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Wedding Anniversary

~A Maaneet One Shot~


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Disclaimer : This is a work of fan fiction using characters and concept from the show Geet, if any resemblance found with any other story that's a mere co incidence as I condemn stealing hard work done by anyone.

Likewise, This plot is my sole fictitious creation hence do not copy, modify or else actions would be taken.

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Wedding Anniversary

Shot 1 : The Huffed Wife


"My husband has got so clumsy these days. I mean it's actually true, after a few years of marriage everything really becomes bland like grass!" Suneeta squealed twisting her lips in distaste.

"Ask me. After three kids now it feels like more of being with a sibling!" Sameera was not far behind in the troops of trolls as everyone laughed out loud, focusing towards a quiet Geet, "Geet you are not saying anything? Not done. Won't you share your bit of the gossip??"

"That's what I am thinking. Maan is. Um, let's say different!" Geet slowly molded her sentence while those scrutinizing eyes solidified at her. 

"Oh, could it be that finally, we found someone who's marital excitement is still running! Aha. Consider us J Geet!" As all their giggles echoed, Geet was deeply contemplating the equation she is having with that man of her dreams over the years!

It was definitely nothing like these ladies described. Even to this day, he doesn't leave her before making her blush like beetroots!

But then thinking more acutely she found the variations of their relationship has definitely been changed. The hot-tempered passionate man that she married was gone somewhere in all the chaos of family life!

Also, the adventure that she was lured into was heavily missing. Maan is milder & teasing over the years! They bicker quite a lot now. But underlying she knows he loves her! 

Now that she is thinking her mind was rolling into sadness. Undesired sadness. 

She heard the door click as a tired Maan entered while loosening his tie. 

A deep kiss landed on her forehead, "Mishty. I am home!" She recollected these days he more often kisses on her forehead rather than those hungry kisses on the lips like the initial days of their marriage.

"Where is Pari? Gudia kaha ho? Dada is home!" Didn't even ask how that lonely wife is, instead goes straight towards their daughter's room!

But this is how it is been since last few years! Why is this irritating her now?

An innocent Pari ran to her loving father like a little tornado and hugged him with her small hands as Maan scooped her lovingly, offering the chocolates his princess demanded. 

Adoring his daughter for a few moments he sent her off as this was the time for his bath and Geet has to prepare the servings of dinner. 

Just like every other night when Geet was finished with all the household chores she regarded Maan was making their daughter sleep with utmost love and care. He is simply the best father there was not an ounce bit of doubt about it!

A pondering Geet placed herself in the bed as Maan too returned after tucking Pari with the fairies of sleep. 

"Umm. Mishty!" His strong muscles engulfed Geet's petite frame pretty easily as he mumbled sweetly into her ears, "I love you." 

For some reason, those words pricked her turmoiled heart!

"I. . . love you too Maan." Whispering back she felt the bulge poking on her legs.

It ignited her desires instantly as she craved more for her husband's warmth.

Unaware, an innocent Maan was talking in his slumberous cute voice, "You know Geet our Pari is getting naughtier these days. Every night she needs to hear new stories. Just like you! And see it's already past 12 due to that. 

God knows if I'll be able to wake up at 6 for my morning exercise or not! Got an important meeting with Gurgaon client tomorrow 11 sharp!

Please wake me up wifey?"

"You. You are going to sleep right away?" Of course Geet felt immensely disappointed. And her erratic hormones did the job of fuel excellently well.

"Hmm. Jaan. Good night." With that leaving Geet in her huge pouts a vigorously sleepy Maan turned to another side to doze off. 

He didn't even plant a single kiss on her lips? 

It's comprehensible he must be exhausted but isn't he tired every day? She is tired too. But how can you be tired of love?

Furthermore, her ovulation hormones wanted a lot more, disremembering it's just the other day when he made love to her. 

The next morning Maan woke up pretty late. Or course Geet didn't even bother giving the wake-up alarms to him. 

However, he got ready at a blazing pace. 

"Areh. Where are my car keys? Geet? Have you stolen my car keys again? You little thief!" Geet scrunched her eyebrows hearing all his teases.

She couldn't describe what came at her that she thundered like that in a rude tone, "I am not a thief. Just mind your words. I have no wish to take those rotten car keys. Mujhe aur bhi zaroori kam hote hain!"

