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Chapter 1


"You are my dream please come true..." Zoya looked at a picture and kissed it. Every night from the day of her 18th birthday Zoya Farookhi prayed the same before she went to bed. A sweet smile played on her lips as she drifted off into sweet sleep. Her head placed on a soft pillow and her heart calling out to the man of her dreams.


In a far off place, on a fluffy cloud was a kingdom of love. There in a palace an ethereal looking bride dressed in an off white wedding lehenga sat across her prince separated by a translucent curtain. Through her veil and the curtain the bride looked at her groom. He was the most handsome groom.


"Zoya Farookhi kya aapko Mr. Khan se nikaah Qubool hai?"


"Qubool Hai."


"Mr. Khan kya aapko Zoya Faoorkhi se nikaah Qubool Hai?"


Zoya smiled as her dream man, her Mr. Khan was about to say Qubool Hai.


"Zoya, bacche utho beta. Zoya wake up it is morning. ZOYA!!!"


Zoya woke up with a startle when she heard her mother call out her name at the top of her voice. Sleeping beauty Zoya frowned as her mother once again disrupted her dream.


"Ammi, kya hua? Tch, why did you have to wake me up? Do you have any idea how pleasant the dream that I was seeing was?"

"Bacche, dreams unhi ke poore hote hain who wake up on time and work hard for their dreams to come true. Come on now get out of bed you are getting late."


Zoya could not believe her ears. Her ammi woke her up because she was getting late! Getting late for what? It was Sunday. Zoya went back to sleep. Razia went and opened the curtains. Zoya moaned from the tapping sun-light against her face. She blinked, shut her eyes, blinked again. She yawned, managed to fully open both eyes. The sunlight bathed her skin as she lay on her side. She tried closing her eyes. Her mind was fuzzy, the last remnants of a dream being chased away by her ammi waking her up. It was a nice dream, her dream man, her Mr. Khan was about to say Qubool Hai. Groggy, hair messy up, side of face covered in dried drool, boogers in eyes but Zoya Farookhi still looked the most beautiful girl in Bhopal.


"Zoya beta utho, get out of bed and get ready." "Ammi get ready for what? It's Sunday. I don't have to go anywhere. Please let me sleep for some more time." "Nahi Zoya you can't sleep any more. There are a lot of things to do before Asad comes." "Ammi subah subah kiska naam le liya aapne. Now my entire day will go so bad. Mera Sunday barbaad kar diya uss bandar ne." "Zoya mind your tongue. Asad is older than you aise baat karte hain bado ke baare mein?" "Ammi badappan age se nahi actions and attitude se aata hai. As if you don't know how he behaves with me." "Zoya you are no less. Now get ready and go arrange his room so he can settle in comfortably. You have everything you will need and also Haseena will help you." "Ammi that Bhaiseena is of no use. She will not help me instead she will get in my way and make things worse for me. Ek minute! Why do I have to get Asad's room ready? Main uski biwi hoon kya? Yuck!!!" Zoya felt as if she puked in her mouth saying that she was Asad's wife.


Insha Allah, ek din ban jaaogi.' Razia said in her mind and smiled. She went to the kitchen and began prepping for Asad's welcome home party. Dilshad was making other arrangements for the arrival of her son. Gafur and Rashid were summoned by their mothers Noor Bano and Sabreen.


"Assalamu Alaikum ammi. Assalamu Alaikum khaala." Gafur and Rashid greeted the elder ladies. "Waalaikumussalam! Baitho. You know that Asad is returning home tonight. We want the two of you to announce Asad and Zoya's nikaah as soon as possible." Noor Bano and Sabreen told their son's their wish. "Ammi itni jaldi kya hai? Asad will be returning tonight let him settle here then we can ask them about it." "Rashid there is no asking the children. Don't you know that Noor and I have decided that Asad will marry Zoya." "Yes khala but..." "But what Gafur? Don't you trust us? Do you think that Asad and Zoya are not a good match for each other?" "No ammi it is not that it's just that those two are always at each other's throats. Don't you think we should give them time to at least be polite with each other?" "Gafur, Rashid we have told you our decision. If you can't do it we will. We know how to do it. Tum dono ko apni ammi ke liye kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Go and tell your wives about our decision."


Gafur and Rashid took leave. When they came out they saw Najma and Humaira. Naughty smiles played on their lips. "Abbu? Asad bhai and Zoya bhabhi." "Abbu bolo na Asad bhai will be my jeeju?" "Humaira, Najma it is bad manners to eves drop." Gafur told them in a slightly stern voice. "Najma go and tell your ammi and Razia bhabhi that we want to meet them in the study." Gafur and Rashid went to study. Najma and Humaira were very happy that Asad and Zoya would get married. Zoya who had no idea about anything was in Asad's room. She decorated his entire room the way he would have liked it. She did not want to do it but had to as her ammi and Dilshad chachi told her to. The room looked beautiful. If it were up to her she would have let some mice make it their playground. She would have loved to make Asad suffer like in Ocean's 13 the real Five Diamond reviewer, suffered numerous discomforts during his stay at the hotel. She smiled at the thought of Asad's going through all the trouble and laughed imagining all the fun she would have.


Razia, Gafur, Dilshad and Rashid were in the study. Gafur and Rashid told their wives their mothers' decision to get Asad and Zoya married as soon as possible. "Suniye ji what's the rush? Zoya is 20, she is studying. Aap ammi se keh dijiye tini jaldi nahi." "Razia bhabhi, I agree with you. Asad is coming back after 2 years of internship. He does not have a permanent job. Wo abhi family business nahi join karna chahta. He has to make something of himself before he can support a wife. Rashid nahi itni jaldi shaadi nahi ho sakti." "Haan haan the two of you will refuse because it is our, your mother in laws' decision. Ya Allah yehi hi bahuyein likhi thi humaari kimset mein." Noor Bano said with her usual dramatic flair. "Haan toh le aati kisi aur ko? Khandaan se bahu kyun le aayi?" Razia gave it back to her mother in law Noor Bano. "Mere abba ki marzi thi ki khandaan ki ek lauti beti khandaan mein hi rahe. That is why I got my only son married to you, my dear niece." Razia was Noor Bano's youngest brother's daughter. She was the only daughter in the family. Being aunt and niece they adored each other but when they came in their saas bahu mode Gafur the bechara pati and beta was sandwiched between them. "Oh so you wanted someone else to be your daughter in law? Why aren't you saying something to your ammi?" Razia directed her anger towards Gafur. Sh was extremely jealous if any other woman ever looked at Gafur right from their early days. "What can I say? She is your phuppi you tell her?" The SK mansion was heaven on earth where both the Khan and Siddique family resided under one roof. This heaven turned into hell only under two circumstances when there was saas bahu situation between Razia- Noor Bano or Dilshad - Sabreen or when Asad and Zoya were out to get each other.


Gafur was already trapped in the saas bahu drama. Rashid silently prayed that his wife and mother do not begin the same. He looked around to avoid Dilshad and Sabreen. He saw the reason behind the saas bahu drama happening in the house. Two young girls were having a gala time seeing the live saas, bahu and saazish show of which they were director and writer. "Humaira, Najma come in right now!" "Jee abbu, yes chachu." "Oh both of you don't act all innocent. Ye aag tum dono ne lagayi hai na?" "What can we do? No one tells us anything. Abbu you did not tell us when we asked you about Asad bhai and Zoya bhabhi." "Yes chachu even we can help you in getting them closer and agreeing to get married." "And how can the two of you do something which is an uphill task for your parents and grandmothers?" Razia, Gafur, Dilshad, Rashid, Noor Bano and Sabreen looked at Humaira and Najma who could not stop smiling.


"Well then what is your plan?" asked Dilshad. "Ammi Zoya wants to become Mrs. Khan wo toh pakka hai but her Mr. Khan is not one but 4 in 1." "Kya? She wants to marry four Khans?" Razia almost fainted. "Ammi please stop watching television. This is not the era of Mahabharata and Zoya aapi is no Draupadi.  What Najma means Zoya aapi wants her man to have a quality of her favorite Khan actors." "Aaj kal ki ladkiyaankitni demanding hain. Humein toh jo mila use hi apna hero maan liya." Dilshad sighed. "What? Main college ka hero tha na jaane kitni ladkiyaan marti thi mujh par but I chose you." "Excuse me! Ek I love you toh bola nahi gaya aapse Rashid. Agar ammi ne humein aapki bike -par ghoomte nahi dekha hota toh humaara nikaah kabhi nahi hota." Sabreen rolled her eyes. This was the same lover's quarrel Rashid and Dilshad had from years. "Arre love birds stop your story. Bacche tell us about Zoya's wish for her Mr. Khan." Humaira went to the white broad. She and Najma alternately wrote Zoya's wish list. "Shah Rukh khan jaise dimples and eyes." "Amir Khan jaisi intelligence." "Salmaan Khan jaise six pack abs." "Aur lips and smile Imraan jaise..." Razia, Gafur, Dilshad, Rashid, Noor Bano and Sabreen all screamed together "HASHMI?" Humaira and Najma burst out laughing on seeing the looks on their elders' face. "You guys are so funny. It is Zoya's Mr. Khan and Imran Hashmi is not a Khan. We were talking about Imran Khan!" "Whew!" Everyone sighed of relief.


Najma and Humaira put Asad's photo next to the wish list. "Shah Rukh khan jaise dimples and eyes." "Check. Asad bhai ki aankhon mein koi bhi ladki doob jaaye and his dimples on his cheeks without pimples. Aye haaye." Najma talked about Asad like her college friends did the only difference was that they did not add bhai to his name. "Amir Khan jaisi intelligence." "There is no one more intelligent than Asad bhai." Humiara too praised her Asad bhai. "Salmaan Khan jaise six pack abs." Najma and Humaira were both confused. "How do we know? Zoya aapi can check it for her self." "Besharam ladkiyaan." Razia scolded them. "Aur lips and smile Imraan jaise..." "Haan my son's smile is the cutest. Yaad hai bhabhi when he was born, all the nurses ere fangirling over him. Nazar na lage mere bacche ko." Dilshad removed a little khol from her eyes and put it on Asad's picture. So this was how they would convince Zoya to agree to marry Asad. Whereas Asad was concerned his dadi knew exactly how to get it done. Thoda sa emotional blackmail would do it.


Zoya looked for everyone in the house. She could not find them. She came to her room and was feeling a little tired after all she like a kaneez had done so much work so that jahaanpanah Asad could come and settle in comfortably. She decided to take a nap. She removed the picture from under her bed. She closed her eyes and once more wished for him to come true. When she opened her eyes after making the wish the first thing she saw was HIS picture. "Humaira bhi na can't she put her hero, her Asad bhai's photo in her own room or somewhere else like the garbage bin? I was praying for my dream man and I saw this monkey's face. Even he is a Khan but the only Khan he is similar to is Amjad Khan, dono villain. Ek Ramgarh ka Gabbar and the other SK mansion ka Gabbar." She shut her eyes and pulled the blanket over her face.


"Zoya Farookhi kya aapko ____ _____ ____ se nikaah Qubool Hai?"


"Qubool Hai."


"____ _____ ____ kya aapko Zoya Farookhi se nikaah Qubool Hai?"


"Qubool Hai."


"Nikaah Mubarak Ho! Now it's time for the moonh dikhayi." All the elder ladies took Zoya to a stage and her husband too sat next to her. A chaddar was put over their heads. "Zoya, beta don't feel shy. Lift your eyes look at your husband's image in the mirror beta."


"NAHIII...Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti!!! I have already changed my surname because of him I am not doing it twice in one lifetime."screamed Zoya.


She woke up kicking and screaming. Her breathing was heavy and sweat drops formed on her forehead. She had goose bumps on her arms. She covered her face with her hands and turned her face towards Asad's picture. She parted her left index and middle finger. Through that gap she looked at Asad's picture.


You are my worst nightmare never come true...

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Chapter 2

"Allah Miya! What's wrong with you ammi?" Zoya's eyes popped on seeing the dress her ammi wanted her to wear.


Razia and Zoya were in the latter's bedroom. Razia was helping Zoya to get ready for a very important occasion. She had to look nice. She had to look like a girl and not some jhalli she usually looked. Gafur on hearing Zoya's loud voice came to her room. "Zoya, ye kya tareeka hai apni ammi se baat karne ka? Apologize at once." Gafur scolded Zoya once again and the root cause of this scolding was Asad Ahmed Khan.


Zoya was really angry but she could not scream at her parents. She pouted and complained. "Abbu aap mujhe kyun daant rahe hain? Just look at the dress ammi wants me to wear... For God's sake I am going to pick up Asad at the airport... Main uss se nikaah karne nahi jaa rahi..." Zoya plopped on the bed. She did not like the dress her ammi picked for her to wear.


"Razia I agree with Zoya this dress is a bit too much..." Gafur took Zoya's side before she could realize she said about her marrying Asad then she would make a huge fuss and somehow manage to get out form going to the airport to pick up Asad. .


"Dono baap beti mujhe suna rahe hain... I did not choose this dress aapki ammi ne chose kiya hai... Who from the two of you will go and tell her that Zoya does not want to wear this dress..." Razia crossed her hands at her chest, raised her brow and waited for one of them to speak up.


Zoya took the dress and went to get ready. She was angrily mumbling. "Why do I have to go and pick up Asad? Is he a small child? Does he not know the address of his own home? Will he get lost? Oh how I wish for it to happen! Allah Miya, please listen to me just this one time."


Zoya stepped out of the room and everyone admired her beauty. She looked stunning. She looked perfect just the way Asad had described the girl of his dreams... Zoya dressed to go pick up Asad.


Everyone smiled inwardly. Razia came forward and put a khol spot behind her ear. "Nazar na lage meri bacchi ko..." "I am looking like a cartoon... Ammi everyone's eyes will be on me... Nazar kaise nahi lagegi...I don't want to wear this dress... I don't want to go to pick up Asad..." Zoya crossed her hands at her chest and sat down on the couch. She looked like cute in her stubborn child self look.



An hour later at the airport Zoya stood there waiting for Asad. He came, she saw, she waved and he walked past her. "How rude!!! I have come all the way from home to pick him up and he ignored me. He ignored me Zoya Farookhi!!! Chodoongi nahi main isko." She stomped her feet and followed him. "Asad! Asad!! Asad!!!" She ran and stood in front of him blocking his way.


"What the H Asad! I have been calling your name and running after you from quite some time. Did you not hear me?" Zoya glared at him for ignoring her. "Excuse me, do you know me? Of course you might after all I am Bhopal's most eligible bachelor! Miss, don't you think this is a bit too much? Coming to the airport dressed like you are ready to marry me at this instant! Umm desperate much! How do you know I was arriving tonight? Oh haan this news actually all news about me spread like wild fire." Asad gave a lopsided smile.


"Asad aren't you a little too full of yourself? Do I know you? Unfortunately I do! Not because you are Bhopal's most eligible bachelor but because you are the most wanted character at our home. Asad stop joking you know it's me Zoya. We are getting late lets' go home. One last thing, if you were the last man on planet earth and my survival depended on it even then I would not marry you." Zoya was very annoyed with Asad. She had had peaceful two years but now he was back and back with his attitude.


Asad was in Bhopal like for 5 minutes and he was already getting on Zoya's nerves by annoying her. It was visible from Asad's smile that he loved every bit of it. He decided to annoy her beyond her limits.


"Zoya? Zoya SiddiqKi? OMG are you really Zoya SiddiqKi..." Asad stressed on SiddiqKi and waited for Zoya's reaction. "Mera naam Zoya Farookhi hai..." "What's in a name as Shakespeare said, you were, you are and you will always be Zoya SiddiqKi." Asad teased Zoya and she frowned.


"No ways soon I will become Mrs. Zoya Khan!" Asad scanned her from top to bottom and to the top again. "Oh so iss liye itna saj dhaj kar aayi ho, to impress me? ... You want to become Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan? Chotu sha Lizard Brain kitne dreams dekhata hai and wo bhi aishe. Sho shweet!" Asad pulled Zoya's cheeks and smiled naughtily. Zoya frowned and slapped his hands away. "Sorry my mistake you want to marry me and I am treating you like a child by pulling your cheeks. Come here I will do what grownups do. Meri chipkali come let's do the Chipko Movement." Asad hugged Zoya very tightly.


Zoya tried to wriggle out of Asad's hold but he was not letting her go. He loved to annoy her and he was an ace at this task. Zoya stepped on his toe. "Ouch! What the H Zoya? What kind of welcome you are giving to the man who is going to be your husband! Sharam nahi aati?" The people around them looked at them and smiled. "What a cute couple!" They hushed. "Couple? Aur hum?" Zoya quickly walked towards the airport exit gate. Asad smiled and followed her.



"Arre Asad beta let the luggage be... Wajid le aayega. Zoya couldn't you help Asad carry his luggage?" Zoya's dadi said in a stern voice. Zoya looked back and saw Asad in a coolie mode. He had picked up his entire luggage and was trying to balance himself. "Oh please dadi he does not have to pick up his luggage they have wheels on it he can wheel them around like he has been doing ever since he landed on the airport. Bas aap logon ke saamne bechaara ban raha hai." Zoya gave Asad a look and he kept down the entire luggage. Dilshad came with a dhoop (Gum Olibanum) lamp and said some prayer to ward off any evil that have casted a shadow on Asad and also Asad - Zoya as a couple.


"Ammi" "Chachi" complained Asad and Zoya. Everyone smiled as them as their thoughts were so similar. Asad was moving forward towards his room when Dilshad stopped him. "Asad beta that isn't your bedroom anymore, ab wo Zoya ka bedroom hai." "Ammi I know I am London return but I am not that modern that I will share my room with a girl! You guys want me to share my room with Zoya!" Asad put up an ultra shocked expression. Zoya's eyes popped at Asad's besharmi and he raised his eyebrows asking her if she wanted to shack up with him. She showed him her fist and threatened him. Asad felt like laughing out loud on seeing Zoya's mukki. He went closer to her and said, "Zoya SiddiqKi you want to hit me?" "More than you can ever imagine!" "Oh yeah I forgot hitting is also a form of touching. You want to touch me you want to feel me." Asad teased her and Zoya gave him a disgusting look.


