MG OS : Bonded By Pure Love *Completed*

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Thank you soo much for this cute banner Ipti Di(Waveteal)smiley31


                 It was a pleasant sunny day.Geet was making her way to the hospital.Today is her last check-up.Soon she is going to have her baby in her arms.The mere mention about her baby brings immense happiness to her.Why her world revolves around her baby.

                Like all the girls she too dreamt of her Prince charming and fairy tale life.But does always our dreams come true?No! Her parents disowned her as she went against their wish and got married to the person she loved.She thought one day they will accept her but that day never came.

                 Her married life was a bliss during the initial months.She was on cloud nine when she got married to the man who stole her heart,Dev Singhania.Though his parents 1st denied to accept their marriage, in due course of time they accepted for the sake of their son's happiness.Life was going on smoothly.She accepted Dev's parents as her own but that was not in the case of them.They hated her and soon started creating problems in her life.She accepted all their taunts and curses..only Dev's love was medicine to all her wounds.But seems she is not fortunate enough.In the desire to expand his business Dev spent most of the time in business tours. Little fights and arguments lead to a drift in their relationship.

                 In between all this, they got to know that she was pregnant. The in-laws who hated her started to love and take care of her. Life turned happy again but the happiness was short lived. Her world turned upside down when Dev handed her divorce papers and said that he is gonna marry one of his client's daughter.Still she clearly remembered his words."Our love was a mistake Geet.I should have listened to my parents' words.I took a haste decision Geet.We were not meant to be together.Please free me from this burdened relationship".And she freed him too..what else she could do?.But about one thing she was very happy , Dev would never ever get the custody of her baby.

                  It was not easy to move on.But she did for the little life that is breathing inside her.She got a job in a school,rented an apartment and living in her own little world.

                "Baby,today I am gonna see you again.You know na Mumma loves you a lot and soon you will be in your Mumma's arms.And now we are moving to hospital for mumma's check up.Are you gonna sleep or you are gonna be awake?",asked Geet.She was walking to the hospital that is situated very near to her home.She was creasing her baby bump and taking to her baby while walking.In response to her question the baby kicked.

              Geet felt the kick and she smiled,"So my Shona is awa..',Before she could complete her sentence she was hit by a bike and her head hit the nearby electrical post very hard and she collapsed.People gathered around her and rushed her to the hospital.

               Her condition was turning worse and soon the doctors thought to save the baby first.She was almost due and so they performed C-section and took the was a cute Girl baby.Then Geet was rushed for further treatment but it was too late.They declared her brain dead. They contacted Dev and asked him to arrive as soon as possible.

                 On the other side of the hospital some doctors were in great tension. A patient was in immediate need of a heart transplant but till now they couldn't find a donor.When they got to know about Geet's condition,they got a hope to transplant her heart to that patient.But for that they are in need of the her relative's permission.Everyone was waiting for Dev and when he came they explained the matter to him.Without any second thought he signed the papers granting them permission.While the doctor's thought how good he is..Dev was very keen in clearing the name Geet from his life.He didn't even ask about the baby once.When the nurse handed the baby to him..he refused to hold it saying that Geet and him got divorced and he had nothing to do with the baby.All were shocked to hear that..and soon he left the place too saying that he can't take responsibility of the baby girl.And the only option left was to put the baby in the orphanage.

                  The heart transplantation was successfully carried out.And the patient to whom Geet's heart was transplanted was Maan Singh khurana..the King of the Construction world.He had no one in the name of family.For him only his business was his family.Adi,his right hand was with him and took care of all the procedures.When Adi got to know about Geet,he arranged for her last rituals too.His heart went out to the baby girl who lost her mom.He asked the hospital to take care of the little baby until he heard his boss's instruction.

                    It has been 3 weeks,Maan was all fit and fine.The doctor's gave him discharge and that is when Adi disclosed about Geet and her baby.Maan was deeply hurt by the news he heard and went to see the baby.The tiny little angel was sleeping peacefully her baby crib.All her expenses were taken care by Adi.The moment Maan stepped in,the baby girl opened her eyes as if she sensed something.She started to cry out loud. The nurse who was there with her took the baby to pacify, but the baby was not ready to quiten.It almost continued for 15 mintues..and suddenly Maan moved slowly and took the baby girl from the nurse.Adi asked him not to carry as Maan was advised not to lift anything.But who can stop MSK.Maan held the baby and cooed her and rested her near his heart and the next moment she stopped her cry.It was as if she was sensing her mother.She turned calm and her little eyes were scrutinizing Maan.Maan smiled at the baby and somewhere he felt his heart is more alive today.He gently moved to and fro and soon she slept in his warmth.Maan had no heart to part away from her. He himself was amused by his reaction.

                      He handed her back to the nurse and again a loud cry broke.Maan couldn't bear her cries and soon he snatched her from the nurse.Adi watched Maan wide eyed.The man who haven't carried a child till date is carrying her as a pro.Maan asked to call the doctor to know the reason for her cries.Doctor was also confused first.He asked Maan to handover the baby to the nurse again  and the result was same..she started crying and when Maan took her again she calmed down.

                    "The baby is recognizing her Mom's heart Mr.Khurana.When she is with you she is having a feel that she is with her mom.The little ones mostly hear their Mom's heart beat and voice more than  any other thing when they are in the womb.She instantly recognised her mother's heart..the little one doesn't want to part away from you that is why she is crying when you handover her to someone or put her in the crib",said the doctor.

