QH (PJWL ) OS : Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

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Posted: 1 years ago

This is my OS series ,second installment which is a sequel from my FF Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein 

Previous OS Series first installment : Phass Gaya Re Kanhaiyaa

Third installment of PJWL OS Series : Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

Spin off OS Series First Installment : JTHJ (OS) : Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

FF from where this is a sequel and also for the character sketch please refer the first page of this FF


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Spin off FF

MeerAsh : Jab Tak Hai Jaan 


The reason why i posted this here,since this OS is primarily focussed on QH continuation and if it was linked to another show how it would have been .

Thank you @sevenstreaks for this beautiful dreamy banner smiley42


OS : Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana 

In Siddiqui Mansion

Sanam and Seher were looking over the decorations ,and the all the arrangements for their only cousin brother Hassan.

Sanam : Seher ,Haya is not to be seen ? Call her and see where she is and how long she will take to come,there is a hell a lot of work to be done since it’s a wedding house ? And Seher we need to finalize the cards as well !

Suddenly we hear a voice : Nigaah ke cards (Wedding cards)only I can finalize,since I am the groom's sister !

Sanam and Seher are delighted to see Haira : Haira you ? You couldn’t get your leave right !

Haira smiles : Oho Baji (sister) ,I had told a small lie about my exams , actually I just finished my finals and directly took a flight since I couldn’t miss this wedding and i could surprise you all but it was only Haya baji that I had informed that I will be coming and you all know na,am full of surprises.

They all smile : that you are ,our happiness package !

Seher : Well Haira ,how is Nikhat phoopi and Jonathan uncle? And Jannat and John ? They must be speaking in tip top English right ?

Haira puts a fake smile : All are good Nikhat aunty will becoming soon with her family but she won’t be able to make it for the wedding since Jannat is doing her finals and John just got a job !

Seher,Sanam and Haya understood that reason by her fake smile and didn’t say anything further !

Haider Humaira was so happy to see Haira,they hugged Haira,


Humaira : I will slap you my jaan,you couldn’t tell us that you are coming ,your Abbu would have gone to pick you up ! You know how much I was upset that my Haira isn’t there for her bhai's Nigaah

Haira : Ammi ,there is a thing called as surprise as well ,where is Nani by the way ?

Haider : your Nani is gone to the shrine ,she will be back soon,well since you are come ,you decide the card designs for your brother nigaah.

Haira smiles and she selects a beautiful card and hands it over to Seher

Seher : Khala and Khaloo ,I will go and give the cards for printing and deliver it and will meet Nani at the shrine so that she can offer the card before god !

Haider and Humaira says ok by nodding their head in yes

At the mosque

Seher goes near her Nani : Nani I have brought the cards ,do you want to see them !

Razia : No Seher I trust you ,well what did you tell me the girl name ? Arzoo Rizvi right and her parents name we’re Anwar Rizvi and Taranum Rizvi right !

Seher tries to put a fake smile : Yes Nani !

Razia : Nice ! Thank God you all got married to our religion only not like that Nikhat who after having a divorce with Farhan got married with Jonathan ,that’s why I don’t want to see her face ,good she isn’t coming for the wedding ,her inauspicious face would spoil my grandson nigaah .Well dear you give the card to be blessed by the maulvi ,I will just go to visit my friend ok .

After Razia leaves ,Seher gives the card to the Maulvi and says : Please get this wedding card blessed,as it’s my cousin brother Hassan wedding with Aara Singh Raizada !

Maulvi : With a Hindu girl ?

Seher : Love doesn’t see any religion Maulvi sahib ,and their love is pure and in God 's world there is no such thing as religion as for him all people are the same , isn’t it ?

Maulvi : Yes ,I will get it bless !

In Hassan Room

Haira comes from behind and closes Hassan eyes with her palm: Guess who it is ?

Hassan : My gudiya !! See I know it (Haira is surprised )

Haira : Bhai ,how did you guess it’s me ,I also changed my voice while saying so !

Hassan : I know my gudiya so well that I can instantly come to know about her presence! Am so happy to see my gudiya and how is my dadi's Shireen and Dilshad and Nikhat aunty ?

Haira : They are all good !  

Hassan : And tell me how was your final exams ,now since your education is over now get settled here and find a job here itself and who knows here only you will find a boy for you or you have already found a foreigner ? tell me who is it ?

Haira : It was great Bhai,and i am planning to stay here only bhai but right now no plans of marrying ! By the way Bhai ,how is my Aara bhabhi ,I did see her pics she looks so beautiful tell me more about her !

