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Yelled a super angry .. frustrated, annoyed ARJUN SINGH KHURANA ...


Maan immediately stood up seeing his dear brother in his cabin. for a second he was stunned seeing him in THE KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS ..he was dressed up ... there were stylish glasses on his chocolate brown eyes but strangely those eyes were spitting fire ...


Maan with a scowl on his face came towards his brother, well the handsome Arjun Khurana was there in his brother's cabin looking angry giving him all types of looks telling him that you are a seriously insane person...


Arjun came towards his brother and with a frown on his face, he asked him...


Arjun: what the hell you are doing here, still in office do you even know that I had left an important photo shoot with the models they were waiting for me and I was worried for my brother, look at me maan I had to come here to remind you about your date ...  How can you do this to me maan... damn, that model is calling me and my brother is here dating with his laptop and these boring construction files...


Maan was listening to each and every complaint, his brother had definitely gone insane in fact he had reached the height of insanity... was it related to being TWINS...THAT TOO IDENTICAL... Arjun was Maan's brother just twelve minutes difference in them ... Hot and handsome. Cool minded having a delicious fashion sense why not he was the owner of the biggest fashion house. AK designs... and he was the one who was paying for being his brother.


Maan was about to go and resume his work, in fact, he was staring into his files back with an amused smile...

Arjun was dumbfounded seeing there was no response from his brother, he knew that maan was like this only but still he had hoped that at least today, Maan wouldn't stay there with those boring files and help him at least today.


Arjun: how insensitive... I had to postpone my date with the latest model of AK just to come here and remind you about your date and look at you again, lost in these files.

Arjun tried to look in into the file that was open and all he could see were some vague drawings and the next moment he asked his twin again in order to gain his attention.


Arjun: What do these contain that you are pretty much engrossed in these. Let me see... He was about to snatch the file when maan stopped him...


Maan: you won't understand anything there your effort will go in pain ...


Arjun: what kind of brother you are...  he questioned suddenly ...


Maan : well I guess a pretty much sensitive to your insensitive thoughts and those bitchy models. Don't even try to hook me with them .. I wonder how you can handle them. They just go on and on without having any full stop ...


Arjun looked at maan as he very comfortably settled himself on the MD's chair...maan looked at his. His brother was having no shame ... again this dating and all ... a girl finding for him .. and why he was still in a thought ..there was no pressure from their family ... maan was right known to concentrate on his career ..and so does he want his brother but he is actually no brains.. GIRLS... have eaten his all the sense and know he was hell-bent on eating his ...this twin system was not for his. He was dejected ..maan sighed and slumped on the nearby couch ... He knew what Arjun was saying or what was his planning.


Arjun: now what. get up and get yourself for Natasha, she is waiting for you and believe me she is best for you. She is hot, sexy, beautiful and even sensible. just for you. He winked at him ...


Maan: what will I get .. tell me the truth why don't you want to go with her ... and making me the scapegoat ... and TRUTH I need not a word of your lies. Whom are you going to see know...?


Arjun smiled goofily and let the truth come out of his mouth.  he knew his brother will understand his plight ...


Arjun: Anvi ... I had seen her a month before ... and finally after lots of promises and pleadings she had agreed ..please do something.. I guess she is the one. And you better start finding a girl for yourself... you know I am in full plan of getting married together ... so better start your work or you want me to do ...


Maan : clothes.. Maan asked as extended his hand knowing that if Arjun had come to get him to substitute for him, then he must have come fully prepared, it was not like Maan didn't know how his brother is like but every time his over flirtatious nature made Maan meet a new girl. As Arjun handled him the package, Maan continued with a scowl on his face.

Maan: don't you dare, do any kind of this thing for me. I am better off without your help. This time I owe you a big time ... God knows how much more tension and pressure I in. and that chit must be chatting about the great ASK me, lord.


Arjun gave him his clothes to change... maan had a slight stubble that day which was suiting him perfectly since both were alike in every sense ...


Maan changed in black denim and white shirt with a beige blazer .. his hair gelled just like his brother did ...


Arjun instructed his brother only to get a great glare from his brother ...


Arjun: look don't talk with her much ..she is hell irritating...I had to bear her tantrums on my last shoot ..and know I am thinking to replace her ..and if you find anything cunning and clever about her behavior then leave right then ..and you better don't fall for her ..I don't want her to be your wife ...


Maan was frustrated with his useless talks...


Maan: are you done or should I drop the idea of rescuing you.


Arjun: you won't na maan..please my cute and sweet brother...for our childhood days. For those ice lollys, we had... save me. He literally fell on his legs ...


Maan: get up right now and call my secretary ... And stop your drama I am going...and dare you to say me cute ... Arjun. you need to be in the theatre. or maybe having an acting career, you will definitely make something out of this drama of yours.  


Arjun: I think you are right, I should think about your advice but for now, let me call rosy. she must be missing me. it's been two months we have been together I will spend some good time with her in your absence ... I guess she missed me too...


Arjun quickly settled on his MD chair and called miss rose.


Arjun: hey miss rosy ... Arjun here come to maan's cabin ...


Maan rolled his eyes ...


A sixty-year-old lady entered in his cabin ... she was looking fresh and energetic despite her age...


Arjun: hey miss rosy how are you?


Maan: Miss Rose ..please cancel all my meetings of the day ..and adjust them for tomorrow..i am leaving right now ...






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Hmmm congrats 
Enjoy festival 
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Amazing starting.countinue soon.happy holi u too
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Originally posted by MomiArti

Amazing starting.countinue soon.happy holi u too

thanks sweety 
happy holi to you tooTongue
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Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Hmmm congrats
Enjoy festival

thank you Tongue
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Do  dil ek jaan lol 
But honestly both are cool 
Hmm arjun trying best but let Maan meet his partner 

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Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Do dil ek jaan lol
But honestly both are cool
Hmm arjun trying best but let Maan meet his partner

Arjun is kind of the sibling we always have it's just he takes undue advantage of Maan being his identical twin
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