Hote hote pyar ho hi jata h......Pyar k do naam : Priya aur Ram

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New story on Raya...plz do read and comment on it...

Ram isstanding alone in his room... and staring his wedding photo with tears... nsaying... why Radhika... why? Why did you this to me?

You hadpromised me... that you would never leave me alone... than why did you break mypromise...

You know it,that I can not raise Ansh alone yet you left me... and went far away fromme...

Ansh and Ineed you Radhika... plz come back to us...

Ram burstinto tears...

As soon asKrishna comes in his room... she see's that Ram is crying bitterly...

She consoleshim..


Krishna :Ram... why are you doing this to yourself...

You knowthat Radhika is not in this world... She can never come back...

Tell me RamWho will handle Ansh if you will break down like this??

You promisedRadhika in her last time that you will take care of Ansh... then why are you doingthis...

Plz betatake care of yourself...

She wipestears of Ram and says... come down Ansh is waiting for you at dinner table...


Ram : giveme 5 minutes...

I will comedown...

Krishna leftfrom there...


Ram and Anshsitting together in front of Krishna and Dadi..


Ram :heychamp... eat this baby... it's healthy for you...

Ansh : nodad... I want mamma... mujhe mamma chahiye...

Ram : baby..aapko pta hai na... aapki mamma unki mamma se milne gyi hai... wo bhut hi jldi aapke pas aa jayegi...

Ansh : dad..aap hmesha yhi bolte ho... but mamma kbhi nhi aati and I am upset wid both ofyou...


Ram takesAnsh in his lap and says baby...

I promiseyou... aapki mamma bhut jldi aapke pas hogi...

Ansh :promise dad...

And heforwards his hand to shake with Ram..

Ram :recriprocates and yes my baby... your mom will be here very soon...

Now finishyour dinner...quickly...

Your dad isgetting late for office...

Ansh : okkdad...


As soon as Ramis about to leave for office Krishna stops him and says..

How long youwill give such false assurance to Ansh...

One day orso, he (Ansh) will know that his mother is not in this world... then what willyou do?


Ram : I knowmaa but I can not tell him about his mother...

Ansh is just4 years.. he can not understand all this... over time, he will know about hismother...

Krishna :and what about you beta ?

How longwill you live in Radhika's memories...

You alsoneed a life partner...

Ram (interrupts): plz maa you know that I can never forget Radhika... and as far as aboutme... I don't need any life partner...

Krishna :even if you don't need it but Ansh need a mother and you know it very well...

Ram: plz maaI don't want to talk about this anymore, bye and take care of Ansh.

Daadi andKrishnaji at Mandir:

Dadi andkrishnaji sees a girl with kids while returning from Mandir.

Dadi:Krishna dekh us kudi nu kinni soni lg ri h...

Krishna:haa, or sanskari bhi maa...

Dadi: Aajkalese bachche milte hi kha h, jo  khud  se zyada  dusro  ka khayal rkhe, bhot hi acche sanskar diye hai iske parents ne ...

Krishna : woto hoge hi maa.. ye priya jo hai... sudhir or shipra ji ki beti...

Dadii : konpriya ?? tu janti hai kya ise..

Krishna :are maa aap bhul gyi... ye priya hai... sudhir ji ki beti... jo Amar ji ke dostthe... uski shadi ka card bhi aaya th but unfortunately jana hi nhi hua...

Dadi :achcha sudhir...

Krishna :maa chliye na... milte hai usse..

Dadi : chlaashirwad bhi de denge...


Krishna jicalls priya...

Priyaturns... n says... ji aunty...

Krishna :priya kesi ho tum?

Priya : thikhu aunty.. aap or dadi kese hai??

She takesblessing from Krishna n dadi..

Krishna :sorry beta.. we could not come to your wedding...

As soon asKrishna ji speaks of marriage... priya becomes sad...

She sayswhile handling herself...

P : chhodiyena aunty or btayiye...

Ghar me sabkese hai??

Krishna :sab thik hai... tum sunao sudhir ji or shipra ji kese hai ?

Priya : thikhai dono... infact mom is also here...

Let me callher...

Shipra comesthere  greets Krishna ji and Dadii...

One kidcomes there and drags priya wid him...

Krishna :your daughter is very pretty nd down to earth inspite of handling your familybusiness...

Shipra :hmmm...

Dadii :shipra.. tu priya ke husband se kb mila rhi hai?

Shipra couldnot handle herself and started crying...

Krishna :kya hua shipra ji... aap ese ro q rhi hai??

After askingmany times, shipra finally told that...

Priya'smarriage has broken due to demanding dowry...

Shipra takespriya wid her and goes out...



Krishna: maawhat happened ? What are you thinking ?

Dadi:Krishna I was wondering that if why not priya take place as mother of Anshu.

Krishnaji:maa aap janti h n, Ram kbhi is baat k liye nhi manega.

Dadi:Krishna tu Ram ki fikar mt kr me use mna lungi...tu bs shipraji se baat krlena.

Krishnaji:jee maa...but hum baad me baat krenge Sharma family se .

Dadi: thik hKrishna

 Ram has gone to Singapore for office work .Within 1 week dadi and krishnaji have learned all about priya, infact krishnajihas talked to  Sharma's  about priya's marriage wid Ram. Sharma's have agreed to this proposal , now its uptoRam and priya to agree for this proposal. Both the families knows about pastlife of Priya(that priya's marriage has broken) and Ram(Ram is a single parenthis wife is no more)

One dayPriya  comes to KM to meet dadi andkrishnaji that is when she meets Anshu.

Priya: Hy ,What's your name?


Priya :okk... Don't want to talk to me?

Then whowill going to eat this yummy yummy chocolate...


Priya takesAnsh in her lap...  She makes funny facesthat makes Ansh smiles a bit.

Dadi andkrishnajii is watching all this..

 Krishnaji thinks (that priya is the only onewho can give Ansh a mother's love..)


Priya startsto tickle Ansh to laugh...

Ansh islaughing.. while laughing Ansh says to priya... plz mamma don't do this...

Everyone isshocked... as well as Priya... to hear mamma word from Ansh... alone tearescape from priya's eyes... she immediately wipes it...

Priya giveschocolate to Ansh... takes him in her arm and kisses him... and give it tokrishnaji..

Priya :aunty I need to go...

And she leftfrom there...


Dadi : I wasright Krishna... Priya is only one who can give mother's love to Ansh... andlistening maa word from Ansh to priya ...

I amconvinced that Priya can handle Ram and Ansh very well..


Krishna :yes... maa you are right... I feel like this too... and I saw a strange glow inher eyes when Ansh called her maa...

I don't wantmore than this... just Ram accept this marriage...

Dadi :Krishna don't take tension.. I will convince Ram...


When priyacomes back at her home... Sudhir & shipra tells her that krishnajii &dadii had come for marriage proposal of Ram..


Priya : youboth know very well... that why my marriage was broken, yet how did you agreeto this proposal..  Anyways because ofwhich reason...

I had brokenmy marriage, I do not want to marry anymore...


Shipra : Butbeta this proposal is  absolutely perfectfor you...

Sudhir isalso tries to convince her for this proposal...

Priya : maaplz.. I don't want to talk about this anymore ...

And she goesto her room...


Few dayshave passed...

 Ansh has left an indelible impression inpriya's heart... Ansh also likes priya's company very much...

Somewhere,priya is also craving to gives mother's love to Ansh... but priya does not wantto ruin Ram's life...

Krishnajicalls to shipra...

Have youtalk to priya about Ram...

Shipraji:yes.. yes Krishnaji... I have talked to priya and she has accepted it...

Krishnajiitells shipra that how Ansh called  Priyaas maa and how priya reacted over this...

Shipra ji :Priya loves children alot... and I am very sure that priya can give mother'slove to Ansh...

Krishna ji :hmm... and she hang up the call..

Shipra callsto priya ...

Shipra :where are you priya ?

Priya : atoffice maa..

Shipra :thik hai... jaldi ghar aa... its urgent..

Priya : jeemaa...


After halfan hour...

Shipra :priya... Krishnaji has told me everything about Ansh calling you maa and shealso asked me  that what is your decisionregarding this relationship...

Priya : sowhat did you said??

Shipraji : Itold them that priya has accepted this relationship... (after a pause)

I and yourpapa want you to accept this relationship, this is good for you and us all...plz beta I beg of you..