Being a bit startled with her unsavory words, Maan smiled weakly, "Woah! Chill! I was just joking Mishty. Why are you so grumpy haan? My baby didn't sleep well last night? Kisi bade se macchar ne kata kiya??" He followed her like a child to pull her in his embrace. 

Only that can calm his little angry blizzard. 

"Why do you even care? 

See here are the keys. And you just need an excuse to call people thieves!" Shoving the keys in his hands she fired a glare of irritation, "Now why are you staring at me like a buffoon?"

Though confounded yet Maan ventured to keep the environment light with his soft teases, "Oho. Aaj toh meri Jaan subhe subhe badi gusse mein hain. Consider your hubby scared! So kuch bolne se Pehle thoda dar ko bhagana padega na??" He tapped on her nose with endearment, proceeding tp wrap his arms around her belly.

But the unyielding wife in Geet tried to push him away by hissing again, "Maan. Harwaqt majak accha nahin lagta. And now don't disturb me. Let me finish cooking. Warna phir you only will yell why the breakfast is not ready!" 

"Mishty. Kiya huwa hain? Naraz kyun ho itna?" Sounding anxious, Maan noticed she was not even looking at him.

This could only suggest his Mishty is quite mad. But what could possibly be the reason? Everything seemed to be ok last night!

Is this one of her mood swings?

"Look at me when I talk to you."

"Shuru ho gaye orders. Nahin dekhna mujhe. Jao jo karna hain karlo!" She kept making Rotis adamantly. 

"What the hell woman? Why are you testing my patience in this early morning? Just tell me what's wrong. Why are you sulking?" Clenching both her arms, Maan pinned her next to a beam. His watchful eyes noticed every wriggling movement Geet made to free herself from his clutch. 

Still not meeting his eyes! Hiding something in those hazels?

"Wait a second is it because I slept yesterday? You wanted to have sex wifey? Just should have given a hint." Quickly shot a glance at his wristwatch, "Umm...Now time is short but will have a quicky one ok." Instantly moving her stole away Maan dipped his nose on her neck planting kisses and unzipping his tuxedo. 

Meanwhile searching for the knot of her Pajama as well. His swift hands were roaming all over her sensitive body, making her almost moan which she kept buried inside her throat with a lot of struggle.

Hoisting her up by both her bottoms, Maan hastily placed her on the kitchen slab while standing in between her legs. 

Geet got marveled at the instantaneous hardness her passionate husband could deliver in such a precise time. 

As passion crested darker inside Maan's eyes, he leaned towards her parted lips to shower his innumerable kisses.

But got appalled when Geet's feeble palms pushed him away and her furious growl echoed in, "You men.. Gggrrr... Disgusting! 

Don't touch me! You didn't even bother to ask if this is what I really want. Aur sidha shuru ho gaye?

Everything starts with sex and ends with sex for you haan? Do you think this low of me?" It was such a mixed feeling for her to control her desires and utter those venomous words!

After seeing that baby face of her astonished husband she got even more disconcerted. 

What is even happening in between them? 

Why can't he understand her? Why can't he simply love her? Or he doesn't love her anymore? This must be a mere duty for him!

Seeing her hazels threatening to spill salt water, Maan spluttered, "What? Low? No? What's wrong if my wife wants to have sex with me. Tumhe kiya ho gaya hain Geet? Why are you not telling me clearly?" Desperation piqued in his vocals as he sought to calm her down!

"Kiya ho gaya hain? Aapne aapko mera pati keh rahe ho? Aapko yaad bhi hain maine kal kaunsi color pehni thi?" She asked with a broken voice, her eyes churned lava.

"I was tired last night Jaan." He concealed his sadness in his nervous smile, "I thought you read me like an open book Mishty. You understand me the same right?" Didn't even let her ken how shattered her words have left him inside.

"Tired? Do you ever discern when I too get tired? 

Am I not a human? Or I don't have that same right as you?" Controlling her heavy breathes Geet paused briefly before seething back, "You! Do you even remember what are the last meaningful words you have said to me? Or expressed that you love me?"

"I thought when every night I sleep inside your cuddle that tells you enough about my love." Maan softly brushed his thumbpad on her puffed cheeks, still standing in between her slender legs.

Her cheeks were burning with temperature as Maan wanted to absorb all the tensed heat from her. He loves this woman so much. Yet he is unable to keep her happy these days. There must be ample complaints which are unsaid. Let them come out today. 

