RaYa OS: That last wish!

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Posted: 2019-03-18T00:01:17Z

I always wanted that scene to turn out like this in the show, but it never did! Anyways, never mind! 

The scene starts from the end of BC track where Priya was declared to be fine and RaYa hugged each other (episode 153). 

**Its less an OS, more a continuation of random scene! 

Next day, Ram keeps staring at the mug kept on his desk at office...he indulges in remembering the past seven days...those had to be one of the best days of his life...best in terms of realization, happiness and reciprocation...he feels content recalling how Priya remarked that he has been able to surprise her at every step...how she mentioned that she wanted to see what he can do for her...his mind replays the moment when she wanted to be at two places at the same time...suddenly, his thoughts stop in the middle...he promised Priya that he would fulfill all her wishes...no matter what and how was that...she wanted to give someone a life...but to whom and how? He smiles back at his reflection in the glassy table...she has actually given a new meaning to his life...isn't it? He startles as vikram enters his cabin...and catches his smiley sight...Vikram winks...Ram not noticing his mischievous smile, heaves a sigh of relief...

R: ooohooo...Dude, I need you!

V: yeah...yeah...I so knew it! After all, I have ten years of experience in "managing a marriage!

R: shut up yaar...i am serious!

V: so when did I say that u are not serious about priya?

R: listen...listen..listen...yes, It's about Priya... But nothing as such u are guessing!

V: hmmm! Noted yaar (with a laughing face)

R: cutting him in the middle, Yaar...Priya wants to give life to someone...

V (raising his eye balls) : what!? Finally, she confessed her love! Raaam...i am really really happy for u both yaar!

R (frightened): I did not get you huh! How come she confessed her love and all? And for whom?

V: for you silly! She wants to give birth to someone...she wants to extend your family...so it's obvious that she loves you!

R: (spilling the coffee out) what?? Have you gone mad Vikram?? She is not like that huh! We have our terms in our place and we are absolutely okay with it! Moreover, yeah...every damn thing doesn't come under you silly definition of love...

V: that is why I am telling you Ram...every damn thing is not meaning less as u feel!

R: look Vikram, not everything should have the same meaning...

Before they could continue their discussion about the underlying meaning...Jenny barges in...and informs them that their marketing head Mr. Mishra and his wife expired in a car accident this morning!

Both take few seconds to absorb the shock and rush to the morgue...

After an exhausting hour or so, they are sent to a NGO where Mishra's 13 days old new born baby has found her shelter...Vikram made all the arrangements to send the baby to a well-cared nursing home in the city...Kapoor industries came forward to bear all the expenses related to the rearing. As both of them wanted to make sure that the baby is well taken care of, Vikram was in a conversation with the authority to see the baby once before she is sent to the nursing home...

Suddenly...a pleasant sight catches Ram's attention...though he could see the rear view only...he knew it was Priya...her blueish scurf laying in the air...seemed like she was gently rocking her arms...Ram makes his way to reach her...going near, he sees a tiny hand...wrapped in a pink blanket...clutching Priya's clothes with full force...yes...Priya it was...he could sense it! He goes even closer...to get a clear view...finally he saw it! An angle it was...blinking her eyes...in amusement...by the rising closeness, Priya turns around...she remains eyes opened...finding Ram next to her!

The baby peeping up from the wrapper...stares at Ram's shiny watch...she stretches her tiny hands to touch it...she had a dormant desire in her angelic eyes...to receive love...to reciprocate back...which Ram just couldn't deny! Unknowingly, he also stretches his hands out...to take the baby in his arms...a tiny drop of tears falls in his wrist...he looks up to find Priya  smiling through the tears...his hands shake a little...still, he doesn't step back...Priya moves in an angle...so that the baby could lay in her hands...keeping her feet in Ram's hands...the tiny little feet touches his chest...Ram gently touches one of her feet in wonder...the baby flashes a happy smile finding its right place!

(Soon Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor were declared as the proud parents of the little angle...they named her Diya...who lit up their lives with happiness...hope and endless laughter) 

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Posted: 2019-03-19T00:18:28Z
Superb. fantastic. Plz do write more on R aYa.
This one is so lovely.
Posted: 2019-03-20T09:52:17Z
Silly me ,I misread diya as dityaaLOL 
Last part was emotionalBroken Heart 
Testing Testing
Posted: 2019-03-26T10:56:30Z
Lovely os Heart
Posted: 2019-03-30T05:35:11Z
A journey of parenthood is beautiful and no one can deny it and it was wish of Priya which Ram fullfill it and now both are enjoying it 
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