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Hello Guys,smiley31

This is my second attempt at writing something and I really hope you would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope you have read this story on the 9th Anniversary thread already, if not then here it is for all of you to read and enjoy.



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She is cheerful while I am reserved. She easily mingles with everyone while I am shy. She loves to dance and have fun while I can't even shake a leg. She likes to talk while I am a listener. She has a beautiful voice while I am a bathroom singer. She likes places where she can meet new people and interact while I like to be in my own zone. She likes to party with friends while I like my alone time. She is beautiful while I am, well, I am nothing in front of the guys she has a crush on. She is Geet and I am Maan. She is nothing like me and yet I feel I share a connection with her.

               It has been close to 3 years since I am here in Trivandrum working as a Software Engineer with an MNC. The place is beautiful and people here are nice and welcoming but the initial excitement to live here starts to wear off when you start craving North Indian food and of course, misses chatting in anything but English (or Malayalam). My team here consists of around 20 people and I was the only North Indian guy. Since I don't know the native language, I was usually left out of the conversations that had nothing to do with the office work.  Not that I am a big talker anyway, but there are times when you want that there is someone with whom you can talk freely without the formalities of English. I never realized this until Geet came into my life arghI mean Geet came in the office, last year. She is a bubbly girl and her presence in the office has changed the entire atmosphere of the office. Suddenly we have started celebrating birthdays in the office, going on weekend trips have become a regular thing, hanging out after office hours, eating lunch together is a new law nowadays and so on. It is not as if she forces us all in these things rather we all have started to enjoy together and have created a new friendly bond instead of just being regular co-workers.

               In between all this, I never realized when and how I fell for her. Maybe it's her sweet nature or the way she talks so calmly. Maybe it's the way she does her work with utmost dedication or the way she is so friendly with all. Maybe it's just how her eyes lit up when she smiles. Maybe it's just how easily she deals with my anger and instantly calms me down. Maybe it's the way she has made me so comfortable with her that I have a found a great friend in her with whom I am willing to share my feelings, the thought that is so alien to my usual introvert self. I think it is mostly because of who she is, so beautiful, both inside out. I am not sure if I will ever be able to tell her what she means to me but there are times when I fail to imagine my life without her.

               "Maan...!! Maaan... I am brought out of my thoughts by the sweetest voice in the world. How can someone be so sweet and just so beautiful, "Maan...are you listening Maan? she tried again. "Huh..?Han Geet...yes tell me? I replied finally gaining some control over my senses. "Maan...Where are you lost? Are you feeling ok? I have been trying to call you for so long and you are not replying... she said. I cleared my throat "Han voh...I am fine Geet, sorry mera dhayan kahi aur tha... "Bolo Geet, what were you saying? Kuch kaam tha? Iasked. "Uffo Maan, kuch kaam hoga tohi bula skti hun kya? Geet replied irritated. "Uhh Nahi Geet, I did not mean it that way, bolo toh kya baat hai? I tried pacifying her and suddenly she gets all excited,"Maan, everyone has planned a trip to Varakala this weekend. I justcame here to inform you that we will be leaving Thursday evening, long weekendhai na...maza ayega and we will return back Sunday evening. "Varkala? Geet, I am not interested, you guys go and have fun... I replied notreally wanting to go anywhere. It is true that I like spending time with Geet, but I still am not much fan of trips, I prefer being alone and relax in my room over the weekend. "Areh, aise kaise nahi interested? Maine toh sbko boldiya ki hum jayenge... she retorted. "Han toh ab sab ko bol dok I am not going, tumhe mujhse puchna chahiye tha na, tumhe pta hai k mujhe ghumne ka zada showk nahi hai and mujhe...  I was saying but shecut me in between "akele rehna zada pasand hai...I know aap sadu ho lekin har baar aise akele rehna zaroori hai kya? Please, Maan chalo na...aap nahi jaoge toh theek hai fir main bhi nai jaungi... "Tum kyunahi jaogi? Please, Geet, tum jao and enjoy karo, tumhe toh ghumna firna pasandhai... I tried convincing her but she instead replied, "Han pasand toh hai but main aapke bina vahan akele jaake kya karungi? 24 ghante English mein pattar pattar krte main pak jaungi Maan, I will be so bored...Please chaliye na!! "Lekin Geet... I tried to makeher understand but she insisted with her cute pout, "PleaseMaan...please mere liye..., now how could I have refused to that. So, I agreed and was rewarded with a beautiful smile on her angelic smile "Thank you so much Maan!! "You are always welcome Geet but han maine tumhe bore hone se bacha liya but you have to make sure I do not get bored, I replied with a mischievous smile. Her smile got even wider listening to that,"Aap fikar mat kijiye Maan ji, main pura dhayan rakhungi k jahanpanah ko kisi cheez ki kami na ho... We both laughed at that.

