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A warm welcome to the 9th year celebration of our show Geet Hui Sabse ParayiHug

Its 5th April..the day when this show named "Geet Hui Sabse Parayi" entered in our lives. It has been 9 years since.. Yet the magic of the show hasn't fade even a bit.Big smile

April 5th, This day can never be forgotten.

From a mere show it rendered into our world of loveDay Dreaming

The craziness and madness for the show have been constantly increasing. Not even a single day passes without thinking about it. Approve

Geet hui sabse parayi thought us what pure love is..Heart

Even till this very day, it resonates the same mushy feelings whenever we catch glimpse of any mere frame of this epic sagaEmbarrassed

The goosebumps we get when we watch the romantic scenes,our laughter when we see the nok-jokhs,our anger when we see the vamps,our drooling when we see Mr.DhakDhak,our mournful tears when we see Maaneet in pain or that enthusiasm when we were eagerly waiting to know what will happen next..Has anything changed much over all these years?Let's leave this question for you guys to answer for yourselves!Wink




Enjoy the amazing creations and get ready to drown in the Maaneet memories once again Day Dreaming

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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi...
Estranged from all..

       A story of an ordinary girl, who was anything but ordinary.

          A story of a robust guy, who was actually tender at heart.

          A story depicting the journey of the girl, who faced all battles of life with a smile on her face.

          A story depicting the journey of the guy, who would lose anything but never his morality.

          A story of a Mother who went against all, even her family, to protect her baby.

          A story of him who went against all, even his family,  to protect her and her baby.

          A story of two people who were destined to be together.

          A story of two people who always found their way back to each other, despite all the odds.

          A story of Maan and Geet.

          A story of Maaneet.

         An Epic Tale.
It all started in Hoshiarpur, where Geet Handa, a mere girl of 18 years, was living life under the rules set by the patriarch society. She did what her elders asked her to do, even if it meant to marry a guy whom she had never met even once in her life. 

She did what society expected her to do as a wife, fulfilling the needs of her so-called husband, even if it meant she had to suppress her desires. She remained silent when her family asked her to, even if she actually wanted to cry her hearts out when she realized that she was actually betrayed. She did what all she could do to please her family and honor her family name, until one day she decided that enough is enough. She could endure everything on herself but would never let anyone hurt her baby, even if it meant she had to go against her own family to protect her innocent child. 
To be Estranged From All!

In her journey towards independence, she met him, Maan Singh Khurana, who was always rude to her, showed her arrogance yet who was always there when she needed someone the most. 

They met and they fought. Their ideologies never matched, yet somehow they always crossed each others path.  

Slowly, they started to let go of their initial impressions of each other and started to realize that they were judging each other wrong.

For her initially, Maan was an extremely arrogant, rude and dominating person. However gradually she realized that he was a man of few words, that his actions spoke louder than his words, that he actually wished well for her but could not express himself.

For him, Geet was an ordinary village girl, who knows nothing except crying, weeping helplessly at every difficulty! But slowly he realized her strength, her confidence and her will to never give up on anything that comes across her way.

With the change in their perceptions about each other, feelings for each other altered as well. They tried very hard to resist the lingers of love waving at them. Yet could not help falling deeply in love with each other. 

Geet loved him so intensely that she was ready to leave him so that he is not burdened by the shadows of her past. And there, Maan's pure love was so selfless that he was ready to accept her for who she is along with her baby. She loved him so much that she was ready to forget and forgive her past for him. Loving her no less, he too was ever ready to give his ultimate best to get the justice and punish her past. She respected him so much that she did not want to break his family and he respected her so much that he wanted to make her his family.

Their journey was no cake-walk. Betrayals, misunderstandings, fights, mistrust, accidents, miscarriage, poverty, memory-loss, and what not, they faced everything and yet came together. They fought their demons and stayed together. They loved with such passion, that no evil force was able to separate them.

She became "Maan ki Geet" and he became "Geet Ka Maan." And Together they became "MAANEET.  
MAANEET: A couple who loved like no other.
                It has been 9 years since Maaneet came in our lives and made a permanent place in our hearts. They are still loved and cherished by all of us. Their names still make us go all aww and make our hearts beat faster. 
It is this love, that has made us keep this forum open even after the show went off-air ages ago.
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[Photo Credit: Neha]


        A sweet, bubbly girl who was forced to break out of her bubble and face the extremities of life. In just 18 years, she saw life at its worst. She was forced to grow mature and take up the responsibility of her baby all alone at such a young age. She faced many hardships in life, yet she did not let it affect her cheerful nature. She refused to turn bitter even when all she faced was bitterness and all around her. Instead of bowing down to the circumstances, she decided to face life bang on. She started her job at KC as Maan's secretary. Her courage, strength, confidence, trust in her BABAJI, ability to love and trust, etc. are some of the things we admire.                

Her love for Maan surpasses everything else. She loved with all her heart, so much so that she even begged in front of her culprit just so that she could save Maan's life. She brought back colors in Maan's life and changed him from being the DushtDanav MAAN to Mishty's hubby MAAN.


He is a man that completely justifies his name "MAAN". Honor, Dignity, Pride!

He is a man of principles and did not deter away from his morals even for his family sake. He is a man of few words and often found it difficult to express himself. He is the owner of Khurana Constructions(KC). His way of expressing his love was through his actions. His attitude, arrogance, morality, righteousness is what made him The MSK, the successful young entrepreneur.

He supported Geet throughout, saved her life and yet never tried to make her dependent on him. 

Every emotion that he emits is high in intensity. Be it love, rage or annoyance. Hence, when he loved Geet, he loved her with all his existence, every ounce of his soul. His love is deeply passionate, for which he accepted Geet with her past and her baby, without any iota of doubt.

Such is his love for Geet that even when he forgot Geet from his mind, he remembered her by his heart and fell for her again.



                No wonder Maan is a man of morality. He got it all from his grandmother. She is graceful, sweet, caring, funny, mischievous and witty. She is Maan's topmost support system. She knows Maan in and out. She knew which buttons to press on Maan, and he works as a puppet in her hands. She accepted Geet with all the love. She played a cute cupid in Maaneet's love saga. She is always there with them with her blessings and wishes.



                He is Maan's younger brother. He was once a selfish man who was concerned just about his own wishes and desires. He not only betrayed Geet but also his own wife, Naintara, whom he claimed to love. He eventually changed for the better though and tried to live up to the name of Khuranas. He later got married to Nandini.



                She is a vicious lady who did not mind getting her own husband to marry other girl, for money. Such is her obsession with Dev and his money, that she did not leave any stone unturned to ruin Geet's life. She is a cunning woman who made so many evil plots to destroy Maaneet's peace. Even after her several tries, she failed miserably. Maaneet's love is stronger than her evilness.



                She is Dev's real mother and Maan's stepmother. She is guilty of what they did with Geet and her family but strangely blames Maan for the way Dev behaved. She thinks Maan does not accept her and Dev as his family and therefore, she defrauds Maan and gets his property on her name.


                She is the cute and the most pampered sister of Maan. She is used to getting all her wishes fulfilled by his dear Bhai. She had her own apprehensions about Geet but eventually, she became a good friend of Geet, once she realized the goodness of Geet.



                  He is Naintara's brother. He was fuelled by his sister 's negativity and hence, he tried to avenge her by trapping Annie but eventually realized who was wrong and actually fall for her.



                He is Geet's grandfather and head of the Handa family. He is a man who gives importance to his fake pride more than his own family members.  He eventually did come to bless Geet on her wedding but sadly enough he loves his sons/grandsons more than the girls of the family.



