AsYa FS: Inkaar Se Ikraar Tak {Completed}

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AsYa {KaBhi} FS: Inkaar Se Ikraar Tak

AsYa (KaBhi) TS : 1st Shot Inkaar

Rashid Ahmed Khan and his wife Dilshad Rashid Khan's joy knew no bounds. Their one and only son Asad Ahmed Khan had won the Young Architect of the Year Award. In order to celebrate their joy of Asad's achievement Rashid and Dilshad had thrown a grand bash.  After graduating from The Bartlett, Asad had joined his father's construction business, Dilshad Constructions. Rashid Ahmed Khan was born into a middle class family but had rose to success working hard and honestly all his life. He was now one of the richest men in Bhopal and his company Dilshad Constructions ranked in the top 5 architectural firms in India. Rashid had recently launched a hospital project for his son Asad which he had successfully completed. Asad had reached the stars in his first project and was nominated for the Young Architect of the Year Award which he won.

Asad truly had a magnetic personality. He was handsome, well-educated, accomplished, talented young man belonging to a prosperous family. Rashid and Dilshad had invited all of those they knew in their personal and professional life. The guests had received with family' invites and most of them had brought along with them their young, beautiful and eligible daughters. Mostly everyone had come with the wish for Asad to become their son in law and there was nothing wrong with it.

The party was in full swing but Asad was cooped up in his study working. Being the most eligible bachelor proposals for Asad came almost every other day. Being parents of an only son Rashid and Dilshad were very enthusiastic for Asad's marriage. Asad was the best in all attributes of his personality but he did have some pride about his looks, education and money. During his college days many girls were dreaming of one day becoming Mrs. Asad Ahmed Khan but Asad forget liking anyone of them, he did not give a single one of them a second look.

"Ammi, I won't be eating dinner tonight at home. I have to attend my friend's wedding."

"When do you want to get married?" Dilshad made the best of the opportunity.

"Ammi, please don't start with me."

"Asad, humaare bhi kuch armaan hain. Beta, just say the word and I will look for the best suitable match for you."

"Ammi, there is no best suitable match for me in our circle."

"Why isn't there?"

"OK ammi, do as you wish."

 Asad said yes so that Dilshad would leave him in peace. Asad said yes to marriage and Dilshad got to work. She contacted everyone she knew and also a high profile marriage bureau. Within a week she had collected a huge high pile of photographs and bio-data of girls. Asad was his parents' only child but they had a large extended family. As soon as Dilshad told them about Asad agreeing to marriage they all had only one mission and that was to find a bride for Asad. The women of the family began competing with each other claiming that the match they found was the best.

Asad began seeing and meeting suitable match after the other and the rejection also began. He found faults in each and every one of them. Someone was short, someone was dark, someone was overweight or someone was pencil thin, etc. He found some or the other reason to reject them.

In the beginning the excitement of the process of selecting a bride for Asad was filled in Khan Villa. Dilshad was dreaming to get her only son married dhoom dhaam se as the proposals of the best of the best girls were coming for Asad. But gradually she started to lose hope, and was feeling defeated. Asad was rejecting the best girls one after the other, the gossip mongers of the society began hushed talks about something being fishy as Rashid Ahmed Khan's son Asad was rejecting the girls. The girls were the best of the best so nothing was wrong with them so there was definitely something wrong with Asad.

"Asad, is there something going on? Do you like some girl and so you are rejecting the ones we have chosen for you?" Dilshad could no longer stand Asad's inkaar reasons so she seeking an opportunity and asked him.

"No ammi, where do I have the time to do all that? I am busy with my work all day long. Where will I get the time to fall in love?"

"Toh phir beta, you have to select one girl and have to say yes to her. We can go through the photos and bio-data once again."

"Ammi there is no one among these girls who will suit me. Main kahan aur..."