                   Maan was shocked to know the reason.He stared to like the baby at the first instinct itself.Unknown to him he felt protective for her and he couldn't bear her cries.He aksed about her father and that is when they disclosed about Dev and how the baby is now left as an orphan.His heart pained to hear the happenings and his anger for Dev increased many folds.

                   With a  great determination, he took a decision.He took the baby girl in his arms and kept her close to his heart."Adi,take care of the adoption procedures.From now on,she is Mishti Maan Singh Khurana,my daughter!!And take care of that Censored Dev too".While others were shocked,Adi clearly understood his boss's words.

5 years later..

                   "You are late Papa!!I am not talking to you..Mishti ne aapki kitni wait ki..par aapne nahi aaya..Toh mai aapse baath nahi karoongi..katti katti katti",said an angry Mishti.Maan looked at his daughter with a smile on his face.His daughter looks adorable even when she is angry.Each day he is falling more and more in love with the little soul.She became his world now.The only person who can boss Maan Singh Khurana and make him dance according to her tunes was Mishti Maan Singh Khurana.

                   " baby is angry with me.Sorry baccha..meeting thodi lambhi hogayi!!Sorry baby,said Maan and he tried to coax her.But it was not an easy task.So my Mishti will not talk to Papa..toh teek hai,Papa will give the ice cream to Mr.Teddy,saying this Maan moved towards her doll and as expected Mishti ran towards him and hugged him..Noo!!Mr.Teddy is having fever Papa.Aur Mishti ne aapko maaf bhi give the icecreams to me..please Papa,said Mishti lovingly in her cute voice.

                   "First kiss,then ice cream" ,said Maan and Mishti showered him with kisses and ran to get the icecream.Each time when Mishti called him as Papa,his heart swelled in happiness.It was as if he had achieved the biggest thing in the world.The feeling of being the father to this little angel was priceless.

                   He got up and moved towards Geet's photo that was in their room.He creased her face and said,"Thank you soo much for giving me our angel Geet.You have given the more precious gift to me.I promise to take good care of her and protect her from all the evils.I haven't seen you Geet.But I started loving you..I started to love the mother of my baby.I love you Geet!Maan loves you",saying this he placed a kiss on her photo."Maan aur Geet ki Mishti too love you Mumma",said Mishti and kissed her picture.She dragged Maan and both shared the icecream.Most of the time Mishti was keen in feeding her Papa and almost his entire face was covered in ice cream.

                    After eating icecream,both played for sometime and soon Mishti was sleepy.Maan made her sleep on him with her head placed over his heart."Papa loves you baby..",saying so he kissed her head.Mishti lifted her head and said,"Mishti love you too..."She moved little above and kissed his cheeks and came back to his heart, kissed there and said,"I love you Mumma ".Maan's heart started to beat little fast and then Maan said,Mumma is saying she too loves her Mishti .In all these years Maan had started understanding the language of his heart which is the voice of Geet.Soon the father and daughter hugged each other and slept.

It was their daily night routine.Mishti would kiss Maan's cheeks and say ILU to him and then kiss him above his heart and say ILU to her Mumma..because there is where her Mumma resides.This was their unique tale. Destiny played its part and now they were Bonded by Pure Love!!


Hi guys..some of you have read this OS in GHSP 9th Anniversary celebration thread...I'm just reposting it here separately..Enjoy reading!

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Please have a look at here guyssmiley2


|| ~ ** Celebrating 9 Years of GHSP...The Phenomenal Love Saga ** ~ ||

And this Chinese commercial inspired me to write this OS "Bonded By Pure Love"

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Congratulations for the new OS Madhu 

Posted: 2019-05-17T15:15:03Z

I have read this one on anniversary thread and must say this was one of the best OS I have read.

The unsaid love between Maan and geet I have never encountered.

Maan fell in love with little baby whose mother's heart was there. 

It recognised the love that geet had for the baby.

I wish you hadn't shown geet dead but that was not possible with The concept 

I wish it was a SS 

Some more parts 

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Originally posted by suhaaana

I have read this one on anniversary thread and must say this was one of the best OS I have read.

The unsaid love between Maan and geet I have never encountered.

Maan fell in love with little baby whose mother's heart was there. 

It recognised the love that geet had for the baby.

I wish you hadn't shown geet dead but that was not possible with The concept 

I wish it was a SS 

Some more parts 

Thank you soo much Suhi di!!smiley31

Actually this OS was inspired by a video that I saw in was a Chinese commercial.. to encourage organ donations....I turned it into a Maaneet story...eeverywhere Maaneet for mesmiley36

This is that video...

And yes!!As per the concept I can't keep Geet alive...sry!

Once again thank you soo much for ur really means a lotsmiley4

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I can't get enough of Maan and Mishti Madhu 

May I use mishti's name in any of my FF's ?

Posted: 2019-05-17T15:22:06Z

Originally posted by Madhu_31

Thank you soo much Suhi di!!smiley31

Actually this OS was inspired by a video that I saw in was a Chinese commercial.. to encourage organ donations.

And yes!!As per the concept I can't keep Geet alive...sry!

Once again thank you soo much for ur really means a lotsmiley4

Can you please give me the link of the commercial 

Posted: 2019-05-17T15:23:02Z

I am really waiting for humshakals

Update that pretty soon 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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