"What are the two of you up to now?" Dilshad questioned Asad and Zoya. "Nothing ammi." "Haw jhoote! Chachi he is irritating me." "Jhooti. Ammi I did no such thing. Ammi boliye na why have you given my room to Zoya? If she has my room then here will I stay?" An annoyed Asad asked. "I know the perfect place where you can live." Zoya said excitedly. Everyone looked at her to give Asad the perfect address for him according to her and as expected she said, "Van Vihar National Park." Everyone laughed and the loudest laughed Najma and Humaira. One looked from Asad and they zipped their lips. "Zoya enough now!" "But ammi I was just warming up!" "Zoya this is not how you warm up... Meet me in my new room and I will show you exactly how to warm up..." Asad whispered in Zoya's ears. "Asad!!!" "What maine kya kiya?" Asad asked innocently. "Dekhiye na chachi your daughter has no respect for me what so ever."


Noor Bano and Sabreen interfered Asad and Zoya's nok jhok. "Ab chalo bhi take Asad to his new room." "Dadi I don't want to live in a new room. I want to stay in my old room. I have lived there since the first year of my birth. I will not shift to a new room." "You don't have to shift to a new room. I had to shift all your stuff. I have had to arrange the room according to your taste so you better stay in that room. Understand you better understand!" Asad gave her a bright smile. "You arranged my room? Kyun meri biwi ho? Ya banna chahti ho?" "You wish!" "I don't but I am sure you wish." "Pagal nahi ho gayi hoon main." "Hone ki kya zaroorat hai you were always pagal." Asad and Zoya continued their hushed nok jhok till they reached Asad's new room. He really loved the room and the way Zoya had done everything but if he would appreciate Zoya then it would be like he would be committing a huge sin.


"Ammi I don't want to stay in this room. I prefer my old room." Asad cribbed. "Asad, beta this room is bigger and the best room in the entire house. Mera sher baccha hai na, do as I ask you to beta it's a good room." Asad could never say no to Dilshad so he agreed to stay in that room but he had to... He just had to open his mouth. "Ok ammi I will do as you say after all I am your sher baccha. As everyone knows lions live in the wild forest in huge spaces and chipkali ka kya hai, chipkali toh tubelight ke peeche bhi reh sakti hai. So I will live in this huge beautiful room and Zoya SiddiqKi can stay in that old small room." Everyone left as they knew that Zoya was going to react to Asad calling her by her old name. Asad began undressing and Zoya was still there. She wanted to give it back to Asad for calling her Zoya SiddiqKi but saying, "Mera naam Zoya Farookhi hai, understand you better understand." somehow did not seem enough. She had to give it back to him in a new way. "Zoya SiddiqKi everyone has left. What are you still doing here? Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tumhe ye shauq hai." "What shauq?" "Striptease ka." "Yuck! Kitni gandi baatein karte ho tum." "Tum nahi aap bolo." "Kyun mere shauhar ho?" "Banana chahti ho?" Zoya felt like pouncing on him and attacking him for all the nonsense that came out of his mouth but she could not else he would say "Zoya mujhpar chance maar rahi ho?" She huffed, puffed and left from Asad's room.



Both the families were very happy for Asad's return expect for you know who, Zoya. She put up a happy face for the family. At the dining table everyone waited for Asad to come. Zoya saw that everything was made as per Asad's liking. She too liked many of the dishes but if she did not crib and complain against this injustice done then she would not be Zoya Farookhi would she? "Ammi what is this you have made lauki ka halwa? Ye kya hai kofte that too lauki ke! You know I don't like lauki!" "Zoya there are many other things which you like, har roz hum sabki pasand ka khana banta hai. Asad has returned after 2 years. After 2 years he will be eating ghar ka khana so what if we have made things which he likes. Learn to adjust." "Why should I learn to adjust to his liking? Mera shauhar hai wo?" "Aapi you said it aur koi nahi bola aisa." Najma and Humaira giggled but stopped when Zoya looked at them. "Zoya here you go I have made nargisi kofte especially for my laado." "Thank you chachi only you love me ammi toh mujhse mohabbat hi nahi karti Asad is her favorite." Dilshad pecked her on the forehead.


"Accha listen everyone Asad has returned home toh party ho jaaye!" Gafur said excitedly. Everyone got excited. "Zoya beta party ki sari arrangements you will do." "Why should I do it abbu?" "Zoya you had planned Asad's farewell party! Beta it was a dhamaka party! Everything was perfect! You should plan this party too." Zoya smiled when she heard Asad's farewell party. Those were the days! "Zoya kya hua bacche you planned Asad's farewell party toh ye kyun nahi?" "That is the keyword chachi farewell'. It was Asad's farewell party toh wo toh mujhe hi organize karni chahiye thi... I was so happy that he was going away but now he is back! Main nahi plan karti Asad's welcome home party."

"Alright that is enough! Zoya if you don't want to plan the party bemann se kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi hai." Sabreen said after discussing with Noor. This party had to be perfect where Asad and Zoya's wedding would be announced. They could not compromise on anything because of Asad and Zoya's childish behavior.


They all became quiet when Asad arrived. The party was a surprise for him. He sat next to Zoya which was his seat right from childhood. Zoya saw the maids serve dinner to all but Dilshad and Razia served food to their respective husbands. The maid did not serve to Asad. "Zoya beta Asad ko serve karo." Razia instructed Zoya. "Kyun? Ab Asad itna bhi baby nahi hai ki main use serve karoon aur naa hi main uski biwi hoon." Zoya looked at Asad and made a face at him. "Kya baat hai Zoya SiddiqKi, every now and then you are sayingmain Asad ki biwi nahi hoon, Asad mera shauhar nahi hai, main Asad ki biwi hoon kya?, Asad mera shauhar hai kya?... Iraada kya hai? Miss. Zoya SiddiqKi ko Mrs. Khan banna hai or do you want to become Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan?" Asad teased Zoya. She looked at everyone. No one scolded Asad on calling her Zoya SiddiqKi. No one took her side. She ran away crying. "Asad! Is there a limit to you or not?" "Abbu you always take her side." "Asad!" "Alright chill I know where she might me. I'll go and get her." Asad too went out of the house.



Asad sat on the swing next to Zoya's. This was Zoya's favorite place, the local garden. Whenever she was troubled she used to come here and sit on the swing set. "Hey Lizzie(short form for Lizard), ok ok Zoya. What happened?" "As if you don't know! Why do you have to tease me? I changed my name because of you and still you tease me." Zoya began to cry. Asad knelt in front of her and wiped her tears. "Are you serious you think your name was changed because I teased you? Don't you remember?" "All I remember is that you and you stupid friends teased me day after day in this very park. When I could no longer take it I complained to Dado and he had my name changed." "Yeah and abbu sent me away to boarding school because of your overacting! Let's go down memory lane."




Asad is six years older than Zoya so it was his responsibility to take care of Zoya where ever they went together. Asad (11years) and Zoya (5 years) used to come to the local garden every day after school. Zoya was a very cute little girl, she was a little on the heavier side. The children at the park avoided playing with her. She used to tag along with Asad. She followed him everywhere. Asad could not be with his friends and he could not play with them because he had to take care of Zoya and make sure she had a play partner. Asad complained about it every day at home but he was older so he had no choice but to take care of Zoya. He had to play with her on the sea saw, he had to push the swing and he had to be with her at all times.


One day a new boy came to the garden. He like Zoya was on the heavier side. He instantly took liking to Zoya. He befriended Zoya as no one wanted to be his friend. Asad was more than happy for the boy to come and take Zoya's responsibility. Asad was happy playing with his friends and Zoya had no choice but to like playing with the new boy. Days passed and Zoya used to play with the new boy. All the other children in the garden including Asad's friends used to tease Zoya with that boy, Siddiq. They all teased Zoya calling her Zoya SiddiqKi (Zoya is Siddiq's). Asad too along with his friends once or twice teased her. Siddiq stopped being friends with Zoya. Zoya did not react for a day or two. She was back in Asad's care at the garden. All the children teased Zoya, Asad saw it but he did nothing.


A couple of days later Zoya came home crying. Everyone rushed to her. "Asad what happened Zoya ro kyun rahi hai?" "Abbu why are you asking me?" "Because she is your responsibility when she is at the garden. Kya hua wahaan par?" Asad did not reply. He sat on the chair. Zoya's dado asked her the same and she pointed at Asad. "Farookh Dado all children make fun of me... Asad called me Zoya SiddiqKi... That fat boy Siddiq will take me to his house. Hai na dado? Asad also laughs with his friends... Make fun of me..." Everyone was shocked to hear what Zoya told to her grandfather. "Jamshed Dado she blowing it out of proportion. I tell my friends not to make fun of her but they do not listen what am I supposed to do? Why should I fight with my friends for her? I will not take her to the garden with me." Asad complained to his grandfather. "Asad lower your voice. Yes you will not take her to the garden because you are going to a boarding school. Ghar par you are out of control. Discipline naam ki koi cheez nahi hai." Rashid announced his decision to the families. Asad and Zoya glared at each other. This was the beginning of Asad vs Zoya.

Asad sat in the corner of the hall. His eyes were drilling holes into Zoya's back. He would have to leave the comfort of his home and go to some boarding school all because of Zoya. Rashid's father Jamshed tried to change the decision about Asad's going to the hostel but Zoya's wailing made Rashid's decision even more firm. Farookh tried to calm Zoya but she was inconsolable. "Zoya gudiya come here dado ki godi par baithho. Everyone teases my laado ok dado will do a magic then no one will tease Zoya. Zoya is my bahadur baccha, she is my sher putar. Hai na?" Zoya nodded. "Abse no one will call you Zoya SiddiqKi... You know why? Because from now on your name will be Zoya Farookhi... Zoya apne Farookh dado ke name se jaani jaayegi... Happy?" Zoya nodded her head again. She was very happy because no one would ever tease her and Asad too was going away.


Flashback ends.


"Zoya Farookh dado changed your name not because I or any of the kids teased you." Zoya gave him a stern dead look. "Ok agree chalo others teased you so but the main reason was because he did not have a grandson Zoya. He gave you the right to carry on his name. Zoya bahut kam ladkiyon ko ye izzat milti hai sirf humaare country mein nahi poori duniya mein. You may be Zoya Farookhi for the world but you will always be my Zoya SiddiqKi. That does not mean I link you to Siddiq even now but haan the two of you would be a great pair." "Asad stop teasing me warna main chachu se complain karoongi." Asad went and stood behind Zoya. "Swing ko push karoon?" "Yes but don't make me fall." "Have I ever?" "No but I don't trust you now." "God my hands are aching." "Kyun?" "Because you have put on weight." "Asad!" "Lizzie." Asad and Zoya came back to the house. Everyone smiled on seeing them together, both were safe and sound. No one was hurt. There were no scratches, no hair pulled, clothes were not messy so it was a relief that they had not got into a hand fight like they did when they were kids. After dinner Asad went to his bedroom. It was a good one but Asad wanted his bedroom. He sat near the window. He could see Zoya in his bedroom which was right now hers. "The first thing tomorrow morning you will do is, give me back my room, Lizzie. Muahahaha!" Asad laughed evilly.  

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Chapter 3

Asad had to shift to the new bedroom which was specially renovated for him. He did not want to but when his mother told him to he had to. He always listened to Dilshad. He could not ask for his room back as it would be going back on his word to his mom but he could make Zoya give the room back and that is exactly what he planned on doing. He had the perfect plan in mind. He laughed evilly. He made a real handsome devil and now that devil and his mind were all set to get to work.

Zoya was sleeping peacefully in her bedroom on her bed dreaming of her dream man, her version of the Mr. Khan she wanted as a life partner. A sweet smile played on her lips as she could feel him coming closer and his face becoming clear. She pulled the comforter close to her face and turned to the other side. She began to gather the comforter in her arms and wanted to hug it like she would hug her Mr. Khan. Something heavy stopped her from gathering the comforter. She tried to pull it with all her might but could not. "Mm... Humzy what are you doing here? Apne room mein so ja na!" Zoya's eyes were still closed and in half sleepy condition she tried to wake up her sister Humaira and send her to her room. She patted Humaira on her hand. "Humaira since when do you wear sleeveless clothes?" She did not get an answer. She then moved her hand on her sister's back. She was not wearing something sleeveless she was not wearing a top! Zoya still did not wakeup. Her hand moved to the front... "Humaira why are you so flat? Tumhara size toh... Your body is sho firm... Six packs... You are not Humaira... Aap toh mere Mr. Khan hai na... My dream man... My Mr. Khan aap mujhse mere dream mein milne aaye hain na but how did you know where I live? I can touch you... I am feeling your six packs and your... Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai... But why are you so real if this is a dream?" Zoya slowly realized that she was not dreaming. There was someone really in her bed. Her eyes flew open. She was about to scream.

The person next to her rolled over on her and put his hand on her mouth. He flicked a switch and the bedside lamp turned on. Zoya's eyes popped on seeing in. What the H was going on? He smiled. "Shh chup! I will move my hand from your mouth but you will not scream. If you do you will be the one to be in deep trouble let me warn you from first. You will not scream understood. Nod if you understand." Zoya nod her head like a bobbing head. "Good girl." He took his hand off of her mouth. "Ek minute before you try to get up smile please. Ek selfie ho jaaye." He smiled and took their photo with his cell phone. Zoya pushed him and got off the bed. "What the H Asad! What in the H are you doing in my room in my bed? How did you get in? Why the hell are you all nangu?" Zoya was really pissed and shocked to see Asad in her room. Asad was getting out of the bed. Zoya covered her face with her hands. "Nahi don't get out of the bed you are nangu. No I don't want to see your thingy!" Asad was amused and decided to have some fun. "Zoya that is a privilege you will not have. Accha why are you getting so angry and covering your face? You were enjoying my six packs. You touched me... You felt me... You called me your Mr. Khan. I did not know you felt like this for me. Naughty girl you dream of me?"

"Have you lost it? How did you enter my room? Why are you here?" Zoya wanted answers. "I want my room back." Asad said getting off the bed. Zoya did not hear as she was busy ogling at his six packs. Asad snapped his fingers in front of her face. "Kahaan kho gayi? Did you hear what I said? I want my room back." "But you said you will shift in the new room." "That was me being my ammi's good beta. This is me being me Asad Ahmed Khan. I want my room back and you will tell the family members that you will give it back to me." "You must be dreaming I will do no such thing. Why should I?" "Tch chotu Lizzie brain ko sab samjhana padta hai. Zoya I will have my room by hook or by crook. Either you get my room back for me or else..." "Or else what?" "Or else I will show our selfie to the family members and they will think we did..." "Kuch kuch!" Zoya's eyes popped as big as the headlights of the Ambassador car as she covered her mouth with her hands. "Sab kuch!" Asad winked and Zoya felt really scared. Asad was having fun. He had Zoya right where he wanted her. "Zoya if they think that we did sab kuch then to save the khandaan ki and your izzat they will get us married. So now you have only 2 options you get me my room back or I will show everyone this selfie. We will get married and I will shift in this room." Zoya stood listening to Asad's threat. She smiled. "Ha! If we get married I will shift to your room you will not ever get this room back." "Wanna bet? I will tell everyone that Zoya has been in shock because of the sudden marriage. She needs to be in familiar surroundings till she accepts this change. I am ready to make that sacrifice for my wife. I will shift in her room. And you know everyone in our family Zoya they will think what's best for you always and let me shift into my room. Then every night hum tum iss kamre mein band ho and I will be your shauhar and you know me... So what say want to give me e my room by hook or by the crooked way I just explained to you."

Zoya was really irritated with Asad. She, the beautiful Barbie doll like girl could no way get married to this bandar. She decided to give him the room back and a little more for being Asad Ahmed Khan. Asad wore his shirt and left the room. Zoya plopped on the bed thinking about the mess she was in because of one mistake. She had taken Asad's room got the interiors done but she did not get the locks changed. After Asad left she remembered their little conversation about how he was able to enter the room.

A little flashback

She was confused as to how he entered in her room. She decided to turn the tables on him. "Asad if you tell them we did sab kuch first they will ask you how did you enter the room because every door and window was closed from inside. They will think you broke into my room." Zoya smiled thinking she was winning. "Zoya if all the doors and windows are closed how can I get in? Well of course you let me in because if you see no glass of any of the windows is broken and neither the locks of the door have been tampered with."

Flashback ends.

Zoya opened her cupboard and there was a dart board with Asad's picture on it. She aimed and threw darts on the dart board. Every dart hit bull's eye (between Asad's eyes). She smiled evilly at Asad's picture. She too like him was a little devil and now it was her time to use her devilish brain. She too laughed evilly and went to bed.  

She woke up early in the morning and got ready. "Chachi I think we should give Asad his old room back." Zoya told Dilshad as she hopped up on the kitchen counter. "Hmm and why do you think we should give him back his old room? Beta you know na that old room is not big enough for him. You have set the new room for him and Asad's old room had been your room from the last 2 years. Why do you want to give it back to him?" Zoya took a carrot and took a huge bite of it. Razia too came to the kitchen. Asad was keeping an eye on Zoya. He wanted his room back at any cost. Zoya had to give it back to him and he had made her agree on it. Zoya got off the kitchen counter and closed the door. Asad did not know what she told them.

At the breakfast table the elder members of the family were giving Asad disgusting looks. Zoya was smirking. Najma and Humaria looked at him with curiosity. Asad was annoyed with everyone's behavior. He got his room back but the looks and the attitude he got as a bonus. He knew it that Zoya had done something. Zoya was happily walking in the corridor. Suddenly a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside a room. "What the H Asad? What are you doing?" Asad rubbed her wrist as Asad had held it too tightly. "What did you tell everyone to get my room back for me?" "Asad aam khao ped na gino. You asked me to get your room anyhow and I did. Now why do you care?" "I care Zoya because of the looks they are giving me! What did you do? What did you say?" Asad closed in on her and there was a dead threatening look in his eyes. "You got your room that's it. I am not saying anymore. Toodles!" Zoya gave him a mischievous smile and left. "Wait till I know what you have done then phir maine tumaare Toodles ke Maggie noodles nahi banaye na toh I will change my name." Asad punched the wall.