                He is Geet's cousin from Hoshiyaarpur. He is a spineless man who gained a sense of masculinity by forcing his rules on women. He tried to kill his own sister just to satisfy his male ego. He could never come in terms to the fact that women are no less than men in any way. He was badly thrashed by Maan for having tried to hurt Geet.


(Rano& Mohindar handa)

                They are a sweet couple, who tried their best to stand up for Geet yet were bound by family traditions and rules.



            Adorable cousins of Geet. Both the siblings share a sweet bond with Geet. They managed to bring about a smile on Geet's face and always tried to save her from Darji's scoldings.


                He is the right hand of Maan, whom he trusts more than his own brothers. He is loyal, helpful, funny and trustworthy. He was one of the few people who stood up with Maan when he was facing a financial crisis. His support and loyalty for Maan are commendable. His cute nervous laughter is adored by all. He has a crush on Pinky and gets jealous when she hangs out with Romeo, but he fears to admit his feelings.



                She is a bubbly and sweet girl, who works as a receptionist at KC. She is a true friend, who never judges Geet for her past and supports her at times of need. She loves to eat and one can always find her enjoying her pack of chips, at her desk.



                She is the head architect at KC. She is loyal to Maan yet she is weirdly obsessed with MSK. She made Geet's life hell in the office just because she saw her as a potential threat in a way to gain MSK (as if he was a thing to be possessed). She even joined hands with Naintara to get rid of Geet. But with each throne that she planted, Maaneet grew even more close.



                "Silly Me!!"  is another iconic phrase of GHSP after the famous "Chup Bilkul Chup". She has an evergreen crush on MSK. She is a sweetly annoying girl and is funny in her own world. She is the assistant to Sasha and hence, helps her in her plots to trouble Geet. She later on accepted Geet for who she is and helped her in the office.



                She is a cute, sweet girl from Mumbai who came looking for her Mr. Dreamy i.e. MSK, whom she first saw in her college convocation. She slowly realised that Maan can only be with Geet. She realized Maaneet's feelings for each other even before they could have realized themselves.



                She is a self obsessed girl who is rude to her subordinates. Maan broke all his business contacts with her after seeing her insulting Geet. She managed to create a minor rift in Maaneet's lives which was solved by Geet's smartness.


                She is a friend of Dev and Maan. She secretly loves Dev but never confessed. She helped Geet when she left Maan due to some misunderstanding. She tried her best to make Dev understand his mistakes and do some damage control. She is a sweet girl and a true friend.



                He was the owner of Indian Paints(IP) and later on sold his business to Maan. He is a cheerful, talkative and humorous guy who managed to help unite Maaneet with his sweet little tricks.


                He used to work at Indian Paints(IP) but was later moved to KC, when IP was bought by Maan. He is a good friend of Geet. He has a cute crush on Tasha.



                He is an ex-IP employee too and works for KC now. He is a religious "Brahamachaari" guy. He is a good friend of Geet.



                He also worked for IP and later joined KC. He is gay and fell for the charms of MSK. He is the only guy competitor of Geet, who yearns for Maan's love.



                She is a strong headed lady. She is Geet's aunt from Amritsar. She has her own set of rules which are strictly followed in her household.



                He is Beeji's elder son and Geet's cousin. He is a milder version of Brij, the only difference being he did not hurt his own family.



                She is the sweet wife of Teji who always yearns for his love. She is very affectionate.



                He is Beeji's second son and Geet's cousin. He is a good natured and kind hearted guy. He is a fan of his brother-in-law Maan. He helped Maaneet in winning Beeji's heart. He loves Preeto and even fights with a wrestler to prove his love for her. He eventually moved to Delhi with Maaneet, after marriage.



                She is a sweet Punjabi Kudi. Sheis Lucky's love interest and later they got married.



                She is Beeji's only daughter and Geet's third cousin from Amritsar. She is a high headed girl who wishes well for her sister. She later fell in love with Dev and they both got married.



                He is Beeji's brother and Geet's maternal uncle. He is a drunkard and tends to forget things easily. He loves to read local suspense thrillers and solve self-made mysteries. His temporary memory loss helped Maaneet a lot to meet secretly in Amritsar.


                She is a sweet house-helper. She is very loyal towards Beeji's family.


                He was an obsessive childhood lover of Geet. He managed to traumatize Geet a lot and eventually died while trying to harm Maan.

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Like a dream which occurred yesterday, Geet has completed 9 years!
As we commence to celebrate this happiness, we will go back in the time.
The doors of past, Where, a millions of cherished Maaneet
mahi moments could be found!
Doing no further adieu, Let's commence this
magicaljourney whose destination is nostalgia! Shall we?? 

When They Met 

(Banner - Waveteal)

Can We Ever Forget how they first met? 

True to the words, "Aapka humsafar aapki zindagi mein aaj hi aane wala hain" And Maan entered Geet's life like a gust of wind.

Who can forget the scene where our  Greek God saved our damsel in distress? Maan not only arrived in our Geet's journal but he entered in our hearts too..

Making our heart going Dhak Dhak! 

But he was not done there. Increasing the flutterings of our heart.. along with Geet, we all went "Chup...Bilkul Chup..." By the first words that he articulated! 

The Blizzard & An unwavering Geet

(Photo Credit - Neha)

There is nothing powerful than a Mother's love for her child.
And Geet's love for her baby made her taking a courageous stand against her the society and even her whole family.

She withstood all the tortures which her family inflicted yet firmly stood in her decision to keep her baby. 

The innocent girl who knew nothing about the outside world fearlessly faced all the hardships this cruel world had thrown towards her.

With the baby being her only sense of hope, she set off to Delhi..To start the new journey of her life...
To find Dev the culprit! That cursed father of her child , who estranged them even before she would have seen the Henna drying on her palms! 

And what for? Just to fulfill his cheap thrills for money. Dev didn't even think twice to play the farce of fake marriage with an innocent eighteen years old. Leaving her shattered before she could even understand the meaning of heartache or experiance the sweet fragrance of love!

After cherishing the first two special moments let's enjoy Mahiii...Mahi ve!The first vm on our celebration!

Dedicating this Vm to all the crazy maaneet lovers!! 
Hope you ejnoy it! Embarrassed


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(Banner - Waveteal)

So here comes another special moment to drive us nostalgic!

The Journey of Geet continues!!

A new phase of life commenced for the little girl who came all the way from Hoshiyar Pur to Delhi. 

New people, new place, unknown plights but nothing could waver a determined Geet.

Tossing her surname away Geet was resolute to create her very own identity.

From the timid shy girl, she emerged into an epitome of confidence.

The best thing which described her nature was never running away from any of her problems. Rather facing them with all her spirit.

And in this journey she was not alone.

Ek Ajnabhi uske saath hamesha khada raha, Bilkul jaise Parchayi ho. Ek Saaya banke.

Against all the odds, Geet always had that one support, who stood by her like a rock.

He would taunt her but never tainted with bitterness. All his remarks proved to be a great path of guidance for Geet.

His words would be direct without any mincing. He might say things which are hurtful but Geet would see the mirrors of truth in those. All his admonishing rather inspired her to fight even better!

She didn't even grasp when from a rude stranger he was turned into her stern boss. Or when that stern boss would become the source of her strength, her guide, her pride. Her Honor!

And later, her whole universe!

Let's enjoy this cute Retro vm by our enthusiastic Maaneetian mg13 aka Mugdha!!


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What about Maaneet did attract you for the first time, How did you get hooked to them?

