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Other side, the phone was ringing. And here Nandini was waiting for a call to be received. Finally, after continuous ringing it was going to be cut but the call was received.

She hurriedly asked with all the love pouring from her heart.

Where are you? Not yet came.

still in the office. Stuck in the work. You sleep, i will be late , bye! Love You ,Kunal spoke busy with the work at his hand.

Hmm Bye Love you too , half heartily she kept the phone down.

It's my birthday today and he do not remember.she pouted being upset.

She watched the time, it's 11 o'clock. And yet there was no sign of her husband.

She was very happy since this evening. Because she had her birthday tomorrow Her first birthday after marriage.

She was curious to know her lovely husband's special plan for her birthday.

In a short span of time, both of them had became a inseparable parts of each other. It was as if they were both made for each other couple!"

Nandini is like a beautiful waterfall , and Kunal was like the enchanted watcher drenching in that water. There pair was just like that.

When her phone came, he was taking a cake from the cake shop. To give her a surprise.

Nandini went round in the hall. Her wish was that her husband should wished her first.


She was so upset with Kunal, only 1 minute was left for clock to stuck at 12 , when her phone buzz.

She thought it must be Kunal but that phone was from her friend. She picked up the phone and at the same time door bell rang. Her friend was wishing her Happy birthday as she was one who always used to gave her first wished till now , on this day.

Nandini accepted her wishes and opened her door.


Kunal was standing at the door with his rage breaths. He to wanted to be a first person to wished her first on this day.

Seeing her on the phone, he became very upset.

But he has not said anything. She did not even notice. She kept the phone and smiled and cheerfully hugged him. 


He went on to become fresh just wishing her mindlessly . her heart broke with his behavior.

after a while he came out and they cut the cake. He handed her a gift and he started to go to bedroom to sleep. She became very sad. Why her husband is too quite today, he was happy go lucky guy otherwise.going inside she started asking him, What are you doing? you have not talk much with me as well , why your mood is off today ? On that he told her.

I wished to gave you first wishes. do I miss something here? But no such thing happened. i came running from the office like a crazy.


Ohh that was the thing ...

She understood the reason for his resentment.


She said, "Kunal , she gave me wishes on the phone. she is far away from me ... but here , at this moment you are ear to me, aren't you ? with your Body and Heart too ... 😍

Why are you getting too angry , it's my birthday today .

But he does not seem to convince much . He wanted only his wife alone for himself.

It was morning. They both came out to go to watched her Favorited ghost movie .They reached the parking lot and Kunal stopped suddenly, she looked confuse , he told her, I forgot my wallet , let me just get it and come . saying so he rushed up again , gave his neighbors the keys to his house and explained them what to do. And came down to her.

They spent the whole day very well. And returned home in the evening. He deliberately sent her forward. And after stopping, he started doing drama to speak on the phone.

Nandini came forward and opened the door by her key. While taking out her sandals, her gaze went inside. and her heart beats stopped suddenly . 


The bedroom door was closed and it was locked from outside. She remembers the door open. She ran to open the door to find out what was happening in the house. She dash opened the door and switch on the light.

and her eye widen in sweet surprise, delight to see the whole room was filled with balloons.

Her favorite jasmine flowers were spread on the whole bed and Heart shape made by Rose petals, and the name in it "Nandini" around with that her favorite Cad bury dairy milk.

Red and white balloons were sticking on the wall everywhere reaching up to ceiling ... and at the same time, Kunal came from behind switching on the fan . shower of rose petals poured on them.

Before this no one had celebrated her birthday like today.

Nandini almost became crazy as she flew into the balloons and jumped like a baby. He was so surprised by the joy on her beautiful face. It was added when her parents and In-laws came inside singing an Birthday song for her.


Her eyes moisten with happiness. She was not able to believe on the surprise that she got today. She was feeling very proud of Kunal.

It was late evening , when he came inside to found her arranging the cloths in the cupboard.

Nandini turn around feeling him behind her, Kunal sat down on his knees before her with a red rose in his hands.



Nandini , I am sorry for yesterday , I was being possessive for you but I can't help it. I don't want to share you with anyone now.

I love you so much !!

With a shy smile on her face, Nandini took the rose from his hands and with a meek voice replied to him.


I love you too.

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Hey Mugdha .... wow Kunan OS 


Posted: 2019-05-02T13:31:48Z

Awesome os

Posted: 2019-05-02T17:36:10Z

Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Hey Mugdha .... wow Kunan OS 


Thank you di 😊

I have posted it on Wattpad as well , I guess you missed it .

Posted: 2019-05-02T17:36:33Z

Originally posted by plmzaq

Awesome os

Thank you 🙂

Posted: 2019-05-03T09:58:47Z

Beautiful OS 

Posted: 2019-05-03T11:58:24Z

Originally posted by taahir004

Beautiful OS 

Thank you 🙂

Posted: 2019-05-03T18:51:14Z

Awesome OS 👌 

So lovely and b'fully written ..💞 @TM 

Loved it ..

Pocessive Kunal and b'day girl Naina..aww ..

But the surprise was great..

Both are soulmates. .

And Kunal celebrated her b'day awesomely..😍 

Thanks for pm @Jas 😊

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