               "Kya Maan...aap yahan baithe hain aur main aapko kahan kahan dhundhr ahi thi... Geet told while approaching me. I saw her and smiled. It's the second day of the trip and I am sitting on a stone by the shore, enjoying the cool evening. All others were busy dancing in the hotel near the beach."Hie Geet...kya hua? Kyu dhundh rahi thi, I thought you were enjoying the dance inside... I said while making space for her to sit beside me on the stone. "Areh han dance vance toh theek hai...but like I promised I have to make sure na k aap bore nahi ho rahe... she replied making me smile, "Pta chale k aap baad mein complain kro toh fr main kya krungi...hehe... she continued mischievously. "Nautanki ho tum puri I replied smiling. "Han voh toh main hun but aap bolo aap yahan kyu aagye? All ok? She asked concerned. The moments like these make me fall for even more. I know that she loves dancing and she must be having the time of her life inside but still, she came looking for me. Why is she so sweet? "Yes Geet, All is good...it is just that I like being here, out in open...yahan ajeeb sa sukoon hai... I replied trying my best to explain the peace I am feeling while enjoying the cool breeze and the sea waves. She did not say anything rather just sat along with me and watched how the sun was slowly setting. I turned towards her and smiled. "Chalo let's take a stroll on the beach... I proposed and she agreed. Rest of the evening was spent on the beach enjoying her cute talks. Life was beautiful with this girl beside me.

               It is a regular day and while I am working in my cabin, my phone rang. My roommate Karthik has suffered an accident and was critical and admitted in ICU.I rushed out of my cabin and saw Geet coming towards me. "Kya hua Maan?Aap itna ghabraaye hue kyu ho? she asked while noticing the tension on my face. "Voh Geet, Karthik is in ICU and I need to go I replied to her in a haste. I am really worried about Karthik, he is like a brother to me. "Oh god Maan...Han please aap jao...Main chalu kya aapke sath? She asked. "Nahi nahi...main jata hun, can you please just inform others about my absence. I will call boss on the way, I asked her."Of course Maan...main sbko bta dungi...aap jao...and don't worry about the office, I will handle, she assured me. "Thanks Geet...I will leave now I told while leaving and she calls me from behind "Maan... I turn around and raise my brow "Aap bilkul chinta mat krna...Babaji sab theek krenge...Karthik will be fine...aap apna dhayan rkhna and call me if you need anything...Please... she said slowly and I simply nodded overwhelmed by Karthik's injury and Geet's care.

               It's been a week that Karthik is in the hospital. He is fine and hopefully be discharged in the next two days. I took leave for this entire week that was quite hectic for me but there was someone with me, who did not let me down at all. Geet... she made sure I was taking care of myself, ate my food on time.Her hospital visits, continuous calls, and messages were all that I needed to keep calm in such a situation. But now I am getting worried, it is been two days since she last called, and not picking the calls either. I remember the last conversation we had: "Maan, how is Karthik now? "He is fine and out of danger "Oh good to hear... Yes, I was so worried about him "I know, Maan. And How are you? I hope you did forget to take care of yourself in between all this "Merakhayal rakhne k liye toh tum ho na...Geet "Arggh Geet...you there? "Geet...?? "Huh? Han Maan...acha suno, I need to tell you something... "Han bolo Geet? "Voh Maan, the thing is... "MR.Maan... "Yes,doctor? "Listen Geet, the doctor is calling me, I need to go...Can we talk later please?"Sure Maan...go ahead, I will call you later. Bye "Bye Geet.... Now that I recall, I wonder what is it that she wanted to tell me. And why did she not say anything about her taking care of me? Did I say something wrong? "Oh Geet..where are you, please call me yaar...