"Cadbury shots! Najma ke mann mein laddoo phoota!" Najma saw a Cadbury shots packet on the floor. She picked it up happily. She moved towards her room. She had taken a few steps when she her eyes widened and so did her smile. "Cadbury Dairy Milk! Yummy. Najma you are so lucky! Tch but it is so small. Itne se mera kya hoga?" After a few more steps she found a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. Today was her lucky day. Najma picked all the chocolates she found on her way to her room. Chocolates were her weakness. When she reached her room she saw a Cadbury Bournville. She was about to take it but before she could reach it Asad picked it up. "Bhaijaan dijiye na. Someone kept all these chocolates for me." "I know tamatar I left those chocolates for my baby sister. But you can't get this Bounrville." Najma pouted. "Why bhaijaan?" "Tamatar you don't get a Bournville. You don't buy a Bournville. You earn it. Ad nahi dekha?" Najma understood that the chocolates were not for free Asad wanted something from her. "What do I have to do to earn it?" Asad smiled. Najma knew that the chocolates came with a heavy price. "What do I have to do bhaijaan?" "Open your mouth... Not literally Tamatar! I want you to tell me how did Zoya get me my room back." "Ek taraf Zoya doosri taraf bhai beech mein Najma tujhpar aafat aayi." Najma made a bechara face but Asad did not let her go. He wanted to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

"How can I say such things about you bhai? I am your baby sister even if I was older than you I would not be able to repeat those things. I did not know Zoya was going to say all those type of thinks warna I would never eves drop on her conversation with ammi and chachi." "Tamatar sach bolo tell me everything." Najma closed the door of her room. Asad sat on the chair and Najma nervously paced in her room. She did not want to tell Asad anything actually she did not want to repeat what she had heard but she wanted that Bournville and she had to earn it. Asad was waiting patiently as he knew Najma would tell him everything. Najma took a deep breath and she came and sat on the chair near Asad's. "Bhai Zoya said that you have been in London for 2 years and there you lived without parental supervision toh pata nahi what all you must have done there. You could have lived with a girl and you know done sab kuch all that boys and girls do! She said that if you have the last room then you can sneak in a girl from the back door and do sab kuch with her all night every night. She told ammi that if they did not keep an eye on you then you could get a firang bahu. Ammi ka toh heart fail ho jayega if you get a firang bahu for her... Then..." Najma stood up from her place and faced away from Asad. "Then... Then what? What else did she say?" "Bhai please don't make me say more." "Tamatar bolo!" "She said that if you will live in the bedroom right in the middle of the house then you will not be able to sneak in a girl. You will not be able to do sab kuch with her and you will also not be able to do... You will not see those type of magazines and movies and then play with yourself." Najma covered herself with the blanket. She could not even look at Asad. She felt as if she had been scarred for life on listening to and then repeating those things.

Asad was really pissed with Zoya. She had assassinated his character in front of his elders. She had to pay for it. He instantly cooked up a plan. "Tamatar 10 minutes ke baad send Zoya to the pool. After that 10 aur minutes ke baad send Razia chachi and ammi there." Najma nodded from under the blanket. She dared not to ask what would be in round 2 of Asad Vs Zoya. After Asad left Najma saw the Bournville there. She began eating the chocolates. "Ooh 10 minutes ho gaye I should send Zoya to the pool." Najma went to Zoya's room and made an excuse to send her to the pool. She also sent Razia and Dilshad to the pool just like Asad instructed her. When Razia and Dilshad reached the pool they saw that Asad was swimming in the pool. They smiled as they knew that Asad was a fitness freak and never missed swimming even on rainy and cold winter days. They saw Zoya sitting on a lounger. She was ogling at Asad. Her eyes had that look which both Razia and Dilshad were familiar with. Zoya swallowed the sweet juices which formed in her mouth as she saw Asad move in the water. Some of the juices came out of her mouth and she bit her lower lip. She was wearing a very thin cotton shirt and they also noticed that her nipples were erect. It was not because of anything else but she was sexually aroused on seeing Asad coming out of the pool in his swimming trunks. She pressed and rubbed her legs together and rocked her hips. Asad knew what Zoya would do when she saw him like that. Zoya did not believe she was being turned on by Asad. Their mothers who witnessed it all were super shocked and embarrassed.

"Zoya! Zoya!! Zoya!!!" Razia called out to her daughter. "Jee jee ammi" Zoya was embarrassed and scared. "Zoya college nahi jana? Come on get ready." "Jee aayi ammi." Zoya ran away from the pool side. Asad smiled as his mission was accomplished. All those things Zoya said about him doing he made her do and also he got their mothers to see it. Asad and Zoya had no idea that the Asad Vs Zoya, which was going to land them into a greater trouble than they intended to get the other into. The entire day passed like a normal day for everyone.

At night both families decided to have a family barbeque to celebrate Asad's return. Zoya was in no mood to attend Asad' welcome barbeque but she had to as Noor Bano and Sabreen both had told all the members of the family to be there. Asad and Zoya were given the task of barbequing. They were trying to avoid each other because of what had happened at the pool. Zoya felt like she would be turned on by Asad and Asad was scared that being close to Zoya would remind him Zoya being turned on could affect him too. They were very nervous around each other. For the first time they were not fighting.

The families enjoyed their time. Najma and Humaira excitedly asked Asad about his London adventures and also told him the happening life they had in college. Slowly the clouds of awkwardness were lifted off of Asad and Zoya. They played men Vs women antakshari and Asad and Zoya were back to being normal. They began fighting like kids. Asad called Zoya besuri asuri and Zoya picked a throw pillow and threw it on him. They were after all throw pillows so they were meant for throwing. Their parents looked at each other and then the elder ladies of the family. They shook their heads in a no to stop Noor Bano and Sabreen from doing what they were about to do. Noor Bano and Sabreen signed Asad's and Zoya's parents to be out of it and let them handle it.

Noor Bano decided to begin. "Accha chalo let this men Vs women antakshari be. Aaj Sabreen aur main aap sabko ek story sunaate hain." Asad and Zoya always loved story time with dadi. Humaira and Najma knew what the story would be about and so did Dilshad, Razia, Gafur and Rashid. Najma and Humaira were excited but two sets of parents were only worried for Asad and Zoya's reactions at the end of the story which would actually be a beginning of a new story.

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Chapter 4

The Siddique and Khan families were enjoying a barbeque in the front lawn celebrating Asad's return to India. They were playing a friendly game of men vs women antakshari which turned into Asad and Zoya war number... No one not even they themselves could keep count of their fights. While Asad and Zoya fought the elder members of the families were losing precious time in which they could be told about their nikaah being fixed with each other. Noor Bano and Sabreen thought that it was the ideal time to tell them about their nikaah. Asad and Zoya's respective sets of parents were against it. Neither Asad Zoya listened to anyone nor do their dadis.

Noor Bano decided to begin. "Accha chalo let the men Vs women antakshari be. Aaj Sabreen aur main aap sabko ek story sunaate hain." Asad and Zoya always loved story time with dadi. Humaira and Najma knew what the story would be about and so did Dilshad, Razia, Gafur and Rashid. Najma and Humaira were excited but two sets of parents were only worried for Asad and Zoya's reactions at the end of the story which would actually be a beginning of a new story.

"Wow story time with dadi!" Asad and Zoya exclaimed together. Once again everyone looked at them thinking Aww dono ki soch kitni milti hai. They are perfect for each other." "Hullo what happened dadi story sunaiye na." Zoya was waving her hand in front of Noor's face. "Dadi it this the story that we think it is and if it is so then please could you skip to the climax? You see climax hi toh the most amazing dhaamkedaar part hai of this story." Humaira asked Noor to skip to the very end so that Asad and Zoya's reactions could be enjoyed. "Humzy you have heard this story? Dadi not fair you told her the story and you did not tell me. I am your favorite na toh mujhe kyun nahi sunayi ab tak?" Zoya crossed her hands at her chest and turned away from Noor.

"He he he aayi badi dadi ki favorite. Zoya I was born 6 years before you. All that time I was everyone's favorite. So if you go to see I am dadi's and everyone else's most favorite child." Asad irritated Zoya even more. "Dadi please wait story time na and ye story toh Masha Allah badi hi interesting hai just like a masala movie. Movie without popcorn acchi nahi lagti just like that story without popcorn acchi nahi lagegi. I will go get popcorn." Najma stood up and returned after 15 minutes with a huge tub of popcorn. Sabreen looked at Najma with pride. "Dilshad Najma humaara naam roshan karegi sasural jakar. See she got popcorn for everyone." "Dadi this is just for me! You know na small tub se mera pet nahi bharta." Najma protectively put her hands to cover the popcorn tub. Zoya pulled her cheeks, "Haye mera qoobee popcorn khayega. You will not share with me?" "Sure bhab... Sure bhai ke saath nahi I will share with you." Najma shared popcorn only with Zoya. "Mm dadi story time." Zoya and Najma both said with their mouthful while Humaira and Asad looked at them with a frown on their face as they did not get any popcorn.

Noor cleared her throat and began. "Sabreen and I had met on the first day of kindergarten. Well I was a little roly poly and Sabreen a little shy. No one wanted to be our friend so we became friends. Our friendship was like what later on was shown in Sholay, ekdum Jai-Veeru we were pakki wali dosti from day 1 of kindergarten se and see abhi tak hai humaari dosti." Noor and Sabreen smiled and did their little friendship handshake. Everyone smiled. "Ammi khala nazar na lage aapki dosti ko." Razia removed some kajal from her eye and put it for her mother in law and Sabreen. "Haye humaari dosti ko kiski nazar lagegi. Haan tum dono bahuon ki lage toh aur baat hai." "Chaloji Bhai Vs Zoya ka intermission hua toh saas bahu started. Uff popcorn got over I will go get some." Najma could enjoy any and every drama bas give her a tub of popcorn.

The story resumed only after Asad and Zoya took charge of the tu tu main main family. "Chup now one will speak a word now." Asad looked at everyone. "Oye if you order everyone to be quiet how will dadi continue with the story?" "I was not asking dadi to be quiet. It was for our ammis, the bahus of dadis jo kahin bhi shuru ho jaati hain. It was for this hogging qoobee of yours and ye dekho Humzy the sponsor of fireworks of our family. She is adding fuel to fire abbu and chachu ko saas bahu ke beech sandwich banakar. Everyone except for dadis, finger on your lips."  

"Hmm toh Noor and I became friends on the first day of kindergarten. Jo bhi humein dekhta used to ask us if we were sisters. We were not but we wished we were. It was not possible that we could become sisters by blood so we decided on the next best possible way to become sisters. We decided to become sisters in law. I did not have a brother so Noor could not become my bhabhi and Noor had chaar bhai but all younger than us. Ab wo zamana nahi tha ki younger boys married girls older than them. Ek din bhi badi biwi nahi chalti thi uss waqt ke mardon ko." Sabreen sighed.

"What other option we had to become sisters in law socha chalo ek hi ghar mein nikaah kar lenge. We will get married to two bothers and become devrani jhethani. We thought chalo after becoming devrani jhethani we could be sisters and live together forever. Haye ye bhi na tha humaari kismet mein. We did not get our wish of being married into the same family but were lucky enough to get married to best friends. Sabreen ka nikaah Jamshed Ahmed Khan se tay ho gaya and I well..." Noor feeling shy was a rare sight. "Aye haye ab bol bhi de Noor, ishq ho gaya Noor ko Jamshed..." Sabreen too became shy. "Aaye haye what all this sharma sharmi dadis!" Zoya teased them. "You won't understand because you don't know anything about sharma sharmi you know only about besharmi by the pool..." Zoya turned pale as everyone except Dilshad and Razia looked at her to know about the pool side besharmi. The shook their head to show their disappointment in her.

"Arre Zoya mein dekhne ko kya hai that all of you are looking at her. Hve you guys not ever seen a lizard kya? Humaari blushing dadis ko dekho ki dekhne ki cheez hai humaari dadiyaan." Asad turned everyone's focus from Zoya to Noor and Sabreen. Sabreen continued, "Noor ko ishq ho gaya Jamshed... I mean Rashid ke abba ke dost Farookh bhai se." "Oh ho Noor dadi love marriage! How exciting! Did you elope ya love marriage became arranged marriage? I hope it was love marriage wo bhi bhagkar. Dadi if your dream of eloping did not come true na mujhe kahiye I will make that dream come true. Main bhagkar nikaah karoongi!" Humzy was not a little she was too filmy. "Hai besharam sabke saamne kuch bhi bolti hai ye ladki. You need a boy to elope with. Wo hai kya?" Razia did not like Humaira's living in her dream world. "Uff mera popcorn khatam ho gaya but dadi ki story nahi." Najma was about to get up to get more popcorn. "Rashid kal hi contact that diet boot camp main Najma ko waha bhejna chahti hoon." "No no no no no ammi wahaan nahi! I promise I will diet at home." Najma sat down. She licked her fingers to get the left over masala. Dilshad scolded her once more.

"Ok ab koi humaari bhi sun lo! So after Noor and I got married to best friends we came up with a plan to become one family. Allah ki marzi se Noor and I were both expecting our first child. She and I decided to pass on our wish to the next generation. We decided to get our children married and hence we would become family in laws. The first born children of the family would make us one family. She gave birth to Gafur. Allah ki marzi nahi thi huamaari wish mein." "Six months after I had given birth to Gafur, Sabreen gave birth to her first and only child, Rashid. There were some complications so she was not able to have any more children. Humne socha chalo mera second baccha agar girl hui toh we will get Rashid and her married. Allah ki marzi usmein bhi nahi thi. My second child was a girl but she was still born. After that I was scared to plan for another child. So we both had only one child each. Both were males. Toh ab humne socha chalo humaare bacchon ke bacche humaari wish poori karenge." The family members focused on Asad and Zoya to see whether they got the hint or not. They did not as both were busy texting to each other they supposed as they saw just as Asad used to be done with sending the message Zoya's phone would buzz and the same was repeated from her end too. Asad first sent a text message to apologize for spilling about the besharmi at the pool and since then the two of them were text fighting.

Sabreen at the top of her voice continued the story. "Rashid fell in love and married his college mate Dilshad! Gafur humaara accha baccha married Razia as per his parents' wish. Allah taala ki marzi se Rashid and Dilshad ke ghar mere Asad ka janam hua. Gafur and Razia too, 6 years later badi mannaton aur muraado ke baad had Zoya, raajkumari lag rahi thi jab paida hui tab." "Kyun dadi ab nahi lagti main princess?" "Lagti ho na frog princess." One look from Rashid and Razia made Asad and Zoya behave. Now it was time for the climax. Noor and Sabreen held hands, Najma and Humaira were both anxious, Rashid, Gafur, Dilshad and Razia were tensed. "On the day of Zoya's birth, Noor and I fixed her marriage with Asad."

There was pin drop silence. Everyone was looking at Asad and Zoya for reactions. Asad did not say anything. He looked at Zoya. "Shaadi aur Asad se never! Ye shaadi kabhi nahi ho sakti!" Zoya could not believe that her nikaah was fixed with Asad on the day of her birth. Was she some character in the show Balika Vadhu? Asad did not say anything. He was still thinking about Zoya's marriage been fixed with him. "Why aren't you saying something? Oh yes I know you were on it with everyone! Tumhe toh bas mauka chahiye tha meri life barbaad karne ka. Hai na Asad?" Asad looked at Zoya. "Mujhe bhi koi shaukh nahi hai tumse nikaah karne ka! Dadi can you imagine mujhe jaise cool dude and chipkali se shaadi! No ways!" "As if mujh jaisi Barbie doll tum jaise bandar ko apna shauhar qubool karegi!" Zoya got up and went to her room. Sabreen and Noor also got up feeling sad. They supported each other and went to their rooms. Zoya's parents followed her trying to reason with her. Humaira's eyes were filled with tears because Zoya refused to marry Asad. Najma was sad that if the nikaah would not happen she would not get to feast on the davat e nikaah. She went to the kitchen. She was feeling sad and only chocolate could lift her mood. Rashid gave Asad an angry look for refusing to marry Zoya. "Ye ladka..." Dilshad took him inside. Asad heard his mother's whisper. "Rashid he reacted to Zoya's refusal. Aapne dekha nahi he was not the first one to say no." Asad was all alone in the lawn. He lied down on the green grass. Put his hands under his head and looked at the stars.  

It was way past midnight. Asad banged into someone. It was a girl. He did not hear her voice but her softness meshing against his hard chiseled chest told him so. "Ouch!!! Who puts a statue in the middle of the corridor?" "Zoya?" "Asad!" Asad and Zoya both removed their cell phone and turned on the flashlight. "What the H?" they spoke together. "Zoya what are you doing with that traveler's backpack? Where are you going? Dimaag kharab ho gaya hai tumhaara! Are you running away from home? Why?" "OMG Asad for a second I thought you're so intelligent! You saw my backpack and you understood that I was running away from home but then you asked my reason for doing so... You are such a dodo! I am running away from home because I don't want to marry you! And may I ask what are you doing with the backpack?"

"Oh lizzy brain hai na so you don't understand that I am running away from home so that I don't have to get married to you!" "Haw! You? You are rejecting me! How can you? Where will you get a girl like me? I am a perfect combination of beauty and brains." "Ok main nahi bhaagta. Let's get married." "No ways, I will not marry you!" "That is exactly my point Zoya. We both don't want to marry each other. Zo let me run away from home. Zyada se zyada everyone will get angry at me call me a coward who ran away in the darkness of the night instead of facing everyone and telling them no. Zoya ladki ghar se bhaage accha nahi lagta. I don't want people to talk bad about you... your parents. No one will blame you they will blame chachu chachi and dadi for not giving you a good upbringing. They might think they were forcing you to get married so you ran away. Go to your room and let me run away. Zo go before someone sees you!" Zoya stood there looking at Asad. He was ready to take the blame on him for something they both were guilty of. Asad heard footsteps. "Zo chalo some one is coming!" He took Zoya's hand and ran. They hid behind the curtains.

