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UPDATE plzz.....

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U like the posts dear it means u r back ..ab please update bhi de dosmiley2

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From the Author's desk: Hello peeps, I know I am late, been busy with AD, but here is the promised update! hope you all like it! and hugs for all your comments! 

Happy reading! 


Chapter 13: Clouds with silver lining

Part 4: The sun shines through

“Hi Sheetal, Sorry, I have been running late for the meeting” said Arnav as he entered the discussion room where Sheetal was seated discussing with a couple of others from RP.

“Hi Arnie” Sheetal said as she looked up from her laptop. “No Problem, I got your message. We had to start the meeting without you”

“I asked my team to” said Arnav as a matter of fact, nodding briefing at his other team members in the team

“ASR, I have briefed Sheetal about the properties that you had asked us to line up for sale. She was asking if she could have a look at the other properties that could possibly be alternate choices” one of them informed him

“I feel these are prime properties and it is not worth selling them unless there is a solid plan to invest on some big fish. A and B corridor properties are appreciating as per the market trend.” Sheetal explained. 

“That’s why I want them listed. Heard of bell curves?” asked Arnav

“But I don’t think we are anywhere near the maximum appreciation limit for these assets.” Sheetal protested. 

“Perhaps not” said Arnav “but I have a hunch that these assets value may dip in near future” Arnav confessed. 

“And that would be because of?”

Arnav simply shrugged to Sheetal’s question

“Intuition perhaps”

“Arnie, you know that you need to convince the board with a solid reason. Reasons like Intuition will not work”

“I need the convince majority of the board. I am sure I will be able to manage that”

Sheetal looked at Arnav with a hard glance, trying to figure out what was going inside that brain of his. He was not disclosing any expression and that made it even harder for her to understand. 

“Alright, I would want to have a look at the other properties as well – the ones listed under the possession of Raizada Properties”

“We can give you a list which you can go through” Arnav told nodding at the other team member. 

“I shall send you the list in a couple of hours’ time” the man said. 

“Any other clarifications?” 

“So far, I am good. I shall have to estimate the best possible price list for these prime numbers by tomorrow and we can have a meeting on the same. I shall also have a look at the list and we can discuss that tomorrow”

“Sounds good to me”

As the other two men left the meeting room. 

“Can we go out for lunch? It’s been days since we went out alone” Sheetal asked just as Akaash entered the room. 

“Hi Sheetal, how are you?” he said as a way of greeting as he came in

“Hi Akaash, I am so glad to see you here.” Sheetal said excitedly getting up for a quick informal hug 

“Glad to see you too Sheetal” Payal called out with an edge to her voice. She was just behind Akaash and Sheetal hadn’t noticed her first as Akaash’s height was hiding her from Sheetal’s view. 

Slightly taken aback, she quickly regained her poise as she smiled at Payal 

“Hi Payal, what a surprise, Didn’t know you were here”

“I thought so, no hugs for me?” Payal asked with a sarcastic sweetness

As Sheetal fumbled forward for a quick customary hug.

 “So what are you doing here?”

“oh you know, hunting for elephants” 

Arnav chuckled looking at a slightly mortified looking Akaash. The conversation between the ladies hadn’t started well. 

Payal chuckled at a bemused Sheetal. 

“I was joking” she explained rolling her eyes. 

“Payal joined here to lead our Corporate Design Group” Arnav informed Sheetal and then turned to Payal “How has your first day been?” 

“Been excellent so far” Payal beamed at Arnav. 

 “Pretty much turning the firm into a family run business is it Arnie?” Sheetal returning the sarcasm that she received before, pissing off Payal 

“What do you mean?” she asked in a steely voice. 

 “I didn’t mean to offend you” Sheetal said quickly “I was just surprised”

“Sometimes, unintentional accidents occur” Payal said nodding at her “Isn’t finance your family business? And seeing that you picked up the family business, it’s surprising that this surprises you”

Sheetal raised her eyebrows at this. 

“I was just surprised because, coming from a movie background…I was wondering what it had to do with construction clan…unless you did your grad in this field?”

Akaash was looking at Arnav helplessly. The conversation between the ladies was escalating to a level where the tension was mounting. 