"Asad beta, the proposals of the girls which have come for you all belong to reputed families of our society. They have a standing, a respect in the society. They are from the background similar to ours. As you had specified the proposals are all of well-educated girls. There are some girls who are less educated than you are, I mean they have only done their graduation. If you say toh unmein se..."

"Ammi, you will not find a girl whom I will like. Aap hi toh kehti hain that your son is one in a million toh the girl we will like a girl should also be one in a million."  

"I just wish that that moment comes sooner as I am losing my patience. Even the people are saying ki zaroor daal mein kuch kaala hai."

"Ammi, just because the people are gossiping I should get married? I will get married only when I like a girl."

Months passed by, Asad was busy with his work. He was in no hurry to get married but now Dilshad was completely defeated.

One day Dilshad saw a ray of hope when a proposal came for Asad from Mumbai. Zoya's father Gafur Ahmed Siddique himself too was in the construction business. Gafur belonged to one of the richest families in Mumbai. His daughter Zoya was well-educated. She had graduated top in her class and held a degree in Information Technology. She was working with the top most IT company in India.

Rashid and Dislhad were very happy when Zoya's proposal came for Asad.

"Mujhe pehle yaad kyun nahi aaya, Rashid yaad hai 2 years back we had gone to Mumbai for a wedding. There we had met Gafur bhai, his wife Razia and their girls Zoya and Humaira. Zoya... Hmm She is beautiful, well-educated, intelligent wo saari khoobiyaan hain jo Asad ko apni life partner mein chahiye. Dekh lena he will not be able to say no to her." Dilshad looked at Zoya's picture and smiled.

"Haan, tum keh toh theek rahi ho. 6 months back when I had gone to Mumbai for Architects' Associations meeting, Gafur bhai had invited me to his home. There once again I met Zoya. Humaira had just got engaged, she is the younger one but she was in love with someone toh they got her engaged. Ladka USA ja raha tha toh sagai karke bheja use. Now that Zoya's proposal has come for Asad I think humaare ghar shehnai goonjne ka waqt aa gaya hai. The doors of Asad's good luck and happiness for our family have been opened."

Asad was busy in his own life and work.

One Saturday Asad, along with Rashid and Dilshad arrived at Gafur's beautiful vacation home in Pachmarhi. The car pulled in the drive way. Gafur and Razia were at the door to welcome Rashid, Dilshad and Asad. Both the families met like they had known each other for a long time and met regularly. They made plans for lunch and dinner too. Gafur indirectly invited them to stay for the night. Asad and Zoya were given plenty of alone time. Zoya drove Asad to a posh restaurant. They talked about like their likes and dislikes, their dreams and also the kind of life partner they wanted and many general things two people talk about when they have met for a marriage proposal.

Asad had liked Zoya and now he was impatient to give the good news to his parents. They returned from the restaurant after an hour or so. When they came back the family saw that they had become friendly. Dilshad was sure that this time the ladki dekhna was successful. She was eager to know Asad's decision. Asad did not want to show his eagerness but he was also scared that if he showed too much pride and not say yes soon then Zoya's alliance might get fixed somewhere else. On Sunday both families had buffet lunch at and left to return to their hometowns. Dilshad thanked Allah in the car itself as Asad told her that he liked Zoya.

"Rashid as soon as we reach home aap Gafur bhai ko phone karke inform kar dijiyega that we have liked Zoya as our to be bahu. Asad too has liked Zoya and even fix an engagement date. I guess next to next week should be fine, dono taraf se tayyari ke liye enough time hai." Dilshad gave clear instructions to Rashid.

"Dilshad apne hawai ghode daudana band karo. You are making plans as if Zoya had said yes."

"Abbu, no girl can ever reject me. After all I am Asad Ahmed Khan the most eligible bachelor."

"Phir bhi beta, your mother is going overboard in her joy. How can we know what is in one's mind? Iss tarah se jaldbaazi mein baatein nahi hoti. The girl's side also needs to have the same eagerness as us. Let's wait for a day or two for their response nahi toh main khud baat karoonga."