Priya :please maa don't say such things..

I don't haveany problem with this but  I have acondition..

Shipra :kya??

Priya : Iwant to tell Mr. Kapoor about my past..

Shipra : youwill not do this... otherwise you will see my dead face...


Priya (unwillingly) has agreed for this relationship... but Ram does not know anything aboutthis yet..

Krishnaji :maa.. Ram is coming back from Singapore and you have to talk to Ram aboutpriya...

Dadii : youdon't worry... i will talk to Ram...

Ram comes toKM and ask about Ansh..

Krishna ji :Ansh is sleeping now... go and relax and then meet dadi...

She wants totalk to you something very important...

Ram : okkmaa

Aftersometime Ram comes to dadi's room Krishnaji is also present there...

Dadi : Golu,I want to you to get married again, Anshu will get mother too.

Ram: Youknow that I cannot give Radhika's place to anyone even then why are you doing allthis.

Dadi tellsRam that how Anshu called Priya as maa and how priya reacted over this ,shealso tells that  Anshu likes priya verymuch infact Anshu somewhere  finds hismother in priya. Anshu needs a mother Ram . Anshu is craving for maother'slove. Moreover priya can give mother's love to Anshu. I have talked with sharma'salso they have agreed to this as well as Priya. And I want to you to accept it.

Ram :  Maa aap hi kuch boliye dadi ko

Dadi(interrupts): I don't want to listen anything...tujhe meri kasam h golu manja is rishte kliye...

Krishnaji : Ram I also agree with maa, not for us but for Anshu accept itbeta.

Ram unwillingly agrees for this relationship...Raya's Rokais decided on after 2 days



 Priya is in her room standing near her room's  window and  she remembers her engagement day when she was very happy...I did not even think that my life would take a turn that would completely shatter me...I still did not forget that accident which broke my marriage...Marriage ...that connects 2 whom I considered my  soulmate ...that man turned me down...

Today is roka and  within  few days,  I will get married to an unknown person.  I don't  know what my life will take a new turn, Will I Ever be able to give Mr. Kapoor the happiness that he deserves?  I don't know how Mr. Kapoor and my relationship will be , but I will give all the happiness to Ansh...Ansh... Yes who gave me the feeling of being a mother, when 1st time Ansh said "Maa...What a beautiful word ... A woman gets completed when she becomes a  mother ,I never thought that I would ever get the happiness of becoming a mother, because of you Ansh I am feeling like a complete woman . That day  I felt like I am an happiest person on earth, that day will always remain the most memorable day of my life. Whatever had happened in my past , I did not think that I  would ever become a mother, Ansh you are  the reason Why I said yes to this relationship. I know beta that I am not your real mother but you will always be my son. Ansh , I will never let you go away from myself...Mumma loves you a lot baby.
Priya gets disturbed due to knock at her door, she opens the door and welcomes shruti to her room.
Shrui : Congrats my dear
Priya(absent mindedly) : Thanks shruti
Shruti notices that priya is looking sad
Shruti : What is this priya is your roka and why are you looking pale ?
Priya : You know that shruti.
Shruti : kb tk tu us accident ko yaad rkhegi for god sake plz come out of your past priya.
Priya : silent
Shruti : I know its not  that easy to forget ...but still I am saying you to forget that bitter day of your life and just enjoy your happy moment.
Priya : silent
Shruti trickles her to make her smile, Priya smiles a bit.
Shruti : That's like my good girl, come lets go to to the kids park then only you will feel good  and she drags priya with her...

At kapoor Mansion
Dadi : Krishna, Where is Anshu and Golu?
Krishna : Maa, Ram is in his room with Anshu.
Dadi : How happy is Ansh since he has come to know that very soon he will get his mother(Priya)
Krishna : Yes maa, Ansh is very happy and she becomes sad.
Dadi : What happened Krishna. Why are you sad?
Krishna : Maa mujhe tension ho rhi h...What will happen when Anshu will know that Priya is not his real mother.
Dadi : Nothing will happen, Ansh has never seen his real mother then how will he know that Priya is not his real mother and by the  way Ram has never told Anshu anything about Radhika because he  did not want Ansh to know that his mother is not in this world.
I am confident that Priya will prove to be a good mother.
Krishna : But maa , Will Ram ever be able to accept priya ?
Dadi :As far as I know Priya, She will make Ram live again.
Krishna : I hope so maa.

Ram is sleeping on bed and Ansh too ,he is dreaming that he and Radhika is sitting together on bed. Radhika caresses his chick and says...
Radhika : Ram
Ram: silent
Radhika: Are you upset with me?
Ram : Yes, I am upset and angry with you,  because you left me and Ansh alone.  Tears flowing from his eyes, Radhika wipes his tear .
Radhika :  Ram, You know that I cant handle your tears.
Ram : Then why you left me? Please take me with you and he bends his face and starts crying again Radhika lifts his face by his chin and says look at me Ram and tell me  if anything happens to you who will going to handle Maa , dadi and moreover Ansh needs you more then anyone else , My Ram is not selfish I know  you are capable to handle everyone, she again wipes his tear.
Ram: silent
Radhika : will you agree with me one thing?
Ram(sadly) : what?
Radhika : Move on in your life Ram, not for me but for Anshu...I can't see you shattering, it hurts me more then anything.
Ram : silent
Radhika : If you want me to leave in peace , then promise me that you will accept this marriage whole heartedly.
Ram : I can't promise you Radhika, because you will always be in my heart, I can't give anyone, your place.
Radhika : I know Ram that you loves me very much, but I feel as if my love has become an obstacle to you ...Ram I want to be your strength, not your weakness.
Tumhe meri kasam h Ram plz move on...while saying this Radhika left from there.
Ram : Radhika ...Radhika...Radhika plz don't leave me again and he starts Sobbing.
Ram ...Ram ...Ram...
Ram wakes up hastily, he is completely wet in sweat...
Krishna : What happened Ram? Why are you sweating so much?
Ram(stole the eyes ) : May be because of heat .
Krishna : Don't lie to  me Ram , I am your  maa beta tell me what's bothering you?

Ram is about say something, Ansh wakes up while yawning, Krishna takes Ansh in her arms and kisses him on his chick.
Krishna : Ram get ready, I am taking Ansh with me  to change his clothes.
Ansh : Dadi, Are we going somewhere?
Krishna : Yes my baby, but its a surprise for you.
Ansh(excitedly) : Wow Surprise, what surprise Dadi? Plz tell me na...
Krishna : mmm ...
Ansh : Dadi plz tell me na, he pulls his dadi's chick lovingly
Krishna : we are going to meet your mamma.
Ansh(excitedly) : Wow dadi , we are going to meet mamma , he comes to Ram and says Ye Dad  I am going to meet mamma he starts jumping on bed, Ram and Krishna smiles at his antics.

Ram (Radhika , I am doing it for Ansh and you only)
Krishna : Anshu baby, now come I will change your clothes.
Ram : Maa ,You , Dadi and Ansh get ready and go , me and Vikram will join  you later.
Krishna : Okk Ram but don't be so late .
Ram : Okk Maa  .

Krishna , Dadi and Anshu left to Sharma House from KM before Ram. Ram calls to Vikram and says how much time you will take to reach here?
Vikram : Just reached the main door of KM , come down fast.
Ram sits in the car , Ram : By the way where is Neha?
Vikram : Actually  Neha had to go to the hospital due to some emergeny.

Ram : okk
Vikram : well, I just went out for 2 days , and after coming here I found out that your roka has been fixed, I mean how?
Ram : Vikram you know that I can never erase Radhika's from my heart and about my marriage is just that maa and Dadi wanted a mother for Ansh , infact Dadi took an oath from me to get married that's why all this...
Vikram : So how do you know that girl will love Anshu like his own mother ?
Ram : I know vikram but dadi and maa have liked that girl infact I am going to meet her for  the first time,I just know that her name is Priya Sharma daughter of Sudhir Sharma co-owner of Sharma industries , Sudhir Sharma was Dad's good friend, Priya also works in Sharma industries , she also works with some child Orphanage, and 2 year back her engagement broke and reason I don't know.
Vikram : Maa and Dadi chose this girl then I am sure that Priya will handle you and Ansh both because Radhika was also maa and Dadi's choice , and I hope that girl will make you fall in love with her, all over again.
Ram (angrily) : Just shut up Vikram you know it very well that I still love Radhika then how can you say such things, I will never accept that girl as my wife , she will come only as Anshu's mother and nothing else.
Vikram silently prays to god (God plz bless my friend with lot of happiness and make sute that girl should teach him to love again)

After sometime both reached to Sharma house , Sharma  family welcomes both  of them, Vikram indicates Ram to touch their feet , Ram touches their feet Sharma's  blesses him.