"Jaan...?? Don't you understand how much I love you?!" His intense voice invoked goosebumps but Geet kept hiding under her anger.

"Main kiya karti hoon din bhar jab aap office mein hote hain? Kuch bhi pata hain aapko?

When I call you and tell you things you just hum from the other side. I am sure you don't even listen to a word I say. 

You won't even kiss me on my lips like before. What do I do? Throw myself on you again and again?

Aur phir ekdin aap hi kahenge Geet besharam ho gayi hain!!

Pehle toh phir bhi you used to tell me about your office projects but now? You come back home, have shower, play with Pari, feed her, make her sleep and then you too go to sleep!" As she naively oozed all the fire by her words, Maan kept listening each word attentively letting her spill all her agony. 

"In the last twenty days how many words have you spoke to me? Let alone days tell me about last few months?

Is this how a marriage works? Where no excitement or passion exists! Only burdens of duties! Am I merely a duty to you now?

Can you remember the last time you spoke something passionate to me? All the time you are just teasing me. Am I a joker to you? Whom you can only make fun of anytime for your personal entertainment? Is it because I am not so brilli..." He could not let her finish saying further as his fingers pressed deep on her inferno diffusing lips, "Sssuhh...You are too much angry right now Jaan. Tumhi ne mujhe sikhaya hain gusse mein nahin bola karte. We tend to say all the wrong things often when we are angry. 

And I am sorry. I am so sorry if I made you.."

"Sorry toh kehna bhi mat. Nafrat hain mujhe ye jhute sorries se."

"Jaan. All the teasing I do is just to make you smile. Everything I do that's for your happiness. I didn't realize it was making you upset. Please forgive me. 

When you are angry like this I can't even focus into anything you know it Mishty!"

To increase the difficulty of the situation Maan's phone buzzed loudly as she glared furiously. 

Taking the utmost sad sigh of helplessness he picked up, "Yeah...I am coming. Just give me one hour." With the left hand, he kept Geet's adamant frame immured in his loving arms. 

Finishing the call he moved towards Geet and cupped her cheeks, "Baby. I have to go. When I'll return tumhari sari shikayat dur kar doonga. I promise!" Leaning to kiss her lips which she obstructed by moving sideways, "Don't. 

Mujhe aur koi bahana sunna hi nahin. 

Jaiye aap." Shouting madly she started running towards their bedroom as Maan followed her desperately. 

He saw she throw herself on the bed, burying her face on the pillow like a huffed child!

Desolated, Maan pleaded by pulling her stiff frame in his arms, embracing from behind, "Please let me hug you. You know I can't leave without that."

"Oh, You will leave without it all right." Won't even mercy a glance at him!!

"At least let me see you for the last time." Trying to take a peek, Maan lovingly parted the hair that covered his fuming wife's beautiful face!!

"No. I don't even want to see your face Maan! Just go. I don't want to hear another phone ringing." Seething vehemently, Geet took another pillow and put that on her head, anticipating Maan's obvious exit!

He loves his work more than anything and she knows all this coercing is a mere temporary illusion!!

Proving her right, Maan's footstep faded out within a few minutes!!

Even then Geet couldn't hold her tears at the disappointment that Maan still went to the office. He still didn't have that heart to cancel his meetings and for one day give his long dued attention to his sulking needy wife!!

The saddest part is that tomorrow is their wedding anniversary and Geet could take an oath that he didn't even remember that or cared the slightest!

Who remembers some petty anniversary after all this years of getting married, right??

It was 2 Pm at the noon when Pari was playing around and a desolated Geet was browsing all the channels with her drowsy eyes!

"Mumma...Mumma. Woh dekho file..Led led..And smoke..." Pari's baby voice pitched high as she clapped towards the television. 

Breaking the chains of thoughts Geet noticed the news which said there was a huge fire burning in the Dx complex building. She quickly remembered this property belongs to Maan's Gurgaon client!

Isn't this the client he was having a meeting with? 

Her heart churned with fear as she grasped the fabric of her attire. Not wasting a second more she dialed Maan's number. 

To her worst fear, it went straight to the voicemail. 

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Shot 2 : Perks of Marriage(!)

"Mumma.. Kyun lo lahi ho. Kiya huwa.." Pari confusingly witnessed how her mother hugged her tightly before breaking into a howling!