Asad was whistling while driving the car. It was the first time he had done so. He had finally found his suitable match in Zoya and he had liked her. He was now feeling relaxed. He was eager to reach home and give a call to Zoya to tell her that it was a yes from his side.

 That day Asad and Zoya spoke on the phone for almost the whole night. Zoya asked him for some time and Asad gave it to her. After 10 days Asad and Zoya once again met in Mumbai. They had not informed their family about the meeting. Asad thought that it was a yes from Zoya's side too. In 10 days their relation had come from Mr. Khan and Miss. Farookhi to Asad and Zoya. They had dinner and then Zoya dropped a bomb on him.

"Asad I need you as a friend."

"Banda aapki khidmat mein haazir hai." Asad said dramatically.

"Asad it is a serious matter please be serious about it."

"Bolo." Asad said seriously.

"Asad I have accepted you as a good friend but I will not be able to accept you as a husband."

"Wh...y?" Asad stuttered.   

"Because I am in love with someone else and I want to marry him."

"Then why did you do all this?" Asad could not stop himself from asking.

"My ammi abbu want me to marry you. In our society there isn't a family like yours and a husband like you. What they are saying is true but the heart wants what the heart wants."

"Zoya, why don't they approve of the person you like?"

"He does not belong to the high society. He comes from a middle class background and is an IAS officer."

"Ok so what do you want me to do?"

"Asad, you have rejected so many girls so what's the big deal in rejecting one more. You can make any excuse and reject me."

"But it is not so in your case. I have like you and..." Asad could no complete his sentence.

"Haan par main aapko apni majboori kahin na."

"Theek hai, I will reject you but on one condition, if things don't work out between you and your boyfriend then you will give me a chance."

"I promise." Zoya smiled.

They parted ways after dinner. Asad was feeling heavy hearted. Zoya too got what she wanted but was not feeling light hearted. She could not forget the look on Asad's face when she asked him to reject her. She went home and Humaira was waiting for her.

"So? What happened?"

"He will reject me."

"Aapi, you got what you wanted toh why aren't you happy?"

"Humaira, I thought it would be easy for him to reject me. He has rejected so many girls waise bhi mujh mein kaunsi baat hai kaunse surkhaab ke par lage hain that he would have liked me so I thought but..."


"But he likes me and..."

"Toh jhoot bolne ki kya zaroorat thi? I had told you na that instead of asking him to reject you by telling him lies that you like someone else you should have simply asked him for some time."

"Haw! You gave me the idea to tell him that I love someone else."

"Aapi, when did I say so?"

"Yaad nahi hai when we were discussing ki mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karni you said abhi shaadi nahi karni ya Asad se shaadi nahi karni that time idea aaya mujhe ki I should tell him that I want to marry someone else."

"Aapi, accha let it be what did he say?"

"He said he will reject me and also took a promise from me that if things don't work out between me and my boyfriend I will give him a chance."


"Right now I am glad that he will reject me and then mera kaunsa boyfriend hai?"

Zoya smiled. Humaira thought that her sister was bonkers. She rejected Asad by asking him to reject her and that too without any solid reason. She was 22 years of age and wanted to work for another year or two before settling down and so she created this whole lie of being in love with someone else. Humaira doubted if Asad would be available when Zoya was ready because whether Zoya let it be known or not she did like him as a friend and would too as a life partner.

Asad reached Bhopal. Dilshad was waiting for him.

"Asad, you had gone to Mumbai, jhoot mat bolna mujhse I know it you went to meet Zoya. So is everything ok? Shall we get the dates fixed? I will give a call Razia bhabhi first thing in the morning." Dilshad was excitedly waiting for Asad's answer.

"Ammi, I think we should see a few more girls."

"Arre, par you said yes for Zoya."

"Haan, ammi but I want you to see a few more girls."