"Asad..." Asad put his hand on Zoya's mouth before she could say anything. Zoya locked her eyes on Asad's face. He was worried about her reputation. She could not take her eyes off of him and her eyes moistened. Asad was keeping watch. For a split second he looked at Zoya, their eyes met. He took his hand off of her mouth slowly with his little finger at the very end brushing on her lower lips. A weird sensation ran through their bodies. "Sorry." "Asad why should you take the blame alone? I was thinking that we both are ready na toh hum dono bhaag jaate hain." "Lizzy don't think please! If we both run away our families will have a grand celebration thinking we eloped! Wapas aayenge na toh we will see the preparations of our walima going on! Chup karo na." The lights in the entire house were switched on. "Who's there?" Rashid asked in a gruff voice. "Bahar niklo with your hands up!" Gafur too called out. Asad and Zoya came out. Everyone was shocked to see them with their backpacks. "Wow! Dekha dadi they are eloping! How romantic!" Najma and Humaira squealed. "Huh!" Zoya had a shocked confused look on her face. "I told you na dono bhagenge toh yehi samjhenge that we eloped!" Asad gritted his teeth and muttered in Zoya's ear.

Noor and Sabreen blessed Asad and Zoya. "Dekha we know our grandchildren better than anyone. What were the four of you saying Asad and Zoya do not want to get married? Dekho Dil mein inke haan hai haan hothon par na na hai jhoot. Bas chalo now jaldi se sagai aur nikaah ki tareekhein nikalwao." Asad and Zoya's parents looked at their children. They knew that Asad and Zoya did not want to get married to each other for their own reasons which only the two of them knew. Najma and Humaira were very happy and so were their dadis. "Abbu I want new designer clothes for every function. Jaise Yash Chopra , K Jo ki movies mein hote hain." Humaira began counting the number of functions and her clothes. "Dadi I will decide the menu. Menu should always be prepared by the one who eats not the one who feeds." Najma's mouth was already watering thinking about all the delicacies. 

Dadis and their sons went for a little chat before they went back to bed. The girls too left one dreaming of clothes and the other of food. Dilshad and Razia exchanged looks. Asad and Zoya were alone in the living area. They looked at each other angrily and then went to their rooms. Asad was pacing in his room. He could not get married to Zoya when she did not want to. Zoya plopped on the bed she did not want to marry Asad because he was not her dream man. Her phone beeped. It was a text message from Asad. "Be ready tomorrow 8 pm for dinner at Galaxy Restaurant." "Crazy ho kya? Don't want to marry you and you are asking me out on a date?" "Date? In your dreams! It's not a date we need to come up with a plan to break the marriage." "Fool if we go out together they may take it as a yes!" "Lizzy brain we can't talk about breaking the marriage at home!" "So?" "So we need to meet somewhere else!" "What good will it do? They'll think we are ready and so we went on a date." "Even if they think we went on a date and then later break up. They will think we at least gave it a try. So just shut up and be ready." "Ok."

 "Wow aapi you are looking stunning! Aapi you are going out?" Humaira asked Zoya as soon as she entered Zoya's room and saw her dressed in a beautiful beige and off white georgette anarkali suit. "Yeah Humzy wo As..." "What! Aap Asad bhai ke saath bahar ja rahe ho? Yesterday you came to know about the marriage alliance and aaj date par!" Humaira was excited for Asad and Zoya's marriage more than anyone else. "Humzy leave I have to get ready." "Yes of course you have to look the best for Your Mr. Khan, Asad." Humaira left from the room. She had a huge smile on her face. She was on cloud nine that Zoya was getting married to Asad. She brought her phone close to chest and hugged it. "Wow bhaijaan you are looking so handsome! Bhaijaan apne iss handsome look se kiska qatl karne ka irada hai?" "Zoya ka..." Mumbled Asad. "Bhaijaan you said something?" "No tamatar, I am going out with Zoya." Asad said softly. "What!!! Aap bhabhi ko date par lekar jaa rahe hain?" Najma was super shocked to hear that Asad was taking Zoya out. "Tamatar I am taking her out. What's the big deal?" Asad was looking very handsome. If only looks could kill, every girl who would lay her eyes on Asad would die of an overdose of devilish handsome and every boy would die of heart burn (jealousy). Najma asked him to pose for her and he readily did.

Asad and Zoya came out of their respective room and came towards the main hall. They saw each other and paused for a minute. Najma was standing behind Asad. "Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga..." She began to sing and in return Humaira who was standing behind Zoya sang, "Dekha jo tumko ye dil ko kya hua hai..." Asad and Zoya both glared angrily at their own sisters. "Asad Zoya where are the two of you off too?" Gafur asked them. "Wo... actually chachu umm... I thought that it would be a good idea for Zoya and I to spend some time alone as in we should talk and get to know each other better... Wo shaadi hone wali hai toh I thought..." Asad was never scared of his Gafur chachu but suddenly Asad began seeing him as father of the bride and that scared him. "You thought. Asad don't you think you thought of too much. You made the decision that you would take Zoya out and we are supposed to be ok with it?" Rashid spoke to Asad strictly. "We too are ok with your decision of getting us married aren't we toh ek dinner ke liye why can't you be ok?" Asad and Rashid had a very good relationship but Asad had not forgotten that Rashid sent him to hostel for a minor mischief. "Rashid Asad please, calm down." Dilshad was the peacemaker between them.

"Chachu wo Asad is right we need to spend some time together then only will we be ready to spend our lives together. I know we should have taken permission but we thought that humaare bade humein trust karte hain you know we will not do anything wrong. We are just going out for dinner." Zoya too showed readiness in going out with Asad. Razia came forward. "Zoya it's not about taking permission but inform toh karte na bte. Already it is late. Itni raat ko log tum dono ko saath dekhenge akele toh..." Sabreen and Noor Bano had been silent spectators but they could only for so much time. "Rashid, Gafur, Dilshad, Razia stop it now." Sabreen scolded all four of them for going overboard on a slight matter as a dinner date. "Asad Zoya the two of you jaao dinner date par and enjoy yourselves. Have fun and Asad dinner means sirf dinner nahi karana humaari Zoya ko. Take her out for her favorite kulfi and haan add a long drive too." Noor too gave them a go ahead for their date. Asad and Zoya hugged their grandmothers. Noor and Sabreen were very happy but Asad and Zoya gave each other sad guilt ridden looks.

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Chapter 5

Asad and Zoya were out on what the family thought was a date. The fact of the matter was that they went out to talk about their breakup plan. Zoya did not want to marry Asad because he was not according to her, her dream man, her Mr. Khan. Asad did not want to marry Zoya because she did not want to marry him. He troubled Zoya on little matters. He may have forced her into doing many little things which she did not like and would be irritated to do them. Asad did have fun seeing her troubled but he could not force Zoya into marrying him. To trouble her for some time just for fun was a different thing but to marry her when she did not want to that he could never do to her. Asad brought Zoya to one of the best hotels in Bhopal. The hotel was atop a hill overlooking the lake. Zoya was mesmerized by the romantic set up. She looked at Asad. Asad can be this romantic! It is so beautiful. If he can make such arrangements for our so called date where we need to talk about plans to stop the wedding toh... What arrangements he would make if it was a real date with a girl. Haye that girl would be so lucky...' Asad was speechless on the seeing the arrangements too. He was even scared to look at Zoya. He did not want her to misunderstand him. He looked at her and saw the look on her face. A smile came to his lips but he wiped it off. "Zoya this was not my idea and I would certainly not plan this for you. Haan if I would bring a girl who I was interested in then I would do this but ye I have not done the hotel staff must have done it. All I asked was a table far away from everyone so that we could be at ease. I did not do this for you."

"Yeah yeah I know! As if main mari ja rahi hoon for you to do something like this for me. I knew it you are not capable of doing anything like this and wo bhi mere liye... Never! If you had planned this I should look for snakes under my napkin. I do not expect anything from you and I don't want you to do anything like this for me. In case you have forgotten I was the one who first said no to marry you." Zoya went to towards the table and stood near her chair. "How can I forget?" Asad took a deep breath and went to the table. He took seat. Zoya stared at him annoyed. "What? You think I am going to pull a chair for you? This is not a date remember?" Zoya pulled the chair and sat opposite Asad. "So Zoya have you thought about any idea?" Asad asked Zoya if she had a plan. She was lost in thoughts. "Hello! Lizzie!" Asad moved his hand in front of her face. "What?" "Zoya I need you to be on planet Earth right now. You can go to your home planet some other time. Kuch socha?" "I am thinking a large non veg extravaganza pizza, diet coke, choco lava cake. Umm jab tak pizza aata hai French fries." "What?" "I am feeling hungry. My brain does not work on an empty stomach." Asad ordered the food. He looked at Zoya eat in the most clumsy way in a fine dining restaurant. Thank God they were alone and no one saw who he was keeping company with.

Zoya began gorging on the fries. After the first handful her brains began to work. She spoke with her mouth full. "Idea!!! We can tell them that you have a girl in your life." "I don't have a girl in my life." "Kyun? Koi problem? Or you like you know boys." "Shut your trap Zoya! Koi problem nahi hai and no I do not like boys and I do certainly not like girls like you. Bas I don't have a girlfriend." "Tch what did you do in London? Ek ladki tak nahi patayi." "I was gaining work experience in London. I did not go there to patao girls." "Toh what about hiring a girl to play your girlfriend?" "Are you for real? Tumhe kya lagta hai that this is some television show? Why don't we do that with you? You must be having a boy in your life. If not le aate hain kiraye ka boyfriend for you." "Excuse me I don't need to hire a boyfriend and I would never. I am a good girl from a good family." "The same goes for me." Zoya began eating the pizza. Her eyes popped as shone like the headlights of a car as another idea struck her. "Idea!!! What if we..." "Kya? Now what have you come up with?" "Asad what if we create a little misunderstanding between dadis? Then see if they don't remain friends they would not want to become family so they will stop this wedding thing. Kaisa laga idea?" "Idea seriously this is what your lizzie brain came up with?" "Why not Asad?" "Stop it Zoya, this is not some 50's Bollywood movie that we should do what you are suggesting! No ways, it can't be done. I know we have to break up but koi aur tareeka socho. Dadis have been friends for more than 5 decades and you want to break that friendship to escape getting married to me. Zoya how can you be so selfish." "I am not being selfish. See when they forget about this marriage thing we will clear the misunderstanding na." "And then we will lose respect in theirs and everyone else's eyes. Main kisi ki nazron mein girkar jee nahi sakta. If you can think of another idea." "You are so mean! You are rejecting all my ideas." "Idea! Why don't we tell our families that we need time? I mean I will settle in my job, you need to graduate and some work experience. So after maybe a year or so we can get married." "Haan and in that time I will also find my Mr. Khan, fall in love with him." "Yeah that too could happen..." Asad and Zoya decided to be straight with the family. They would ask for a year's time to get married.

They reached home at around half past 11. The entire family was waiting for them in the hall to know about their date. Asad and Zoya looked at each other. They took a deep breath and went to Sabreen and Noor. They kneeled down before the two of them and took the hand of their own dadi in their hands and both spoke together. "Dadi we are ready to get married but we need a year." Najma pouted. Humaira became extremely sad as if someone had ripped her heart out. Gafur, Raiza and Dilshad, Rashid were happy with the decision. Asad and Zoya saw that Noor and Sabreen did not approve of their decision. "Dadi I and everyone would like for me to support my wife in every manner. Dadi right now I can't support Zoya financially. I need to get a job and I will need a year to settle completely. Dadi ek saal kit oh baat hai." "Yeah dadi Asad is right I too need to graduate. Dadi I don't know the first thing about being a wife or a bahu. Dadi I had thought of working before getting married. Main college mein hoon I know I will get to study after I get married and I know ki no one will stop me from working but dadi I have set some goals that I want to achieve before getting married. Please dadi ek saal."

"Haan ammi, khala the children are right in asking for a year's time. Rashid what do you have to say about it?" Gafur looked at Rashid. "Ammi, khala maan jaaiye na please. They kids aren't asking for too much." "Jee jee." Dilshad and Razia both smiled and agreed with their husbands to the children's demand. Noor and Sabreen looked at each other. Asad, Zoya and their respective parents looked eagerly at Noor and Sabreen. Sabreen put her hand on Asad and Zoya's head. "Alright as you children wish. Humaara kya hai we are now old what does it matter what we want. If your daddus would have been alive toh pata nahi kya karte to fulfill our wish. Khair you children are old enough to think what's best for you and your parents' agree too toh kya fark padta..." Noor pat her hand and blessed Asad and Zoya. "Tum bacchon ki khushi mein hi humaari khushi hai. It is important what you want to do with your life hum kya chahte hain kya nahi let it be. Ok you two can get married next year. We will bless you hum chahe iss duniya mein ho ya uss duniya mein. Bas we thought ki marne se pehle if our life long wish would be granted but chalo ye tassalli toh hai ki humaare jaane ke baad it will happen." Noor wiped the tears which were about to fall out of her eyes. Sabreen sighed. "Noor we had such beautiful dreams about Asad, Zoya and their little AsYa babies. Jannat mein rehkar hum iss duniya par inki jannat dekhkar khush ho lenge." The two old ladies got off the couch with the others support.

"Dadi..." Asad and Zoya both wanted to stop their dadis but could not. "Ammi, khala, why are you saying such things?" Gafur and Rashid followed their mothers trying to support them. Dilshad and Razia both came to their children. "It's ok beta dadi will understand. Kal subadh tak all will be well. Now it is not that you two have completely refused to the nikaah. Hmm? Go and get some rest. Jao chinta nahi karo." They went to their own rooms as they knew that their husbands unki ma ke ladle would change their mind about agreeing with the children's decision after getting a huge dose of OTT drama from their mothers. Asad and Zoya were both in the living area. They looked at each other and then went to their respective rooms. "Ye ladka meri ma ki jaan lekar rahega. I know it is all Asad. This is his idea to postpone the nikaah. He knew that he could not make Zoya agree to this decision at home iss liye ghar se bahar lekar gaya. He must have scared her into agreeing with him." Rashid came to the room. He sat on the bed. He was furious with Asad. "Rashid please calm down. Asad and Zoya made this decision together. Kuch nahi hoga ammi ko. Don't worry." "Don't worry? Seriously you are asking me not to worry about my mother whose lifelong dream was crushed by your son? Yeah of course why will you worry Dilshad she is my mother not yours." "Rashid how could you even say such a thing? Do you think I don't worry about ammi just because I agree with our son's decision? Itna hi jaana aapne mujhe itne saalon mein?" The same scenario was in Gaur and Razia's room. Gafur too like Rashid accused Razia of not caring for his mothers well being. "This is what you think of me? Ammi ka aapke saath sirf ek rishta hai are you forgetting that she is not only my mother in law but also my only phoopi. Nothing will happen to ammi or to khala. Have faith in Allah." "I have faith in Allah but not Zoya. Ammi loves her more than life itself but wo ladki she can't give this one khushi to my mother?"

Najma and Humaria were speaking on the intercom from their rooms. "Everyone is unhappy just because of aapi and Asad bhai. Aapi bhi na I don't know kiska intezaar hai unhe. Can't she see that Asad bhai has all the qualities she wants in her husband." Zoya and Humaira were very close as sisters. Zoya shared every inner thought of her with Humaira. She was standing on the door when she heard Humaira speak with Najma. "Humaira dadis can't stop crying. Ammi - abbu, chacha - chachi are fighting. I will never speak with bhai even if he gives me chocolates. It is all because of him he does not want to marry Zoya." Asad too stood at Najma's door. He had made hot chocolate for the two of them. He wanted to share his feelings with her but she did not want to speak with him. Zoya came to her room and tried to sleep. She tried for an hour but could not sleep. She had this feeling of restlessness. Her ammi abbu and dadi were sad and so was her baby sister. She was loved by Rashid Dilshad and Sabreen more that they loved Asad. Najma was her qoobee, she always took Zoya's side and Zoya caused her pain too. She may have hurt all of them at one point or the other but right now it was something else. Her restlessness was not because of them it was something she just could not get it... She got off the bed and went to check on Noor and Sabreen. They were her two grandmothers straight out of fairytales. Cute and loving. Najma and Humaira too were sleeping but they had dried tear marks on their cheeks. In Humaira's room Zoya saw her photo frame turned towards the wall. Najma was not wearing the friendship band Zoya had tied on her wrist. Gafur Razia, Dilshad Rashid who always kept their doors locked at night had not locked the doors. They were sleeping facing away from each other. They had locked their hearts.

Zoya decided to speak with Asad. She came to his room but he was not there. "I hope he did not run away. Chachu bhi na why does he get so angry with Asad as if saari galti usi ki hoti hai humesha. Tch, where do I look for him?" She searched in the entire house he was not anywhere. She came out to the garden to look for Asad. He was not there. His car was there in the parking and so was his bike so he was somewhere in the house. She palm smacked her forehead. "Of course he will be at his secret place." Zoya went out back to the garden. On reaching a particular spot she looked up. Yes there was light. She climbed up the tree. "Grrr girls and Lizzie not allowed. Asad ki toh main chutney banakar pakodon ke saath kha jaoongi." She knocked on the small door. "Asad open up let me in I know you are here." "Go away you know you are not allowed." "Asad open up or else." "Or else, what will you do? You will huff you will puff and blow my house away?" "Asad ab toh ladai chodo. I know why you are here. We are sailing on the same boat. Let me in." Zoya spoke very sweetly. Asad opened the door and let her in. She crawled inside his tree house. "Ro rahe the?" "Tumse matlab." Zoya gave Asad her handkerchief to wipe the tears. He looked at her asking if it was clean. She rolled her eyes, took her handkerchief back and wiped his tears. "Asad look at me bolo na kya hua? Asad main soch rahi thi..." Before Zoya could say anymore tears began to flow from Asad's eyes. "Zoya I can't do this. I can't hurt dadi. For the first time she asked me to do something for her and main itna bhi nahi kar sakta unke liye. Zoya my dadi is everything for me I can't hurt her. I know you don't want to..." "I want to. I can't hurt dadi. For the first time she asked me to do something for her and main itna bhi nahi kar sakti unke liye. Asad just like Sabreen dadi is everything for you my dadi is everything for me I can't hurt her. I think we should..." "Yeah we should. Kal subah we will tell them that we are ready to get married. Now go before my tree house falls because of overload."

