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very interesting story 
waiting to read more
Posted: 2019-03-23T15:53:10Z
Enjoy the Holi festivities 
Posted: 2019-03-23T15:54:35Z
Great start 

Arjun and Maan are twins and it seems both are cool 
Arjun enjoys dating woman and sometimes Maan has to fill in for Arjun 
will be waiting for the next chapter 
Posted: 2019-03-24T06:51:39Z
i am thinking to post all 3 parts 
how many readers are there..???
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Part 2


A beautiful and gorgeous beauty was biting her nails. She was in a mess ...she was going to be in a big mess. The big innocent eyes looked at her sister, her sister, she was the ultimate savior this time. But making her agree is like climbing Mount Everest. she looked from the balcony, here her dearest sister was looking at her red and white rose plants her hands all in the mud. A small patch on her forehead she was cutting the unwanted leaves those had turned yellow. A small smile playing on her lips. Shovel in her one hand, she seemed pretty much engrossed. This was the perfect timing, thought Anvi and went towards the garden where she saw her dearest sister having a field day with all the plants, gardening was her sister's weakness, she never understood how her sister can dig her hands in the mud. She could never think of that dirty mud going into her perfect nails

Resolving herself that she would get the help today Anvi went towards her sister. Today it was the day to call her di. since now only her sister can save her from the untimely mess. She was too naughty and right now her small mischievousness had made her fall in the deep pit of unwanted circumstances. The circumstances that made involves a certain Khurana and couldn't make her full proof plan of letting Arjun Khurana down.


Anvi quietly settled beside geet who was having the rose branch in her hand didn't notice her sister sitting beside her. She was too engrossed in doing her things. Today she was having a day off... she was working as an event manager in her friend's company and mostly she works only for a single client since geet just want to work. There is no pressure no compulsion for her .so she chose to do the thing the way she will use her knowledge and can take care of her Nani and dad. since anvi and geet didn't have their mother. Their mother had left them when they were only a year old. Their dad was the one who had made them independent fulfilled their all wishes. His two princesses. Both twenty-two-year-old were chirpy and full of life. But anvi was an extrovert whereas her sister geet was a bit reserved and introvert and Sometimes she was too emotional. geet was elder by ten minutes and was a bit caring and responsible, unlike anvi who a prankster was and loves to mess around. Seeing her sister lost, Anvi called Geet to get her attention.


Anvi: di...kya kar rahi ho... aur ye rosy itni murjahi hui kyun hai ?

she asked in the softest tone and Geet just looked at her sister at once but chose to stay quiet, she knew anvi was up to something, so Geet first didn't respond and she continued tending her flowers. anvi frowned. She was trying to be calm and silent and when she didn't get any response, she took the rose branch from geet's hand...


anvi: ouch...


a thorn from the branch pricked her and she screamed, the blood was oozing from the newly formed cut. The thorn had pierced her skin. geet looked at her sister who was looking angrily at her and her plants she took her finger and sucked the blood. She Immediately applied the mud on her finger. Anvi smiled seeing her care. Her sister, She is the best thing that had happened to her. if Babaji had taken their mom then he had given her a sister like geet..


geet worriedly...



geet: can't you see avi ... You know that roses have some thorns that can pierce your skin. Why cant you be careful?


anvi: oh..ho. geetu its just some blood drops now came with me. I need your help. geetu please didu help me na... you know how I am I am in a total mess ..please ..please di help me..


she made a cute puppy face ... geet rolled her eyes... her white suit was all muddy she needs to take a shower first concluded geet and went inside. the girls were to their room ... geet went to the shower whereas the hot headed anvi looked curious. She was getting tensed; she has to show up for the Date and this time she wasn't some hot-headed Model but a simple girl Anvi Handa. Anvi was still contemplating about the clothes when suddenly she thought of something.

Anvi: what to wear. what to wear?