@Madhu : I have seen the scene where Dev will leave Geet in airport.That is the 1st time I have seen an episode of GHSP..was feeling bad.That time I don't know Hindi tooLOLWas feeling bad after seeing that scene.Just time rolled by and Then I saw Maan..(tat time for me it was Ram dressed as a business ManLOL)ithe scene where he tries to say Sorry and then I stared to watch few days..it took almost 2-3 days to get what his name is..how sillyLOLAgain chod diya..and then I saw Kurban Hua..thats is..as if I moth attracted to fire..no more turning back..completed got hooked to GHSP!!Almost saw all the re-telecast..and sply I love non stop dhopahar!!No ads..fully we can watch time..kitna accha that woh dinDay Dreaming

Sahiba : Umm, Well it is very difficult to answer. Maaneet had so much to them that we can hardly ever put it into words. Their love was their strength and their weakness too. The first thing that got me attracted to them would be Maan's arrogance and Geet's naivety. How slowly Geet helped Maan overcome his saduness with her sweet nature and how Maan helped Geet to see the realities of the world and face them with confidence, was what hooked me to the show. They were the support system to each other both physically and emotionally and their emotional bond is what makes them beautiful together.

@love2_soma : The angry young man maan and geets n maan's takrar...n d way he was advising geet to fight with d wrongs...i started like watching any other serial...but dont knw when i got addicted to it...n GEET made me believe in love once again...

@Sheetalvasa : Maine pehle episode se hi serial dekhna shuru kiya tha. DD ko dekhna ke liye shuru kiya tha. Mujhe Dev bhi pasand tha toh dekhna achha lagta tha...par jab Dev Geet ko chodke chala aur Handa family ne Geet ke saath jo suluk kiya, mujhe laga yeh toh typical ho gaya...mujhe nahi dekhna...par pata nahi kyu, main chod nahi payi...shayad maan ki entry ho gayi thi aur Geet ke saath usski fight achhi Lange lagi thi!

@Khwaishfan : The rocking chemistry and the uniqueness of the show.I never watched Geet and never knew about this show until I went to the UK for a holiday. I just saw on scene... episode 91 when Geet wanted the rose from the garden but seeing Maan she refused... and how Maan later wanted to give the rose...Came back home and googled on the show, foung GHSP Forum... Watched a few episodes on line and read the written updates. Was a hooked on the show!

Still to watch the entire show! Hope to do soon!

@TIA23Blush(Cia) : still remember my younger sister told me Drashti's own show as the leading lady is coming. I was excited as DD was simply vibrant on Dill Mill Gayye as Dr. Muskaan. Loved her comic character there and specially those curly locks which made me relate myself a lot to her. 
Par jab the story highlighted on her marriage with Dev kahi na kahi mann nahi bhara mera. I didn't like the way story was progressing. Usske baad toh I rarely watched it. But my sister was fevistick infront of the TV when the show used to telecast. At dinner time mujhe bhi dekhna padta tha until Episode 12.
Hayye, that pani mein jump kar ke Geet ko doobne se bachane wala ka scene. We didn't know his name was Gurmeet. We just knew this macho man saves Geet. My sister was like ab toh please let us continue watching this serial maza aayega. Usske baad we used to watch but the proper commitment towards this show was after watching Kurbaan Hua song sequence. They hated each other like cats and dogs but the chemistry they gave had no match. It was a perfect combo of fire and ice. Just making us for crave more and more.

@Waveteal : Firstly, I have to thank the cast director and creative team of Geet. I mean they did a marvelous job of finding the faces who became Maan & Geet for us. 

Not being a fan of itv, I remember it was midnight when I was bored and lazily surfing the channels as I saw Geet(Drashti Dhami) is running away from some goons. She landed straightly in the water and Maan sloshed out having her in his arms! If this is not what you call setting the water on fire then I don't know what else is!

Without much insight about the story(only 11th episode so far) or any relevance those two taken me aback. That's why I thanked the cast director. Because very few people would look that tantalizing and sizzling on screen! So that's how Maaneet attracted me.

And when Geet's plot gradually shaped up, there was no going back. A fantastic hardworking cast along with a superb storyline.

Many may not know but the initial plot of Geet is based on true events.

Lastly I would add, I loved how this who was so intense with minimal makeup, excellent direction and videography! Unlike other stv serials where heavy costumes are shown, I could relate to how the characters used to dress up. 

Suhana : it was actually a time pass for me, but I had liked the storyline it was a real face to the society and it was the first show that showed the reality but neither Geet and the special mention DEV, I hated his character, he was nothing but a cheater and a puppet for Naintara. Then came Maan and his entry actually changed the storyline, Geet learned to fight for herself and then up to 2011 (March) storyline was quite good. Well, I was a GC fan since 2009 so, I had spent more time in admiring his acting skills when the show was running. I loved the characters in the show a lot specially Naintara, No one could have been a classy selfish vamp portrayed by Karishma. 

Jannatul Mahi : Love Everything about them

Nemreen : #Maaneet this couple attracted me because this love is very rare maan is very strict man infront of people but good heart inside geet handa is very funny girl and cute and her inteligence is zero she made mistakes with maan and maan so kind with her

Nehag_20 :  Actually I didn't See Geet From Starting But One day accidentally I put star one that time Geet Repeat telecast Come Where 1st I see MAANEET hug that was The Scene Where Brij Try To kill Geet in Maan outhouse .. where Geet wear yellow & She Is in Fear Hug Maan .. Than After I don't What happen & I Stuck to Geet .. & Geet Become My Lifeline.. after That I saw old episode In Net & More & More I felt For My MAANEET & Maddly love MAANEET . They MAANEET Meet in Honhiyarpur 1st time & mela That Really Unique & I Never Saw Any other Serial.. & Than Maan 1st Shoot In Shirt less Saving Geet .. After That their Nok join But Still Maan is Their To Save His Geet From Starting.. Then Geet Come Delhi & Join Mk construction & Office MAANEET ROMANCE.. & I feel For Their Infinity After That KURBAN hua dance OMG .. I Just Get Made For My MAANEET..

@vasavi_sri :I never watched this show when it was on air 
I watched it on YouTube for the first time later on hot star I thought DD has a great with her co-star in other show after watching this show the  chemistry between Maan and geet is 
No were even to the extent to what she shares with Maan the IVs r so full of life in both the faces just feel like seeing them smiling and joking

What do you like about Maan's character?

@Madhu : Maan's character...can we explain with simple words!!No!!Still I will try.One thing is clear that no man like him will ever exist.He is soo Mr.Dreamyyy...Mr.Perfectionist.Some will just tell that character as 'Angry Young Man'.But that is not the truth.His anger always had reasons.The one person who was selfless..who cared for all.I always admire his attitude.His defn between right and wrong is always wow!!Even his family is wrong,he voiced out and took a stand against them.He accepted Geet and baby whole heartedly..will ever such man exist?His love was deep and pure.He was always protective of his family even when no one was there to protect him!And whenever he taunted Geet,the reason behind was just to make her stand up for herself...For his own selfish reason he didn't hurt anyone.I really wish someone like him exist for real!!Embarrassed

Sahiba : I feel Maan is a guy who is so rare to find in this world, he is so idealistic. The fact that he made Geet a strong girl was applaud-worthy. He never tried to make Geet dependent on him rather always wanted her to fight her demons on her own yet he was always behind her to support her whenever needed. He has a set of principles and he follows them even when he has to go against his family. He was there with Geet against Dev, he made sure Dadima saw the truth and he also made Annie understand what is right. He not only just made promises but fulfilled them too. Some of us may feel that he was being a jerk when he lashed out on Geet after she forgives Dev (after which she leaves for Amritsar), but for me it was the strength of his character. He was not able to fathom as to how could Geet forgive Dev so easily and he stood up for what he feels was right. His way or words may have hurt Geet but his anger was justified there. I can go on and on about why I love Maan but I guess Maan with his righteousness is what I love the most.