Zoya did not budge. She hit Asad with her fist. "Zoya, I am going to be your husband you should learn to respect me. I will not tolerate your misbehavior." "Oh yeah toh what should I do? Do you want me to follow you around saying jee huzoor and doing what you say? Main itni farmabaddar biwi nahi ban sakti. Why should only I respect you? You too should respect me. In fact we should write down the T and Cs of this nikaah." "For once I agree with you too." "Haan toh nikalo pen and paper." "Pen hai paper nahi." "I will get a paper. Zoya opened the door of Asad's tree house and tore off the paper on which Asad had years ago written girls and Lizzie not allowed. "What did you do?" "You will not need it now. I am a girl and I am Lizzie too. As I am your to be wife so it is my right to come here." "Let me write it your handwriting are horrible." "Fine you take notes waise it is nice abhi se habit ho jaayegi to take instructions from me." Asad glared at Zoya. "Clause no 1, Asad will respect Zoya's wishes and her personal space." "Right. So will Zoya in Asad's case. Clause no 2, Zoya will learn to cook." "Cook kyun? Asad ammi and chachi do the cooking at home toh main kyun?" "Zoya please at least learn one sweet dish. I know that ammi and chachi do the cooking but nikaah ke baad you will have to do your pehli rasoi. What will you feed your in laws on that day?" "Yeah I will learn for Sabreen dadi, chachu chachi and Najma. Tch I will not have my distant relatives in laws say ki ma ne kuch sikhakar nahi bheja. I will learn to cook for my in laws. Clause no 3, I will use the washroom first." "Oh hello washroom first kyun?" "Dodo we will have to live in the same room na. I will use the washroom first because my college begins at 7 am." "Oh toh phir I will use it first. I go for a jog in the morning at 6 am." "Theek hai whoever wakes up first will use it first. Clause no 4, I will sleep on the bed you on the couch." "Why should I sleep on the couch? We can take sides na." "Share the bed with you! Eewww! You sleep all nangu. Nahi chalega." "Oh yeah it is ok when you move your hands all over my nangu body but not when you have to share the bed with me. I will sleep on the right side." "Accha hai I sleep on the left side." Asad and Zoya continued to write down the tiniest of details for their post nikaah living together in the same room.

"Mm ammi coffee please..." Asad stirred in sleep as the sunrays hit his eyes. He tried to get up but there was a light weight on his left shoulder. He looked and his eyes popped. He got up with a jerk. "Ouch! Mera sar." Zoya opened her eyes and looked around. She was with Asad in his tree house and it was morning! She tried to get up but her head hurt. Asad helped her sit and he rubbed on her head. "I am sorry wo I saw you and hum dono raat bhar yahaan..." He tried to get up forgetting where he was. He was too tall for the tree house now. His head banged with the wooden frame. "Ouch!" He sat down rubbing his head. Zoya at once got on her knees and looked where it hurt him. She blew on his injury. "Theek hai?" Asad was staring at her. She did not get an answer so she looked down at him. Their eyes locked themselves with the other pair and time flew by. Asad looked away and broke the eye lock. "Ek kaam karo you go first and no matter what don't say you were with me." Zoya nodded her head like a bobble head toy. She got out of the tree house and went to the house. Razia was pacing in the hall. "Where were you beta?" "Ammi I wo actually... I went for a morning walk." "You went for a morning walk?" Zoya nodded her head like a bobble head toy. Razia was not convinced so Zoya told her about falling asleep in the tree house. "Zoya you know Asad ..." "Asad! Razia bhabhi Asad aa gaya kya? I don't know where is this boy? Rashid is already angry with him and ab iska koi pata nahi hai." Dilshad was worried as Asad was missing. "Oh haan Rashid scolded him na toh tree house mein hoga." "Dilshad Zoya bhi abhi aayi hai she was in the three house toh Asad wahaan kaise ho sakta hai." Just then Asad walked in. "Asad where were you?" "Tree house mein ammi." Dilshad and Raiza both had shocked looks on hearing that Asad was in the tree house when Zoya said that she was there. So they both were there? "Ammi please send some coffee. Raat bhar theek se soya nahi hoon main." Dilshad and Razia looked at Asad and Zoya's messed up looks. Zoya ran away to her room and Razia followed her. "Zoya what's going on? You said you were in the tree house and Asad bhi wahaan tha. Tum raat bhar uske saath thi? Zoya you don't want to marry him but he turns you on and you spend the night with him. Why is your kajal all smudged?" Asad too went to his room and Dilshad followed him. "What is going on Asad? What is this? You said you were in the tree house and Zoya too said the same. Uski aakhon ka kajal tumhaari shirt par kya kar raha hai?" "Ammi nothing happened between us." Both Asad and Zoya told the same to their mothers.

It was time for breakfast. Noor and Sabreen came for breakfast after a lot of pleasing from their sons. Humaira and Najma were sitting next to each other. Najma dropped her spoon and Humaira's mouth formed a wide smile. Everyone looked in the direction they were looking. Asad and Zoya were standing next to each other holding hands. "We are ready to get married when you say but on one condition."

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Chapter 6

Asad and Zoya decided to get married for the sake of their dadis and the families wish. The morning after they decided so they came to the breakfast table holding hands and told the family about their decision. "We are ready to get married when you say but we have one condition." Asad looked straight at Noor and Sabreen. "Condition? Ab tum ammi aur khala ke saamne shart rakhoge?" Rashid spoke in a stern voice. "Chachu why do you always scold Asad? It is not zaroori ki har time he is at fault. This is not just his condition it is ours. Maine aur Asad ne ek saath decide kiya hai." Everyone's eyes popped on hearing Zoya siding with Asad and speaking for him. Asad's eyes were on Zoya while she took his side in front of Rashid. He was lost in her and tightened the grip on her hand. "Cough! Cough!" He heard a cough and came out of the daze. He looked around and his eyes stopped on Gafur whose eyes were fixed on Asad and Zoya's hands which were in a tight hold as if super glue had spilled between them. He freed his hand from hers. She looked at him. He had a scared look and his eyes were fixed on Gafur. She looked at Gafur and signed him to cut it out.

Gafur and Rashid both did not like their children putting conditions in front of Noor and Sabreen. "Accha chalo now Rashid calm down. Gafur, stop scaring your, to be son-in-law." Noor scolded them both. Rashid looked down like a small child and Asad snorted as he tried to control his laugh. Zoya nudged him in the gut for making fun of her to be father in law. Razia with her eyes scolded Zoya for nudging her to be husband. Sabreen and Noor looked at Asad and Zoya. "OK chalo tell us about your condition."

Asad and Zoya looked at each other. Asad told Zoya to tell them but she told him to let them know about their decision. "Dadi Zoya and I both want ki humaara nikaah we want it to be done in a simple fashion with only our families witnessing. We don't want the extended family, the business circle or our friends to know about it." "Ya Allah ye kaisi shart hai? This is the first nikaah of this generation and you want it to be done in a simple way. No it is not possible." Sabreen refused at once. "Sabbo Dadi please, try and understand Zoya is in college and I yet have to find a job." "Yes dadi please this is the only thing we ask of you. Dadi I am in college and if my friends come to know about the nikaah they will make it difficult for me. Ammi khala you can understand ki friends kaise tease karti hain and all. How will I concentrate on my studies in that environment?" "We understand and agree beta." Both Dilshad and Razia understood Zoya's POV but what was Asad? Was he doing it only for Zoya or he too had a reason for it. They looked at Asad.

Asad knew it was time for him to tell his reason for keeping the nikaah a secret. "Abbu chachu you are men so you might agree with my POV just like ammi and chachi understood Zoya's. I am still to begin working in India. You know that if on my resume it is written married the employer firms will think that since I am married I have the responsibility of a wife and house hold I would be desperate for a job. I would have to take the job on their T and Cs whereas with my resume I should get the job where I want with the pay package I want. I will be able to provide better for Zoya if I have a good job and a good pay. Don't you think so?" Gafur and Rashid agreed with his POV.

It was decided that Asad and Zoya's nikaah would be witnessed only by the family. Asad and Zoya were happy and so were their parents. Noor and Sabreen were happy ki chalo even if it will be a secret the children were getting married and that they would be a family finally. "Gaya mera 7 course multi cuisine wedding menu pani mein." Najma pouted and spoke in a sad voice. She took an extra helping as she was too depressed. "Najma! Bas." "Ammi you always tell me. What's the use of dieting now? Nikaah will be private no one from outside will come toh kisko dikhanae ke liye I should lose weight? That is it diet is off." She spread extra butter on her bread. "That means I will not get designer clothes? I too am not happy with this secret nikaah. If aapi's firend is not coming to kya tayyar hona..." Her voice trailed off at the end of the sentence.

"Najma, Humaira so what if the nikaah is a secret bacche we will have it all. It will be a grand secret nikaah. Theek hai tell your ammi and abbu whatever you want you shall get." Sabreen told them. "Haan and so what if the nikaah is a secret walima toh we will have zor shor se." Asad and Zoya's eyes popped and they dropped their spoons. Dilshad and Razia too were extremely worried on hearing about the walima. "Ammi if the nikaah is a secret toh how can we celebrate the walima?" Razia looked worriedly at her 20 year old phool si bacchi about whose walima they were speaking. They were speaking of her walima meaning she would have to do it with Asad. "Haan ammi bhabhi is right we can have the walima after Zoya graduates. Wo kya hai na then there will be no problem in telling about their nikaah to walima bhi we shall celebrate then." Dilshad too looked at her baby boy who was not ready to take the responsibility of being an abbu if the he and his wife did it and made a mistake of not being safe. Both Dilshad and Razia were not ready to get Asad and Zoya married but had to agree to it. They signed their husbands to take their and not their mothers side on this matter. All four had thought they would speak to Asad and Zoya before the nikaah about maintaining distance after the wedding.

There was a family meeting of the elders. They agreed that the nikaah would be a secret and that the family would celebrate the walima after Zoya's graduation. Gafur was a member of the mosque committee. He also could perform the nikaah but Noor and Sabreen did not want it to be so secretive. Gafur took the duty to engage the maulwi. Gafur would help Najma with the catering and decorations. Humaira took the responsibilities of dance and music for the sangeet, mehendi and haldi ceremonies. Razia and Dilshad were mothers of the bride and groom so a thousand responsibilities were on them. Rashid was going to help Humaira as he was a music lover himself. He also thought about a small men's gathering for the groom, his father and father in law as all the others were ladies function in which there was no entry for men.

That afternoon Maulwi Sahib arrived. He was informed about Asad and Zoya's nikaah being fixed. "Sitaaron ko dekhte hue I think 15 days ke baad ki date is perfect for Asad and Zoya's nikaah." "15 days!" All in the family were shocked. How would they arrange for everything in 15 days? The parents of the bride and groom panicked. Asad and Zoya also looked at each other. In 15 days Asad will become Mr. Zoya Farookhi? D' oh Zoya you will become Mrs. Zoya Khan, Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. I will become his wife for life.' She was crying on the inside but was giving a wide smile. In 15 days Zoya will become my wife for life.' Asad's joy was beyond limits but then he became sad as it was majboori not manzoori for Zoya.

Asad and Zoya were out shopping. Zoya was not much into girly clothes but it was shopping for their wedding functions so obviously she would have to select clothes which were fancy and girly. Asad was given a card by Rashid but he wanted to pay for his to be wife's clothes at least her nikaah ka joda. Zoya was not liking anything actually she was not understanding what she should get. "Zoya what are you doing? Ek dress ke liye you are taking so much time. Hurry up and make up your mind." "Asad please you know mujhe samajh nahi ata about these clothes. Why are you getting angry at me maine nahi bola tha to come with me?" "OK fine I am sorry." "You better be." "Zoya we are at the best designers' showroom. Why don't you take help from the assistants?" "I have to get ready for them or for you? You should help me that is why you are sent with me." "Alright I will help you."

Asad picked out a few gorgeous dresses for Zoya and asked her to go try them on. Zoya was trying out the dresses Asad got a call for an on line interview. He got busy with the interview. "Asad how is this dress? I like it for the engagement. Ye le loon?" "Yeah take it. Zoya I am giving an interview take whatever you like." Asad did not even look at her. She wore that dress for him and he did not even look at her. She looked into his laptop monitor and saw that he was on line with a hot babe. The woman was over friendly with Asad. Interview de raha hai Asad for a job ya for his nikaah. That woman chee she is wearing such a dress to the office. Take whatever you want right ab main dikahti hoon.' After an hour Asad was done with the interview and Zoya was done with the shopping.

They came home and Zoya showed her clothes to everyone. Asad was in his room preparing for the one on one personal interview. "Asad!!!" Roared Rashid. Asad came out to the main hall. "What is this? Ye shopping karwayi hai tuymne humaari Zoya ko?" "Abbu what's wrong with the clothes?" Asad was confused. Zoya was looking down. Rashid picked the clothes out of the shopping bags and threw them at Asad's face. Asad picked up the clothes and saw that they were mini western clothes. "Zoya what is this?" "Zoya se kya pooch rahe ho? You are the one who told her to buy these clothes. You want her to dress like this after the nikaah na?" "Abbu I did not! Zoya tell them." "Asad you chose the clothes for me and I asked you if I should take these clothes aapne his toh approve kiye." Zoya said without lifting her eyes. "Zoya when did you ask me to buy these clothes?" "When you were busy giving the interview. You did not even look at me. You said yes so I bought these clothes."

Zoya sniffled as she shed some tears and went away from there. Asad was going to her room when he tripped. He saw Zoya standing there with a smirk on her face and her hands folded at her chest. She raised her eyebrows. "Kaisi rahi Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan?" Asad was furious with her. He grabbed her by her arms and took her inside the room and pinned her to the wall. "What the hell Zoya! Why did you do it?" She pushed him away. "Asad you were out shopping with me. You were supposed to be with me. Your time was mine. You had to give me your full attention. Tum mere saath hokar bhi mere saath nahi the. You were with that on line b****." "Zoya I was giving my interview for the job." "Oh yeah interview tha wo? Asad I have not given an interview but I know ki interviews aise nahi hote." "Zoya she is an old classmate of mine from Architecture Institute of course she will be friendly with me. Nothing wrong was happening."

"Asad I saw the way she was looking at you. You are going to be married to me. Aur tum uske saath..." "Main uske saath kya? Zoya I was not doing anything wrong. By the way tumse matlab I can do anything with whomever I want. Are you forgetting that this nikaah is a majboori for you? You don't want to marry me toh what is with all this jealousy." "Jealous who me? And wo bhi uss chammak challo se. Please andaaze mat lagao." Zoya left from there and so did Asad. Zoya went shopping with her mother and Dilshad. She did not show the clothes she bought to Asad. Their nikaah was in 15 days and the engagement was kept a week before the nikaah. Asad and Zoya both became busy in their lives. They had their first fight after agreeing to marry. They maintained distance from each other.

On the evening of their engagement Asad got a pleasant surprise. The haveli was decorated like a dulhan for the mangni. Both the families were in the main hall. They were waiting for Zoya to come for the magni. Asad looked handsome in a steel gray slim fit stripe 2 buttons men's suit. Zoya was brought to the main hall by Najma and Humaira on her wither side. She was wearing the dress he had picked out for her to wear on the occasion of their mangni. Asad could not take his eyes off of her. Zoya was very nervous. She did not understand the nervousness. She was behaving like a typical bride but she why was she when she was not the typical bride. She was not excited for the nikaah that too with Asad then why were a thousand butterflies fluttering in her stomach?

Asad and Zoya were seated next to each other. Humaira sat next to Zoya and Najma sat next to Asad. They exchanged rings in the presence of the most important people in their lives, their family. After the engagement the families offered prayers and many thanks to Allah for bringing Asad and Zoya together and for the joy their union would bring to the family. They were blessed by the elders, teased and congratulated by Najma and Humaria. Asad and Zoya were sent out to celebrate their engagement. This would be the last time they would be alone until after the nikaah.

The wedding preparations were in full swing. After the engagement Asad and Zoya were not allowed to see each other till the after their nikaah. As the day for the nikaah approached Asad and Zoya were both getting tensed for their life after the nikaah. Would they have a happily ever after? If not then what happiness would they bring to their families they wondered? Asad and Zoya were both not only, not allowed to see each other they could not even speak over the phone. They could not speak about this fear with anyone else or the other. Asad was busy giving interviews from home and Zoya got all the class and home work from her friends over the phone. Gafur had sent a leave application stating that Zoya was not feeling well so she would remain absent from college.

Zoya was being treated like a princess and Humaira was like one of her maids in her staff. Zoya was given everything on the bed. She was not allowed even to pick a glass of water. She liked the royal treatment but also along with the royal treatment came the spa treatments. She was a jhalli who did only the basic beauty things like removing her body and facial hair. This was all too much for her. She complained but they were all unheard. She envied Asad as she thought he did not have to go through any of this. He was sailing on the same boat. He did not mind going to the salon being the metro sexual man he was but the smell of haldi ubtan made him cringe. They both had to look their best on the wedding day.

Razia and Dilshad sang wedding songs from movies. They were scolded by their mother in laws. "Kuch nahi aata in bahuon ko. Pat nahi kya sikahya hai ma baap ne." These were the lines Dilshad and Razia heard at every step of the way. The entire day there would be saas bahu ki ladai in the house and at night in the privacy of their bedrooms Rashid and Gafur manaoed their wives and apologized to them on behalf of their ammis. Najma enjoyed the food in all the functions and Humaria was dressed her best. There was a glow on both their faces which reflected their inner joy.

It was the day before the nikaah. They celebrated Zoya's mehendi function. Zoya was looking beautiful dressed in a green lehenga saree once again it was of Asad's choice. Dilshad, the groom's mother brought hand grinded mehendi for Zoya. "Dilshad have you made the mehendi the way I told you to?" "Jee ammi." "Zoya they say that the color of the mehendi tells how much the husband will love his wife. Dekh lena your mehendi will be very dark in color. Humaara Asad tumse itna pyar jo karta hai." Dilshad kissed Zoya's palms. Zoya was scared that her mehendi will have very light color as Asad did not love her. It would worry the family. No one could see her worry as her face was covered. "Chachi wo mehendi..." "I know I will put only on your palms. No one in your college will come to know ki bridal mehendi hai even when I will put bridal mehendi." Dilshad put lovely bridal mehendi on her to be daughter in laws hands and feet. She also wrote Asad's name on her hands. "Bhabhi till bhai does not find his name in the mehendi na don't let him do anything." Najma teased Zoya and she turned crimson. "Main sadke javan." Sabreen circled money over Zoya's head three times and then gave it to the maid. Noor, Sabreen, Najma and Humaira danced as Razia played the dholki. They sang tracdtional and filmy mehendi and shaadi songs.