Savitri came running hearing Geet's wailing, "Daadi maa..Maan ka phone nahin lag raha aur yaha news mein aag...

Agar unhe kuch ho gaya... 

Mujhe Maan ke paas jana hain! Abhii..." Regretting most about the last memory she retrieved where her loving husband tried to hug her and she jerked him off!

Jerked him like some strayed animal of the street! Or even worse!!

That sadness in his face would haunt her forever if she can't find him soon. Right at this second to be precise!

"Maan. Kaha hain aap. Please abhi isiwaqt mere paas aaiye. I am so sorry. Main phir kabhi aapse jhagra nahin karungi. Call me please." It's the tenth voicemail that she sent on his number.

Desperate, she called at his office and everywhere to know where he is. 

They could only inform her that yes there was a meeting fixed and they have not got any update from Maan yet! After the fire broke in it was a land of chaos. She must wait for any latest information.

Soon the noon slipped into the darkness of night, Geet wandering around the streets in the search of the love of her life!

Sobbing into the corner she wiped her endless tears for the umpteenth time, defeated brutally. 

Her mind refused to form that cursed thought that those blurry hazels would not see his beautiful face again. Or hear his innocent voice when he read stories to their only child!

What will she answer to her little one? Why is her Dada not here to make her asleep just as usual?

This must be the way almighty is punishing Geet for complaining in vain! That too for such a loving husband who worked hard for his family only!

When did she become so vague in her neediness which didn't let her see the selfless love Maan always bestowed by his presence. 

No matter how much tired he is, the smile he had on his face every day when he would see both of them, as if his whole world beamed.

His love never faded rather it grew stronger with each passing day. It's her who's the selfish blind one!

Suddenly someone muffled her guilty screams from behind while tying both her hands as darkness clouded on the visions. Before she would even say a word two men escorted her towards a big Jeep. 

Suddenly someone muffled her guilty screams from behind while tying both her hands as darkness clouded on the visions. Before she would even say a word two men escorted her towards a big Jeep. 

As terror stupefied Geet, her petrified soul tried it's best to project a scream of Maan's name, only to be carried out as a helpless groan through the thick cover. 

Within 30 minutes or so that jeep stopped. Geet heard the footsteps coming closer as her breath stuck in her throat. She remembered Maan's warning to never roam around the streets alone carelessly. 

Her mind was preoccupied with Maan to such an extent that she didn't even measure what these people might do to her. 

But soon she felt an arm snaking around her belly. This is not how the first time she was picked up in the vehicle. 

She wriggled at her best, unflinched that adamant kidnapper scooped her his arms and started walking in pin drop silence! 

Geet's eyes burned with the abundance of tears she shed as her mouth was freed from the cover. 

But before she would even form a word that man put his own familiar hands over her mouth. Standing behind he removed the clothes covering her smooth shoulders. He started planting kisses all over her neck and shoulders as she cried in anguish. 

Suddenly when he stretched his huge palm on her stomach, trailing his other hand towards her bosom, Geet whimpered, "Aise saza diya aapne mujhe!! Kamse kam aab toh mujhe aapke seenemein le lo..." A lamenting whisper took his name, "Maannn..." 

"So my Mishty knows..." He retracted his hands and tightened his grip on her petite frame.

"I know each of your touches Maan...Your breathing...Your warmth, perfume.." Geet struggled to move, she was dying to get a glimpse of his greek features, "Aur sabse badi baat. Aapke bina koi aapki Mishty ko aise nahin chu sakta naa.."

"Then why are you crying..." Speaking calmly, Maan wiped all the tears tainting Geet's puffy cheeks. 

"For being such a bad wife...For hurting you... 

I thought I will never see you again...But why did you punish me like this Maan?" Her tears were in the incessant wish as she whimpered the answer herself, "I deserve it...aur saza hain tohwoh bhi dijiye...Just let me see your face Maan... Please!!"

Ignoring her begging Maan articulated, "I was busy in my meeting at xyz. 

That's why my cell was off. Then I received your voicemails and understood that you thought I had the meeting with Dx. So all just clicked right then and there!

However, I made this surprise plan ages ago. To take you away somewhere for our wedding anniversary. Only you and Me. Without a single disturbance.

You think mujhe khayal nahin rehta ke main waqt nahin de paaraha hoon meri Mishty ko?? Tumse zayada I need to spend time with you."