She looked at geet's wardrobe ..her eyes lit up. She knew what to do how to do. She Just have to make geet agree with her plan.


Geet came out of the shower, her hair was dripping she looked around and saw her room. A complete mess...her's and anvi's wardrobe was totally out, everything was spilled. she was shocked, perplexed... Her eyes were wide. She looked at her sister who was grinning ear to ear. She knew that this was the danger signal, anvi's eyes were making her know that she was going to be in a mess very soon ... Geet gulped hard ...


Geet : kya hai ... Why my wardrobe is out ... And where are you going ...


Anvi came near her sweetest sister she kept her one hand on her shoulder ...


Anvi: not me but both of us .. u know na geetu .. about arjun..


Geet made a confusing face, not knowing which Arjun she was talking about.


Geet: who Arjun...


Anvi made a cute puppy pouty face and sit on the bed with her legs folded. she kept her one hand on her chin and with such deep concentration ...


Anvi: you know that arrogant and proud, that rude Arjun Khurana for whom I did modeling last year ... I played a prank with him or say to make him fall on the ground. He is over the moon these days .. ARROGANT RUDE ...KHURANA ..


Geet : so where do I land in this game anvi ... Please do tell me I don't want to be in your silly games please and spare me ...


Anvi: what kind of sister are you your little sweet and innocent sister is on the verge of making herself loose can't you help me. Please na geet you know I can't be at the same places ...PLEASE ... she make a baby face ...


Geet: first tell me all your silly and juvenile thoughts what you did and what that guy did... and by the way why are you behind that poor guy spare him na he will not fit in your naughtiness you know ...


Anvi pouted ...



Anvi: you know me this much only. You know what that Arjun did when I tried to meet him last year ..he showed me the attitude that I am the busiest person on earth..blah..bah...


Anvi was mimicking ASK and geet burst out laughing ..she was giggling just like a fresh flower ...and motioned her to continue...


Geet: continue ...


Anvi: and now I had set a date with him as Anvi a simple girl just like you beautiful with heart ...and the other with him only with the name Natasha, model of his fashion house you see. She made a cute face...and I want you to go to the place posing Natasha ...and I know there won't be any Arjun since I know that he will come to meet me. just half an hour di and then you can come back. I want to see where he will come ... To meet the simple homely girl anvi or the hot charming model Natasha ...


Geet : so you want me to be Natasha ...but what if he comes to meet Natasha what I am going to do then ...


Anvi whispered softly ... making geet to pop out her eyes ...


Anvi: not meet but on a DATE...


Geet: WHAT DATE... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? I am not going you can do whatever you want I and model are you crazy he will have caught me in a single sight-seeing me my dressing sense...


Anvi: no he won't I will dress you up na geet ...and I will wear your baby pink churidaar that we brought for you last month .. and my baby pink frock will look like a doll geetu ...


Geet was apprehensive ...


Geet : still avi..i  won't be able to speak a word. What if I will be caught ...


Anvi: that we can think later first let me dress you and then you can help me... Please do it na geet ... And listen if you don't find anything to do throw some tantrums like models do and leave the place ... look it's easy


Geet looked at her with a cute face a frown on her nose and hazels red coz of worrying ...


Geet: that's easy for you because you are saying what about me ha...



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Originally posted by Madhu_31

Arjun is superb cool than MaanWink
Maan ka kuch ho nahi saktha..only files and blueprints..uff!!
Seems having an identical twin is very usefulLOLvery helpful in needy timeLOL
Loved the name Arjun..that was the name chosen 1st for Maan's char haina?
I remember reading this story before too though not sureErmm

yes, i am reposting it for Gf's activity and Arjun was supposed to be maan's character name Wink

Identical twins are indeed a blessing Big smile
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Originally posted by aparna3011

very interesting story 
waiting to read more

thank you di for commenting 
updated part 2

keep readingTongue
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Posted: 2019-03-24T08:30:56Z
thanks for posting part 2... will read and comment

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