Ram to Sudhir : Uncle where is maa , dadi and Anshu?
Sudhir and Shipra (confused) : Matlab beta ?
Ram :Actually maa , dadi and anshu had left before  us to reach here.
Sudhir : But wo to yha aae hi nhi
Ram : to fir gye kha ?
Vikram : Ram don't worry , I'll just call maa.
As soon as Vikram calls to krishnaji, someone knocks at the door , Sudhirji opens the door and welcomes Krishna , Dadi and Ansh.
Ram :  How did you come so late? You left before us then how?
Krishna : this is because of Anshu , he wanted a gift for his mumma that's why we came late.

Ansh excitedly : Yes Dad I wanted a gift for mumma , shows the gift to Ram , Ram takes him in his arms and settle down on the sofa beside vikram.
Ansh is waiting impatiently for Priya.
Ansh : Dadi , Where is mumma?
Shipra interrupts : Look there (indicates to the door from where priya is coming (with Shruti) in  Pink Anarkali Suit , with less make up but looking very pretty, dupatta is on her forehead ) there is your mumma.

Ansh excitedly goes towards Priya, Priya immediately took him in her arms and lovingly kisses him on his cheek with tears in her eyes .
Ansh : Mumma , you know how much I missed you and becomes sad a lone tear escape from his eyes  Priya wipes his tear and hugs him very tightly  and says I missed you too my bachcha  priya also got tears in her eyes (how much I was craving to hear mumma word, )
Ansh : I love you mumma
Priya : I love you too my baby

Everyone has tears in their eyes , listening to the words of Priya and Ansh
Sudhir (I just wanted to see this smile on your face, I know how much you suffered in last 2 years ,today I feel that my daughter has come out of her depression, now there will be only happiness in your  life, I know beta when Anshu called you maa, then the biggest wound of your heart will have emerged again, Anshu will feel happiness in your life  , he also wipes his tears)

Priya wipes Anshu's tears and Ansh also wipes priya's tears.
Anshu forwards his hand : Mumma promise me that you will never leave me again.
Priya kisses him on his hand as a promise  : I promise you mumma will never leave you again and again hugs him .

Ram(I was wrong , I thought I could give both mother and father's love to Anshu, maa you were right Ansh needs mother's love too)

Ansh : Mumma I have a gift for you , Ansh come back from priya's arm,  takes the gift from Krishnaji and give it to priya.  Priya takes the gift and unwraps it . Priya , Krishnaji , Dadi all are surprised except Ram, as he is shocked to see the doll which he bought on his 3rd b'day .

Ram : Baby this is your favourite doll na, even you don't sleep without it then why are you gifting this doll ?

Ansh : Dad , Dadi says that if I take good care of this doll then god will gift me my mom  very soon and now when I've got my mom, then mamma will take good care of me and doll too, is it na mamma you will take care of me na?

Priya nods her head  positively, and bend down to the level of Ansh and kisses him on his forehead and says mamma will always take care of Ansh and doll , I promise you my jaan.

Krishna : So that's why you took us back to the KM.
Ansh : Yes Dadi
Dadi : Haye mere puttar nu kisi ki  najar na lge .
Krishna takes Anshu from Priya and says lets start the Roka ceremony  Ram interrupts maa , One minute everyone is staring at him questioningly .
Vikram : What happened Ram?
Ram : Uncle if you don't mind I want to talk to Priya alone before this Roka.
Sudhir : ofcourse beta , Priya take Ram to your room.

RAYA in Priya's Room

So guys what Ram is upto ? Roka hoga ya nhi ? Will Raya fall in love again? To get the answers of these questions wait for further updates...till then do comment and vote on it...THANKS




kirtiraya952019-04-19 01:12:31

                        Part 3: Dreadful Night 


 Ram : Uncle if you don’t mind I want to talk to Priya alone before this Roka. 

 Sudhir : of course beta , Priya take Ram to your room.RAYA in Priya’s Room...........  

 Priya : What you want to say Mr. Kapoor?

 Ram : I know Priya, maa must have told you that I am marrying you because of Anshu , but I want to tell you something else. (After a pause) I am marrying you only because Anshu needs a mother , I know a girl has many dreams of her would be husband and you also dreams the same thing but  I can’t give you the right of a wife (Priya got tears😭😭 in her eyes she wipes it before Ram’s notice) because I still love my wife Radhika , Yes she is not in this world (he turns other side and got tears in his eyes)but she is alive forever in my heart(his voice chocked) Priya can feel Ram’s pain , his love towards his wife and care for Anshu......  When Anshu born Radhika died due to heavy blood  loss and after that I tried my best to give both father and mothers  love to Ansh , Ansh always asked me where is his mother , but I always used to make an execuse......(tears is constantly flowing from his eyes , he wipes it off but priya can feel that Ram is crying and due to this she also got tears in her eyes)how did I tell him that his mother is not in this world  , he is too small to digest this bitter truth about his mother .(Ram wipes his tears and turns again and faces priya) 

 For the society you will be called my wife but for me you will always remain Anshu’s mother. I just agreed for this marriage because  of Anshu’s happiness , Anshu needs a mother (Priya is silently listening to Ram) I know you must be feeling very bad after hearing all this , but it is the truth that I will never be able to accept you as my wife . (After a pause) 

 he again continues You can even refuse to this proposal , there is no pressure on you and  as far as Anshu is concerned  I will handle him , You can tell your decision before everyone and he starts walking towards the door............Priya : Mr. Kapoor  (Ram turns back)

 Priya : Mr. Kapoor I don’t have any problem with this marriage. Ram : There is no pressure on you to accept this marriage I don’t mind even if you refuses me. Priya : Trust me Mr . Kapoor  there is no pressure on me  .Ram doesn’t reply anything and come out from room following Priya......... 

 Ram goes near Vikram ......Vikram whispers him that what did you said to Priya ?Ram replies I have told her  that I still love Radhika , I will never accept her as my wife, for me  she will always remain Anshu’s mother that’s it and she accepted it . 

 Dadi :  tum dono ki baate ho gyi ho to Roka  ceremony start kre?? Come Priya Puttar..... Shruti takes priya to the sofa, Priya sits on sofa and put the duppataa on her head. Dadi gives shagun to priya as well as Krishnaji , Priya takes the blessing from Dadi and Krishnaji. Now its Ram’s turn to get the shagun from Sudhir and Shipra .......Roka ceremony is done . 

All are sitting together , Anshu is sitting in Priya’s lap holding up Priya as  if he feels that Priya will leave him Priya is also holding him near her heart sometime she kisses him on his forehead , cheek to assure him that she will never ever leave him alone.......After sometime Panditji arrives for marriage date. Both the families handovers the kundalis of Raya for marriage date . It is decided that the marriage of RaYa will be after 2 days since the next muhurat is after 6 months. Sudhirji 😥😥gets worried that  how the arrangements will be done in such short time??

 Ram : Uncle, If you don’t mind may I say something ?? 

 Sudhirji : yes of course Beta Ram : Why don’t we marry in the temple ?As I wanted our marriage to be simple and sobber......

 Shipraji : But beta what about our and your relatives?

 Dadi interrupts and says Shipraji I think Ram is right  and about relatives later on we will invite them on reception party .Everyone is agreed that Ram and Priya will get married in a temple with simplicity only the family members will be there, Shipraji comes back with the sweet in her hand and makes everyones mouth sweet........Dinner is done its time to go back.....

Anshu didn’t left Priya for a second as if he fears that Priya will leave him. Ram forwards his hand to take Anshu in his arm and says lets go baby but  Anshu refuses and says No Dad I will come with mumma. Krishna : But Baby mumma will come after some days . Ansh: Okk I will also come back with mumma. Ram becomes sad 😞😞and sternly says your mumma will come after some days , you will come with us now. 

 Ansh : No Dad I will stay with mumma and starts weeping😭😭..... Priya : Mr Kapoor let me handle him......Anshu baby if you will stay here then who will take care of  your Dad. Ansh : silent 

 Priya : You love your mumma right? (Anshu nods his head positively ) will you promise me one thing?? 