Hassan : Speak softly gudiya ,if Nani comes to know that I am marrying Aara ,she will not let this nigaah happen ,like she was against Nikhat aunty wedding same she will for mine !

Haira : I know Bhai ,but what have you planned about during the nigaah ceremony ? Or after when Nani will come to know that Aara bhabhi is a Hindu ?

Hassan : That only an worried of ! (Hassan tries to change the topic ) well Haira get ready for mehendi ,haldi today .

Haira : Yes can’t wait for haldi to apply a lot upon you (she laughs) they both start to play catch and cook with each other (when they pass by Haider and Humaira,they remember their days when they used to run about like this around the house to apply haldi )


After the girls apply mehendi on their hand ,they applied haldi on to Hassan and they danced along with Hassan and while dancing Hassan had a group hug with Seher,Sanam,Haya and Haira. (the sisters shower their love to their only brother)  Ahil and Rehaan smile seeing the bond

Ahil to Rehaan : Wished today Rahat was there ,we would have good fun !

Rehaan : Yes ,but what to do ,since he is in Saudi ,we can’t help it .


Nigaah day

Raizada Mansion

In Dhruv and Tara's room

Dhruv is busy staring at his picture with Harsh : Harsh I wish you were with us today and together bidding farewell to the most loved daughter of ours .I remember those days when you and Khushi we’re ready to anything in order to find Aara though you both thought she was Arushi that time,but you did consider her as your daughter ! As a father of your Arushi (Aara),today am sure in heaven where you would be ,you would be happy to see her finally in a bridal attire !

Arnav comes there and consoles Dhruv : right Dhruv , though am Aara's real father but the love that she got from Harsh even before he could die ,he loved her as his own! I really miss him for whatever he has done! I owe him a lot as he really made me change and today what I have and blessed cause of him !

Dhruv hugs Arnav : Bhai don’t fall weak now ,as we both we need to be strong since it’s OUR daughter's wedding and we need to celebrate it grandly and bid away the apple of our eyes !

Arnav : That’s true ! (Arnav and Dhruv go and see for the arrangements) Well Anjali and Rahul have landed from Kochi as Rahul's health camp press conference is over !

Dhruv : oh that’s great ! Roshini would be so happy to see her parents back !

Arnav : Yeah !


Khushi ,Tara dress up their daughter in the bridal attire and they both the chunari on her and first Tara puts the nazar ka teeka near her ear lob and then Khushi does and they both say together : Kisi ki nazar na lage ! Aara smiles

Payal and Lavanya enter the room and Lavanya says : Awee she looks so beautiful, our little princess so big she is become !

Payal : Khushi ,Tara you both come with me ,for Aara ,her sisters and sister in law will come .

Tara and Khushi : Yes Jiji ,let’s go !

Payal makes her daughter Pari ready and tells her to go accompany her sister Roshini ! Lavanya ,Anjali and Payal take care of the arrangements while Khushi looks over other things !

Aarav goes near Arnav who is welcoming the guest along with Tara : Dad ,Dhruv papa confirmed that the Pandit will be here any moment and I just had a word with Ahil ,he was saying that they will bring in their Maulvi along with them and Nk chachu has taken care about the arrangements of both the wedding halls

Arnav : good that everything is sorted and I just hope nothing happens during the marriage !

Tara : don’t worry Arnav ,Aarav is a responsible person now and he will handle everything ! and look the groom and maulvi are here !

Arnav and Tara greets the Sheikh family and their relatives !

Humaira to Tara : Hi Tara how are you  ,you haven’t met my daughter right ,this is Haira ! 

Tara : Nice to meet you Haira ,you look very pretty ! 

(When Haira was being introduced to Tara, Jr.Dhruv and Samrat were staring at Haira )

Dhruv Jr : Sam bro ,she is damn pretty ,she is definitely gonna be your bhabhi

Samrat : Bhabhi hogi teri bhai,yeh meri hai (She would be your sister in law ,but she is mine )

Nk and Akash were staring at their kids from far and then Nk pulled Dhruv Jr ear and Akash pulled Samrat ear to which Dhruv Jr and Samrat squealed in pain : Dad what are you doing

Nk: It is so son that , today is supposed to be your sister’s wedding and you guys started planning your marriage already !

Dhruv Jr : But Dad,that girl is so pretty and our hearts fell for her and please fix our wedding with her dad :

Samrat : Yes Nk chachu and dad please !

