Was Aamir Khan's son Junaid meant to play young Tom Hanks in Forrest G

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Posted: 5 years ago

In his career spanning almost three decades, Aamir Khan has proved that he is a real superstar. With films like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots, PK and Dangal, the actor has demonstrated time and again his versatility. And now, there's been much speculation on whether his son will follow his footsteps.

According to an entertainment portal, Aamir had considered casting Junaid in his film Laal Singh Chaddha, which is an adaptation of Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump. Apparently, Junaid was more than ready to don the role of a younger Tom Hanks, but there was a change in plan at the last minute. Instead it was decided that Aamir could play the younger Tom Hanks, instead.

At his 54th birthday celebrations, Aamir opened up about Junaid's acting ambitions. He said, "I think it's up to him. He should lean his own life and take his own decisions. He is inclined to the creative side, he is doing theatre. He is very bright but I am allowing him to follow his own path."

On Karan Johar's chat show, Aamir had earlier revealed that his children, Junaid and Ira, are keen on entering Bollywood. However, he added that he will not "actively do anything to support" Junaid if he is not deserving.


See i have been noticing this and now its in news too. In November on kwk, Aamir said his son was interested in acting and direction both and he will launch him if he's good. 

In January, he said Junaid is a good actor and hes happy with his work and looking for scripts to launch him. 

In March, he announced he's the lead in this film and in the same press conference simply said Junaid can do whatever he wants to in his life when asked about his film career. One week later he says Junaid is not intersted in films and prefers theater. And now there are reports he was dropped at the last moment in Lal Singh. Junaid's beard&mustache also hints he was preparing for the role. 

While he has maintained Junaid is 'bright' why would he not help his own son? He assisted Hirani in PK,then as per Aamir studies acting in LA and did theater there and then in mumbai and said theater does not give Junaid enough money so he assists to earn money. 

Also hes not grooming/training his son to be a hero like other celeb kids. Im myself an Aamir fan,but i find this so odd.



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Posted: 5 years ago
How can Junaid play younger Tom Hanks if AK was going to play the older one?? The boy is 7 feet tall! Was he supposed to shrink down 2 feet at old age? LOL! This is a really weird rumor! 

AK did try to help his brother once with his career and that didn't go very well. I bet he learnt from that experience not to go out of ones way to help someone. I remember this interview where he got super emotional about this...he kept saying he tried. 

He launched Imran Khan who wasn't that great so I think he would launch Junaid if the right movie comes along. But he won't go out on his limb to do anything special for him. And I think this is right thing to do. We keep talking about nepotism and how the industry ignores outside talent...from that point of view also this is the right thing to do. If Junaid isn't good enough an actor he isn't good enough. He has to do something else in life- he has options unlike many like working for AK production behind the scenes or Paani Foundation! 
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Posted: 5 years ago
No no..not the kid,it's being reported he was supposed to do the lead. Of course if hes not good at acting he should not come and do something else instead. The point here is, why is he eating his own words? A month ago he was good enough to play Aamir in his biopic and he was looking for roles that suited him and he himself says im happy with his work and after a few days hes not interested in films altogether? What happened in between? And not 7 ft..6 ft tall lol 😆
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