@Love2Soma : 
Maan...handsome n sexy...d positiveness in his character i liked d most...he always fights against whts wrong...even for dat he went against her own brother...

@Sheetalvasa : Maan ke liye kya kahu?

Maan ki acting ki main diwaani hoon! Maan ka famous  dialogue...CHUP! EKDUM CHUP! Kaise koi bhul sakta hai! Woh jis tarha se camera mein dekhta tha, apni aawaz ko badlta tha, uska gardan ghumake geet ko dekhna, dialogues ,maan ka chalna,...uff! Yeh sab dil se nikalta hi nahi... Maan Singh Khurana ka positive attitude, sachhai ke saath khade rehna, usski dressing style...sach mein sab kuch dreamy tha!!

@KhwaishFan :
 What is there not to like lol? Loved his attitude, possessiveness, jealously, anger, care and overall love for Geet.

He never hesitated to accept Geet's baby as his and support her against Dev and Naintara!

@Momina : About maan, He is angry young man ,but he can do anything for Geet ,even after Geet fault... He stands for Geet against his family...he never leave her alone, it doesn't matter if they are together or not...but he was there for Geet always... whenever Geet needed him...

@Suhana : Everything, there is nothing to hate in his character. Maan's every expression and action was Dil Le Lo types and even he did any mistake his repentance I loved the most.

@Tia23Blush(Cia) : Hero toh hot hona hi hai no doubt. But, this hotness had a heart unlike other guys. He could have found many girls but he chose Geet. A girl who was a single expecting mother. She had nothing to give him.Yet he pursued her like she had everything he could ever ask. Geet hardly had any relations but Maan made sure he was her backup like a fatherly figure. Protected her like a brotherly figure. Supported her as a true friend would do. Took care of her as a lover. Understood her as a husband. Even after the amnesia track he didn't give up on her. He knew his responsibilities towards her. Bahar jitna bhi sakt ho, andar se bahot naram tha. There will a fraction of guys who will be like him in this real world. 

Jannatul Mahi :  Maan: he always respects women 

@Waveteal : LOL Ahh!! Starting from his name(Maan) till that vein on his temple which he pops in anger!! LOL 
I simply adore E V E R Y T H I N G about Maan's character shades! 

No not because he is so perfect and hero alike having that savior complex. Rather because of his cute imperfections. Also I adore his innocence and purity of heart!
His character synonyms loyalty for me. And am a sucker for honesty!

Maybe less but trust me people like him do exist. Which altogether denotes how unique Maan is! Also original as so many copies of him are roaming around in itv yet not a single one has been able to replicate an ounce of Maan! Wink

Lastly, As a writer I can say his character sketch is something which is so humane and dynamic that it gives utmost liberty for the creative minds. So yeah thanks to that too Maan! Never thought to love a fictional character to this extent! 

@21st aka Sophie : Yet to Ans

@Ginnoske Nohar : Yet to Ans

Nehag_20 : Maan Is The Totally Different Role I Ever Seen In TV.. MSK IS RUTHLESS & ANGRY MAN .BCOZ OF HIS PAST & HATE GIRLS. BUT Still He always Help Geet.. & Most Attractive thing about MSK Off course When He Done ti - chai .. That I Never Seen In TV.. MSK Personality Everything attracted U. I don't have words To described How Much I Love Maan.. & his Transformation From MSK TO love dovi Maan Who Immensely Love His Misty his Dadi & His Sister.. His dance His Eyes Speck alot His Fighting Everything I Loved About My Maan..

@vasavi_sri : Maan character in the show is a bit mysterious and only geet can bring out the real Maan 

What do you like about Geet's character? (Explain both of their character from your personal perspective.)

@Madhu : Geet...a story of girl who stood up for herself.The one who didn't even have the courage to step out of the house..faced the whole world fearlessly!!Her transformation is just wow!!Clearly showed the love every mother has for her child..she went to any extent for her child.Took up all the challenges and made herself strong.It is always the woman who understands unsaid love..and she understood Maan's love more than anyone.Showed us that nothing can stop women if she is confident in herself.A lot of things are there to learn from her character!!Star

@Love2Soma : Like the innocence in geet...but afterwards d fight against the wrong n her tu tu main main with maan...

Sahiba : Umm, I like Geet the most when she is stubborn and is not ready to bow down in front of anyone. Geet's never give up attitude and her confidence was superb. No one could answer MSK back but this girl not only managed to do that, but also made MSK say sorry to her, Do I need to say anything else now? Hehe...Only she could deal with Maan's arrogance and show him his mistakes.  Like she said that "Voh kisi ki Jee Hazuri nahi kar skti was I guess the crux to her character. She loved and trusted people with all her heart and never once did she let her past affect her nature of being nice to others. She never judged any person.  Her confidence and the love she had for Maan (which forced her to beg in front of Dev for blood for Maan and eventually forgiving Dev) was the best.

@Suhana : GEET was a strong female character Gul Khan introduced when we had EK styles Rone dhone Types FL. 
she was really good but I really did not like her when she gave Nandini advice to listen to DEv, it was like she had Amnesia instead of Maan. Plus geet rarely cried, she was strong and that was a good progressive thing for ITV.

Nehag_20 : From Starting I Didn't Like Geet Becoz They Way Her Family Treat Her. That Koyala scene .. I Just Hate That Fearful Geet But When The Journey Of Fighter Geet Start To save Her Unborn Child & I Just fall For My Geet .. That Chulbui Childish Geet Always Talking Her Babaji Which Never Saw Any Show Before.. I Just loved that Cutie Geet. & Then Maan Ki Geet become Jaan Of Everyone .. Every Time Support His Maan .. & Even That MEMORY Lose Track Geet stand With His Maan & Get Her Love Back Which make her Unique from Every Other Girl Who fight for Her Rights..

@Sheetalvasa : Geet ki masumiyat aur chulbulaapan mujhe bahut achha laga...school jaati ladki se lekar ek bachhe ki maa tak ka safar...

Geet ka saari pahen ne ka tarika...

Mujhe aaj bhi yaad aata hai, woh scene...

Diwali pe dadima ke bulane par Geet ka jaana aur maan ka naraz hona...

Geet ka bolna...' humare beech nafrat ka hi sahi par rishta toh hai!!' Uska rote huve bhi na rona...I am astound!!!...

Woh mafinama!! Kaise koi bhul sakta hai!

Unki date!! Maan Geet ke saath saath director ko bhi salam karne ka mann hota hai...

Shaadi wale scene mein jo Geet ke expression the...maan ke liye jo garv Geet ki aankho mein dikhta hai...speechless!! Geet ka maan ko apni hi kahani batana...simple se sabdo mein hume rula dena...

@KhwaishFan : Her innocence, and her determination to have her baby! Her love for Maan was selfless! She was prepared to leave him for his reputation! She evolved from a scared girl to a confident woman!

@Mounima : Geet has very different concept, where FL is strong and she has some attitude...which I love most...she fought for her against her family...she has self respect ...

@Tia23Blush(Cia) : I loved DD from the start. I loved Geet more bcz it was potrayed by DD. Unlike Dr. Muskaan I appreciate her character here bcz there were many women centric issues highlighted here. This character motivated many women to stand up. Go fight for your rights be it alone. Hats off to her for being such courageous inspiration. Being a single mother is not easy but she decided to take this challenge.
2ndly inspite of all the troubles she faced she never gave up on being her cheerful self. She was always upto to some shararat. Her innocence was her trademark in this cruel selfish world.