Asad climbed up the stairs and went to his room. Asad had faced failure for the first time in his life. Asad who had rejected so many had been rejected for the first time. That night he could not sleep. He had experienced the pain of being rejected. The face of every girl he had rejected flashed before his eyes. He realized if the news of him being rejected by Zoya was leaked then all the girls whom he had rejected would rejoice.

But Asad was feeling helpless. This was the first time in his life that he was feeling helpless. From the next day Dilshad began looking for other suitable matches praying that Asad would refuse to all of them and his inkaar for Zoya would change to his ikraar... Asad prayed that things did not work for her and her boyfriend and her inkaar would change to ikraar... Humaira prayed that Asad would still be available for when Zoya was ready to change her inkaar to ikraar... 

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Part 2(Jab We Met Again)

"Your father I tell you, that man drives me crazy. He is very well aware of the fact that when he is in town and not home by 7 pm sharp I begin to worry. But nahi meri toh kisiko fikar hi nahi hai." Razia was pacing in the living area. She looked at the wall clock then out the window to see if Gafur had come home. Humaira smiled and put her novel down. She put her hands on her mother's shoulders. "Ammi, please relax. Aapke suniye jee kisi bhi waqt aate honge. 5 minutes idhar udhar ho jaate hain." Just at that moment the doorbell rang. "What are you waiting for? It must be your abbu. Go and open the door. I'll go freshen up. He will scold me if he sees that I was worried." Razia went to her room and Humaira went to get the door. "Abbu!" Humaira screamed. On hearing Humaira's scream Razia who was half way to her bedroom came running to the main door. "Ya Allah khair toh hai? What has happened to you? Why aren't you saying anything?" Razia was worried on seeing Gafur standing at the door supported by a young man. "Aunty, please uncle ko andar le chalte hain then you can interrogate him." Razia and Humaira helped Asad bring Gafur to the latter's bedroom.

Asad helped Gafur lie down on the bed. Razia settled next to him. Humaira went and got water for Asad and Gafur. "Ok now tell me kya hua hai aapko? I just don't get it why do you have to over exert yourself? Dekha ho gayi na tabiyat kharab." Gafur had a guilty expression on his face. He was also feeling sad. "Accha na baba daaton toh mat, I am not feeling well. You should take care of me and not scold me. Meri tabiyat aur kharab ho gayi toh?" "Allah na kare!" Razia put her hand on his mouth. Asad and Humaira both stood there witnessing Gafur and Razia's cute love. There was a knock at the door. The house help came and gave Asad a paper bag and a large envelope. "Aunty, please itni fikar mat kijiye, uncle ko viral fever ho gaya hai. Wo toh accha hua that I met him at the Architects association. I took him to the doctors." He gave Razia Gafur's test results and the medicines and the prescription to Humaira. He also explained to Humaira the dosage. "Asad beta, thank you so much." Raiza blessed Asad.

He took her hand in his. "Aunty, if things would have turned out differently..." He looked away from Razia and his eyes fell on Zoya's picture on the bedside table. He cleared his throat and continued. "Would you have thanked me even then?" Raiza saw honesty in Asad's eyes. He really did mean it. Why did he say such a thing?' She thought as he was the one to say no to that possibility.  "Accha aunty main chalta hoon. Here is my card, please give me a call if you need anything." Asad got up to leave. "You are new in Mumbai beta, we should be telling you to ask us for any help aur ulta tum..." Raiza took Asad's card and gave it to Humaira. "Asad beta kuch khakar jao. I was so worried for Humaira's abbu ki tumhe kuch poocha hi nahi." "Aunty, is waqt aap sirf uncle ki care kijiye apni khatirdaari karwane main zaroor aaoonga. Uncle take care of your health. Abhi toh I am busy for a few days kaam ki wajah se but will surely come soon to meet you."  Gafur and Razia both smiled at him. "Humaira, Asad ko bahar tak chodkar aao."