Akash : 2 boys and 1 girl ? How come ? First you both decide who wants to be Haira's fiance ok till then sons enjoy the party , come on Nk

Dhruv Jr and Samrat : Chachu ,Dad listen to us na ??

Haider goes near Khushi

Haider  : Khushi ji,aap bohot haseen lag rahi ho ! (You are looking very beautiful Khushi)

Khushi : Shukriya Haider Ji (Thankyou Haider )

Haider : Mein aap ko ek baat bolun ? (Can I tell you something?) Kash hum kisi aur jagah ,kisi aur waqt mile hote,toh kya hota ? (Wish we would meet some other place,some other time ,then what would happen ! )

Khushi : Haider Ji line maar rahe ho ? (Haider , are you trying on me ?)

Haider : Line ? I didn’t do so ,I was just saying that what if we hadn’t met as samdis but as something else ,and you directly pointed out on my character ,not good Khushi ji

Khushi : am joking Haider ! I got you ,but even I was trying to see where this could lead to ! (Haider and Khushi laughed)


Hassan sits as told by the Maulvi behind the parda and then the Maulvi says to call the bride .Aarav texts Ruhi to come along with Arshi and Arhi and they decend the stairs with Aara by holding her and all the eyes are fixed upon the bride !

Humaira smiles : I hope everything goes well !

Suddenly Razia comes and without making anyone know her presence she enters ! Seher notices Rehaan doing eye expression to her to make her go near Razia just to show her the Muslim marriage ceremony !

Razia : Arre Seher beta, why there is crowd in 2 halls ,half of our crowd is gone to a Hindu marriage looks like,tell them to come here na !

Seher tries to suppress the matter : Nani ,it’s ok they will come here they know it’s a Muslim wedding !

Aara sits opposite Hassan and the Maulvi begins to say : Do you Hassan Haider Sheikh,son of Haider and Humaira Sheikh take Aara Singh Raizada , daughter of Arnav Singh Raizada and Tara Dhruv Singh Raizada ?

And before Hassan could say “Qubool Hai” , Razia interrupts,inspite of Seher trying to stop her

Haya is shocked !

Razia : Maulvi saab ,why are you reading a wrong marriage ? My grandson wedding is with a Muslim girl and not with a Hindu girl ?

Maulvi : Razia ji ,am just doing my job Haider saab only came to me with this nigaah that its between Hassan and Aara!

Razia : Haider is this true that you are getting your son married to a Hindu ?

Haider : Ji sassuma ! But what is wrong in out caste marriage ? I know we did a mistake by not letting you know about this , because we knew you won’t agree for this marriage like you did for Nikhat and Jonathan! Why is religion a problem for you ,when love is more important in the relationship because of your hate for out caste marriage Nikhat can’t come for any of her neices marriage but times have changed she is present with us with her husband Jonathan and her kids Jannat and John because for us she isn’t inauspicious and we did call her to come and be present in this out caste marriage and give her blessings to her nephew !

Razia : Haider ! What kind of drama is this ? Marriage isn’t a game of toys ,and here the point is about society

Humaira : What kind of society Ammi ? So what if we get married to another religion ? Is the society gonna feed us ! No it’s us who are taking care of our kids !

Razia :And that too this girl is illegitimate still you want her as our daughter in law !

Hassan : i dont care whether she is an illegitimate,as for me she will be my legal wife and i love her thats more than enough and she is legitimate for your kind info nani as she has 2 sets of parents who her legitimate and nani your thinking is actually ill ! 

Razia : Hassan mind your tongue and Humaira listen to what am saying ,the society that we staying won’t accept this and so do I

Haider : Sorry Sasuma but it’s either you give your blessings to our kids or else you leave ! (Razia stares at Humaira ,but Humaira is mum in this situation as she supports her husband )

Razia : Waah ! Haider and Humaira ,even though am going but remember,you guys will regret for your deeds am telling you !

After Razia leaves ,Haider goes near Arnav : Am sorry that this all happened now , actually it should have happened long back but anyways let’s continue with the marriage !

Arnav : It's ok Haider, it happens even I have dealt with this when I got married to Khushi when my own daadi was against it  ,yeah let's not waste time and continue with the marriage ! 

Haider goes near Dilshad and Shireen : Thankyou Ammi for coming

Dilshad and Shireen : Haider you were our son and you will always be our son ,after Azad has left this world ,you have always been a constant support !And we had to be here for our grandson along with Nikhat .

Suddenly Ayaan comes : and even me as well ! Am so sorry Humaira for what I have done but I am glad you found your true soulmate in Haider and am here with my wife and kids to join in the celebration of your son's nigaah !