@Waveteal : Mostly I loved how Geet sabse Parayi hoke Maan ki ho gayi! LOL Maan ki Mishty! 

As much as I love Maan, it's solely because of this cutesy innocent angel. I can't even express how much I love Geet. Heart
It happens very often with me that for some reason i can't relate with the female leads or find most of them heavily annoying. Writers do a fabulous job of butchering female leads hands down! But Geet is that one female character I can proudly say I admire earnestly. 

More than her innocence I love the child inside her who is very mischievous. Especially when she irritates Maan! God I just love that! LOL

For me Geet is the epitome of simplicity & sincerity who proves that you don't need to be flashy or obnoxious to be successful. Her whole journey, fighting against those odds being in such a difficult situation yet winning every hurdle with smile is the very definition of success. And that's what sets her apart! I love her!

Jannatul mahi : Loved Maan cause : he always respects women 
   Geet: the way she stands for her 

@Paridhi : Maaneet ke bare mein ,Maan ka gussa hona phir bhi geet ko humesha uska support karna , Geet ne jo than lena hai wo karke rahna aur apne panjabi style mein sabko hasana .
 Their screen Presence are that much strong you will forget is there any people exist in same frame

@Ginnoske Nohar :

@vasavi_sri : Geet even if she is struggling she keeps a mask on her face smiling and her strong self not ready to give up with out a fight and face any situation and sometimes silly she is so cute with her antics

What sets them apart from others?

@Sahiba : I guess the fact that though they loved each other but did not oversee each other's mistakes/faults is what sets them apart. They accepted each other without any apprehensions about their past and trusted each other was awesome. They were all MAAHIii but when needed they pointed out other person's mistakes too.  The fact that she accepted Maan even when she knows he is Dev's brother and Maan accepted her baby as his was beautiful.

@Madhu : Everything of them sets them apart.From their characterization to their nok johks.Their pure love,understanding ,trust,equality,eye romanceLOL,hugsEmbarrassed ,the way Geet bosses around Maan,Maan's puppy face,his anger,his naughtiness and much more.They are unique and they will remain as unique always.There is no comparison for them.

Nehag_20 : known For Their Passionate Eyes Locks Where Their Eyes Speak Alot more Then dialogue.. & Their Passionate Dance .. From KURBAN hua.. Nahi mahii.. Me agar kahu.. patiyala house.. Maste kalnder .. jab koi bat Bigad Jaye .. tum Sath ho jab apne.. Their Dance is The USP Of Geet .. U Never Bord seeing MAANEET Dance again & again.. Their started Passionate Romance In TV.. That Romance U Never Feel Vulgar It's always pure & Divine.. & 1st Couple In TV Who Fight Like Tom & Jerry..LOLROFLHeart

@Love2Soma : Their intense love...deir chemistry...Heart

@Sheetalvasa : Maan Geet ki chemistry, eyelocks, dialogues, office scene ...pehle aur baad mein kahi nahi dekha! Jitne bhi song sequence  the...superb the!!!

@KhwaishFan : Their sizzling chemistry, Mahi Mahi moments and their love for each other! Opposites certainly attract!!

@Paridhi : No one can match Maaneet chemistry level .

@Suhana : As a Couple  Maaneet were unique, believe me, Maan was the first Male lead who made the audience believe that virginity is a social construct nothing else, he Loved, he married the girl he loved, accepted her child and geet she loved Maan despite of his all Flaws but their care, concern, and Love for each other was something I hadn't seen much on ITV. plus thanks to Gul Khan we never had Maaneet separation tracks.

@Tia23Blush(Cia) : Maaneet ke jaisa toh koi ho hi nahi sakta. This show didn't require a big number of cast. Maaneet stole the show all by themselves. Their fights turning into feelings of concern for each other. Maan's dialogue pehle tum meri aaddat thi, ab tum meri zaroorat bann gayyi ho. Their feelings spoke in those touching dialogues. Their eye lock, body language. They knew each other without asking. ImI glad I came across this couple. They give you real love goals.

@Waveteal : Their simplicity. I loved how they conversed to each other. Looked into each others eyes! 
Their lingering romance!
Their beautiful smiles together!
Utmost cute leg pulling and teasing sessions with nonstop bickering! LOL
And yes yes of course their hot passionate chemistry! Can't ever get enough of Maaneet!

Jannatul Mahi : Their chemistry sets them apart from others

@21st aka Sophie :

@Ginnoske Nohar :

@vasavi_sri :Maan and geet they r unique we can't even compare them to others their dance their romance mainly their non joke and quarrels
Everything between them is amazing. I like to watch their old interviews and sometimes think r they really in love or its my illusion

How often is your mind occupied by them?

@Madhu : Mind is 24/7 occupied with them.If I read a novel..their faces pop up as main characters.While reading the Shiva Trilogy to The fault in our stars..always they were the faces of the main charactersLOLWhen ever I hear my fav song..I will image them in thatROFLSo full on crazy mode of Maaneet..always and forever!!

@Sahiba : Hehehe. Will you think of me as a crazy person if I say ALL the TIME?? I am constantly looking for a Maan in my life so that kind of tells a story itself, isn't it? I read a couple and I automatically imagine them to be Maaneet, that is the level of craziness I have for them.

@Love2Soma : I'm always thinking abt dem only...i m missing dem like hell...want dem back...

@Sheetalvasa : Jab Geet serial on air tha meri health kharab thi...main bedridden thi...Geet serial ne hi mujhe positive rakha...toh mere liye toh usskealag hi maayne hai!! Aaj bhi jab bhi udaas hoti hoon serial dekhna shuru kar deti hoon...ff padhti rehti hoon! Geet ke baad koi serial achhi hi nahi lagti...

@KhwaishFan : A day cannot go by without coming online to GHSP Forums.

@Nehag_20: Everyday.. not a Single moments I Live thinking about it..

@Suhana : Until 2015 it was 24/7 but now I have more things and more favorites in my List, so not often but they are really close to my heart.

@Tia23Blush(Cia) : Whenever I hear some romantic thing or watch anything related to romance, Maaneet automatically cloud my mind. Infact whenever I feel low I watch the downloaded epis of GHSP on my laptop. I haven't had any favourite couple in any TV serial after GHSP. Koi utna kaabil hai hi nahi joh unki jagah le sake, mere dill mein.

@Waveteal :  In the deepest contemplation, rustling business or along the laughter and sorrow Maaneet is always a part which is constant!

Paridhi : Almost everytime but when i listening the songs is feel like each song is made for their love story 

@21st aka Sophie :

@Ginnoske Nohar :

Jannatul Mahi : Mind is occupied by them All the time

Share your Msg for the 9th celebration of Geet and this forum!!!

Sahiba : Geet Hui Sabse Parayi...Well, I am not sure I will be able to express what I feel for the show and for Maaneet in words but I will try...

The show really had great concept..absolutely loved how Geet stood up against her own family and decided to live life on her own terms...I was a teenager when the show aired on TV and I remember feeling all mushy after watching Maaneet go all "MAAHIII..."
Maaneet's cute banter, their love, and romance were simply dreamy and I used to fantasize a lot about finding my own Maan someday...Maan for me is an ideal man and one who is so rare to find...loved how he did not try to make Geet dependent on him rather was there for her when she was learning to be independent...I love Maaneet so much and I am not sure if any other couple can come close to the love that I feel for them...Thanks to GURTI who have made these two characters what they are...really hoped they behaved a bit more cordially with each other for us fan's sake...

