called . Naina collected her laptop and murmured “Mera Pehla aur Aakhri Pyar” .

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Posted: 9 months ago

Very very beautiful story. Loved your writing. It was simple and atheistic 

Posted: 9 months ago

Very beautiful os.. especially the shayaris.. great work😃

Posted: 9 months ago


 I’m speechless 🙂🙂

Posted: 9 months ago

Sajida di,lovely os!!! I love every bit of this os❤❤!!

Posted: 9 months ago

Hi sajida 

so beautifully written.  Its very simple and sooo beautiful. Thank you 


Posted: 9 months ago

Beautiful ..

Shayar sameer was awesome smiley9

Posted: 9 months ago

Wow what a beautiful story.. loved it 😍

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