               It's been 5 days since I talked to her. When I resumed office, I was informed that she took urgent leave and left to her place. Now I am seriously worried. I hope she is fine and calls me soon. While going towards my room, I saw the golgappa vendor and smile appeared on my face. I remember how Geet loves golgappa and that too paani vale suji k golgappe. "Kya hua Geet...aise mooh fula k kyu baithi ho? I asked her one day, after seeing her sad face. "Voh Maan, mereko na golgappe khane ka man kar raha, sher eplied making all the cute faces. "Han toh aaj sham ko ghar vapis jate waqt kha lena na, isme kya badi baat hai... I replied not understanding the reason behind her sadness. "Badi Baat? Of course,badi baat hai Maan...Yahan kahi bhi aas pass voh golgappe nahi milte jo mjhe khane hai...yahan toh bkwas chole bharke dete hai...mjhe imli paani vale golgappe chahiye... She said almost crying. "Lekin Geet...golgappe toh golgappe hote hai na...what is the difference, I said clearly not understanding any difference. "Aap nahi smjhoge Maan..., she said and left. Needless to say, I searched the whole city and finally found the perfect place where she could have her IMLI PAANI k North Indian style golgappe and took her there. The smile that reached her eyes was worth all the effort that I put in to find this stall. "Kahan ho Geet...I miss you so much...Please call me at least I say out loud and sigh.

               After almost a week when I enter my office, I see her talking to the other girl. A sense of relief passes through me after seeing her all fine. Slowly as the feeling of relief sets aside, a new emotion takes over me, that I never thought I would ever feel for Geet. ANGER. I get angry at how she did not even bother to inform me about her whereabouts. I storm towards her and simply grab her elbow and take her to the corner, where nobody can see us talking. She is obviously surprised by my gesture. "Argh Maan...What are you doing? She asked and I do not say anything and simply stare at her. "Maan...kya hua? Kuch bolo? How are you? She asked again. "How am I? Really Geet? Is that what you have to say or ask after almost vanishing for a week without bothering to call or message me? I simply am not able to control my anger and lash out on her. "Voh sorry Maan... She tried but I cut her in between "I don't need your sorry...just tell me what happened that you had to leave so suddenly and tumne mujhe btaya kyunahi... "Maan voh main aapko btane vali thi...try bhi kiya thabut aap busy the hospital me...she justified but that did not seem to calm my anger "Aur uske baad? Phone nahi kr skti thi?, I continued shouting at her which seem to have started to anger her too. "Maan aap itna chilla kyu rahe hain? Ghar se Papa ka phone aya tha toh mujhe jana pada and main apko btane vali thi but ghar pe engagement ki tyari mein time hi nai mila Engagement word caught my attention and I asked "Engagement?Kisi Geet? "Meri!! she replied and I hear my heart shatter into pieces. I am so shocked that I am unable to reply to anything. How can she say it so casually? Does she not feel anything for me? Does she not see my love in my eyes? "Kya hua Maan? Are you not happy? She asked seeing that I stood there in silence. "Huh Han Geet...Congrats...I am happy for you. I told and turned to leave clearly not being able to stand there. "Maan...Kya hua? She asked holding my hand and I wiped the tears that had formed in my eyes and turned around "Nothing Geet...Mujhe kya hona hai... "NahiKuch toh hua hai...btao mjhe...Jabse main aayi hun aap chilla rahe ho and now leaving like this she told me. What does she want me to do? Should I start dancing after hearing the news of her engagement? "Kuch nahi Geet...let me go I replied trying to get her to leave my hand. "No Maan...are you not happy? Maine itni badi baat btayi and you are reacting like this? She asked again and that broke my patience "Han toh aur kaise react kru? Naachna shuru kru? Bolo Kya kru? I replied in anger and she is clearly surprised with my outburst "Maan... "Nahi Geet btao mujhe kaise react kru? Kaise react kru yeh sunke k jis ladki se main itna pyaar krta hun use koi farak nahi pdta? Kaise react kru yeh jaan k k jis ladki k bina shayad main ab jee nahi skta voh meri nahi hai...isse pehle ki main use bta sku k main use paglo ki tarah pyaar krta hun, voh already kisi aur ki ho chuki hai...bolo Geet ? btao mujhe main kaise react kru? my confession clearly stumped her and she is speechless and that is when I realised what all I blurted out in my anger. "Maan...yeh aap kya keh rahe hain... I closed my eyes and replied "Look I am sorry Geet, I never wanted to tell you like this and that too now. Just please let me go. You don't worry about anything, my feelings are my problem. Sorry again...and congrats ...I really am happy for you...but just let me go... I said with tears in my eyes that flow down to my cheeks. I just need to leave from there. She left my hand and I just rushed out of there without turning to see her.