When the show ended, I felt that I was missing out on something...Eventually, I landed up at GF...I admit that I was a silent reader for a while because I did not know how to contribute but slowly I realized that this forum and the forum members are so welcoming and nice...I started out by reading Muskaan's stories but till now I have read numerous stories on the forum...Ritzy, Shobha, Taslima, Palindrome, Susegad, Rashmi (to name a few) are some of my favorite writers on the forum and I absolutely love how these people have helped us all to keep the Maaneet magic alive even after 9 years...I really wish that I knew of IF during the time the show aired...I am sure I would have had a lot of fun then...

I made several friends on the forum...and I love all of them:

Ipti: aka WaveTeal...What to say, this girl is a doll...I never thought I would make such a nice friend on this online platform...We talked and realized we have so much in common...in just 3-4 months, this girl has come to mean so much to me that I can't put it in words how much I love her...Ipti, I am glad that you decided to PM me that day to ask my opinion on that issue if not, I would have lost the opportunity to have known you...just know that I love you and I hope to share this bond with you throughout my life...HeartHeart

Madhu: aka Madhu_31...Madhu, baby you are my little sister...I guess Ipti introduced us so a big thanks to her coz of whom I got such a cutie in my life...Baby, just know that you have me in your life and never be stressed about anything and of course I am always ready to adopt you, you just have to say and I will be there on your door...I love you, sweety...Big smileHeart

Kiara: aka Silvermist32223...  Oh my silver, my precious...I am waiting eagerly for you to turn into a GOLDIE...hehe...Kiara...I am so glad that you happen to browse the internet and stumbled upon IF...it's so good to have known you...we do share some common interest in Disney cartoons...Wink...hope to remain in touch always...and yes I am always there for you to correct your Hindi...LOLLOL
Pappiyan and Jhappiyan to you dear...Hug

Rashmi: aka Gorgeousqueen...My first ever friend on GF...It was an absolute delight to have known you and talked to you...I remember it was your story "Yaariyan" that made us interact at first and now here we are...Rashmi, you are a darling...big hug to you... Hug

Chetna: aka khwaishfan...Chetna...you are such a sweetheart and we GFians owe you a lot to have made so much contribution in keeping this forum alive and active...kudos to you girl...Clap

Sophie( aka Twenty1st), Sabina( aka Keepdreaming), Suhaana, Khushi, Shona, Richa( akaGurtiManeet), Nohar:
Guys...I love you all too much and I am so glad to have known you and of course, read your work too...keep up the good work...and please know that you all have me as a member in your reader's list...Big smileBig smile

To all the members of the GF:
A very happy Geet 9th Anniversary...I hope we all are able to keep this forum alive and active celebrate many more anniversaries together...TongueTongue


@Madhu : Love you soo much Maaneet.Can't imagine a life without you.Zindagi ki har shubah aapse shuru aur zindagi ki har raath aap par katam.Learnt the meaning of love from you.Till now for me true love means Maaneet.Just a glimpse of you is even to bring a smile on my face.Not even a day in these 9 years went without seeing you or thinking about you.Total deewani ho gayi main aapki.Aapke pyaar se pyaar ho gaya hai.Don't know when I will even come out of your magic spell...and I never wish to come outEmbarrassed
Till now Red and White roses give me your memories...
Whenever I eat pani puri/pasta ur memories pop up!!LOL
From the songs to colours everything have your memories itched in them.
You entered my life and it completely changed.Got lot of love from GFians.Have got my soul sisters,lovely brothers and amazing friends in GF.Learnt Hindi mainly coz of MaaneetLOL.You are a part of my life Maaneet.Time flies,memories may fade..but the love in my heart for you both will remain till I am alive.Approve

Its 9 years of GHSP..Congratulations to us!!Party

@Love2Soma :  I'm eagerly waiting fr dat only...(to see them back)

@Sheetalvasa : Geet ke time pe hi maine laptop liya tha aur IF pe aayi thi...aur meri life badal gayi thi...tab ff writers bhi bahut the aur bahut se friends bane...ab 9 saal ho gaye aur aisa lagta hai ki kal ki hi baat hai!!!

@KhwaishFan : cannot believe that 9 years have passed... Maaneet were an amazing couple that defied all oddsBig smile... adore the angry Maan and the innocent Geet! really miss Maaneet and this serial... but they are forever in our heartsHeart... no show can come close to this amazing serial! Wink is is the best serial that I have seen! wishing all Maaneetians a happy 9th anniversary... and many more...Star
thanks to all the writers and readers for keeping this forum going... appreciate your efforts! Clap

Paridhi :happy that it's been 9 year still so many people love geet serial and still watching the serial on hotstar and admiring #Maaneet and waiting for their comeback .excited to participate in this 9th celebration of geet

@Suhana : Geet forum has given me many good friends and I would be always grateful to Gf for that plus the amazing stories I have been reading on GF has improved my English and conversational skills that's a real achievement for me.

@Tia23Blush(Cia) : Its been such a long time and this forum is still active. Isse khushi ki baat kya ho sakti hai. We have so many talented writers here to help us relive Maaneet in so many magical characters. Toh let's keep this flame of Maaneet burning on this forum as well as in our hearts. 

Heartiest wishes to one and all here...


@Waveteal : I love this forum very much. Wish I had joined earlier. But this is truly the best platform how Maaneet is alive between us through all the creations and stories! 
Lots of love to all those true fans who are still here supporting and contributing to the forum by writing, posting, liking and commenting!!

Keep the love coming Maaneetians!! Clap

@Nehag_20 : I just Want My MAANEET GURTI Back Again.. I Really loosing My Hope But Still I Want God Slove Every problem Between Them & We All means All GURTI Fans & GURTI Celebrating Every Thing Together..

@Ginnoske Nohar :

Jannatul Mahi :  5th of April is Geet's 9th anniversary and I can't tell u how much I misses my Maaneet all this years

Suraj Khatik(Twitter) : Geet maan is very sweet maan geet ke har bat mante ha aur geet maan ke har baat mante ha

Nemreen : this story is the best in romance when maan decided to stay with geet although he knew she is pregnant and help her not to leave her alone and said to her iam your family and your house is my house maan was gift from god to geet because she faced hardships #Maaneet

@vasavi_sri :Even after 9 years the love for our favourite couple made this  forum active each and every one who contribute their time to spend here write stories and it's a pleasure to be a part of this amazing forum

Thank you everyone for your participation, sharing all the awesome fond memories and making this celebration so special! Lot of Love!
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The first couple ever who has attracted me towards the serial and now also regularly watching the show on hotstar .hope to see them together in new brand project with different concept they will ace it !!! Maaneet chemistry is unbeatable , their simple smile can make you smile !



I love you so much #Maaneet. You are my best couple. I hope #Maaneet will back together in new show #missyoumaaneet


There was a time when I was away from TV shows due to lack of interest.Then my friend told me that now there is a show called GHSP which is worth watching n its hero is attractive like Iqbal Khan.She messaged me the story too.Then I started watching it.Geet is the show which brought me back to TV after a long time.It's very special for me.Happy Anniversary


GHSP is the show which gave us the most gorgeous and adorable couple of the television world and my love for Maaneet still working as stress reliever for me , I love Maaneet especially Maan for his principles, possessiveness and unconditional love for Geet and moreover droolworthy persona with killer looks Wink


maaneet...dis name is something...i stopped believing in love...becoz of something happened in my friends life...dat time only GEET started...n when deir love started i felt like i again started to trust love...

but den it finished...i missed it dear...really i want dem to come back...dey became prt of my life...


MAANEET-These characters became a part of our daily lives

                       The reason behind millions of smiles , craziness and passion 

                  They conquered our hearts and minds filled inspiration in our minds 

                   to write thousands of beautiful stories and love in our hearts to relive

                   the most beautiful epic journey of Maaneet .