“We have always believed in family getting involved in the business” Arnav said easing out the tension “Besides, with a brilliance like Payal, I would be a fool if I don’t onboard her”

“Thanks Arnav” Payal murmured as Sheetal looked on. 

“By the way, why don’t you both join us for lunch” Akaash asked Arnav and Sheetal as he looked at his wrist watch. 

Sheetal looked expectantly at Arnav. 

“I just came in half an hour back Akaash. But it is a good idea, you three can carry on. I will grab something from the pantry” Arnav told Akaash 

“okaayyyy” Akaash said watching Sheetal’s reaction.

“Hey, I am sorry, I have to push on as well. I have a meeting on the other side of the city in couple of hours, I don’t think I will be able to stay for lunch, you guys carry on, we will catch up next time” Sheetal said getting up. 

“Oh” Akaash said raising his eyes at Arnav who simply shrugged back at him. 

“May be next time” Sheetal told him. 

“No problem Sheetal, see you tomorrow” Arnav said standing up to shake her hand. 

Sheetal quickly shook hands with Akaash, and then throwing a customary bye to Payal went out of the room

“So you came only half an hour back eh?” Payal asked as soon as Sheetal left “what were you doing all this while? I know you started early from home”

“Had some business to attend” 

“With whom?” she asked waggling her eyebrows.

Arnav rolled his eyes. 

“Oh come on, you cannot hide anything from us” she said to Arnav.

“really?” he asked.

“It’s not as if you are great in keeping secrets. Khushi just called to ask me about my first day”


Payal grinned at him

“Arnav, do you know your ears have gone red right now? Like really reddened like Rudolph's nose...”

“Payal, I wish you apply this imagination at work, It will bring us a lot of benefits” he said nonchalantly not looking up at her. 

“Arnav, are you sure you don’t want to come?” Akaash asked again

“No, I am serious. you guys carry on”

“I have a hunch that you were trying to avoid going on a luncheon with her” Payal asked abruptly

Arnav looked up at her this time

“Why would I?”

“You look stressed out, why baba?”

“Am I?”

Payal nodded biting her lower lip and then dramatically declared

“I think it’s something about this morning” Payal said “Either something happened then or you are so upset that Sheetal left without dining with you, in which case, I will call her back” Payal told winking at him

Arnav rolled his eyes at her

"Wow! where do you get these ideas?"

Payal glared at him

"Escapist, always!"

“Akaash, aren’t you getting late for your lunch date?” Arnav asked his brother, trying not to smile at Payal's comments. 

“Yeah we are leaving” Akaash said pulling Payal along

“Our conversation is not yet done, wait till I tell Anjali about this” she called back at Arnav before they closed the door behind them. 

"My pleasure!" Arnav commented as he waved them bye. 


"What was she doing here?" Payal asked as soon as they were out of the room"

"Payal, we have partnered with the Kapoors for financial consulting needs. She is our consultant"

"Really? On one hand he doesn't want an engagement with her and on other hand, he wants to work with her... what is he up to?"

"What ever he is upto, I know one thing for sure. He is well sorted and knows his limits"

"And she? will you say the same thing about her?"

"I don't know."

"I don't think so, I mean, I didn't realize that the kapoors directly get involved for consulting projects. Don't they have hired consultants? If Sheetal wants to work on this it has to be for Arnav's sake right?"

"Probably yes."

"This guy is leading her on. He needs to put a stop to this some time"

"What do you mean leading her on? Arnav is not someone who would take advantage like that... my brother is..."

"Hold your reigns, I know him and I am not demeaning him. I just meant that Sheetal would be hoping for things to get on track again and unless he is serious about this, he needs to spell it out to her clearly. pretty soon. Otherwise, he is going to land himself in more mess"

"You are right"

"I am always right Mr. Raizada"


“Hey Anjali, how was your first day at college?” Khushi asked the younger girl as she entered her room. 

“Good, atleast I am happy that the college started. It’s kind of upsetting that everyone have already started leaving home and I will be all alone”

Khushi nodded at her. She understood what Anjali meant. Mama and Mami had gone to Lucknow for a break as Mami was really upset and Nani had gone with them too. NK and La had also returned back to Australia last night. Akaash and Payal was going on their honey moon in a couple of days’ time. With everyone busy at the moment, Raizada Mansion looked awfully quiet and deserted. 