 Ansh : What ?

 Priya : As long as I am here you will take care of your dad .

 Ansh (sad) : Okk mumma  I promise you but when will you come back?

 Priya : very soon my love 

 Ansh : Mumma plz come with me na 

 Priya : Mumma can’t come with you right now but we can do one thing As long as I am here you can come here and we will play lots of games okk and she tickles Anshu to make him smile. 

 Ansh : I love you mumma and he hugs her tightly

 Priya : I love you my jaan and kisses him on his forhead.All are watching Priya and Anshu’s bonding ,Dadi whispers to Krishna See Krishna I was right that Priya is the only who can take care of Ansh and Ram both and Krishnaji smiles......

 Ram (Now I am confident that Priya can give mother’s love to Anshu , infact her eyes reflects that how much she loves Anshu) Priya handovers Anshu to Ram and says good bye to him ................everyone is left .

 Priya and Shruti in Priya’s room :

 Shruti : By the way what Mr. Kapoor said to you? Priya doesn’t say anything but shruti forces her to tell her what did Ram said and then Priya said everything to shruti , Shruti shockingly says What ? And you agreed to this marriage I mean Why Priya how can you do this?? Priya : silent 

 Shruti :  When Mr. Kapoor himself told you that he will never accept you as his wife then why you agreed to this marriage tell me Priya , tell me god dammit.....

 Priya got tears in her eyes she gets up from the bed , and says I don’t know Shruti whether Mr Kapoor will accept me as his wife or not , but I know Anshu needs a mother and I will give all my love and affection to him and (tears is continuously  flowing from her eyes😭😭)moreover you very well know about my past , Why my engagement broke, my depression state everything  then how can you say that why  I accepted this marriage, 3 years ago the incident which happened , it snatched everything from me (shruti comes to her) you remember that dreadful night of my life which broke me and my family......... 

 Note: guys in previous post that is Raya's ROKA  by mistakenly  i have written 2 yrs instead of 3 it is 3yrs

 3 Years Back: 

 Priya and Shruti went for shopping since afternoon,  for Priya’s marriage , yes she is going to marry in coming month........ Both are coming from a mall , Shruti is   holding shopping bag  and walking after Priya .....Shruti bends down to pick the bag which fallen from her hand at the same time Priya’s mobile rings ......trings.....trings....

 Priya : Hello Yes maa , I am coming she is walking while talking on the phone.....Priya is in middle of the road  and talking with her maa , suddenly a car come in a high speed and hits her very badly ,  shopping bag and  her phone falls on the road , she too collapse on the road with injury almost all over her body, Shruti 😥😥sees that and shout from road side Priya.........A crowd of people gathered around Priya , Ambulance comes there and  immediately Priya is taken to the hospital with Shruti , in mid way Shruti informed Sharmas about Priya’s accident. 

 At City Hospital in ICU Dr. Mathur is attending Priya, cleaning Priya’s wound of her head , hand, and he puts oxygen mask on Priya’s mouth as Priya’s breathing was fluctuating..........

 Outside the ICU Shruti is crying😭😭 bitterly , Sharmas reaches there Sudhir : Shruti how is Priya? Where is she? Shruti shows the direction of ICU where Priya is lying unconsciously on bed with injuries on her head , hand, IV tubes is attached with her and Oxygen mask too....Shipra sees that and trembles a bit Sudhir holds her...... 

 Dr Mathur comes out from ICU, Sudhir asks him that how is his daughter? Can we meet her? DR .Mathur replies Your daughter is in critical condition , actually your daughter’s internal organs have damaged very badly especially ovaries, we are trying our best to save her , excuse me I need to  call Specialist Doctor.Shipra collapsed on the floor and starts crying badly , Shruti consoles her ,Sudhirji is in utter shock , he is not in a state to digest what is happening with his daughter.........

 Priya’s Parents , together they had dreamt many things for Priya’s marriage, but all their dreams broke in a second, Sudhir sits on the floor beside shipra and rubs her back, Shipra turns towards him and hugs him..... 

 Shipra (weepingly)😭😭: Sudhir please save my daughter , I beg you sudhir plz save her I will not ask you anything plz sudhir... sudhir is also crying silently..... 

 What they must be going through, their only daughter whose marriage is going to happen in coming month is injured badly lying on bed lifelessly........its a horrifying scene to see a person with oxygen mask , IV tubes attached to veins , stitches on her head.Sudhir(helpless)  : Shhhh......nothing will happen to her , Priya is very strong girl she will fight back and come back to us(his voice trembles) I am  sure .....I promise you Shipra , she will come back to us , god can’t be so cruel to us..... 

 Sudhirji is consoling Shipra but from inside he himself has broken seeing his only child lying unconsciously on hospital bed...... 

 Specialist doctor goes in ICU, she examines Priya’s injuries , especially her lower abdomen and she feels that internal bleeding is started , its a dangerous sign as it will deteriorate priya’s health Dr. Mathur gives Priya’s Sonography report with other reports , she checks it and  comes out from ICU

 Sudhir😥😥 : Dr. How is my daughter? Dr Neha Gupta : Sir ,As a doctor it is my duty to tell you about your daughter’s condition , one of her ovaries is damaged badly and uterus too, bleeding has started from her internal organ  and thats a serious sign due to which she can go to coma , we need to operate her immediately but.....

 NOTE: Neha Gupta is a Gynaecologist , she is single now , and posted from kolkata to Mumbai a month back ,she don’t know  anyone in Mumbai .Shipra 😥😥: But what doctor? .... 





 To be continued


                                                                              Priya's  Pain

Recap : Dr.Neha : To save her life we need to operate her immediately as a result yourdaughter might not get pregnant in future , in simple terms there is least  chances of her to conceive......

Shipra and Sudhir both are shocked to hear this , Shipra gets faint Shruti holds her make her sit on the chair, she is in deep shock.

DrNeha : I can understand Sir what you must be going through, but to save your daughter we need to operate her immediately as injured ovary is affecting uterus too , here is form plz sign it,

Sudhir’shand shivers to sign the paper he is feeling helpless....... Sudhir begs to Dr Neha plz doctor save my daughter.

DrNeha: Dr. Mehta be prepare for operation.

Afte rsome time :

Sudhir, Shipra and Shruti standing outside the operation theatre.........

Shipra: Sudhir , what will happen when Priya will know that her biggest  dream of her life will never be fulfilled,

Sudhiris crying silently , he knows that Priya is very fond of children , he remembers that whenever kids topic was raised ,she always used to say papa I will have two kids a boy and a girl ,but now the reality is different it has broke the biggest dream of his daughter’slife.

Shipra jerks Sudhir and says : Sudhir tell me , What we will tell her?(tears is flowing from their eyes ) Priya never did anything wrong to anyone then why god is punishing her. Sudhir embraces shipra , he don’t have any answer to shipra’squestion.

Shipra continues every woman dreams to become a mother but why did god snatch this dream from our daughter, Sudhir is not able to say anything , Sudhir why god is punishing my daughter ,Sudhir wipes Shipra’s tears and says if you break down like this then who will handle Priya, Shipra, she needs her parents.

Shruti: Yes Aunty Priya needs our love and support .

After2 hours:

Dr.Neha and her team comes out from OT , one ward boy is taking priya to room ,she is now unconscious

Sudhir: How is my daughter dr.?Can we meet her?

Neha: She is fine but right now she is unconscious due to Anesthesia, in morning  you can meet her.

Sharma’s sent Shruti to her home.

Priya’s parents did not sleep overnight in the worry that when priya wakes up , what will they answer her? Their biggest concern was ,how they will disclose to priya the bitter truth of her life.

In morning ,Priya is still unconscious, after some time she opens her eyes and adjusts hereyes to rooms atmosphere , she gets panic to see herself in hospital bed with IV tubes , oxygen mask, then she recalls the last night event and realises  that she met with an accident......She removes the oxygen mask and tries to sit ,nurse holds her and says mam you cannot sit now , your operation has been done last night, your wound are still unrecovered.

Priya(shockingly):Operation, What are you saying?

Nurse: Mam you need to rest , I’ll call the doctor.

Nurse informs Neha that Priya is now conscious .

Dr Neha : Okk ,you go , I’ll just come.

 Shipra : can we meet her now?

Neha : not now ,let me find out her mental state then I will tell you.