In the evening they would have the official sangeet ceremony. It was strictly for ladies only. Rashid decided to have the men's party as the women enjoyed ladies sangeet. Zoya was dressed in a beautiful, simple yet elegant ghaghra choli. Najma, Humaira danced on Bollywood numbers. Zoya also performed on Main sasural nahi jaaoongi...' to her dance performance Noor and Sabreen performed a dance on a traditional song about a girl going to her sasural and her maayka being left behind. Zoya had tears in her eyes as she would be leaving her maayka and going to her sasural. This was the first moment when she realized this that the meaning of home was going to change for her for life. She was the luckiest girl whose maayka and sasural was the same house but it would also be divided now as her maayka and sasural side. Razia too began to cry. She also hugged Humaira as she too would become prayi one day. Najma also hugged Dilshad. It was a very emotional moments for the mothers and their daughters.

While at the ladies sangeet it was an emotional moment at the men's party Asad was enjoying another side of his abbu and chachu. "Asad if you want to be a happily married man just do one thing OBEY no matter what just do as your wife says." He had never seen this side of Gafur. He was not speaking as the father of the bride to Asad he was speaking as a man and a husband. "Sahi kaha Gafur bhai aapne we are men but shaadi ke baad we are not bulls who can give the horns but we become cows who have to nod their head in a yes." Asad sat quietly as the two men poured their hearts out on being married men. He was ready to do it all to make Zoya happy. Her wish would be his command. Then the scene changed. Gafur spoke to him like the father of the bride. "Asad you know ki maine Zoya ko bade naazon se pala hai I will not bear if even one tear comes to her eyes. You have to take good care of my child, warna..." "Asad agar meri bahu ko koi takleef di hai na toh wait and watch main tumhaara kya haal karoonga." Rashid too threatened Asad. "I assure you both wohi hoga jo Zoya chahegi. I will do everything for her happiness." "Let's drink to it. To Asad and Zoya." The men raised their rose sherbet glasses.

He was sitting in his room working on the laptop. She came and closed the door. She looked much prettier than ever. Maybe it was the wedding glow. He kept the laptop aside. She was searching something on shelf. He just hugged her from behind. "What are you doing?" "What do you think I am doing and I want to do?" He whispered in her ears. "Aap bi na let me go." "What if I don't?" "Hatiyena I have too much work to do. Kal shaadi hai." There was heavy rain outside, cool breeze coming inside the room and good climate for a perfect night. He hugged her tightly and the dress from her hands fell on the ground. She turned to face him and he saw her cheeks a shade of deep crimson. He hooked a finger under her chin and made him face her. "Jab hum honge saath saal ke aur tum hogi pachpan ki bolo preet nibhaogi na tab bhi apne bachpan ki?" "Not possible." "Why? You will not love me when I am old and wrinkle faced?" "It's not that you see we don't have a five years age gap." "Tch tum bhi na romance ki band baja di." "What language are you using?!" She smiled and hugged him. Just as they were about to go further there was a soft knock on the door. They looked at each other. He did not want her to but she opened the door. "Tum? Yahaan? Iss waqt? Zoya kya hua? Why do you lok so pale? Theek toh ho na?"

"Ammi can I sleep in your room? I am scared." Zoya was standing at the door of her parent's room. Razia looked at Gafur. He was doing an ishara to send Zoya away as he was in full on romance mood. Razia felt amused on seeing her husband behave like a man trying to spend lovey dovey moments with his woman the night before the wedding. "Bacche ismein koi poochne ki baat hai. Come on. Aaj ki raat hi toh you will be my daughter. Kalse kisi aur ki bahu ban jaayegi." "No ammi I will always be your daughter. If you will say such a thing na toh main nikaah nahi karoogni." "Chup aise nahi bolte." Razia sat on the bed and Zoya lied down with her head placing her head on Razia's lap. "Abbu is it fine with you if I sleep here?" "Ofcourse bacche. I have some work and later on I will sleep in the guest room or couch hai na." He patted her on the head and left from the room.

"Kya hua bacche scared cold feet?" "Ammi I am scared. Asad does not love me toh meri mehendi ka color itna dark kyun aaya? Ammi how will I manage with Asad? We both don't love each other." Razia pecked her child on the forehead. "I know bacche arranged marriages mein to feel like this is very normal." "You too felt the same? We know that you had a huge crush on abbu but did he love you from before the shaadi?" "Yeah he did bas mujhe kabhi bataya nahi tha. I came to know of his love on the morning after our nikaah." "Oh pehli raat ke baad." Zoya teased Razia. "Chup! I should have understood on the pehli raat how much he loved me but main thodi pagli thi kuch samjhi hi nahi. That night he just looked at me lovingly. Humne saari raat baatein ki." "Only baatein?" "Hmm. Yehi toh tumhaare abbu ke dil ki khoobsoorti hai. He knew that I loved him but everything had changed. I need time to be one with him and he was ready to give it to me. The next morning I had to make my pehli rasoi. Pani ka glass tak uthaya nahi tha abbu ke ghar par toh khana kya banati. Whatever I tried to make was all bad and burned." "Phir?" "Phir kya your abbu knew of it. He went to his firend who ran a catering business and got all the food from him. Kitchen ki window se he gave me the food and told me to remove the food in the bowls and to serve it to the guests."

Zoya was in awe of her ammi and abbu's story of them falling in love. "When everyone tasted the food they praised me. Ammi knew it that I did not make it. She did not say anything but these realtives I tell you shaitaan ki khala hoti hain ek ek. One of the ladies came to know ki I did not make the food and she created such a big fuss. Tauba. The men and women ate in separate rooms. Your abbu heard the taunting. I was a scared nayi dulhan. I stood there crying. But then..." "Then abbu came hai na?" "Yeah he came and scolded that woman. She taunted your abbu of being joru ka ghulaam from the first day of the nikaah. He also answered back." "Kya kaha abbu ne?" "He said I am not joru ka ghulam, I love my wife. Mere ghar mein mere saamne if you say these things to my wife then you are not only insulting her but also me and my family. I will not let anyone say one word against my wife. She did not know how to cook even then she tried to make it. Khana kharaab ho gaya so I told her that I will get it from outside. She was ready to come and tell everyone that there is no food. Wo aap sabki baatein sunne ko tayyar thi but I was not ready. So if you have anything to say say it to me not my wife."

"Wow ammi abbu toh ek dum dabbang style mein hi defended you." "Hmm and mujhe pata chal gaya ki he loves me so much." "And that night you two made preparations for the walima?" "Chup you don't need to know all that." "Haye ammi aapke chehre ka blush toh dekho." "Zoya pyar karke shaadi karna aur shaadi ke baad pyar hona they both have their own charm. Your marriage will be what you and Asad make it together. If ek ki taraf se koi kami ho toh the other should put in more efforts so that the balance is maintained. Ab so jao sab theek hoga." Zoya slept next to Razia. Gafur came to the room as soon as the story telling got over. "I love you. Do you love me?" "Shh aap bhi na kacchi neend mein hogi Zoya sun legi." "Ammi don't be so hard on abbu. Ek I love you toh banta hai." Zoya opened her eyes. Razia and Gafur both felt embarrassed. "Ok ok ab itna bhi mat sharmaiye like it is your suhagraat I am going." She got off the bed and went out of the room. "Ammi abbu I could tell dadi ki Asad aur mere walime mein toh ek saal hai we could have your walima part 2..." She laughed and ran away before her parents would die of embarrassment.

"Ae meri zohra jabeen tumjhe maloom nahi tu abhi tak hai haseen aur main jawaan..." Knock! Knock! "Aa gaya ma ka laadla. Dilshad I am telling you mere romance ka dushman hai tumhaara beta. 2 years I had uninterrupted romance pe chance. Jabse ye ladka aaya hai I am scared to romance you pata nahi ka interrupt karne aa jaaye." "Rashid aap bhi na." "What? I did not enjoy the sangeet. Toh private mein gana nahi ga sakta tumhaare liye." "You wanted to enjoy the sangeet? Toh aana tha na jaise humaare waqt aaye the sar par duapatta odhkar. Once again repeat telecast mil jata of your pitai. Rashid kal uski shaadi hai he loves Zoya but Zoya does not love him. He must want to talk. Tch chalo no more romance open the door. Ok kal I promise." Rashid opened the door. "Kya hua?" Asad entered the room and lied on with his head on Dilshad's lap. Rashid slammed shut the door. "Kal shaadi hai and aaj ye ladka ma ki godi mein sar rakhkar sone aaya hai." "Ok I ma going!" "Asad abbu is joking."

"Ammi will I be able to take care of Zoya. Abbu takes such good care of you what if I can't keep Zoya happy?" Dilshad ran her fingers through his hair. "Asad you are grown up now toh tumhe yaad nahi hoga. The day Zoya was born tum hospital mein the. You could not wait to hold her in your arms. When the nurse took her to the nursery you followed the nurse to ake sure that she was nice to Zoya. Jitne din bhabhi and Zoya were in the hospital you did not go to school. Everyday you used to go to the hospital and sit looking at her. On the day she was born you were so worried about her, Zoya ne kuch khaya nahi hai uski bhook lagi hogi..." "Haan and bewakoof ne glucose biscuit daal diya bechari bacchi ke moonh mein." "Rashid but even Zoya ate the whole biscuit." "What? She ate the gluscose biscuit on the day she was born! No wonder itni bhukkad hai." "Accha Zoya bhukkad hai toh use aisa banaya kisne? Who is the one who gets her whatever she wants to eat whenever she wants to eat." "I do ammi." "Ye toh kuch bhi nahi tha when she was brought home you used to stay with her all the time. Khana peena padhna likhna sona all you used to do in Zoya's nursery. You practically lived in the nursery. Asad being a six year old child tumne Zoya ka kitna khayal rakha that oh ab kyun nahi rakh paoge?"

Asad smiled on hearing these stories. Dilshad continued. "Ek din toh tumhe haddh kar di. Women used to come to see Zoya and bless her. One day a relative came she was a little on the darker side." "Dilshad please darker side koyle ki khan thi wo aurat." "Rashid." "Ammi tell na kya kiya maine uss din?" "That day you told that woman not to touch Zoya." "Kyun?" "Because you thought that if she picked up Zoya tumhaari pinky pinky Zoya kali ho jaayegi. You said this to that lady's face Asad! Everyone used to tease you ki Zoya ko ek pal ke liye akela nahi chodta what will you do when she grows up and gets married. Tumhe pata hai tumne kya kaha tha?" "Kya?" "On the 6th day of her birth you announced ki main Zoya se shaadi karoonga. I will never let her go away from me." "Who me?" "Yes you!" Both Dilshad and Rashid replied. "Couldn't be." "I have it on tape want to see?" Rashid opened his storage box and gave Asad some old video cassettes. "Abbu with your permission can I watch these?" Rashid gladly gave him the entire box. He could do anything to send Asad away so that he can be with this wife. Asad left with the box. He came back for a second. "Abbu if you ever disturb Zoya and me toh theek hai we can call it even." He winked and left.

Asad was in the library watching the videos. Zoya who could not sleep came there wandering. Asad on seegin her approach switched off the lights. "Aah! Asad I got hurt because of you. Why did you switcvh off the lights? I know you did it on purpose taki mujhe chot lage." "Zoya we can't see each other tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?" "I can't sleep. I saw the lights so I came here. What are you doing here?" "Watching old home movies abbu gave me." "Even I want to see." "Zoya we can't see each other." Itna dark hai I can't even see where you are." "Ok." "Ouch!" "Kya hua?" "My knee is hurting wo thokar lag gayin in the dark." Asad got up and got the first aid box. In the light of the television he went to Zoya. Without looking at the others face Asad and Zoya sat on the floor.

"Kya kar rahe ho?" "You got hurt na toh medicine laga raha hoon. This is of no use now." Asad ripped her night suit near the knee and applied medicine. He blowed when the anitsecptic stinged her. Zoya felt a sensation she had never before. Asad smiled. They then watched the home videos. It was 4 in the morning. Zoya got up to go to her room. "Kaha ja rahi ho?" "I think we should go to sleep now." "Really?" "In our respective rooms Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan." "Toh what did you think I had in my mind?" "Good night see you later Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan." "Good night Ms. Zoya... Ms. Zoya Farookhi."

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Chapter 7 a)

Weddings not only make the bride and groom nervous because it is their D day but also the families go sort of bonkers due to the pressure. The same scenario was in SK mansion. It was Asad and Zoya's wedding day. There was a lot of hustle bustle in the house. Since it was a secret wedding the house could not be decorated from outside but it was decorated like a dulhan from inside. "Arre Razia, Dilshad you have to do it like this and not like that. Kuch sikhaya nahi hai ma baap ne inn dono ko." Both Sabreen and Noor were giving instructions to their very sughad bahus making the bahus go crazy. Dilshad and Razia both were about to erupt like a volcano when they heard their respective MIL's complaining to their sons Rashid and Gafur who were their husbands. Rashid was trapped between his wife and mother. He was going nuts and wanted someone to come save him. He just got fed up of the two and left. Razia who was a strong person began to cry as Noor taunted her. Gafur came to her. "Don't even try to console me. Your mother just doesn't care about my emotions. She has been taunting me and ordering me around did she call me once to talk about my feelings on my daughter getting married. Wo nahi samjhengi because she does not have a daughter. Daughter se yaad aaya I need to wake up our darling daughter nikaah ke din bhi ye ladki time par nahi uthi. Na jaane what will she do after the nikaah. Asad will have to wake her up." Gafur tried to console her but she went away from there to wake up Zoya.

"Ya Allah ye ladki! What will happen of her? Zoya wake up!" Her initial gussa with Zoya died down. She sat there looking at her lovingly. She then very softly caressed Zoya's hair and woke her up. "Utho beta aaj nikaah hai tumhaara itne der tak nahi sote." Zoya turned and put her head in Razia'a lap. "Mm ammi 5 more minutes." Razia kissed her on the forehead. "5 more minutes? Theek hai chalo aaj ke din you will do zid with me and aaj ke baad I will not come to wake you up. Now you will have to wake up first and then wake up your husband." "Kaun husband?" Zoya asked groggily. Razia soflty spanked her. Zoya got up rubbing her skin. "Ammi dekh lijiye aaj nikaah ke din bhi mujhe uski wajah se maar padi." "Zoya uski nahi unki. Look Zoya you are Rashid bhai and Dilshad's daughter just like you are ours but now you will also be their daughter in law. I know if you make any mistakes they will not tell you or point it out. But beta apni ammi abbu and dadi ka naam roshan karna hai tumhe sasural mein. A girl after getting married had to be very careful about what she says and does. Sirf maayke ke nahi sasural ki bhi izzat ab tumse hogi. You also have to respect your husband beta. Now you will not behave with Asad the way you have always been behaving with him." Razia kissed Zoya and sent her for her bath. She got back to wedding related stuff.  

Asad was still dreaming about Zoya when suddenly some pyar ka dushman poured water on his dreams. Asad woke up. "Kaun hai badtameez! Ye kya tareeka hai jagage ka?" Asad got up and he was really pissed. He looked up and saw Rashid with a jug of water. He gulped and got off the bed. "Today is your wedding day and not the first day of your KG that you expect your ammi to come and wake you up." "Ammi can't come it is ok aapko kisne bola aane ko." Asad mumbled. "What did you say?" "Kuch nahi. I was saying pani toh daal hi diya hai ab sabun kagakar nehala bhi dijiye!" "Do you think I don't have anything important other than this to do? Shaadi ka ghar hai hazaaron kaam hai mujhe." "Oh yeah toh do those na why did you come to my room to wake me up?" "Kuch baat karni hai tumse about Zoya." "Haan han pata hai Zoya will be your wife. Treat her with love and respect. Agar use rulaya toh dekh lena. Wo humaare khandaan ki izzat hogi etc you have said all of this to me last night. Aur kuch baki reh gaya tha kya?" Asad took his towel and went for a bath. Dilshad came in and saw Rashid in an angry mood. "Dilshad ye ladka!" "Rashid please not today and never ever again. He is going to be married now you can not speak to him like that. Uss din Zoya uske liye aapke saamne khadi hui would you like if your bahu always stands up to you like that? Rashid you and Asad both need to grow up. Wo shauhar banne wala hai aur aap sasur bahu ke saamne aap use ab iase nahi danat sakte. Accha chalo choden wo sab did you have the talk with him?" "I could only if he would act his age and would let me speak."

Asad and Zoya with their respective families offered morning prayers to Allah asking to always guide them to the right path and keep the family safe and happy. After the prayers Asad and Zoya were sent to ther rooms. They would get ready and wait for them to be called for the ceremony. The beauticians had come to dress up the ladies especially the bride. Zoya was getting ready in her room and Asad in his. Asad felt that he was being choked. "Abbu are you trying to kill me? It is too tight." Rashid smiled. "Are you feeling nervous?" "Nervous. You really think I am nervous. Why would I be nervous? Who me nervous? Abbu seriously I am the cool dude Asad Ahmed Khan. I am never nervous." Rashid smiled. "Haan the Asad Ahmed Khan, I am asking you if you are feeling nervous. I always thought you were abnormal and see on this day you proved me right. If you are not feeling nervous then you are abnormal and if you are you are perfectly normal. Asad I was once in your shoes. I too was nervous. You are about to beign a new life with Zoya and you will have many new responsibilities. You will no longer be only your ammi abbu's son you will also be a son to Gafur bhai and Raiza bhabhi. Beta damaad nahi unka beta bankar rehna jaise tum humesha se the. Here all done." Rashid was leaving from Asad's room.