“You know Khushi, this is the worst part of the holidays. When my brothers are here, I have a gala time and when it is time for them to return, it makes me awfully sad and depressed”

“Your eldest brother is still here”

“It’s as good as he is not here. I hardly see him these days”

“And Akaash and Payal will be just gone for a fortnight. They will be back in 2 weeks’ time”

“Until then? Khushi please don’t leave… pretty please?”

“I am not leaving, at least not now” Khushi almost laughed “so these antics was all to make me stay here?”

“no, seriously. Imagine, if you also left… It me and Dadi, the worst punishment that can be given to me ever”

“I can see how eventful it will be” Khushi chuckled. 

“Talking about eventful days, what have you been upto?” Anjali asked 

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I see that you don't seem to be missing my brother as much as I do...So what is going on these days between you two?"  Anjali asked without beating around the bush

“Which brother?” Khushi asked her innocently

“The one who is surprisingly making it a habit to reach office late these days?” Anjali asked cocking up her left eyebrow precisely reminding Khushi of the very brother Anjali was speaking about. 

“What do you mean- these days? As long as I know, he has always been late before as well… I mean- every time I went there – he was late”

“Oh so there is a before and after between you both eh? Interesting! And what happened in between this before and after”

Khushi rolled her eyes

“Anjali, please stop all this. It is not sounding right”

Anjali smirked at her

“What is not sounding right?”

“this- what you are trying to do. Teasing me and Arnav ji- the innuendos. I know it is all for fun… but imagine if someone else hears it… what will happen if …If Sheetal comes to know of it… That would be a disaster”

“Why would it be a disaster if Sheetal hears of it?”

“Anjali, don’t act childishly. Nobody would want her man to be teased with another girl”

“Who told you that Arnav is Sheetal’s man”

Khushi was getting now pissed off with Anjali. Why wont she understand

“they are getting engaged soon”

“No they are not”

“what do you mean”

“The fact.”

"Dont joke Anjali"

"I am not joking"

“I was there ok? I heard Dadiji announcing their betrothal”

“really? And where did you go after that?”

Khushi looked at Anjali bemused. 

“Do you even know why Arnav and Dadi are not talking to each other”

 “They are not speaking to each other? From when?”

 “From that night when she announced that bakwas engagement. They had a big fight after the guests left”

“What? Are you serious?

“Don’t tell me you don’t know… where were you? Went on hibernation?”

“But why? He is in a relationship with Sheetal right? I mean, I saw her the other day in the study with him… and I know they meet often too… what is he playing at?”

“May be he isn’t as serious about the relationship as we think” Anjali offered an explanation. 

“what does that mean? That he doesn’t want a commitment?”

“May be it is not about commitment at all… it could be the girl that matters” Anjali told her hoping her hint rang a bell in Khushi’s mind.

“But still…” Khushi was lost in thought

Anjali got a call in her mobile. It was Payal. 

“Ok, I will leave now. Payal is calling me to help with her packing” 

Khushi was still lost in thought as Anjali hugged her

“Thanks for staying back Khushi, for whatever reason you decided to stay back, I hope everything gets crystal clear soon. Good night!”

“Good night” Khushi responded, absent mindedly. 


When Khushi knocked at Arnav’s door, she heard a strained “come in”

Wondering what was he upto to give out that strained tone, she clicked open the door to find him working out with his weights. Dressed in sleeveless sweatshirt and casual shorts, drenched in sweat, he looked spectacularly appealing to her eyes. 

She stood there dumb stuck, momentarily forgetting why she was there in the first place. 

Arnav looked up after a brief silence

“oh hey Khushi” he said putting down his weights and standing up “I thought it was Akaash” 

“I am sorry, I … eh, Didn’t know you were ..err.. working out… I will come later” Khushi stuttered. 

“That’s alright! I am done anyways” Arnav said grabbing his towel “Why don’t you come in”

“No that’s alright, I am fine here”

“Ok so?”

“So? What?”

“you came here to stand at my door and stare at me?”

"you wish!"