Neha goes in priya’s room-

Neha : How are you feeling now?

Priya : Good doctor

Neha lifts hergown to check her abdomen and asks her is it paining ?

Priya: Yes, dr .What happened to me ?Is there anything serious which caused operation?

Neha : Relax Priya, just a minor operation nothing to worry in some days you will be discharged okk , but now you need a proper rest okk.

Priya smiles a little : Hmm

Neha comes out from Priya’s room and calls Sharma’s to her cabin.

In Neha’s cabin:

Sudhir : Dr whathappened ,Is there anything serious?

Shipra cryingly :Dr. What happened to my daughter is she alright plz doctor tell me .

Neha : No thereis nothing serious , its just  I wanted to tell you something , We have not disclosed Priya  about her condition , because she is not in a state to digest the fact , we have to hide this truth till she gets perfectly healthy to bear this , I hope you are getting my point.

Shipra and Sudhir both are silently listening to Neha’s words but inside they are shattered in pieces. How they will going to face Priya ?

Sudhir : When she will be discharged ?

Neha : After a week

 Shipra : Doctor is there any hope that she will conceive ?

Neha : I can understand mam what you must be going through but let me tell you something  we have discarded her one ovary which was affected very badly and uterus has also suffered to some extent , we tried very hard to save her uterus and that accident caused her uterus very badly it is now very weak , clearly if I say if she conceives there will be a chances of miss carriage or may be she will not survive.

Shipra and Sudhir are very heartbroken tears are flowing from their eyes ,

Shipra : Dr.Nowadays medical science has grew up , is there not any treatment which can make our daughter healthy to bear a pregnancy.

Neha : I know what are you trying to say  and I agrees to your point, but its just that in Priya’s case no medical treatment can heal her problem there is 95 % chances of not conceiving because her uterus is very weak and even if she conceives she will not survive so as a doctor I would say to save your daughters life she need to avoid pregnancy.

Shipra : Sudhir what is happeinig with our daughter? We have dreamt so many things for her marriage , (her voice almost chocked)almost all the arrangements have done and(sobs very harder) mostly what we will answer to her that what happened to her? Sudhir takes shipra in side hug and says for me Priya’s health matters the most not her marriage .

Neha : Mam you have to postpone this marriage as priya is physically very weak she needs atleast 2-3 months proper rest. Now you can go and meet her and try to behave normally in front of her, she needs your support .

In Priya’s Room

Priya stirs from her sleep due to the noise of door she opens her eyes and sees that her parents is standing in front of her ,both comes near her Sudhir caresses her chick and says how are you my baby?

Priya : Iam fine papa.

Shipra kisses on her forehead and she is trying very hard to hold back her tears ,

Shipra : Kesi hmeri bachchi? Tujhe khi dard to nhi ho rha h?  

Priya : Maa methik hu apki Priya itni bhi kamzor nhi h, bs stitches ki jagah thoda pain hthat’s it.

Shipra is trying very hard to control her emotions in front of Priya  but could 'nt hold back herself and she immediately ran away from there as if she fears that if she stay there for awhile  she will not be able to hold he rtears.

Priya : Papa, why maa ran away from here ? Are you hiding something from me?

Sudhir (smilesfaintly): Are beta tu to janti h teri maa kesi h, tujhe takleef me dekhkar khudsambhal nhi pati h bus.

Priya : Are you sure Papa?

Sudhir : Don’ tyou trust me beta ? Me tujhse kbhi bhi kuch chupa paya hu jo ab chupaung haatell me?

Priya smiles a bit

Sudhir kisses on her forehead and says you take rest I’ll just check Shipra and don’t worry nothing is serious okk and he lefts from there , he tried very hard to hide hi spain behind his smile but somewhere Priya felt the pain in his voice and eyes .

Priya: Why I am feeling that Papa is hiding something from me ? I need to find out.

After 1 week –Priya is discharged from the hospital , she is still very week and need ssupport almost all the time. whenever she questions her parents about her health  they always averts her and she is totally convinced that its related with her health only.

Priya is lying on bed her head is on shipra’s chest ,cuddling to her her mom and shipra is holding her near her chest like a newly  mom is securing her kid from the world as if she fears that she would lost her ...... shipra is having tears in her eyes ,she is trying  to soothe Priya’s  pain..... if it could be possible for a mother then every mother would take the pain of her child inside her, she would not allow anyone to harm her child but its beyond her limits......Every kid whether he is teenager , young or old......finds solace in mothers arm, a place which gives all the warmth a child needed..... it gives a peace of mind to everyone...... shipra is giving all the warmth , affection and love to her  by securing her near her heart..........

A small dedication to all the mom’s in the world:

When you feel you are alone in the crowd,

When you think NO.1 can understand you,

When your love is rejected by others,

And when you hate your life,

Just close your eyes & see , her face who loves youmore than anyone else,

Who care for you in lonliness,

& dies when you cry.

She is no1 , but your sweet loving mother

Love your mom first and always.

Be lated HappyMother’s Day to all.......



Priya : Maa can Iask you something ?

Shipra : Yes

Priya : Whathappened to me ? Why I have stiches on my lower abdomen? Why I feels the pain in my stomach ? Why I am feeling that something very bed happened to me ?Why Iam feeling that something inside of me is broken? Is it something serious ?Plz tell me.

Shipra controls her tears and little bit  staernly says :Priya how many time I have to tell you that its nothing much serious ,(after a pause) its just a minor operation that’s it , (gulps)now stop your mind to wonder on any nuisance okk, she closes priya’s eyes with her hand and strokes her hair and says sleep my baby and again embraces her. Shipra’s eyes is almost clouded with tears(Why god ? Why you punished my only child ? How will I face her when she will know the truth? My baby is innocent , Plz god don’t make it difficult for my baby, if you want you can punish me but not my daughter )she silently prays to god for Priya’s betterment .After sometime she checks whether Priya is slept or not , she calls her name 2-3 times not getting response she lefts from there...........

Its almost 4weeks since priya is discharged, now she is pretty well in between  the three week she had regular check up andnow bonded very good with Dr. Neha Gupta, one day  she had to admitted to hospital due to severepain in her abdomen during  her cycle ,but Dr.  Neha handled her well withoutletting her know about her health issue........

Its a new morningbirds are chirping , Priya is taking rest in her room Sudhir is gone for a trip for a business deal or should say he was forced by priya to go for a business deal as it was important deal for Sharma Industries , Shipra is gone to Mandir, Priya is all alone in the house .......

This is the right time to find out what my parents are hiding from me , she checks her room butdidn’t find anything so she goes to her parent’s room, almost searched everywhere she finally opens shipra’s wardrobe and notices that one file iskept under her mom’s saree so she took it out.......she reads the name as City Hospital and remembers that she admitted to the same hospitasl , she opensand  reads  it with teary eyes.......her whole world was shattered in pieces......the dream which every girls dreams to become a mother, she also dreamt the same thing but it broke.....the report is questioning her existence......she trembles a bit her vision got blurred due to tears , herthroat is chocked , she is weeping very badly , after some time she composesherself put the file back , and goes to her room and collapsed on the bed, sheis lying on bed hugging her kness crying and sobbing , she caresses her tummyas if she is trying to feel the life inside her.....a pleasure to feel the lifeinside the womb is the best gift given by god to women.....which she won’t beable to feel ever in her woman should go through it.....its likea curse life....priya is shattered into pieces.....everyword which was writtenin report stabbed her heart very hardly It was written” Patient’s one ovary isdiscarded due to complete damage ,uterus is almost got affected but saved as aresult she can not “conceive” ......she is continuously crying and weeping noenergy is left....her eyes is swollen , her cheek and tip of nose become reddue to continuous crying she slept in that position..........after a whileshipra enters in house and peeps in priya’s room whether  priya is okk or not and finds that priya issleeping peacefully but  she didn’tnotice priya’s face as priya’s back was facing door so she comes back to make break fast for priya........Shipra goesto call priya. Shipra caresses priya’s cheek and says Priya , beta and calls2-3 times , priya stirs from her sleep and opens her , sees that shipra isstanding beside her bed , suddenly she remembers everyword of the report andshe immediately digs her face in shipra’s tummy and starts crying, shipra gets panic and she hugs herback and says Priya what happened baby? Why are you crying? She also got tearsin her eyes.....