"So? You will kidnap me? Make me believe that you have met with some accident? Do you even know mujhpe kiya beeta ye puradin?"

"I hope you will not hate this word Sorry but am sorry for making you worried...

Though you only said there is a lack of excitement in our marriage? Getting kidnapped by your own husband shall fulfilyour quota of excitement I reckoned!

But. Are you still complaining? Not to be forgotten that I instructed you to never roam alone on the streets. I guess this was a perfect demonstration of how vulnerable things can get and cost you ample!"

"Aap bohot burey hain...I am a fool don't you know it?? Why take my rubbish talks so seriously? And now taunting too? As if this whole day Punishment wasn't enough?

Please at least now let me see your...your face...Maan..." Her sobbing ended up in hiccups as Maan immediately freed her, "Hey...Hey Mishty??..Ok, ok I might have gone a bit overboard. Itna nahin rotey...Come on I am all yours!" He cursed at himself seeing her feeble state. 

After all the bitter complaining, making that naive realize was one thing but he could never see her in such extent of agony. 

Just as Geet's yearning eyes focused at Maan's loving expressions, she planted ample kisses all over his face. Not sparing an inch from her boundless love!

"I am sorry..So sorry...Maan, Never do this again to me...I don't need any excitement..." She spluttered in one breath during the intervals of those endless kisses, "Srif aap chahiye mujhe...Aapka ye chehra kabhi meri aankhon se door mat karna...Warna I will... " And Maan silenced his crazy wife instantly by kissing those moving petals, "Ssshhh... I love you too. 

Happy wedding anniversary Jaan. Congratulations to me, mainemeri pagal bakbak karne wali chalti phirti disaster ko itney saaljhel liya!! Bravo Maan!! You did well son!!" Winking playfully at her with curving his perfect lips in a beam which lingered on hers!

"Haww...Dusht Danav...! Happy Wedding Anniversary. But because of your Dusht Danav harkatein couldn't even get you a Gift." She landed a weak punch on his hard chest while a playful and passionate Maan jerked her by groping her waist.

Whispering intensely, he sent chills down, "Here's my gift, You.

I will unwrap you right away without a single complaint. Come baby.

Waise ek baat bata doon, I loved that green dress you wore last night... And this red one making you look like a seductress." Another teasing jerk and she could hear the quick unzipping of her Kurti!

Of course he remembers what she wore last night!

"Oh no, Maan. Let me at least get freshen up before you kiss me."

"And there you complained why won't I kiss your lips after returning from the office with all the dust and pollution! 

However that's not the only reason I kiss on your forehead. Do you know why I do it?"

She cutely stared inside his eyes waiting for the answer!

"Because I feel my love has been getting deeper for you! I love you way more than what I did yesterday. And Tomorrow would be a lot more than today, Geet!" Rubbing his forehead next to hers, Maan murmured with immense love as Geet pressed her lips profoundly on the top of his head.

The very next moment scooping her up in the bridal style, Maan directed towards the lavish washroom while their night waited to render endless!

Three days later. 

"Can you believe my husband! He straightly went to the office without any meal. I cooked with so much heart. Specifically his favorite dish. Aab sara khana waste!

Sometimes it makes me doubt if he is having an affair at the office or not! Always in a hurry to reach office! As if double promotion ka laddoo bant rahe ho!" Waiting for the bell to ring, Seema expressed her displeasure in a turbulent nature.

"These men are always so heartless. Nobody can help it, it's in the DNA!" Suneeta shared her side of expert opinion!

"Seema. " All the ladies turned to witness Geet standing with her jaws clenched, "You should be more concerned that he was hungry and didn't even eat something. Why don't you pack the food and take it to him." She pasted a bitter smile towards all the roaming eyes.

"Geet. Wow. Seeing you after days. And you should take Seema's side..." Sameera couldn't hide the sourness sipping via her voice.

Gritting through the teeth, Geet sought the best to remain composed, "There is no side. Sameera.

Being his wife Seema is on his side only." A mocking smile took place on her lips reflecting upon the irony, "You people sit and bitch about how your husbands behave. Count all their breaths. If they come close oh only physical. If they are not interested oh maybe having extramarital somewhere!

I know they are not perfect, rather far from perfect. Almost like babies who need constant pampering. 

Always tired, boring and everything.

Are we perfect though?

When was the last time you all did something special for them? 

Like getting a makeover and surprising them? Most importantly always that same question, shaadi ke baad unka pyaar kam ho jata hain. 