Humaira : I have forgiven you long back Ayaan and am glad you are here ! Maulvi saab start reading of the nigaah !

The Maulvi reads the marriage again

And then Hassan replied : Qubool Hai and the Maulvi repeated another 2 times and so did Hassan committed as well by saying Qubool Hai .Then the Maulvi goes to Aara reads the marriage to her and she too replies Qubool Hai 3 times when she was asked her answer !

After getting married in a Muslim way,they got married in a Hindu way

When the Pandit ji called upon the bride's parents to do rasam of gathbandan Tara and Arnav came forward since they were the parents but then Aara interrupted : Dad and Mom, though you both are my parents by birth but I have my other parents as well ,Dhruv papa and Khushi mama join in and Khushi mama please carry with you Harsh papa's photo so that I can feel his presence is there in this marriage .The parents smiled and so was Aarav ,he felt proud of you his sister

Dhruv,Tara, Arnav, Khushi and Harsh's photo together did the gathbandan of Aara and Hassan ,and then they did the rasam of putting Hassan hand with Aara and then both did their pheras and Hassan put sindoor on herforehead and magalsutra on her neck as per the Pandit and the Pandit announcedthem as husband and wife !

Aara hugged her four parents : you guys are the best parents,I love you guys and am gonna miss you

Tara : Oh miss you ki bachi ,you are here only in Delhi ,you are not going to abroad that so much you are crying !

Aara : Mom !! Its my farewell ,I thou you would give me a big speech just like a tv serial mom

Khushi : Of late you have watched a lot of TV serial haan ,my sweet Aara

Aara then hugs her Arshi and Arhi : Take care girls and  then hugs Ruhi and says : Ruhi bhabhi ,take care of your health and this baby ! Ruhi smiles nodding her head in yes

Aara does the handshake wala trick with her buddy Shaurya (her school friend who played a bit Cupid in uniting them) : Hey buddie ,thanks for uniting us 

Shaurya : Aara Didi and Hassan bhaiya please do come to meet me 

Hassan : sure champ ,come here (Hassan gives Shaurya a hug) 

Samrat and Jr.Dhruv too hugs her and so does she bids farewell to her Aarav Bhai (her moral support) 

Aara : Bhai , thanks for being in there with me and give me guidance and alot of love

Aarav : Am always there by your side my girl 

and then Aara bids farewell to her other siblings Reyaan,Kiara,Heera,Pari ,Roshini and her niece and nephew Aarush and Aahi

She did took the blessings of Nk Lavanya ,Akash Payal,Anjali and Rahul and then Manohar,Manorama ,Shashi and Garima and Buaji .

Aara says : I wished Bubbly bua was here with Shivam and her their child !

Anjali : Aara beta,for you their blessings only enough and even your Nani where ever she will be in this world she will give you her blessings .

Hassan : Yes ,even my Badi Bi .

Dilshad and Shireen smiled : Yes Hassan ! (They both take the blessings of them and then even Haider Humaira ,and Nikhat )


Nikhat : Always keep smiling ,am so happy for both of you that you both didn’t had to marry privately but in front of everyone’s presence

Jonathan : Yes son (Hassan hugs Jonathan)

He then goes up to Ayaan : I have heard a lot of stories about you from Ammi,you are not that bad ! (Ayaan hugs Hassan ) : yeah and my good wishes to you Hassan that you lead a happy life

Hassan finally goes and hugs his Gudiya and Haira too hugs her bhabhi and she says : welcome to the family bhabhi

Seher ,Sanam ,Haya : Yes welcome to the family our sweet bhabhi !  

Ahil and Rehaan : Hassan ,you did bring your wife but your sister’s are sorry that they couldn’t save your shoes since your sister in laws stole them so you should give money to Arshi and Arhi and Ruhi

Sanam,Seher,Haya,Haira : Sorry bhai

Hassan : if this is the case then ,sorry Arshi and Arhi your earnings will go to your future neice or nephew only as it goes to Ruhi .

Ruhi : Thanks Hassan you are the best (Ruhi flaunts the money in front of Arshi and Arhi and Sanam,Seher,Haya and Haira )

Arshi and Arhi : Jeeju ,even though we didn’t get the money but we are happy that the money comes to our house (both the twins laugh)

Haira : But we are taking a bigger priceless thing and that is your sister Aara

Samrat and Dhruv : don’t worry Arshi and Arhi you will get a part of cash when either of us bros wins the heart of Haira

Haira : acha ji ,leke toh dikhao (then try and see )

Haira walks away and both the boys go behind her and dance and go behind her singing : tune maari entryaan aur Dil mein maachi ghantiyaan)

Tune maari entriyaan re

Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re

Tang tang tang…

They all enjoy and Hassan and Aara stare at each other romantically

The end


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Posted: 1 years ago


I m trying to know who's who..