Priya : Silent

(Shipra doubtswhether priya comes to know the no this can’t happen plz goddon’t make my fear to true.....I can’t see my daughter shattered) Shipra holdspriya face in her palms , wipes her tears with her thumb and forces her to lookinto her eyes......

Shipra : Betawhat happened ? Is it your tummy is paining ? khi dard ho rha h kya? (tears isalso flowing from her eyes) please tell me na beta I am your mother. Apni maa ko nhi btaegi. Now shipra is surethat  something very serious happened.She embraces her again , rubs her back , kisses on her hair.

Priya(weepingly):Maa, kya me kbhi maa(her voice chocked)nhi ban paungi?

Shipra is shockedto listen priya’s word , she knew it that one day priya will know the truth butnot very soon.......her biggest fear  isinfront of her.......

Priya: Maa boliyena kya me kbhi bhi maa nhi ban paungi? Jo reports me likha h wo sach h kya?

Shipra composesherself and breaks the hug......ssshhhh priya nothing is like that.

Priya : Maa , Iknew all the damn truth about my health.......that I wont be able to conceiveand I can see it in your eyes this is all are truth.....Now shipra didn’t heldback herself  she embraces Priya tightlyand weeps......both are crying their heart word is needed to speakout their feelings after some seconds shipra tries to break the hug , andnotices that priya is unconscious , she pats her cheek, lays her down on bedand takes the water from the jug and sprinkles on priya’s face but no use nowshipra gets more tensed she calls the ambulance and immediately priya is 9rushedto hospital meanwhile she also informed sudhir and shruti......

Dr. Neha treatsher and comes to know that priya could not handled the truth and  fainted........ in evening priya isdischarged.......Sudhir also comes back with first flight which was availableas priya is apple of his eyes......and rushes to priya’s room.....Priya islying on bed with closed eyes......

Sudhir caressespriya’s cheek she opens her eyes and hugs sudhir very tightly.....their eyesare clouded with tears.

Its been 1 weeksince priya knows the truth , she knew that her marriage is postponed and herfiancée don’t know about her health issues so 1 day she calls her fiancée tocafe where they usually met.......

At Roan’s Cafe

Rohan(He is alsoa industrialist) hugs priya and says how are you now ?

Priya : I am fineRohan and both sit back to the chair....

Priya: Rohan Iwant to share something with you and she hesitates how to start it

Rohan felt herhesitation so he places his hand on priya’s hand to assure her that he is withher always

Priya : Rohan , Idon’t know how will you react to this whether you will accept or not its andtells her whole story with teary eyes.........Rohan gets shock after a while hecomposes himself and sidehugs priya and says I love you
Priya .

Priya stares himin disbelief .

Rohan again saysI love you Priya , and I can’t leave without you , it does not whether you willconceive or not , for me you matters the most I want you in my life.....

Priya becomeshappy and hugs him back and says I Love you Rohan I love you so much.........

Rohan breaks thehug and kneel down in front of priya and proposes her......

Rohan : Marry mePriya

Priya : Yes

Both now hug eachother in whole crowd.

Now it is decidedthat Priya and Rohan will get married in upcoming week......

They spent wholeweek together , Rohan and priya are madly in love with each other now she isall out of her depression state and credit goes to Rohan. He make sure thatpriya didn’t felt sad even for a second he used to treat her as his queen andfor priya Rohan is her life now she believes Rohan more than herself.......

Marriage Day atSharma house only few relatives were invited as both wanted their marriage tobe simple and sober and no media should be informed about this................

Yes Priya Sharmathe only child of Sudhir Sharma the co-owner of top most company of India is getting married to Rohan with all therituals........

Rohan is waitingfor Priya in Mandap and looks upward and sees that his princess is coming inred lehenga and looking very gorgeous , his eyes is stuck on Priya’s face, sheis not looking less than a Apsara............








At City Hospital

Priya is admittedbecause she tried to kill herself , she was almost dead doctor Neha and otherdoctor is trying very hard to save her life.......Sudhir and Shipra with allthe Sharma’s are waiting outside the ICU, ........

So guys whathappened why priya tried to kill herself ? Where is Rohan? When she was gettingmarried to love of her life then why she took this drastic step? To know morestay tune with the story and till then keep guessing with your comments andnext part will depend on your comments and likes



Next Part

Its almost a weeksince priya is discharged from hospital.........yes she commited suicide, shealmost died but neha’s treatment and sharma’s hope bought priya back in theirlife.........Priya is alone in her room remembers her wedding day......she wasgetting ready when shruti comes to her in tensed look and showssomething to Priya,

Priya: Shrutithis cant be true , Rohan is not like that , I know him very well .

Shruti :Trust mePriya. I know you love him very much but plz ek baar meri baat pr vishwash krle, Plz I beg you.

Priya and shruticomes downstairs ......Priya stops near by mandap , Shipra says priya go andsit in mandap muhurat nikla jaa rha h , but priya doesn’t move even an inchfrom her place......

Rohan : Whathappen baby? Come muhurat nikla jaa rha h

Priya: Rohan Iwant to talk to you before marriage

Rohan : Baby wewill talk later , 1st lets get married okk and he forwards his handto priya, now come....but priya refuses and says No Rohan I want to talk to youfirst and Rohan agress to talk with Priya

Gets up frommandap and says bolo kya kehna tha tumhe?

Priya : will youaccept  me without anything?

Sudhir and shiprainterrupts Priya what are you saying but priya didn’t even react to them

Rohan (confused):Baby what are you saying?

Priya folds herhand near her chest and says Rohan will you accept me as Priya Sharma not asthe daughter of Sudhir Sharma......

Rohan :I am notgetting anything what are you saying.

Priya claps –claps- claps oh how innocent na Rohan .....tumhe kuch samajh nhi aa rha h letme help you to understand and  indicatesshruti to start the projector and one video is being played in that Rohan issaying  something to his friends.....

1 friend: Why areyou getting married to Priya , and you know very well she cant even give you achild then why Rohan?

Rohan: I marryingher for money only,  yes her dad isco-owner of Sharma industry  , ek baaruske baap ki property apne naam krwa lu and apne pati hone ka fayda utha lu firuse apne ghar se dhakke maar k nikal dunga and wese bhi she is not at all worthof being any ones wife she cant even bear a  pregnancy (he sips drink ) , esi ladkiya sirfmje lutne k liye hoti h(pause) , use and throw thats it...........

All are shocked ,Priya’s eyes is filled with tears her heart is broken , she slaps on
Rohans face holds his collar and says why Rohan ? Why did you do this to me ?(her throat chocked ) I loved you so much and you cheated(gulps a lump) me formoney? I hate you Rohan ,I just hate you.......before priya slaps him againRohan helds her hand says “bhot ho gya tumhara natak, (after a pause )haa menetumhe dhoka diya...... fine......yhi sunna chahti thi n....... tum  kisi ke pyar to kya kisi ki patni banne layakbhi nhi ho, tum jesi ladkiya sirf apni physical need satisfy before he couldcomplete it he gets another slap from sudhir , priya’s chachu also hits himvery badly and calls the security guard and says before I lose my temper , Justget the hell out of here........

Priya runs to herroom and locks the door, all the sharma’s also rushes there and knocks onpriya’s room, but priya is not listening the banging on door , Rohan’s word isechoing in her ears ”She is not even worth of being anyones wife “ She throwsall the jewellery , wipes her kajal and lipstick  she  ismurmuring(weeping ) “Na me kisi ki patni (hiccups)banne layak hu , na  maa(lump) banne ......mujhe jine ka koi haqnhi h and takes the knife and cuts her wrist...........outside the room all areworried for priya , sudhir and shipra is fearing that “Khi priya koi galatkadam n utha le” meanwhile  sudhir’syounger brother and priya’s chachu breaks the door,  all are shocked to see the dreadful sight,Priya is lying unconsciously on ground,  blood is oozing from her wrist immediatelypriya is being rushed to hospital , Priya is not responding her heart issinking ,Neha and other doctor is trying very hard to save her, sharma’s arepraying for priya’s well being ,sudhir embraces shipra he is rememberingpriya’s childhood memory..............her parents didn’t lose hope, they kepton praying for their child  and finallypriya is saved ”Kehte hai maa baap ki duao me wo asar hota h jo bhagwan bhi nhitaal skta”