But do you love him the same? Are you not trapped in the household chores or this stupid gossiping so much that you forget to confess your love as well!! 

Pyaar jatana srif kisi ek ka kam nahin hain na! Dono taraf se pehel honi chahiye!

Those men who are rotten forget them, at least don't doubt who are not and ruin the peace in vein! If you think he is cheating on you, go to his office and check rather bidding all the respect and secrecy of marital bond in a place like this. 

Most importantly be a little positive!

Well, Pari is here...Have a good day all! All of them gaped at Geet's walking frame as she kissed the little Pari & escorted her towards the car with a satisfied smile adorning her face after all that earful!!

But definitely didn't want Seema to fall stupid like herself by all the provocation. No relationship is perfect but the imperfections make it real and savoring. 

Only trust and respect should be there while love would find its own way to sustain forever!

At home. 

Maan, as usual, walked all tired and worn out, loosening his tie. 

This time Geet smiled in advance before he would beam like the sun. Rushing towards his tired frame she didn't hesitate a second to engulf his lips in a deep smooch!

"Umm...Jaan...Bahar se aaya hoon...Dirt hain...Let me get fresh then won't even let you breath my sexy wife!" As he tried to pull away from the kiss, Geet was not in the mood to let go!

She leaned in and smacked on Maan's rough lips once again, her fingers trailing on his shirt buttons. Breathing laboriously Geet was finished unbuttoning Maan's shirt revealing that perfectly toned body to drool for! Her eyes dazzled with love and desire as she loved that raw cologne muddled with the redolence of her husband. 

Cutely hesitating before tracing her fingers on his tuxedo, exactly then he lifted her up in his arms, "Ye kiya kar rahe hain aapMaan..Neeche utariye na. Pari dekhlegi toh kiya sochegi...Oh no!! Please close the door... " 

That mischievous glint inside his beaming dark browns raised her heartbeats even further, making her cheeks taint with the red blush, "Come on, mother of my kiddo and still feel shy to unbuckle my tuxedo wifey?

However, you shall know, My angel daughter will be very happy knowing how much dada adores mumma...

Since Time is so short... Let's utilize and take shower together..What say, sexy mommy??" Those big eyes growing with dark passion are more than enough to make her naive heart flutter like a teenager!

"Ohh?? Kitna besharam hain aap...Mere Dusht danav hubby...But I love your all shades Maan! Love you so much!!" Captivated, Geet saw how lovingly her crazy husband got busy opening her hair!

"Me more!" And he nuzzled in her fragrant heavy silky locks which he loved caressing more than anything!!

---- -x-END-x- -----

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DONE ~ Pm Later

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Oh Poor Geet, her mind is surely confused over her friends talks...Guess she was also missing the passion in their relationship..

but what I loved was that even in such confusion, she was clear that Maan loves her and guess that is the most important aspect...

loved Maan as the father...guess the busy life has taken a toll on his relationship with his beloved...

Oh wifey was expecting romance and poor tired hubby dozed off...

Oh poor Maan never have thought that his little teasing could extract such a reaction from Geet...But I am glad that gave them a point to converse...communication is I feel the most important aspect of any avoid any MU...

absolutely loved Maan's patience and words while dealing with her...lovely

oh how cute he is to have wanting to hug and see her before leaving but can understand Geet's anger too...

Poor Geet...regretting all she said in the morning...guess that was required for her to understand the real depth of their love...

loved Maan's idea of kidnapping her to bring back the excitement in their lives...hehe

aww sweet babies made up...lovely story...

am glad Geet gave it back to her friends for thinking so low about their husbands...

loved the ending...:)

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Ana nahi tha apni presence dikhane but Maaneet k pyaar ne kheench liya mjhe...smiley5

Posted: 6 months ago

Beautiful OS 

Shot 1 

With all the gossip , Geet now realizes her husband Maan 

though loves her but the passion in their marriage is no longer there 

she knows he is a wonderful father to their Pari 

 Maan loves Geet the same way he did when he married her its only that now

his career takes up lots of his time and energy but then Geet feels neglected and wants 

her husband talking and spending time with her while Maan feels she understands his 

predicament .

I guess been married a husband has to always keep his wife happy in everything 

Posted: 6 months ago

Awesome os..

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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Maaneet sher toh Jr. Maaneet sauya sher

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