               It's been a week that I talked to Geet about anything other than work. I am ignoring her. I know it is not her fault that she does not feel for me the same way but I am not that strong to be the same old Maan with her. I know it hurts her, I can see it in her eyes but I am helpless. I am sitting in my room and that is when the doorbell rang. I wonder who it can be at such an hour. I opened the gate to see Geet standing in front me fidgeting with the end of her dupatta. "Geet...? I asked her in surprise "Hi Maan...Can I come in? she asked. "huh? Han please come in... "Geet tum yahan kya kr rahi ho? I asked her the reason for her sudden visit."Maan voh us din jo hua... Geet started but I do not want to talk about it. "Geet mujhe use bare mein ki baat nahi krni hai...please "Maan...lekinmjhe toh krni hai... She tried but I interrupted her again"Geet...Please just let it be...I don't think I can handle it now...I know it is my problem...I know that you don't feee... She shut my mouth with her lips and I am stunned. I do not know how to react to the feel of those soft lips on mine and I stand there in silence. She clearly mistook my silence as my rejection and broke free with tears in her eyes "Oh God...yeh maine kya kiya...I am sorry Maan...I thought you still love me...so so I just... "Geet suno meri ...I tried to explain "No Maan...no it is ok...I should have understood that aap ab vaisa feel nahi krte...Uff main kitni gadhi hun...us din bhi apko nahi roka aur aaj pta nahi kya sochke yaahan chaliaayi... "Geet... "actually socha kahan...bas chli aayi...aap itne din se mjhse baat nai kr rahe the and I realized what you mean to me...us din main itni surprised thi k kuch keh nahi paayi but aaj socha keh dungi and mujhe laga aap ab bhi mujhse pyaar krte hain...but shayad main galat thi...aap.. and this time it was me who shut her up. I brought her closer and slammed my lips on hers and kissed her. She slowly snaked her arms around me and I tried to pour all my love in that one kiss. "I love you Geet...I can never stop loving you I confessed after breaking that magical kiss. "I love you too Maan...I love you too...she replied and we hugged. Life is beautiful again and this time forever with my angel in my arms.


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Congratulations on the OS

I am the first one 

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North Indians must have difficulty in adjusting in South and it is well described here.

Very beautiful OS 

Maan is such a nice guy , his life changed because of geet , poor guy fell for her and he is actually very much in love and felt so hurt when she said she is going to get engaged.

The confession is beautiful yr

One thing I love is geet's pestering nature

Maan can never remain aloof like this 

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Congrats on 2nd innings 😁😁😁

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SB mai yahin hoonsmiley36

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Originally posted by suhaaana

mera reserved 1

Thanks :)

Waiting for your unreserves now...smiley31

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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