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Posted: 7 months ago
I thought of something interesting so I will share it with you all
As we know from promos saroon will happen however I feel like Saroon wont happen its Kaiza. All the hints are leading to kaiza from  my pov. Its hard explaining, show started with Kainaat and her song lead to Zaroon then their was a Dargah scene He looks at Saltanat and closes his eyes and prays which showed Kainaat instead of Saroon. 
zaroon is looking at the outer beauty, not the inner beauty of kainaat, he thinks Saltanat is beautiful and of course her personality is bindaas.  
Its kind of boring when same personality marry, kuch challenge toh hone chahiya,
Yes Kainaat is a challenge too. also in a different way. Her thinking is different from Zaroon.

If their story starts, it should start like this:
Zaroon and saltanat are about to marry however she doesnt accept the marriage and leaves. Zaroon promises to get what he wants and he is very ziddi and thinks he can get whatever or whoever however  in the process of this Kainaat and him become friends, Zaroon discovers that kainaat is interesting. Meanwhile Zaroon writes poetry for  fun & he thinks that saltanat is the one responding but its Kainaat. Slowly Saltanat realizes that she is loving zaroon. and enagment is on between them,  Zaroon realizes that he loves the girl who is responding to him who is . saltanat, he soon realises its not her its kainaat. He proposes to Kainaat and she rejects him saying, you rejected me due to my looks how can i  know if your going to leave me for someone better, he then realizes that he was wrong overall. Soon zaroon proves his love to her. Zaroon annouces that he loves Kainaat now and he truly and purely does. THEN THE SUFIYANA PYAAR STARTS... and JOURNEY OF REDISCOVERING STARTS 

this is just my pov of you  HOPE YOU all like. and leave feedbacks
Posted: 7 months ago
I am just hoping it's kaiza Cry
Posted: 7 months ago
You made some great points. I think what bothers me is that Indian she's always imply that a girl who doesn't wear makeup and wears glasses is ugly. Kainaat's face is the exact same as Saltanat. So why do we have to act like Kainaat isn't attractive bc she has glasses and isn't wearing makeup?? Hate stuff like that. 

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