Asad and Humaira were walking down the stone path leading to where the car was parked. "So last when we had met you were already engaged toh when are you getting married? I mean it has been almost 2 years, zyada lambi engagement nahi hai? Haan waise khandaan ki aakhri shaadi hai toh uncle aunty must not want to let you go so soon." Asad looked at Humaira. "Haider is coming after 3 months toh unke aate hi wedding planning, shopping and..." "And then nikaah ke baad to the US of A. Uncle aunty akele reh jaayenge tumhaare jaane ke baad." Humaira smiled. She knew Asad wanted to ask about Zoya but was refraining from doing so. "Aap kab karenge?" "Kya?" "Shaadi Asad bhai." "Right now I am married to my work. Humaira... Zoya ko uncle ke baare mein inform kar dena." "Haan Asad bhai will tell her as soon as she gets back from the office. Wo drive karke aayengi toh I don't want her to drive in a troubled condition." "Zoya yahaan rehene aayi hain?" "No she stays over here only." "Her husband?" Humaira saw the pain of his heart in his eyes. "Main bhi na of course he must be having a transferable job so Zoya must be living here." Asad took a few steps forward.

"Aapi ki shaadi nahi hui hai." "Why?" A shocked Asad turned and asked. Humaira saw a glint of happiness in his eyes but then there was a worry too. "Humaira, the man she was in love with kahin wo toh... Nahi it is not possible. Once someone falls for Zoya then it will be for life and after that. No one can fall out of love with her. Umm if uncle and aunty have a problem I can speak with them..." "NAHI!!!" Humaira screamed. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to scream like that wo kya hai na wo aapi ke wo he got transferred to a small town. Ab dekhiye na when he was in Mumbai ammi abbu did not approve of him toh ab toh he is in a small town so... I am sure aapi will get her happiness and her one true love when it is time." "Insha'Allah" Asad said goodnight to Humaira, sat in the car and drove off. Asad had never stopped thinking of Zoya. She was on his mind even now. He had never stopped loving her or wishing that she get all the happiness in the world that one day he could be the sole reason of her happiness.

Zoya reached home and saw Humaira waiting for her in the front lawn. "Humi? Why are you waiting out here? I know I know aaj zyada late ho gaya but yaar office mein itna kaam tha ki pooch mat. Gussa toh nahi lag rahi sad hai kyun?" Zoya put her laptop bag's strap on Humaira's shoulder and was moving to the main door. "Aapi abbu is not feeling well." Humaira sniffled. "What? And you did not give me a call! Humi he is my abbu too you should have called me up right away!" Zoya scolded Humaira and went to meet Gafur. She opened the door and saw that he was sleeping. She slowly entered the room and sat near her father. Razia saw Zoya worried for Gafur. She caressed her hair and blinked telling her that he will be fine. Zoya left the room only after confirming that Gafur would be fine soon. Humaira and Zoya had their dinner. Humaira took Razia's dinner to Gafur's room and made her eat it. She had to have her strength to look after Gafur was Humaira's argument. Razia sent her to rest as she too had been taking care of Gafur from the time he had come home.

After having dinner, Zoya was in her room reading a romantic novel. She was wiping her tears when Humaira entered the room. "Aapi, you won't believe it, aaj na... Why are you crying? Ammi ne kaha na abbu will be fine." "Humi, I know abbu will be fine and please shut up, I am reading about two lovers reuniting after years of separation itna emotional reunion hai I don't have time to listen to your gossip." "Aapi, Asad bhai..." Zoya put the book aside and pulled Humaira's ear. "How many times have I told you, uss dagabaaz ka naam mat lena mere saamne. That idiot, stupid, donkey, monkey, elephant, cow..." "Cow nahi aapi, bull. Asad bhai is a male na." "Humi, he is older than you waise bhi tumhara kya bigada hai unhone that you are agreeing with me badmouthing him?" "Accha then aapka kya bigada hai unhone? He did as you asked aur phir bhi."