"Arguably, it's flattering"

“No, I came to … to…” Completely blank, Khushi tried hard to remember why she was there

“Why do you have money in your hand? There are no charges for stepping into my room, you know?” Arnav smirked at her

“Oh this…” Khushi said suddenly remembering “I came to return this to you- 6000”

Arnav raised his left eyebrow

“The sum you paid for Sameer”

“If you have to return this, then how about the previous times I paid for you? My petrol cost for driving you around, breakfasts lunches… those dresses, sandals…and ah… how can I forget that? My car wheels… Khushi, this is not enough to pay all your debts”

Khushi looked at him open jawed before he broke into a maniacal laughter 

“It’s Ok khushi, you don’t have to return this”

“No… You don’t have to pay for my friend… please take it”

“So you are ok with me paying for you?” he asked smirking at her

She simply glared at him. 


“Hariprakash, How many times I have to tell you to replace the batteries in the AC remote” They both heard Payal speaking into the intercom as she stepped into Arnav’s room and then stopped abruptly taking in the scene in front of her. 

Cutting the call, she stood there at the door way in her casual white shirt and denim shorts with her hands on her hips and a big grin on her lips

“what is going on here?”

“what do you want Payal?”

“AC remote! Can I borrow yours for a while?”

“Its next to my pillow”

Payal was smirking as she crossed them and went to the bed to retrieve the AC remote

“Return it back” said Arnav “then don’t complain I barged into your room for it and embarrassed you”

“we are only packing” Payal replied as a matter of fact “Besides, there is something called knocking the door”

“Wow, really? Hypocrite!” Arnav asked jokingly 

“being one has its benefits... I wouldn't have known about this late night chit chat otherwise.” Payal laughed.

“It’s only 10” Arnav chuckled as she stepped out. 

“Payal Bhabhi sorry, I forgot. Here are the batteries” they heard Hari Prakash’s voice just outside the room

“thanks HP, give this to Arnav Bhiyya” they heard Payal replying to HP “and remember to knock before you enter” they heard her say to a bemused HP who knocked dutifully at the open door

“Arnav Bhaiyya”

“Incorrigible!” Arnav muttered as he took the remote from HP while Payal laughed her way to her room. 

“I will take leave then” said Khushi

Arnav nodded at her “Good night”

“and this” she said extending the money forward

“No way” 

“Why are you so difficult, I was intending to return the money to you…Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it in the first place”

“That’s Ok”

“Arnavji please…I can’t let you pay for…” she said but stopped abruptly, her eyes widening at the sight behind him. Arnav too turned back wanting to know what had abruptly caught her attention. 

To be continued


Haha, How I like ending the update with a cliffhanger!  so, what made Khushi stop?  Keep wondering until the next update and haan... Comments please! 

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It is so good to have you back and updating a story that has always been so much fun to read, so intriguing and worth re-reading again. 

The dynamics are slowly shifting and things are coming to the forefront but, I was wondering when will Aman make an entrance and spice things a bit and what is his relation with Khushi, that makes her smile that smile of hers. 

And, coming to the intriguing part, dude who is behind the doors? Can’t wait. Keep us posted!

Welcome back and hope you stay awesome. Thank you foe coming back to complete this gem. Hope you get the chance to finish this story ^_^

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by penny25

It is so good to have you back and updating a story that has always been so much fun to read, so intriguing and worth re-reading again. 

The dynamics are slowly shifting and things are coming to the forefront but, I was wondering when will Aman make an entrance and spice things a bit and what is his relation with Khushi, that makes her smile that smile of hers. 

And, coming to the intriguing part, dude who is behind the doors? Can’t wait. Keep us posted!

Welcome back and hope you stay awesome. Thank you foe coming back to complete this gem. Hope you get the chance to finish this story ^_^

Dear after waiting sooo long we got a treat but I was looking for more cute moments of Arshi 

Posted: 2 months ago

Short n cute but I missed arshi moments.  

Posted: 2 months ago

Finally got an update. I've been waiting for it. It's so good to read your updates  and when you leave a Cliff hanger, it's getting more interesting. Waiting eagerly for next update

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What was behind Arnav??? hope you do update asap eager to know.. payal and anjali are superb.. loved reading this super amazing update.. Thanks for update smiley1

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