Maaneet..they have became my life.Not even a single day of mine goes without remembering them once.They always have a special place in my heart.No other TV show was able to replace GHSP.My craziness for them is constantly increasing day by day.Not able to come out of their magic even after 9 years.Still Maan Singh Khuarana is my Prince Charming lol.Can't Maaneet's nok joks,romance,passion and sply their eye locks.And OMG!!Their chemistry..incomparableCoolGHSP is a trend setter show..From the angry Young Man nature of Maan and Bubbly nature of Geet to their romance everything had set a trend that we can witness even in today's shows.But the original our GHSP is the best...haina?That is the specialty of our GHSP!!One of the classic shows of ITV that set a new trend.Wink

I thank all the members, cast and crew of GHSP!!Thank you soo much for giving us an amazing show that we will cherish throughout our life time.Thank you all the GFians for keeping our Maaneet alive here in GF.Thank you all my friends of IF!!Big smile

And wish you all a very #Happy9YearsOfGHSP!!Love you all...Hug


So I never was into daily soaps except fr 1 may be Kitni Mohabbat Hai ... 2010 april I was just surfing around the tv at midnight around 2am when I saw the repeat telecast of Geet ka that day's episode. 

Gurmeet & DD in the river scene where they first meet. 

Ah, that did it to me. My first thought, ohhh this guy is sooo hot. I was just staring thinking these 2 look sooo good together. 

You know from the start these 2 and their chemistry is just FIRE! And to this day, I haven't seen any other couple with such hot hot sizzling chemistry between them. And so then I got veryyy hooked to the show within a couple days, went back and caught up with the entire tng that happened till then.. 

 So that was it to me, I was in my Engineering then, and had become a crazyyy Maaneet fan who screwed up her engineering a little, partly because of this show called Geet & watching every episode on every repeat telecast! 

The surprise is my craze has not gone down even today by even a percent! There's some magic in them you know, individually I might not think they are both great or wonderful actors, but its just that when they're together, & just look into each others eyes & there's enough fire for people like me to start swooning, haha!

That's one reason why I wonder how people just stop appearing on this forum.. For me this is addiction. IF is probably the best thing that happened to me after GHSP.. Somehow by fluke I had tumbled upon this, Now this is like the best timepass for me ... love live Maaneet and the mania ! 

The only thing I wish was GurTi also acknowledged this beautiful chemistry that they had shared, & not act like a jilted couple who cannot see each other eye to eye! They could have gracefully acknowledged this & made fans like us happier by appearing together somewhere! Guess that won't happen anytime..


Nine years of craziness still same.
All credit goes to Gurti Maaneet and this forum members and writers who never let's our craziness over writing beautiful and romantic stories on Maaneet
Kiya bolo Yar Maaneet became a part of life.


Loved this show very very much.Even seen the repeat telecast also.We are four sis and four are see this show daily this is first and last show whom we love from heart.After that I cant see any show nor DD and GC because interest he nahi bana.Only loves Maaneet.They are rocking.After 9year also miss the very much.These days are to much fun yaar.


GHSP  is the first serial that I watched complete on television in my lifetime. Earlier I used to watch few episodes of serials and get bored only in a few days. Then I stopped watching TV serials at all. One day I saw GHSP ad on a news channel and attracted to it. I started following it. Hoshiarpur part of the story was really amazing and never saw anything like that before. I got hitched to it and rest is history for all of us Maaneetians. After the serial ended I stopped watching serial again because I don't want to come out of the magic of GHSP.  It has been nine years but the magic is still intact. Still watch Geet on Hotstar. I subscribe Hotstar only for Geet. 

Geet is my favorite character of GHSP.



How much i see this  i can never be tired!

After so many years  its still my favorite .The only serial which see repeat  telecasts  again and again n mom say come on grow up but what but its Maaneet magic  never leave  me.

Oh i always wish to see them working as a couple in another platform.

I wish this dream comes true.


Can't believe its 9 years, time has just flew. I remember being part of the 6th or was it the 5th Anni thread when Lakshmi and Priya handled it, it was the first time I heard of the celebration and also the first time I contributed. Then Priya took over along with Preeti and my association remained, I reckon this is like my 4th OS. Each time I tried something different for the Anni thread, most of which was well received by the members. I love the celebration and the zest you girls (the organizers) have, its highly commendable and really appreciated.    


About Maaneet what can I say, 9 years and we still haven't moved on from the magic and chemistry. I am actually hoping to repeat Geet (the show) during the summer holidays lol. Maan is a character that is so real, so humane and noble. The principle within him is pure and one all girls respect. Geet well she's the one I fell for, she's bubbly; feisty and an out an out character. Her story is both inspirational and worth telling. Geet is such a beautiful story, with well-defined characters and amazing chemistry, did I mention such good looking actors lol.Theres no way people couldn't be attracted to MaaneetConfusedI mean come on, super beautiful actors, amazing music and a gripping storyWinkdo we need moreDay Dreamingoh they had CHEMISTRY tooEmbarrassed

I love Geet and the Geet forum in general. Thank you guys (Madhu, Sahiba and Teal) for taking up the role of organisers.


Much love




Ok this message is only for my love: Sanj

Well Sanj we've met previously through one of my stories but really we met during the Anni thread which you organised with Priya and Preeti (now don't tell me this didn't happen coz it did, right?). So yes the Anni thread is a great way of knowing others too. Now me and Sanj are like two peas in a pod, wait make that three because there's Dreamer too lol



Hmm from where should I startDay Dreaming

It was not like I fell in love with them at the first episode itself , but their magic on screen gradually captured me into their magical world .

I started watching them purely for DD as I loved her as muskaan of DMG

Now they have their own place in my heartHeart

And I am a bit sad I was not aware of IF during the initial days of geet , I was here after like 6-7 years after geet was aired but as the saying goes better late than never and here I am reliving evey moment of geet with our wonderful writers and maaneetians.

And I hope that this magic continues for years to come and much moreEmbarrassed

 A big hug to all my buddies here and our lovely couple maaneetHug


Kiara (Silvermist)

Geet forum is a great platform.. and i'm glad to have joined GF.
Made lots of new friends across the globe..Wink
Learning new languages.. thanks to my GF tutors Smile
Lastly got amazing stories to read on this forum..Big smile
All in all i'm having a FUN time on GF and this is only possible due to Maaneetians out there.
So congratulations to all the GFians out there on completing 9 years and keeping this forum alive over the years ClapClapClap

Happy 9th Anniversary to all GFians !!!PartyDancing



#Maaneet ... Maaneet is not just a word for me , Naa Jane kab ye meri zindagi ban gyii humee pta hi nhi chalaa , kba ye meri zindagi ki sabse important part ban gye iska answer aaj tak humkoo nhi milaa... #Maaneet meri zindagi. Mera pyar meri Jaan reason of my smile... My life is incomplet without them..

Mai geet show starting se nahi dekhi hu but I can't forgot that day when 1st time I watched 1st episode of #GeetHuiSabseParayi on 25 June in 2010.. wo bhii #KurbaanHua wala episode.. jo aaj bhi mere Dil ke sabse karib hai . Aaj bhi wo din yaad hai when me and my all sister are sitting together and TV par kuch kuch dekh rahe the .. but suddenly meri sister ne #StarOne laga diya where #GHSP ka "Kurbaan Hua" episode de rha tha and I truly say that that moment and that #Maaneet episode change my life and I become mad crazy dewaniii whatever you say for them.