"Humaira, you very well know what he has done to me. How dare he do that to me? He changed his phone number. I can't even speak with him because I don't have his number. But unhone bhi toh ek phone call nahi kiya in the past year and half." Humaira shook her head because her aapi was absolutely bonkers. "Ye sahi hai matlab you asked him to reject you even after knowing that he liked you. He did so because aapki khushi thi usmein. You should have left him alone but nahi you used to call him up and text him etc. Matlab wahan wo banda aapko bhoolone ki koshish kar raha hai and you were not letting him do so. So he changed his number." Zoya looked at Humaira, she wanted to throw a cushion at her but she too knew that she was right. Zoya had no rights to be in contact with Asad after breaking his heart.

"Accha, Humi tell me aaj achanak kaise yaad aa gayi tumhe Asad ki?" Humaira palm smacked her forehead. "Oh no aapke chakkar mein I forgot to tell you. Asad bhai was the one who brought abbu home. Wo achanak miley and abbu was not feeling fine toh he took abbu to the doctor and then ghar le aaye." "Asad? Asad had come here? He was the one who took care of abbu and brought him home?" Humaira could clearly see that Zoya was excited about Asad's being at her home. She was smiling ear to ear and her eyes were moist on knowing that Asad was the one who brought Gafur home even after what she had done with him. Zoya also knew that she had been caught by her baby sister so she pretended to show no interest. "Asad had come so what should I do? Asad bhai had come bol toh aise rahi hai jaise Salman Khan had come. Haan it was a good thing for him to do for abbu wo toh koi bhi karta but he was just being human." "Aapi, seriously acting classes join kar lo. You are happy that he came here toh bolo na dikha kuch rahi ho bol kuch aur rahi ho. Accha do one thing please give him a call and say thanks." "Haan haan I will call him up and thank him but first aapke Asad bhai apna phone number mujhe dene ka karam farmaye." Humaira dangled her phone in front of Zoya. Zoya was irritated by it. She took it and was throwing the phone to break it, "Aapi! Asad bhai's number is in the phone." Zoya kept it on the bed and went away as she did not care about Asad's number but for Humaira's phone.

At night Zoya quietly got up and lifted Humaira's phone. She searched Asad's number and gave him a call. She was disconnecting it as she did not want to seem the chipkoo type. Asad was the one who stopped their phone call sessions so he should be the one to restart them. "Hello Humaira?" Asad picked up on the first ring. "Bula doon?" "Tum?" "Kyun main nahi ho sakti?" "Nahi wo... how is uncle?" "Theek hai. Thank you kehna tha." "You don't need to thank me Zoya. Family na sahi family jaise toh hai na uncle mere liye. Wouldn't you do the same for my abbu? Would you want me to thank you then?" "Nahi." "Kuch aur?" "Nahi, good night." "Good night, itni jaldi?" "Jaldi? Don't you think humaare baat karne ke liye kaafi der ho chuki hai?" "Zoya, naraaz ho mujhse?" "Shouldn't I be? You had changed your number and did not even keep contact with me." "Zoya, I thought wo baat purani ho gayi hai. I didn't want to lose contact with you but I had to, samjho na it was difficult for me." "Asad, couldn't you forget that other thing and just remind yourself that we are friends and continued to be in contact with me?" "Dil dimaag ki nahi sunta Zoya." Asad then changed the topic. Asad and Zoya ended up talking till sunrise.

The next few days passed, Gafur was feeling much better. Asad called up regularly to ask about his health. Razia and Gafur invited him over for dinner on a Sunday. Asad accepted reluctantly. Asad was given a warm welcome by Razia and Gafur. Humaira and Zoya were in their room. "Aapi, chalo Asad bhai is here." "Tum jao I am not coming. I am not interested in meeting Asad." "Aapi, please ye nautanki mere saamne mat karo. I know what has been going on between the two of you. You speak with him on the phone for almost the entire night and you are telling me you are not interested in meeting him. Are you not interested in meeting him or are you not ready to face him?" Humaira stood with her arms crossed at her chest. "What? Why would I not want to face him?" Zoya could not meet eyes with Humaira.

