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Oh my God. There will be another death. Saltanat’s father has just written his death sentence!! 

The writer is determined to wipe out the Shah family.

And Tai Ammi has disappeared!

It’s shocking why no one bothers to ask for police investigation ?? What an unbelievable show !! Is it any TRPs ?? Who is enjoying this crap ??  

Posted: 29 days ago

 Spoilers for 17 Sep  2019 

Zaroon puts Kai into tight spot by asking her to drive she narrowly escapes ...... later a complaint from Krish’s school brings them to the same place as Madhav n Sal...

Kai panics n takes Zaroon away .. at home Kai warns Zar to stay away from Krish... Zaroon is shocked at Kai’s ruthless behaviour 

Sal praises Krish’s dost Zaroon ..feels a  closeness  

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 Spoilers for 18 Sep  2019 

Zaroon is furious when Kainat. Asked an odd request .....to stay away from the kid Krish ... kainat plots to get rid of Sal yet again ....later zaroon is shocked when he spots her meeting a stranger but it turns out to be false alarm ... kainat succeeds in getting the secret info about The man with Sal she had seen at school n hosp ... she sneaks into Madhav’s house disguised as a salesman n is shocked to find Sal there with memory loss ..and she also learns Madhav was plotting to kill Kainat .

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 Spoilers for 21 Sep  2019 

Madhav, Indu n Sneha leave for a function to Krish’s school ... locking Sal at home .. she is attacked by Ayub who attempts to rape her ..she fights back n escapes ..Sneha returns n slaps Ayub .

As Sal walks out of the Sharma house she reaches Shah manzil n notices a guy on the swing(zaroon)  ...she gets FBs of the house n various incidents happening her n also of Zaroon

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 Spoilers for 23 Sep  2019 

Saltanat steps into Shah Manzin n narrowly misses meeting Zaroon .Kainat gets Saltanat kidnapped from Shahmanzil .but she recovers in time n Zaroon gets suspicious of kainat’s Intentions , he follows kainat .... she jumps off leaving Saltanat alone in a speeding car ..Madhav rescues not girls ... 

Furious Madhav hunts for missing Saltanat ...Krish ,makes request to Lord Ganesh .Sal accuses Sneha’s husband of molestation ..Madhav refuses to believe 

Sal accuses him of not trusting or loving her ..Madha admits that he hated her . 

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 Spoilers for 24 Sep  2019 

Madhav berates Jugal n brutally thrashes him for misbehaving with Sal .He warns Sneha too ...Sal  demands the truth n Madhav reveals she was imprisoned here for his revenge ... 

Later she escapes n tries to get police to help her ...

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 Spoilers for 26 Sep  2019 

Zaroon takes a stand for the security of his family ..hires body guards ... he vows to kill Kainat with that same dagger she stabbed his Zainab chachi... kainat  gets scared . 

Zaroon gets Sal’s pics posted in newspapers as “Wanted Criminal” 

the police suspect Madhav n search his house .. while Sal receives a gift from Krish .it has tracker device .. Madhav locates Saltanat n get her home she demands to know truth ... Zaroon stabs Saltanat with the same knife knife stabbed Zainab ...

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 Spoilers for 27 Sep  2019 

Saltanat has emotional breakdown after Madhav reveals the truth about Kainat ...that she killed his sister .. unable to accept this she walks out of his house  n reaches shah manzil .. 

Madhav begins to hallucinate about Kainat 

Zaroon is keeping close watch at all persons entering Dargah n shah manzil

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