"Abbu how did you know that I was nervous?" Rashid smiled at him. "I know what you think of me and also call me. Hitler bulaate ho na mujhe? Asad a father for his child especially for his son can't show his emotions like a mother. I scold you because beta I expect more of you and when I see that I will be disappointed I scold you. Ye nahi hai ki Najma never disappoints me but wo beti hai na kitne din rahegi mere paas one day she too will go away so I don't scold her. I want to give her happy memories. You are stuck with me. Asad as a child when ever you are nerous you repeated a word many times and you can never tie your tie when you are nervous. I know every year on the first day of school I have tied the tie for you. Also when you were going to London you had given your ammi a tie so that I could make the knot for you. Maine picture dekhi thi you wore that to the first day of your internship. Aaj bhi dekho sherwani ke saare buttons galat lagaye the. I know you too just as much as your ammi knows you." Asad hugs Rashid. He pats Asad on the back. "Just because we had this talk does not mean ki meri Zoya ko rulaya toh main tumhaare kaan nahi kheechoonga. Dilshad had told me ki main tumhe Zoya ke saamne daant nahi sakta but ye hargiz mat samajhna ki akele mein tumhe daanttoonga nahi aur kaan bhi nahi kheechoonga." "I promise abbu I will never give you a chance to scold me or pull my ears. I will no matter what always keep Zoya happy." Asad looked down. Rashid took her face in his hands and said, "Asad I will pray everyday ki tumhe tumhaari mohabbat mil jaaye. I will pray ki Zoya will realize your love for her and will reciporocate." Asad and Rashid hugged again. Dilshad was standing at the door and had tears in her eyes.

She came in and put nazar ka kaala teeka on both Asad and Rashid. She also said some mantra and blew over then to ward off evil eyes. "My two men aww you both are so cute." She hugged them. Asad and Rashid both said in uison, "Humaari glycerin." Dishad wiped her tears. "Asad chalo beta dadi ne kaha hai ki baraat nikalne se pehle tumhaari acche se nazar utar loon." "Baraat? Ammi we are getting married at home and that too on a low scale. Toh wedding procession?" "Asad nikaah saadgi se hai beta but we will do every ritual. Tumhaari baraat bhi niklegi aur Zoya ki rukhsati bhi hogi." "So what I go out of the main door and then come back in? Ammi pagal lagoonga main." "Asad the baraat cannot exit and enter from the same door. We will take your baraat out from the back door and we will enter from the front door. Then Zoya ki rukshati will be done from the main door and I will welcome her from the back door. Samjhe." Asad went to check his look one more time to give his abbu time to check out Dilshad. "If you two love brids are done chalen? Bahu aaj hi laani hai na." Sabreen entered with Najma. Asad and Najma high fived eachother as Rashid and Dilshad blushed.

Asad's baraat comprised only of four members of Khan Family accompanying the groom Asad to Zoya the bride's home for official wedding ceremony. When they were leaving Najma stood in his way. "Bhaijaan toll tax lagega bhabhi ke ghar jaane ke liye." Rashid, Sabreen and Dilshad laughed. Asad looked at them. "How much do you want?" "I want everything that is there in your pocket." "Ok here you go." Asad removed a 5 rupee coin and placed it on Najma's palm. She looked at it. "Ye kya hai?" "Wohi jo tumne kaha." "Bhaijaan I am your only sister and it is your wedding day. Ek baar shaadi hogi aapki and only one day I get to extort money from you. Kanjoos kahin ke." "Najma is it your neg. Shagun ke paise hain beta jitney ho utne. I will give you lots of money later on. Ab jaldi se give bhaijaan a bright smile and let him go." Sabreen cajoled Najma. Asad removed a box from his other pocket and gave it to Najma. It had a small gold and diamond ball pendant. Najma liked it. He also gave her a small card. "Bhaijaan you have got a Ferrero Rocher Bouquet for me and it is in the fridge. You guys go wait for just five minutes main moonh meetha karke aati hoon." Asad put on Ferrero Rocher chocolate in her mouth. "Bhaijaan ko kitni jaldi hai bhabhi ko lene jaane ki." They exited from the back door of SK mansion took a round in the garden and came to the front door.

Asad was given warm welcome by the Siddique Family. Sabreen put flower garland around Noor's neck. Gafur and Raiza put garlands aroung Rashid and Dilshad's necks resepceticely. Humaira showered flower petals on them and also put a garland for Najma. Asad was just about to enter the home when Humaira stopped him. "Asad bhai you have come to take my sister away. You have to pay a toll tax to enter this territory." Everyone laughed on seeing Asad being extoroted for cash. Asad gave her a packet which contained a beautiful designer dress. "Asad bhai dress toh de di but accessories? I have a shortage of cash flow wo kya hai na abbu cut down my pocket money." Asad smiled and put an evelope in her hand. The groom was permitted to enter. The families exchanged glasses of sherbet and mithai for a sweet beginning. Asad was sitting on a stage for the groom but his eeyes were scanning the entire house. Najma and Humaira came and sat next to him. "Tch tch tch my bechari bhabhi..." Tch tch tch my bechaari aapi." Najma and Humaira both sighed. Asad looked at them. "Bhaijaan you are not even married and your eyes have begun to rove here and there." "Meri baaji ka toh dil hi toot jaayega if she comes to know of this." "Chup I am looking for Zoya." Najma and Humaira both laughed. "Asad bhai dulhan itni asaani se nahi dikhti." "Toh kaise dikhti hai?" "Nikaah ke baad hi dekh sakte ho." "Haan after the nikaah I can see her face but right now I was t to see her. Ghoonghat mein bhi chalega." Asad made a cute face. Najma and Humaira after taking a hefty sum as bribe went to Zoya's room. She was sitting on the bed with a veil covering her face. She heard a click. She lifted her ghoonghat. "Asad bhai ka toh heart fail pakka." Zoya blushed. Najma and Humaira showed Asad Zoya's picture. He could not see her face but he knew that this beautiful bride would in a matter of minutes be his wife for life.

It was a nikaah to be witnessed only by the family members. The men (Gafur, Rashid sat with Asad) and women (Noor, Sabreen, Dilshad, Najma. Razia and Humaira sat on Zoya's side) separately having a purdah separating them. Raiza and Gafur went to bring Zoya to the nikaah area. Every girl has a dream of coming prince charming in her life and this dream becomes reality with the wedding. Every girl has a dream to look good especially when it comes to the wedding day. The wedding day is one of the most important occasion and a day that comprises of lifelong dreams. The day for which the girl is dreaming for the whole life as she will be looking princess at that day. Zoya was no different. She was dressed in a desireable Red bridal lenehga with full embroidery and she looked elegant and awesome. Sabreen, Noor and Dilshad all in a circle moved a bundle of cash from over her head and gave it to the servants. Asad could not take his eyes off of Zoya. If right now she was to life the veil and the curtain would be removed from between them she would be able to see the ocean of love he had in his eyes for her.

Asad and Zoya's nikaah ceremony began with prayers. Everyone prayed and asked blessings for the couple to be wedded. Maulwi Sahib first went to Asad. "Asad Ahmed Khan bin Rashid Ahmed Khan aapka nikaah Zoya Farookhi bin Gafur Ahmed Siddique se 21,001 haq e mehar se mukarar kiya jaata hai kya aapko ye nikaah Qubool Hai?" Asad looked at Zoya. A slight smile came to his face. He replied. QUBOOL HAI. QUBOOL HAI. QUBOOL HAI. Then Maulwi Sahib asked Zoya. "Zoya Farookhi bin Gafur Ahmed Siddique aapka nikaah Asad Ahmed Khan bin Rashid Ahmed Khan se 21,001 haq e meher se mukarar kiya jaata hai kya aapko ye nikaah Qubool Hai?" Zoya was feeling like she would faint at any moment. She took a deep breath and took her mother's hand in hers. "QUBOOL HAI. QUBOOL HAI. QUBOOL HAI." Qubool hai' These Two words made them one forever. Maulwi sahib pronounced them Husband and Wife. The maulvi sahib read selected verses from the Quran and waited for the Ijab-e-Qubul of wedding. Rashid on behalf of the groom's side made the proposal and Gafur from the the bride's side conveyed her assent. Maulvi sahib and Rashid and Gafur took the Nikahnaama to Zoya and read it aloud to her. She accepted the Nikahnaama saying 'qabool kiya,' and signed it. The Nikahnaama wass then taken to Asad and read aloud to him. He accepted saying 'qabool kiya and signed the document. The Maulvi Sahib Rashid and Gafur also signed the Nikahnaama contract and the wedding becomes legal. The Maulvi recited the Fatihah, the first chapter of the Quran, and various durud, or blessings to mark the closing of Nikah ceremony.

After the wedding was legally announced, dishes of dates and misri were served to the groom's family. Asad was then escorted to Zoya where they sat together but still could not see each other. Humaira and Najma chaged sides from the groom side to bride side as it was profitable for them. They teased Asad. Finally that moment came when they could see each other but via a mirror. Their heads were covered by a dupatta and for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan saw each other. He could not stop smiling and she could not help but blush. Asad and Zoya were told to feed each other a piece of sweet. Asad picked a sweet and fed it to Zoya. He then kept it down. Zoya was picking up another piece when Humaira and Najma stopped her. They told her to feed the leftover of the same piece that Asad fed her. Ek doosre ka jhoota khaane se pyar badhata hai' they teased Asad and Zoya. The family the blessed Asad and Zoya and also gave them gifts.

The day passed and it was time for dinner. Asad and Zoya both were feeling very hungry. They had in the nervousness of getting married not ewated properly. Dinner was served. Asad noticed a change in Zoya. She was not her usual messy hogging self. She was eating very slowly. Actually she had not changed it was her majboori the heavy dress did not allow her to move her hands as fast as she wanted to. Noor and Sabreen were busy sharing their joy. Gafur and Rashid both were eating their dinner with Maulwi Sahib. Razia and Dilshad were having their dinner and also nervous fits as now their children were married and it was that time. Asad took the popportunity. "I will feed you." "No what if someone sees us." "Zoya please everyone is busy. Zid mat karo after feeding you even I have to have my dinner." He cleaned his hands and told Zoya that he would feed her. She looked at him. He fed her her dinner. When he saw Zoya's eyes well up, he cracked a joke. "Lizzie don't cry. Your eye make will spread. Abhi everyone is telling me that I am married to the most beautiful girl. If your make up gets messed the same people will come to me and ask wher is your beautiful bride and who is she sitting next to you." Zoya pouted. The sisters of the bride and groom taok this opportunity to steal Asad's shoes. They demanded a sum of money for shoes. "Najma you are my sister how can you side with Humaira and steal your own bhai's shoes?" "Bhaijaan before she married you Zoya bhabhi was like my sister too. Just like Humaira even I am attending this shaadi from both sides." Asad paid money to get back his shoes and girls divided the money among themselves.

Zoya's ruksati from her maayka to her sasural was a teary one. Asad just could not understand why were they crying? He stood there and saw her hug her dadi, abbu, ammi and sister. She was coming back to the same house like in 5 minutes and was going to stay in the same house. He asked the same to Zoya and she cried even more. "Asad, how can you be so emotionally challenged? I am leaving my maayka and main ro bhi nahi sakti?" She once again hugged and said goodbye to her parents, grandmother and sister. Razia held The Quran wass held over her head as a blessing. It was a pretty touching moment but Asad was being bored like almost all grooms get bored during the bidaai. The Khan family with their new Bahu took a round in the garden and came to the back door. Here Dilshad held The Quran over Zoya's head and welcomed her into the house. Now both the families sat in the main hall. They played several traditional wedding games.

The next rasam to be done showed who would be in control in their relationship. It was a playful game which gave the couple to experience some moments of closeness in front of all without any hesitation. A big deep brass paraat with milk and rose petals is brought in front of them. Dilshad dropped a ring in it along with a few other things told Asad and Zoya to find it. "Chalo jee both of you ho jaao shuru. You have to search for the ring and the person who wins and husband and wife are asked to find the ring. The one who finds the ring is considered winner and dominant partner in the relationship." They do as they are told and inside the paraat under the milk their hands touch and every time their hands touch there was an OOO' sound made by the youngsters. They felt something but quickly forgot it. Asad and Zoya did have some competetive eye lock. Najma and Humaira both cheered for Asad to win. Zoya became sad as her own sister and her best friend did not take her side. Dilshad and Rashid took her side which brought a huge smile to her face. The first time Asad got the ring. When he saw that she was sad Asad said that they would have a best of three. The second time Zoya got it. She became very happy and teased Asad. The third time they both got it out together. Everone smiled except for Najma and Humaira. "Ye kya this is a draw. Let's do best of 5." Sabreen and Noor both refused. "Beta this is just a game. Zindagi aur shaadi ki gaadi tabhi theek se chalti hai when both the bride and groom have equal control and they maintain balance." A few more games were played and also some ritauals were done which would bring wealth, prosperity and luck into the home.

Asad was looking at his wrist watch from time to time. "Haan haan Asad we know that you are getting late. We will not take any more of your preciousl time." "Dadi I don't have to go anywhere I am not getting late." Noor and Sabreen smiled. "Ab sari rasamein ho chuki hain only one is left. We are sending you for that rasam." "Dadi ab kya baki hai I am tired I want to go to my room." Zoya spoke. Razia signaled her to keep quiet. "Ammi which rasam is left? Sab kuch toh ho gaya." Noor shook her head. "Razia kuch nahi pata hai kya tumhe? Gafur gadi tayyar hai?" "Jee ammi." "Rashid I want you and Gafur to take Asad and Zoya to the hotel." Raiza and Dilshad both went into panic mode but could not say anything. They looked at Gafur and Rashid and signaled them not to take the kids to the hotel. "Hotel? Dadi, why are you sending us to the hotel?" Asad knew why but he just did not want to go. "Asad aap bhi na. You don't know anything. Today is our pehli raat na so humein hotel bhej rahe hain for our suhaagraat. Chaliye na I want to go and rest." Zoya was too tired and well she never thought once before opening her mouth. Asad looked at her and closed his eyes.

Razia and Dilshad stood at the main door till they did not see the car disappear. They were both worried as Razia had not had the talk with Zoya and Rashid did not get to speak with Asad. Gafur and Rashid after dropping the new couple at the hotel. "Kya zaorrat thi aapko unn dono ko hotel lekar jaane ki?" Razia asked Gafur. "Ammi said to." "Gafur bhai ammi aur khala ne kaha nad you two took them to the hotel?" "Dilshad what could we do ammi and khala said..." "Haan bas poori zindagi do this ammi and khala said. Our poor babies..." Razia and Dislhad both gave angry I could kill you you mamma's boy look and left. Gafur and Rashid sat there near the door. "Why are these two worried? Don't they know ki wo dono Asad and Zoya hai?" Gafur said. Rashid looked at him. "Bhaijaan why are they worried? Do they know something that we don't?" They both got up with eyes popped and only one thought in their minds. They called Razia and Dilshad and left for the hotel.

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Chapter 7 b)

Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan and Ms. Zoya Farookhi were joined in holy matrimony. The newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan were at the hotel for their first night. Gafur and Rashid gave Asad and Zoya the keys to their room. "Zoya take these keys and go up to the room I will be there in 10 minutes." "Asad, where are you going?" "Zoya I need something from the chemist." "OK." Zoya went up to the room and Asad went to the chemist. Gafur and Rashid left after they saw Zoya get on the elevator. After some time Asad came up to the room. He knocked on the door but Zoya did not open it. He knocked once more and again. The door opened. "Finally you..." Asad's eyes popped. "You? And You too? What are the two of you doing here? Najma! Humaira what are you two doing here? OMG now don't tell me I will have to come to drop you to at home." "Don't you worry we will not waste your precious time. We have come with driver chacha and will go home with him." He tried to enter the room but was stopped. "Asad bhai, how can you enter like that?" "Then what do I have to do to enter the room?" Najma and Humaria both smiled and Asad sighed. "How much do you want?" "Wow bhabhi, bhai is really eager to spend time with you. Humzy what do you suggest?" Najma and Humaira moved aside to discuss the amount they wanted. Asad tried to enter the room but they were quick for him. He paid what they asked him for. He was about to enter the room but they quickly closed the door. He banged on the door. After sometime they opened the door and smiled naughtily. "Good night Asad bhai, sweet dreams if you sleep at all." They ran away before Asad to scold them.

Asad entered the room and closed the door. He turned around and was shocked to see Zoya sitting on the bed like a new bride. Well she was a new bride but she was sitting like she was waiting for her husband and the night to follow. Asad smiled and stood there looking at her. His sweet smile turned into a naughty grin. If she was acting like a new bride then he should too act like the groom. Asad began to unbutton his sherwani and was moving towards the bed. Zoya saw him throught the veil. She gulped. Why is Asad unbuttoning his sherwani? He does not love me. Love chodo he does not even like me toh why is he coming near me?' Zoya remembered the incident which took place a couple of months ago. "Zoya the dhoban has come get your clothes and give her to wash." Zoya was in her room when she heard her ammi call out to her. Zoya and the dhohban were alone in the hall. When she was giving her dirty clothes to the washer woman Zoya noticed love bites on her neck and back. She blushed. The washer woman saw Zoya's reaction and she covered herself. "Fatema I think your husband loves you a lot!" Zoya teased the washer woman. A tear trickled down the lady's eyes. "Love shove toh aap bade logon mein hota hai. My husband's love has no connection to the marks he leaves on me. These marks are just reminders of his needs and wants which he satisfies." "Fatema! How many times have I told you not to say such things in front of my girls? Zoya go to your room." Razia scolded both of them and sent them to their respective ways.

Zoya came out of the flashback. Asad does not love me but he will still come close to me and do whatever he wants...' Asad saw that Zoya was not reacting to his move. He cleared his throat. Zoya would not let him do it. She will not let him touch her. "Ye kya kar rahe hain aap?" Asad jumped on the bed and lied in front of her. He began laughing and Zoya lifted her veil. "Have you gone crazy? Why are you laughing like this? Koi sunega toh kya sochega ki main na jaane aapko kya kar rahi hoon." Asad tried to control himself. "What did you say?" "Ye kya kar rahe hain..." "Nahi nahi after that the one word which you said after the nikaah too." "Aap." Asad laughed again. "Zoya you will address me as aap' from now on?" "Yes I will and by the way what is there to laugh in it? If I will call you tum' now then everyone will point fingers at my mother saying beti ko kuch sikhaya nahi." "Oh really your ammi has taught you everything about how to behave with your husband?" Zoya did not get Asad's hidden meaning. "Yes she has taught me everything about taking care of my husband and his needs..." Asad smiled naughtily and rolled his tongue in his cheeks as he saw Zoya's tubelight turn on.