"Theek hai toh chalo neeche."  Humaira pulled her out of bed and they went down to the dining area. Gafur was sitting at the head of the table, Razia to his left. Humaira opposite to Razia, Asad and Zoya sat across each other. Gafur and Razia did everything to make Asad comfortable. He was feeling guilty as in their eyes he had rejected their daughter and yet they were nice to him. "Asad, for how long are you going to stay in Mumbai? Razia asked. "Ammi, Asad is here for a new township project. He is project head so he will be here in Mumbai for the next 6 months. Initial phase ke liye yahan rahenge and after that Bhopal Mumbai up down karenge." Zoya replied without looking up from her plate. Zoya replied on Asad's behalf every time Razia or Gafur asked something. "Aunty, thank you so much for the delicious meal. I was really missing home cooked food." Asad said before they got up from the dining table. "That is why I was telling you to stay at our place or at least allow me to send dinner for you at your home and lunch at the workplace." "Ammi you know Asad na, he would not like to trouble you." Once again Zoya spoke on Asad's behalf.

Zoya went to her room right after dinner. She had some pending office work to do. Gafur and Asad were speaking about business. Razia and Humaira were in the kitchen. "Humaira, what is going on between Asad and Zoya?" Humaira almost dropped the plate. "Kuch nahi ammi, what will go on between the two of them?" She tried to escape but Razia stopped her. "Look at me and tell me nothing is going on. Humaira, Asad ek baar Zoya ko inkaar kar chuka hai I don't want her to face another rejection." Humaira cupped her mother's cheeks. "Ammi, aapko ko Uspar bharosa hai na?" Razia nodded. "Toh bas continue to have faith in HIM and pray for your child. Trust me iss baar kuch galat nahi hoga." Razia brought coffee for Gafur and Asad. Humaira left to attend a call. Humaira joined them after a while. "Humaira, jao bhai ko bahar tak chodkar aao." Razia told Humaira. Zoya had come down especially to see Asad off but Razia asked Humaira to do it. "Humaira, jao bhai ko bahar tak chodkar aao." Zoya mumbled imitating her mother. No one except for Humaira heard it. "Theek hai, next time I will ask Ammi to tell you, jao Zoya bhai ko bahar tak chod aao." Humaira whispered so only Zoya could hear. "Ae bhai honge wo tere!" Zoya said aloud. Everyone was shocked to hear her say such a thing.

Zoya clasped her mouth. "Salman Khan ko mera bhai bol rahi hai." Zoya ran away to her room. Asad said good byes again to Razia and Gafur. Before getting into the car he looked up and saw Zoya sitting on the window sill. Their eyes met briefly but then he looked away. When he looked again in her direction, she was not there. The started the car and drove out of the compound. "What are you looking at? Or should I ask whom are you looking at?" Humaira was standing at the door with her hands at her waist. "Humaira, I know what rather whom you are hinting at. I was looking at the moon." Zoya began to flip the pages of her novel. "Haan, jab mujhe Haider se naya naya pyar hua tha I too use to sit on this same window sill and stare at the moon for hours. Haye new new love." Humaira hugged her pillow and Zoya hit her with the book in her hand.

"Waise aapi, I don't understand Asad bhai. The last time when he brought abbu home, he thought that you had gotten married and come here for a visit. When I cleared his misunderstanding and told him you weren't married toh I saw happiness in his eyes for a fraction of a second and then udaasi. He was happy that you weren't married but then was sad ki aapka pyar abhi mukammal nahi hua hai. Aapi think about him na. He really loves you. He loves you so much ki he was ready to talk to ammi abbu to approve the man you are in love with." "WHAT???" Zoya got scared that her lie would land her in trouble with her parents. Humaira knew what her sister was thinking. She put her out of her misery. "Relax, I lied to him that the man you love has been transferred to a small town so right now it is not right to speak to ammi abbu about him." Humaira saw that Zoya was lost in thoughts as she was reading her book upside down.

