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Posted: 1 years ago

Hi All,

First off all I apologise to our members for the inconvenience caused and admit that the transition has not been a smooth one as we anticipated inspite our best efforts. We are working hard towards fixing and addressing all the issues reported by our members in the shortest time possible. And I really appreciate your understanding and reporting the issues. Will be making another post detailing the new features once all the major issues gets resolved.

Since it was getting difficult to track all the issues/bugs reported by members I am creating this topic so that everyone can post their issues. It will be helpful if members share the link to specify which page they are referring to and if its a visual issue please share the screenshot.

If the issue is already reported simply hit "like" for that user instead of creating one more post.

Also note we will not be updating the Celebrity  / Chaska Meter ranking for this and next week. As we will be focussing on fixing the issues and bugs. Members who are spamming Celebrity Discussions please don't do that as they will be removed and WL might be issued for the same. Keep forum topics contextual and relevant.

I will be reaching out to members through PMs if we need more information to understand their issues.



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Posted: 1 years ago

Will be updated daily

Bugs Fixed List:

  1. Spacing issues on Topic Reply. (Members need to confirm)
  2. Font size added along with colors.
  3. Text Alignment option brought back.
  4. Post count (partly fixed). Change of group still pending.
  5. Old links in posts of Fan Fiction were fixed and now it should work.
  6. Hover User details of new members now working. 
  7. Thread Links in Posts updated by users showing 404 errors. 
  8. Forum Topics Search is working fine.
  9. Long Posts on Forums now working. 
  10. Emojis in the text editor is back. smiley1smiley4 
  11. User Post Like now shows the old way. Just you need to click the like count to view.
  12. My Post has the option to see the post links you need to click the down arrow on the right of the topic name.
  13. User post can be viewed by clicking on the User Hover card Post count.
  14. Topic Subject can now be edited. There is a separate "Settings" icon on the right side of the topic. Click there you will get the option of "Edit Topic"
  15. Added more color options in the text editor.
  16. On mobile devices the smiley panel was getting cut off. That is now fixed.
  17. Fixed the issue where Quoting some posts removed color / formatting and make all the text italic and bold.
  18. Intermittent 403 Error issue has been fixed.[NEW]
  19. PM reply issue resolved.[NEW]
  20. Pagination under Topic subject in the Topic list added. [NEW]

Pending Bugs:

  1. Error while sending PMs for certain users.
  2. Likes list has duplicates. (testing)
  3. Last edited details not showing post migration.
  4. Outbox not showing whether the PM has been read or not. (work in progress)
  5. While reading the PM users should get the original PM also to which this is in response too.
  6. MembersOnly and NoCopy not working
  7. YouTube embedding not working.

Other Requests

  1. Post Tutorials on the new features.
  2. Add option to show number of unread PMs.
  3. Topic Search needs to be brought back. (done)

We are actively reading your feedback and will be adding more to this list soon.

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Posted: 1 years ago

See this bug please


Thanks a lot!!! smiley32

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Posted: 1 years ago

Will send my updated list soon.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Issues which needs a fix as per my observation:

1. Enable the same checkbox feature with the whole buddy list for multiple pms.
2. Dates are not refreshed with the last pm.
3. Outbox not showing if the receipt has read the pm or not.

4. Not showing the count for unread Pms instead showing all amount of messages.

5. Previous conversation gets replaced when press reply. So we have to copy paste to keep a track of our earlier conversation.

6. If the subject of Pm is repeated more than once then it's showing 500 internal error and subject is not editable. *Fixed

Login issue

For some users,(those who didn't verify their account earlier) I-F is demanding email verification. If you are unable to access your email then there's no way to retract your id. There should be some way like google and other websites to replace the mail option and put a new one. As when any user is logging in to reach that certain verification stage they have already given their username and password. So that itself is one step verification.

Text editor
Basically everything needs a fix in this. Font, size, color. *Partially fixed

Formatting, Editing, Subjects

1. Forum topics are missing the header/subject. We can't edit the subject of any topic. *Fixed

2. Spaces are not working. Texts are all coming clamped up. *Fixed
3. Very often, While quoting no space is being added. *Fixed

4. Copy pasting under quoting is not working unless we are adding enters and then pasting the comment in between.

5. If any comment is been getting edited more than twice then it's either losing data or format such as bold texts would disappear. 

or the whole text will disappear! *Partially Fixed

6. Forum codes such as Nocopy, membersonly and others not working.


1. You can't see the author's name who created the poll.
2. Except the creator of the poll none else can see the poll results. *Fixed

Threads & Navigation
1. Page counter on the threads are missing. It's only visible on 'My Posts' section!!
2. My posts section is missing the most useful option Quick post links. Bring this back ASAP. *Partially Fixed
3. Threads are missing Forum tags under the My post section. Please enable the previous filtering options.
4. Make the threads sorted by chronological order.

5.The member posts are not increasing and stagnant at a certain number. *Fixed

6. Search button is limited and not working at all!*FIxed

Friends & Interaction

1. Add buddy option missing on phone view.
2. Total friend amount is not visible.
3. Only 12 people on each page of the buddy list. And that too on random order. Please make it alphabetical like the previous version.

4. Page counter missing here too.

5. Now I can send friend request to myself lol!!πŸ˜‚

6. Scraps are visible for everyone even who is not in friendlist.
7. Add page number for scraps.

Likes & Notification
1. Change the like status to 'LIKED" after we like any post. *Fixed
2. When I check if I have liked some post, it's showing my name a few times. (I know the reason but can we get a fix?) *Fixed
3. Bring back the visible list of likes like the previous version. That's the one thing which separates Indiaforums with others. For writers like me, it's very tedious & time consuming job to go through the whole list!πŸ™ *Fixed
4. Notifications are limited to 10 and do not refresh at real time.

I know the DEV team has mentioned that timestamp is not working precisely & would be back so for now excluding that & few others like hyperlink error as it's being worked upon!!!

Hyperlinks *Fixed

Please have a look into these...Thanks...

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Posted: 1 years ago

How do we see members posts

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Posted: 1 years ago

1. It’s really difficult to post long posts .

2. Very difficult to navigate on my phone . ( an iPhone )

3. We can’t see the number of pages in the thread .

4. I can’t use my previous links for stories and all . It’s really disheartening as I had stored the links but now I can’t go only . This is big problem for fan fiction , I believe as authors index won’t really work . At least their older one . Please look for a way to rectify this .

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