Zoya looked at Asad angrily. She picked up a pillow and threw at Asad. "Pervert don't even think about it. Abhi mujhe touch ka T bhi nahi karna." Asad looked at her when she said abhi'. That means she would allow him to later on. He pulled the reigns of his hawai ghoda. "Hello even I am not interested in touching ka T. I was just joking seeing you sit on the bed like a new dulhan waiting for her husband on the pehli raat. Why were you sitting like that?" "I did not sit like that Najma and Humaira made me sit like that. What do you think main mari jaa rahi hoon aapke saath wo sab karne ke liye?" "I know that you are not dying to do it and neither am I because I know you don't love me toh kya you don't even like me." Zoya looked at Asad. He was quick to rephrase is statement and said that he too feels the same for her. "Why did you agree to sit on the bed then?" "I was sitting like this because they told me that... Oh no." "Kya hua?" "You are supposed to give me a gift then I have to show you my face and you did all that nonsense and saw my face for free." "Zoya I have already seen your face after the nikaah." "I know but this is different na. It is our pehli raat." Asad closed his eyes as once again Zoya mentioned the first night and put the veil covering her face. She put her hand forth. Asad looked at her. "What you too will vasoolo tax from me? Now I don't have anything." "How kanjoos you are! You can give your sister and sister in law expensive gifts and cash but wife ko kuch nahi."

Asad smiled on seeing the demanding Zoya. He removed a box from his over night bag and gave it to her. She then lifted her veil and saw that he had gifted a beautiful platinum and pearl charms bracelet. "Zoya you can wear it everyday. {Like that I would get to be with you always.}" "It is nice actually it is very pretty. I was so scared that pata nahi what you would get me. I wanted something like this." Zoya began to look at the charms and slowly her eyes began to moisten. They were not just any charms they were a symbol of memories she had with Asad. Many of them were annoying ones but many were heartwarming. "Asad aap kaha jaa rahe hain?" She saw Asad get off from the bed. "I am going to change. I can't sleep in this sherwani. Accha chalo ab it is getting late you too remove your clothes." Zoya's eyes popped and she crossed her hands across her chest. "I know ki pehli raat par the gift is not only to see the face but to see and do much more but..." "Oh one track mind. I mean remove your clothes from the overnight bag and change. For God's sake mujhe chakkar aa rahe hain tumhe dekhkar. Jewlery ki dukaan lag rahi ho." "Itni jaldi change nahi kar sakte there is something else you have to do Asad." "Kya?" "Don't get any ideas. Find your name in my mehendi." "And then?" "Then kuch nahi." "Why do I have to find my name in your mehendi?" "Arre Najam and Hum..."

"Theek hai understood. First let's change ye sab baad mein ok. I will change here tum washroom mein change kar lo." "I can't change in the washroom. Meri shadi ka joda kharab ho jaayega. Ammi ne kaha hai ki it should not get spoiled at all." Asad looked away from her. He was amused as Zoya did not understand Razia's meaning. She always boasted to be smart but she was one jhalli. He straightened his face and looked at her. "OK I will change in the washroom tum yahaan kar lo." Zoya looked at the washroom and notice that it could be locked only form inside but she did not say anything. Asad took his kurta pyjama and went to the washroom. Just before stepping in he looked at Zoya. "I will not come out till you don't tell me to. Call out when you are done." He went inside and Zoya looked in his direction. "How did Asad know what I was thinking about? But then he always knows what I want when I want." She smiled and opened her overnight bag which Najma and Humaira had packed for her. "Asad!" Asad was inside the washroom. He was confused on hearing his name. "She changed itni jaldi. I mean if we were to and if I had to remove her jewelry I would take half an hour. Kuch gadbad hai."

"Zoya what happened? Why did you call me? You have not even begun to remove your jewelry. Kya hua?" "I can't change." "Why not?" "And what should I wear? THIS?" Zoya put up the item of clothing Najma and Humaira had packed for her to wear at night. "Zoya it is a night wear to wear at night toh wear it and so jaao." "I can't wear it in front of you. Abhi nahi." "Matlab baad mein you will wear it? Accha chalo ab moonh nahi banao wear something else na." "There is one dress but that I will have to wear in the morning. What to do now?" "Zoya wear this nightwear and go to sleep. I promise I wil not even look at you." "Haw you think I will look bad in it ki you will not even look at me?" "Do you want me to look at you?" "NO." "Zoya please I am tired and I want to go to sleep. Change karna hai toh karo nahi toh aise hi so jaao." "How can I sleep in my shadi ka joda it is so heavy." Zoya was feeling very low and Asad could not see it. "Ye lo wear my kurta." "But this is so transparent and side mein cuts bhi hain. You know na how I sleep?" "Zoya it is a lucknowi krta you wear similar kurits na? Do one this wear this what the crazy girls have packed upar se wear the kurta. I will tuck you in nicely the blanket will not move at all. Ek raat ki ho toh baat hai." Zoya was still not convinced. Asad went to the washroom and changed into the pyjama and his vest. Zoya had changed into the nightwear. She could not find the kurta just then Asad put his hand out from the washroom door and gave her the kurta. A smile came to Zoya's face.

She called out to Asad when she was done changing. When Asad came out of the washroom he saw Zoya in front of the mirror. She was pulling the loose kurta in all the sides. She was making fun of Asad's size. She had a huge smile on her face but then it faded. "Zoya, now what has happened that the smile you ahd making fun of me faded?" "Asad you know how to stitch. You sew the sides of the kurta so..." "So what?" "So we will not have those cute moments like on TV where the husband the shirt ka button breaks and the wife sews it for him." "You want to have that kind of a scene with me? Zoya I don't get it why are you so confused? On one hand you don't love me or like me but then you want to have all these husband wife moments with me." "I did not want to have those moments. Wo toh kya hai na ki family ke liye we will have to do all that." "Haan toh theek hai na for family we will do it. Oh ho but how can we Lizzie ko toh aata hi nahi button lagana. I know we could do it the other way. I mean tumhaara button toot jaye and I could sew it for you. I have an idea we could start from now. You think the kurta is too loose for you right? Come here I will tqake your measurements and alter it perfectly for you." Asad said naughtily. "Asad you are such a pervert. Bas yehi soojkhta hai na aapko!" "Acha accha good night so jaao." Asad went to the couch and lied down. He opened his eyes and saw Zoya standing near him. "What now Zoya?" "I can't sleep." "Oh toh ye problem hai. Ab how do I solve it? Lori gaakar sulaaoon tumhe?" "Asad!" "Don't scream." "Why?" "It is our pehli raat and people ka bahar free mein entertainment jo raha hoga thinking we are going at it."

"Haw these people kaan lagakar sun rahe hian." Zoya went to the door and Asad stopped her form opening the door. She was wearing his kurta and he could not let the men outside see her like that. They were arguing silently and her hair got stuck in the screw of the metal information plate. "Ouch!" Zoya screamed and 4 pairs of ears outside the rom shot up. "Zoya stop screaming." "Asad it is paining. Please remove it." "I am trying my best." "Asad jaldi." "Oh yes done." Asad and Zoya both sighed of relief. They moved away from the door and came and sat on the bed where Asad was putting ice on Zoya's head. "Do not disturb! Why have they put this tag?" Razia and Dilshad asked their husbands. "Dilshad the hotel staff must have put it." "Accha Rashid bhai and what did we just hear?" "Razia kuch nahi hoga waise." "Accha then why did Asad ask you to stop at the chemist?" "Uske gale mein kharash thi. He wanted to buy vicks." "The two of you do not know the half of it. Gafur bhai, Rashid ab he is not going to tell you na why he wanted to go to the chemist." "Arre but we did not stop at the chemist na." "Hai Allah! You did not? Meri bacchi." "Razia do not over react kuch nahi hoga. Let's go home." "Ek baar unse mil lete hain na." "The both of you have lost it. Kahenge kya unse?" Gafur and Rashid were taking Razia and Dilshad away then once again they heard Asad and Zoya's voices. "Asad it is hurting." "Zoya I am doing it in the most gentle way I know how to. Please sabra rakho." Razia and Dilshad were worried about their babies making little babies. They looked angrily at their husbands. "Sab aapki ammi ki wajah se. Our babies are not old enough." "They are leagally married. Not only according to Islam but also according to the Indian Law they are legally allowed do as they please. Ab chalo before they come to know that we were here. Wo bhi sharminda honge aur hum bhi." The four of them leave. Asad and Zoya spend the night watching movies. They fell asleep with Zoya's head resting on Asad's shoulder and his arms around her.

Asad and Zoya were coming home after their pehjli raat at the hotel. "Zoya why have you covered your head? Remove the dupatta from your head." Asad tried to remove her dupatta. Zoya slapped his hand away. "Asad let it be. I have seen so many brides who keep the dupatta like this on the morning after ther pehli raat. I am a new bride I have to keep my dupatta like this." Zoya adjusted her duappta to over her head and the bare parts near her neckline. "Zoya they have a reason for doing so. Please remove it I don't want any trouble." Asad pleaded with Zoya trying to make her understand but Zoya did not want to understand. "Asad if I don't take the dupatta it will put me in trouble. Aap toh yehi chahte ho that I get into trouble. You know na ammi will scold me if I do not take the dupatta on my head for respecting elders especially elder members of my sasural. All new dulhans do it for this reason and so am I." Could Asad ever win an argument with Zoya? Yes, he could have when he was Asad and she was Zoya but now he was the shauhar and she was the biwi so there was no winning henceforth.

Asad and Zoya entered their home. The family rushed to welcome them. Dilshad and Razia's eyes popped on seeing Zoya's head covered. "Bhabhi why has she covered her head? I covered it on the first morning." Dilshad and Razia were whispering. "I covered on the second morning." "Really?" Dilshad was shocked. "Wo on the first night we just talked your bhaijaan knew I was nervou so... Tch that is not important the thing is why has my bacchi covered her head? I am sure they did it last night. Our husbands are such..." Razia and Dilshad looked at Asad and Zoya. Zoya was behaving like a typical new dulhan. She was smiling and blushing. Her eyes were focused on the floor. She did not speak much she only nodded her head. Asad was very nervous. He felt Dilshad, and Razia's steel gaze fixed on him. He looked up and lowered his eyes. He looked at Zoya and tried to signal her to cut her act but she went on.

"Najma ek kaam karo take bhai bhabhi to their room." Dilshad told Najma to take Asad and Zoya to their bedroom. They had come home after their pehli raat at the hotel. "Dil ammi I could really use some resting time. Your son did not let me sleep peacefully for a moment the whole night." Zoya looked at Asad and he glared at her. Razia and Dilshad looked from Asad to Zoya and back to Asad. They were lost in doing their ishaarebaazi. "Humiara aapi jeeju ke liye take their breakfast to their room." Razia also instructed Humaira. "Yeah Razia ammi please send something fast I am really hungry. After the night I had doing so much mehnat I could really eat something." Asad smiled at his mother in law who had a shocked look on her face. Asad and Zoya moved towards their room. Asad was in more urgency to go to the room. "Zoya walk fast I want to speak with you." When they reached their room Zoya entered first and Asad closed the door on Najma's face as soon as he enterd the room. "Bhai let me in." Najma stood there with a miffed look. She wanted to know the details of the first night from her bhabhi but Asad shut the door. Humaira came with the breakfast tray. "Najma, why are you standing outside?" "Bhabhi entered the room and bahi shut the door." The two of them giggled. "Najma we should go. If someone catches us we will be in trouble." "Humaira want to listen?" "Are you mad?" They both were curious so they put their ears to the door. They heard weird noises coming from the room and were giggling like crazy.  

Dilshad and Razia came to check up on Asad and Zoya. "Najma Humaira what are the two of you still doing here?" Razia asked the two of them whose faces were red as they blushed bashfully. "Ye kya Humaira aapi jeeju ko you have not served breakfast as yet?" Dilshad worried about Asad and Zoya. "Chachi, ammi Najma was going inside the room and I too came with the breakfast but aapi jeeju entered the room and closed the door hurriedly." Razia and Dilshad looked at each other while Najma and Humaira continuously looked at the closed door. "Accha chalo give us the tray and go from here." Najma and Humaira went away. Dilshad and Razia knocked on the door. "Asad Zoya open the door." "Ammi we can't we are a bit tangled." Asad replied to Dilshad's call. "Tangled? Why? How? When?" Razia did not like the sound of Asad and Zoya being tangled. "Ammi it just happened. We are on the bed and a bit busy we can't come to the door. Please give us some time." Dilshad and Razia heard groans and grunts. Urghs and ouches. They stood there worrying while inside the room Asad and Zoya made all the possible sounds they could make. Raiza dropped the tray when she heard a loud groan and Asad screamed Zoya's name. Zoya too made sounds which a mother would never want o hear her daughter make. Asad and Zoya were finally untangled. Dilshad knocked on the door. "Ammi what's the rush two minutes we need to clean up." "Asad Zoya I have had it now open the door." "Dilshad ammi we are not in the condition neither in the position to open the door. "What condition are you in?" "Razia ammi we are in a messed up condition and facing each other position." "Ammis give us two minutes please." Finally Asad and Zoya opened the door. Dilshad and Razia entere the room and saw the mess of the bed the two of them had made. They rushed outside after giving Asad and Zoya what have you two done' looks.

"Haanji farmiye mere sarkaar. Why did you call me to meet you on the terrace wo bhi at this hour? The entire family is down in the main hall and hum dono yahaan akele iraada kya hai?" Gafur and Razia were on the terrace. "Tch stop it. You are always thinking of only one thing. Aapki beti aap par hi gayi hai." "Razia, bolo na kya baat hai? You know na I do not like to se you tensed." Razia took Gafur's hand in her. "Why don't we give Asad and Zoay a separate houe to live in?" "Kya alag ghar?" "Jee Gafur bhai." Razia and Gafur saw Dilshad and Rashid come. Gafur asked Rashid what was it all about and he was clueless too. "Accha kya baat hai tell us." A huge smile came on Razia and Dilshad's face. "Asad and Zoya have not done anything. Last night bhi nahi and aaj morning mein bhi nahi." Rashid and Gafur were embarrassed talking about their childrens love life. "Kya aap dono bhi." "Please listen to us. They have not done anything as yet but if they have to share the same room and if Zoya continues this acchi bahu nayi dulhan act kuch ho jaayega." Gafur and Rashid were shocked. They both said simulteaneously. "I don't believe this you two asked Zoya about it?" Dilshad and Razia looked at them. "Nahi wo..." They naraated them the incident which took place that afternoon.

"Ammi you called me?" Zoya entered the kitchen and saw Dilshad and Razia. "Oh my both ammis are here." Dilshad gave her a strip. "Ammi ye kya hai? I am fine I do not need medicine." "Zoya these are not just any medicines. Rakho apne paas." Razia put the strip back in her hand. "Zoya beta these are contraceptive pills. We have talked to your doctor and she prescribed these." Zoya was shocked. She threw the strip away. "Ammis I don't believe it. Aap dono ne socha ki Asad aur maine..." "You mean to say kuch nahi kiya." Razia and Dilshad asked her once again just to be sure. "Yes ammis kuch nahi kiya. Why do you think we said ki walima after I graduate?" Razia and Dilshad both hugged her and also blessed her. "Are you two done? Ab main jaaoon? Ammis please don't talk to Asad about this." Zoya left leaving two happy women.

Gafur and Rashid too smiled on hearing about the incident. "We don't have to worry about our children. They are very wise and will make the right decisions." They changed their POV once they came to know about the tree house night and also the pool side act of Zoya. They decided to talk with their ammis to get a new house for Asad and Zoya. "Ammi may we come in?" The two sets of parents entered the baithak where Noor and Sabreen were talking about their joy because of Asad and Zoya's wedding. "Aa jao." Asad and Zoya's parents sat facing the two elder ladies. "Ammi we were thinking we should gift Asad and Zoya a new house where they can live alone." Noor and Sabreen were shocked. "You want our children to live away from us?" Dilshad and Razia knew exactly how to play their MILs in this matter. "Ammi we are not thinking of sending the children away from us but we are trying to bring them closer to each other. Ammi think about it they are living here with us. They will not get time for each other as all of us will want some of their time. They do not have much privacy. Zoya ko ghar sambhalna nahi aata so she can't do anything for Asad but if they live alone and she makes a mistake Asad will be there for her. Think about it ammi and waise bhi every girl wants a small cute house of her own where she can live with her husband." Dilshad and Razia smiled as they saw their MILs brains begin to work on this matter. They signaled their husbands to leave from there. They got a good night's peaceful sleep.

In the morning everyone was at the breakfast table waiting for Noor and Sabreen to come. They came and gave Asad and Zoya an envelope. "Dadi what is in this?" Asad asked. "Open it and see na kya hai." Zoya was excited to know. She had become used to to wedding gifts. Asad opened the envelope. "Dadi these are tickets to Mumbai?" Asad showed Zoya the tickets. "Mumbai? Dadi, why are you sending us to Mumbai?" Zoya asked a silly question. Asad smiled. "They want us to go to Mumbai on our honeymoon." "But hum honeymoon par kya karenge?" Zoya did not want to go. "Wohi jo sab karte hain." Asad gritted his teeth and answered with a smile on his face. Noor and Sabreen smiled. Dilshad and Razia almost fainted. Gafur and Rashid looked at each other with sorry looks. Najma and Humiara helped Zoya pack a bag for the honeymoon. Asad too packed his bags. Dilshad and Razia waved good bye to their babies and gave angry looks to their husbands as they could nto to their MILs. Najma and Humaira were excited for Zoya's return so that they could hear all about their first night and the honeymoon.

On reaching their hotel Asad was pleasantly surprised when he bumped into an old friend and Zoya's mood couldn't get worst.  

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