 As soon as she comes out of her memory laneshe starts  crying.......I am sorry maa ,Plz mujhe maaf kr dijiye , papa se boliye na mujhse baat kre plz maa(her voice choked)yes sudhir is nottalking to priya since priya’s discharge , he take care of priya everytime butwhenever priya tries to talk to him , he gives cold shoulder to her , ........shehides her face in her palms

Shipra comesthere and rubs her back ,immediately priya hugs her mother and says maa plzkuch kijiye , (lump)I know I made a mistake but plz apko pta h me papa se baatkiye bina nhi reh skti(after a pause) Please maa tell papa I cant live withouttalking to him, please  maa I beg youwhy he is treating me like this , he is not talking to me, it is killing me maa

Sudhir comesthere with teary eyes :I did not talk to you for so many days and you arefeeling sad ,then think if anything happens to me , Priya shouts loudly Papaand come forward to sudhir and hugs him tightly , Sudhir also embraces her andkisses  on priya’s head  “tune ek baar bhi mere bare me nhi socha kiagar (lump) tujhe kuch ho jaega to me kese jee paunga” and starts crying verybadly “Tu esa kese kar skti h, tu itni selfish kb se ho gyi priya, Priya isalso crying and shipra too......she also comes forward and hugs her family...........sudhiragain continues “if you again try to kill yourself....... I promise you priya I will kill myself .......Icant live without u  my doll , tu merijaan h priya, and  caresses priya’s hairPapa Loves you  a lot beta, papa tumharebina nhi reh skte.......

Priya : I amsorry papa , i will not do that again, I love you so much papa and tightlyholds her parents , its a family hug ,to enlighten priya and sudhir’s mood ,shipra teasingly says wah wah kya baat h baap beti done hi mujhe bhul gye , koimujhse pyar hi nhi krta and tries to break the family hug but before thatsudhir and priya holds her back and together says I love  you..........

 Its a new morning for sharma’sbecause today is their daughter’s birthday...... sudhir and shipra both comesto her room , finds that priya is getting ready,

Sudhir and shipratogether says Happy Birthday beta and hugs her , sudhir gives some papers towhich priya gets shocked........

Priya : What isthis papa?

Sudhir : I wantyou to handle this company which I have established before your marriage andwanted to present you as a wedding gift but(his voice chocked) (priya also gottears )composes himself leave it so this is your birthday gift and I want youto make this company as  India’s top mostcompany......

Priya : But Papahow can I accept this ?

Sudhir :Priyabeta I want you to accept it (after a pause) If anything happens to me then whowill take care of you and shipra that’s why I want you to be independent Priyainterrupts  papa nothing is going tohappen to you and hugs him and gets emotional and wese bhi you  are forgetting  I am independent I works in “The SharmaIndustry”

Sudhir:  I know you works in Sharma Industry whichbelongs to all Sharma’s  but I want tosee you successful , I want to see your name shinning as star  “ The Priya Sharma “ “The Buiseness Tycoon “

Priya : Okk Iaccept your gift but I have a condition .

Sudhir : Whatcondition?

Priya: I willhandle this company but not as owner but as employee (after a pause ) you wantto see me independent na  so whatever Iwill earn from this company  I willinvest it in my company which I will establish on my own .

Sudhir: But Priyathis is not so easy

Priya : You trustyour daughter right , (sudhir nods his head positively)I will establish mycompany on my own.

Sudhir : tujhseaaj tk jit paya hu me , thik h jesa tu chahe.

After that sheworked very hard and established her own company “ PSS Industry” due to herhard work her company “PSS Industry” got huge success but no one knows the realowner of “PSS” except Shruthi and her parents, because priya did notwant anyone to take advantage of her because of her success.......... Dueto  Rohan’s cheat(deception) she does not believes in love nor on anyoneelse...... that’s why she kept herself hidden (As “The Priya Sharma TheBusiness Tycoon”) from outer world......In an year she established anothercompany and named as “Kiyara Industry”(because whenever she dreamt of having adaughter ,she wanted to name her as “kiyara” but she knows the truth that it isnot possible) and whatever profit it will generate 65% of it  will be donated in child orphanages , againno one knows the real owner of “Kiyara Industry” infact media is trying veryhard to find out who is the real owner of it but failed everytime , everybusinessman want to work with “Kiyara Industry the topmost  company of India” but reality is different ,Priya has drowned herself in work and NGO infact she has associated herselfwith child orphanages whenever she feels lonely or sad , she visitsorphanage..............

Note: This is the end of Priya’s past , she is now “Thebusiness tycoon” “The Priya Sharma “but no one knows except shruti and herparents........even Ram is also unaware of Priya’s biggest truth of life.



Recap:  “Kiyara Industry the topmost  company of India” but reality is different ,Priya has drowned herself in work and NGO infact she has associated herselfwith child orphanages whenever she feels lonely or sad , she visits orphanage(past ends here)..............

At Present:

Roka of Raya hasdone and it is decided that both will get married in mandir after 2 days.......

Shruti shoutspriya’s name loudly to grab her attention , priya got startled to hear her nameloudly............

Shruti : What happenedpriya ?Where have you lost?

Priya : silent

Shruti(sternly) :Don’t tell me that you were again lost in your past .

Priya : silent

Shruti :lookpriya (after a pause) I know whatever happened with you was wrong(she holds herby shoulder) but why are you spoiling your future by remembering that dreadfulpast. Please Priya try to come out of that phase not for yourself but for yourparents.

Priya(helplessly): I know shruti but its not that so easy  ,(her eyes become moist) whenever I tries to forget my past I fails everytime ........the pain which Rohan caused to me isstill unhealed, (her voice chocked)I hates myself that why I loved  Rohan so much and what he did? He cheated me. Why?Because of money.  He was  right  Shruti  I am not worth of anyone immediately  Shruti shouts loudly shut up just shut up andhugs  her after some time she says whenpriya gets calm......  priya how can you say that , why are you forgetting  thatyou are a self made woman ,You are the one who is leading a company on No. 1  position since 1.5 year , the success you have achieved in those 3 years is beyond anyones imagination, its all because of your hard work and dedication (takes a pause)  don’t forget Priya   you are “The Priya Sharma”  owner of “PSS” (Priya Sudhir Sharma industry)and “Kiyara” uncle aunty feels proud of you even me too. Everyone knows that a girl named Priya Sharma is owner of it but no one seen you because you didn’t want anyone to take advantage of your success . Now look..... todayyour name is  shinning like a star in business world because the profit which PSS and Kiyara earns, you donates  65% of it in child organizations , old agehomes (after a pause) Just to cheer her mind shruti smilingly says by the way“The Priya Sharma” shaadi k baad aap mujhe bhul to nhi jaengi?

Priya smiles abit and says tu koi bhulne wali chiz h jo bhul jaungi , you are my best friend, I am lucky that I have got you as my friend and again hugs her

Shruti : By the wayPriya have you told Mr. Kapoor about your real identity that you are The PriyaSharma?

Priya : No need shruti he also is a Business Tycoon “The Ram Kapoor”

Shruti interrupts yes I know he is “The Ram Kapoor”  owner of Kapoor Industry but the fact is that he is on 2nd position in business world so I guess you should tell him .

Priya : Let it be yrr shruti . I don’t want anyone to know about this , anyways shruti I want youto handle kiyara on my behalf  because in upcoming days PSS will be merged in Kiyara and as you know I will be busy in upcoming days, karthik too will be there to help you out (karthik is her cousinbrother he loves her like his own sister , he also works with her, both shruti and karthik mostly interacts with media and other business associates on behalf of Priya , sometime Priya too attends the meeting without revealing her real identity ).

Shruti : Okk boss and salutes her , don’t worry priya I will handle it as always , and you just take care of your self go and take rest upcoming days will be more hectic foryou again hugs her...... 2 days more and you will be called Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor   and bids   bye to her .

Sudhir and Shipra  enters in her and sees that Priya is adjusting her bed to gather her attention Sudhir calls her name, she turns towards them , both walks upto her. Sudhirtakes Priya’s hand in his, looking very restless and says

Sudhir : Priya ,tell me genuinely that are you really happy with this relationship?

Shipra interrupts :Sudhir what are you talking?

Sudhir cuts her in middle and says to Shipra that he is talking to his daughter and sternly continues don’t interrupt until I am finishes

Priya is looking  down, her eyes is become moist

Sudhir could sense that something is bothering her so again he  calls her name , finally Priya faces him , Sudhir sees that Priya’s eyes is moist ,he takes her in sidehug.