Sanam n Sehar r doing prerarationd for their cousin Hassan..

Hassans's sister Haira gives them a pleasant surprise byreaching there n only Haya knows about it..

Even Haider n Humera r clueless..

Hassan--- Haider n Humera's son is getting married to Aara--daughter of Arnav n Tara ..

Haira is worried about Nani's reaction when she will get to know that Aara is nota Muslim..

Hassan tries to void the topic..

Arnav n Dhruv r equally excited for their Gudiya's Nikkah ..

It's heartwarming to see Both Khushi n Tara dressing up their Gudiya ..

Payal,La,NK,Akash n Aahil r there too..

Junior Dhruv n Samrat r too much ..lol 

They wanna fix their marriage with Haira smiley29

Haider tres to flirt with Khushi..

Kash hum kisi aur jagah ,kisi aur waqt mile hote,toh kya hota 


Razia tries to create problem over religion issue but Haider shows reaction n finally eveything is sorted out..

nice one,Choti


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Posted: 1 years ago

Jannat as Haira was a surprise.Haira really surprised everyone.wat Haider said is true.My hus had made surprise visits n I used to feel that if he had informed me earlier I could’ve prepared well.same herealso.lovely card.i duno who Nikhat is.But Razia n her views..it is irritating.Seheris right.love doesn’t see any religion.loved hassan haira scene.nice bonding.but how long can he hide that Aara is a hindu from his grand mother?wow u got druv harsh pic.druv arnav remembering harsh was an emotional scene.nice to read the word kochi as I was brought up in kochi.Druv samrat talking about whose bhabhi would be haira was funny.akash nk scene with them was very funny.nice to see haider khushi scene.it was unexpected.very cute n funny.finally the truth out b4 razia.her words were so irritating.loved haider humaira’s reply to her.loved what hassan said when she called aara illegitimate.raz cant change.she just left.disgusting.wow ayaan’s arrival with his wife was a surprise .ayaan humaira conversation was very sweet.it was a much needed conversation.wow hassan aara had 2 caste weddings.i loved ara calling khushi druv also to join.just loved her telling khushi to take harsh’s pic with her to feel his presence.tara is right.she is not going abroad.my friend who married a NRI guy was going to stay in her own house after marriage also as she was studying in a college near by.still she cried during bidai.like aara I also wish bubble was there.can u plz put the pic of jonathan n nikhat.is nikhat archana?haira isright.biggest priceless thing aara belongs to them.

Samrat and Dhruv : don’t worryArshi and Arhi you will get part of cash when either of us bros wins the heartof Haira

Cute naughty dialogue.

Both boys trying to woo haira was cool.now I am becoming restless.who will win haira’s heart?

Perfect pics.edits look natural.wedding invitation cards were superb

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Posted: 1 years ago

Superb os 

Loved it

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Posted: 1 years ago

What a story it is such excitement of sisters for  their cousin brother nikaah is what i loved the most n Haira surprise and the love she has for her brother that she gave a surprise !

So sweet that he calls her his Gudiya !

And what a twist in the story that the Nani doesnt know about the bride is hindu, what a combination n full drama. Also Haira is worried about when Nani gets to know the truth while she talks with her brother Hassan, but he kinda avoids it and tells her to get ready for the rituals

On the other hand, Arnav and  Dhruv , both the fathers are very much excited yet emotional cause its their princess nikaah.

Both tara and khushi dress up their princess 

Samrat and Jr Dhruv are  hilarious and there dialogues as they try to woo Haira

Also when the truth comes out  Razia, the Nani speaks ill about Aara, but Hassan speak up and defend his love and also tries to put forward that he and Haider and Humaira accepts inter caste marriage and finally all is sorted now and bidaai is the most beautiful moment for a girl and yet so emotional at the same time....loved all the characters and their dialogues and the moments of romance and flirting between Jr Dhruv and Samrat with Haira and who will her heart ??

And also loved Ayaan scene ,much needed face off between Exes and even loved cute scene between Haider and Khushi .....marvelous

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Posted: 1 years ago

Interesting OS...

Lovely pictures..

Image result for eid mubarak 2019

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Mohit Sehgal Ketki Kadam Qubool Hai  Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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