After watching that one episode my life me itnaa change aaya jo Mene kabhi socha bhi nahi tha.Mere jaise Ko jo kabhi love story based show or movie dekhti nhi thi jise koi show dekhne me koi interest nhi tha jise life me koi actor actress koi movie show kuch bhi nahi pasand nhi tha.. jo aise thought Ko bakwas faltu ki baat manti thi, uski life Ko Aisa change Kiya ki aaj mujhe khud bhi Apne AAP pr shock hota hai .. jb bhi koi meri friends ya sister bolti thi ki use ye hero bhut pasand hai iske Bina life incomplete hai etc.. then hmm in pr bhutt haste the.. kii yee pagal hai kuch bhi boltii haii Aisa kuch nhii hotaa but hume kya pta tha ki meri life me koi aisaa aayega jo meri zindagi hi ban jayega jiski ek jhalak dekhe Bina life ka ek din bhi nahi gujrega..

Then uske Baad Mai daily show dekhna start Kiya #GeetHuiSabseParayi daily kr bole toh Mai show la telecast.. then repeat and repeat means show ek din me jitni Baar deta tha I watched everytime.. geet k liye dewaniii ki had toh tb hoti thi when raat Ko telecast ke time 9:30 PE electricity nhi rhti thi or Mai show dekhe bhi rhaa nhi slti thi . Then hmm midnight raat Ko 1 or 3 bje ke episode Ko dekhne ke liye jge rhye thee.. Bcoz Maaneet Ko Bina dekhe nhi reh sakte.


Geet has been my most favorite serial till date. Geet was unique in so many ways or should I say unique in all possible ways.  
Geet-maan's background stories,  their crossed/ entwined destiny. How they meet. Their fights,  maan supporting her in his own twisted way. Taunting her at each step,  yet feeling her pain as his own.  Geet getting irritated by her dusht danav boss's bossing and dictating attitude still looking up to him for guidance all the time without realising it herself. 

And then their love story is indeed unique... One of a kind...isn't it? 

Maan fell in love with a girl who is already pregnant and was wronged by his own brother.  And he stood with her,  supporting her without caring for anything else but the truth& justice. 

Geet,  who inspite of being betrayed by one,  still found that lost faith again in the other man who belongs to the same family...  

They had their fair share of misunderstandings,  arguments, fights!  And they were target of conspiracies too. But each time they found their way back to each other,  no matter how thick the fog of misunderstandings was. 

Maaneet are the only couple on TV which I personally consider perfect.  They are perfect with all their short comings. 
The most important thing which has helped to keep their essence intact is,  that they never gave eachother's place to someone else. 

Be it , when maan was angary on geet for doubting his intention, or when geet felt he was helping dev by marring her or when maan lost his memory... Many before that n after too... So many instance they were forced apart... never did they thought about anyone but each other. 

This makes them different from other shows where just  a few misunderstandings and the couple soughts for comfort in someone else arms... I just hate that thing! 

I love maaneet for their loyalty towards each other. And in return I will be loyal to them and would love them forever. 

9 years is a long time!  Haven't even realised how this much time has passed and I never felt that the story of maaneet has ended..  Why?  Coz GF brings whole knew essence of maaneet for us everyday.  

Maan aur geet toh show ke khatam hote hi aage badd gaye... 
Par hum sab toh abhi bhi wahin hai... 
Kurbaan hua... 
Love you maaneet 
Love you gurmeet drashti
Hope to see u someday together again ...they say miracle happens... And you two only made us believe that "sapne bhi sach hote hai"


Maaneet is the best couple I have ever seen... they have the best chemistry on-screen and offscreen...GHSP is the best show ever with the best story and team...


I realized about this forum much after Geet had started but since then have been a part of.. I do not get to read a lot of ff's while they are being written, Update after update but I do read them and love them a lot... I applaud all you writers, VM makers and Maaneet's fan who have kept this forum alive.. I come to the forum almost everyday... actually this is the only forum that I visit... so please keep it alive for fans like us..

Thank you everyone for your amazing Messages..all were from the bottom of  the hearts!!Hug
We Love you Maaneet & GHSP

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It is GHSP's 9th Anniversary and it is time for us to show and celebrate our love for MAANEET...Let us all come together and trend this anniversary celebration.
Trending at Twitter starts from 6 PM IST on 4th April,19 to 9 PM IST on 5th April,19

On this anniversary, we really want to thank the wonderful writers of the forum who with their beautiful stories have helped us keep this forum active. It is because of their beautiful words that MAANEET magic is still alive in our hearts and minds.

Kudos to all the amazing active writers:


(Apologies, if we missed any name)

BIG Thanks to the writers who returned to the forum after long:

Thanks to all the fellow forum members for reading and commenting. 
and last but not the least, special mention for Chetna (aka Khwaishfan)
We all can never thank you enough for your enthusiasm and devotion for this Geet Forum. (Also, thank you for helping us with all the names of the writers).
We love you loads!!

Write Ups

The credits for thoughtfully writing the "Character Sketch" and "Summary of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi" goes to Sahibasharma.

Special Moments:

Each and every scene of Maaneet is special to us all..right?

The credits for writing the "Special Moments" in a short and crisp manner goes to WaveTeal(Iptida) and Madhu_31.


All the reviewing work is done by our multitalented WaveTeal(Iptida).

Thread Graphics

Almost all the Thread Graphics are made by the one and only WaveTeal(Iptida), Little credits to Sahibasharma and Madhu_31 and of course, Google BABA .


Thanks to the people out there, who posted loads and loads of Maaneet and GHSP images in Google and other platforms. Special thanks to all and our very own Google BABA too LOL

Credit for searching the apt images and making the edits goes to the editors.


First a very big thank you to the people who made amazing edits in a very short span of time. Credits for edits and Gifs goes to Mg13(the one who enthusiastically contributed), cute Gifs by Kiara(Silvermist), Bunch of Beautiful edits by Neha(nehag_20)Uma(uluvmg), Tammana(Tammana.M) and WaveTeal

Amazing sketch by Khushi(Khushibloom) and couple arts by Sahibasharma.


The credits for the most beautiful story banner - Neha(nehag_20) and WaveTeal.


Credits for Handling all PMs go to Sahibasharma, and Madhu_31.

Thanks to Sophie(Twenty1st)Vaidhumom for sharing the links that are related to GHSP 9th Anniversary in their threads.

Special thanks to Mahimaan for giving dhamki to all her readers to send messages for Maaneet in her thread.

Credits for sharing the trending details here in GF - Sahibasharma

And in twitter, IG, FB (especially Mg13, jayeeta, Neha, Madhu, Paridhi)  goes to many Maaneetians, GurTians, GCians, and DDians.

Credits for collecting all the messages from fans - Madhu_31 

Credits for creating a Game Thread for all of us to have some Disney fun goes to Kiara (Silvermist)

Credits for creating innovative threads (like the Promo sharing thread, Why do we love still love Maaneet..? thread) on the forum to publicize the celebration thread goes to WaveTeal
Credit for writing credits goes to  Madhu_31LOL

Lastly, special credits to Sahibo. Ye credit kis liye? LOL 

Well, Reason nahin bata sakte public mein  LOL. 

So, yeah Thanks Sahiba Sharma, stop pouting &accept it already!! Wink(inside jokes)

Credits for Cuteness

Day Dreaming Of course, all the credits to our beloved Maaneet!! Who else? LOL

Star Million thanks to all the writers and readers for who have contributed by being active. GFians/Maaneetians rock!!Cool

And to IndiaForums for giving us this amazing platform to celebrate this anniversary. To our amazing moderators Jyoti06 & Armu4eva for all the management over the years!Clap



So before we start with the celebrations and drop to page 2, let's all enjoy this beautiful VM about Maaneet's Aankho Ki Gustakhiyan
 (VM by our very sweet IPTIDA (aka WaveTeal))

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