Sudhir : Beta  what happen ? Are you not happy with this relationship?

Priya : Nothing is like that Papa

Sudhir : Then what beta, don’t forget I am your father I can sense that something is bothering you please tell me beta (after a pause) if you are not happy with   this, I will call this off no matter what happens I  only want your happiness that’s it.

Priya: No Papa ,I don’t have any problem with this (I know papa if you got to know about Mr.Kapoor’s condition you will break this marriage, I know how much you and maa craves to see me happily married, this is your biggest dream and I don’t want to ruin your dream I am sorry papa )

 Sudhir : Then why are you looking so lost?

Priya (smiles) :That’s because how will l live without you two and tears appears in her eyes

Sudhir embraces her : I can’t also live without you my doll, I love you beta.

Priya : I love you too papa

Sudhir : Priya sach bta tu is rishte se khush hena

Priya : Trust mepapa I am happy with this.

Sudhir can feelthat Priya is hiding something from him, so he says that if anytime if she  feel to share something with him, she can freely share anything with him.

Shipra : Papa beti ki baat ho gyi ho to mujh pr bhi thoda dhyan de dijiye, Priya pulls herin  family hug..... everyone’s eyes is moist because coming 2 days will be last days of Priya in this house , so she requests her parents to stay in her room for this 2 days.......

Shipra and Priyais lying on bed, Priya’s head is on Shipra’s chest she is cuddling to hermother and shipra is caressing her hair to make her feel good , Sudhir is watching his 2 princess of his life (I know Priya something is bothering you ,I can feel it and I know beta Ram still loves his 1st wife it reflects in his eyes and as a husband I can understand but I am sure that you and Ram will be happy together)

Finally wedding day has arrived , Kapoors have reached to Siddhivinayak Temple , all are deckedup in traditional dresses Ram is wearing a golden Kurta matching with Ansh’s dress, all are waiting for Sharma’s to arrive. Ram is holding Ansh in his arms.

Ansh: Dad why wecome here and that too in this dress?

Ram(he is feelinghelpless that what to answer him):Wo Ansh am....

Krishnaji felt his uneasiness so she took Ansh from Ram and says  finally today your mumma is coming home for forever to stay with you (Ansh’s face lits up in a smile)  so we are here to do a small pooja.

Ansh  confirms it with Ram and he assures him that yes your mumma is coming home to staywith you forever.

Ansh : But  Dadi, Mumma abhi tk aayi q nhi?

Krishna: Baby Mumma must be on the way.

Ansh is waiting for Priya impatiently , every passing second he asks the same question to Ram or others about Priya and all gives him the same answers everytime that Priya will be here very soon........

Ram asks to vikram about Neha’s arrival , vikram answers him that Neha has left to chennai for important conference


Note : Ram andNeha hardly knows each other , Neha and Vikram got married 5 months back their accidental meeting in hospital turned out to be love story and after that both got married , due to Neha’s busy profession Ram met her for 2 or 3 time .  

Vikram shows towards entrance of Mandir , from where the Sharmas are entering in Mandir , Priya is wearing a Red Sari  with less jewellery and less make up her headis covered with her sari pallu , she is looking very pretty in sari , her kohled eyes is enhancing her beauty.......

As soon as Ansh sees that Priya is entering he immediately come out of Krishnaji’s arms and runs to Priya.  Priya lifts him in her arms and hugs him. Ansh whispers in her ears that he missed her so much, Priya lips curl into a smile and says but baby you have spent previous 2 days with me na then......

Yes Ansh and Priya spent previous 2days with each other  , Ram used to drop him in morning and take him back at evening..... in those 2 days  Priya learnt all about Anshu’s  likes and dislikes, that 2 days were  best days of her life , Sharma’s also got attached to Ansh , infact Ansh has started calling them as Nannna and Nanni ,when for the first time Ansh called Sudhir as Nannna, sudhir’s eyes become moist , he immediately hugged  him ,Priya and Shipra too got tears in their eyes, it was like their dream have come true.......

Ansh faces herand very cutely says but mumma 2 din ko gye hue bhi to bhot time ho gya 

Priya : Aww my baby I missed you too

Krishnaji takes Ansh in her arms, Priya bends down to take blessings from Krishnaji and Dadi.

 Krishnaji: Blesses her and  Praises her for her simple and elegant look,and takes Raya  where   Panditji is waiting for them. Sharma’s and Kapoors greets to each other and comes near to the hawan kund...........

Ram and Priya is sitting near by hawan Kund......Priya is sitting Right side of Ram, Panditji is chanting mantras , Ram is physically present but his mind is drifted back to Radhika and his memories , he remembers his first meeting with Radhika , their arranged marriage , how they fell in love with each other , their Milan , after2 years of their marriage How  Radhika was blushing while breaking her pregnancy news to Ram , their journey together during Radhika’s pregnancy and last how Radhika lost her life ........ immediately Ram got tears in his eyes but he wipes it off without anyone’s notice but Priya noticed it and somewhere she too felt Ram’s pain in herself she too got tears in her eyes,don’t know why but she didn’t like tears in his eyes.......

Panditji: VarVadhu Phero k liye khade ho jaye,

 Raya gets up for pheras before that shipra ties the gathbandhan, Raya are taking the pheras and all are flowing flowers on them......

Background Song

Aaye ho merizindagi mein tum bahar banke(2).....

Mere dil meinyuhi rehna tum pyar pyar banke.....

Ankho me tum baseho sapne hazar banke......

Mere dil meinyuhi rehna tum pyar pyar banke.......

Raya have completed the pheras and again sit back near to hawan kund now the position has changed Priya is sitting to the left of Ram......Sudhir notices that Shipra is crying , he takes her in his side hug, Shipra says to him that Whether Priyawill be happy with Ram or not, Sudhir rubs her arm and assures her that indeed Priya will be happy with him...... Panditji tells him to tie the Mangalsutra around priya’s neck , Krishnaji handovers the MS to Ram and he ties it but without making an eye contact with her......not  for a single moment he  looks at Priya’s face

Mere sathi meresajan mere sath uhi chalna

Badlega rangzamana pr tum nhi badalna

Meri mang yuhibharna , tare hazaar ban ke.......

Takes Sindoor andfills her maang

Mere dil me yuhi rehna tum pyar pyar banke.......


Panditji : Vivah Sampann hua.......

1stRaya reaches to Dadi and bends down to touch her feet, Dadi blesses them as Sada Khush Raho mere baccho . Then takes the blessing from Krishnaji, Ansh isnot getting anything , he sees that his parents is touching his Dadi and Badi Dadi’s feet so he also got down from vikram’s arms and touches their feet.

As soon as Ansh touches Badi Dadi’s feet she asks him what he is doing , he simply replies that he is doing what his parents is doing , everyone smiles at his reply. Priya calls Ansh and takes him in her arms , Priya is standing beside Ram Ansh is between them , its looking like a perfect family picture , taking the advantage of situation Vikram forces Ram to keep his hand on Priya’s shoulder so that hecould take their picture , Ram angrily stares at him but due families presence he unwillingly puts his hand on her shoulder and finally Vikram takes the shot in his mobile....... Ansh immediately gets down and asks vikram to show him thepicture.....

Raya reaches toSudhir and Shipra , both bends down to touch their feet but Sudhir stops and embraces them , Sudhir takes Ram’s hand in his and places Priya’s hand in his hand and says (cryingly) Aaj se meri beti apki hui....... please take care of her , Ram nodes his head , Shiprahugs Priya and says aaj se tu Mrs . Priya Ram Kapoor k naam se jaanijaegi.......

Finally Priya reaches to shruti who is already crying , she introduces her to Ram.

Shruti : Mr.Kapoor please take care of my best friend.

Raya meets to Karthik also , Vikram reaches to Raya with Ansh , and congratulates them , Ansh spread his hand towards Priya to take him in her arms, Priya takes him in her arms .

Ansh : Is it true mumma that you are coming home to stay forever with me

Priya : Yes baby,ab mumma apko chod kr kahi nhi jaegi and hugs him.

Ram always gets astonished to see their bonding , how both are very comfortable with each other.

Sharmas and Kapoor once again greets each other now its time to go to Kapoor Mansion..........



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Parents want only well being of their kids but still sometimes they pressurized their children and they have to take decision in their favour.
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