"Aapi, what's the matter? What are you thinking about?" Zoya put the book down and got in the blanket with Humaira. "I am confused Humaira, Asad ko lekar. I mean koi kisise itna pyar kar sakta hai? You told me that Asad is ready to speak with ammi abbu to help me get my love... I mean unko kitna dard hota hoga just by saying it..." Humaira smiled as she saw that Zoya was finally thinking about Asad and how much he loved her. "Haan dard hota hoga but aapko pata hai unke dard ki dava kya hai?" Zoya was clueless. "Aapki khushi... yehi Asad bhai ke dard ki dava hai. Aapi he really loves you. Don't you think he should get a fair chance? I think you want to give him and yourself a chance but pata nahi what is stopping you. Ammi asked me about the two of you." "What?" "Aur nahi toh kya aapi the way you were speaking on his behalf kisi ko bhi shaq hoga. By the way you speak to him on the phone toh aaj sabke saamne aap ne unse koi baat kyun nahi ki? Stop sending him mixed signals. Aapi, clear things with Asad bhai right now."

The next morning Zoya showed up at Asad's home unannounced. "Zoya? Tum yahan? What a pleasant surprise!" "You were missing home cooking so ammi send some homemade snacks for you. Your house is en route to my office so main aa gayi." Asad invited her in. This was the first time Zoya was at Asad's home. She looked around and Asad had only a 2 seat sofa and a tea table in the living area. He was in the kitchen where she joined him. "Zoya, what are you doing here? Please sit in the living area." Zoya was shocked and Asad embarrassed.  Zoya did not want to make him feel embarrassed so she left him alone in the kitchen. After some time Asad came out with coffee. Zoya was looking around Asad's temp house. "Zoya, what are you looking at?" Asad asked when he saw Zoya inspecting his house. "Asad, how many days have you been in Mumbai for?" "2 weeks." "2 weeks? Asad how are you living here? You said you rented a house. What did you get only four walls?" Asad and Zoya sat on the 2 seat sofa.

"Asad this house is certainly not fit for you to live. How are you living here? I mean minimal furniture hai living are mein, the kitchen does not have any equipment, iss ghar mein koi bhi zaroorat ki chhezein nahi hain. Asad, this is just not looking like a home. It needs a lot of work to make it a home it needs a woman's touch." Yes Zoya it needs a woman's touch. Yours maybe, no definitely.' "Zoya, I know this house is not a home but it is ok for me. I am here for less than 7 hours and in that time I sleep and get ready then of to work. So it's ok." "No it is not ok. You can't live like this for 6 months." "I don't have time to hire an interior designer or do it myself." "OK then let me do it." Asad looked at Zoya. How he had wished that they could make a home together but... "Thank you for the generous offer but I will ask someone from my office to do it tum please apna time aur energy mere liye waste mat karo."  Asad's words pricked Zoya in the heart. She looked really sad as he did not want her to set up his home. She wanted to do something good for him. She did not know why but she felt the sudden urge to be with him all the time since she had been in contact with him again.

Asad saw her sadness which he could not bear. He only wanted her to be happy. "Ok, we can do it together." Asad smiled. "I mean the house." Zoya spit out her coffee. "Asad? I did not think of anything else." She laughed and Asad smacked himself on the head. Zoya took a notepad, pen and began making notes of all the things Asad would need. Asad stood there looking at Zoya planning to transform his house into a home. "Asad, we need to go shopping." "OK we will go shopping but first, I need to have some breakfast and then go to work." Asad and Zoya had breakfast at a nearby caf and then went to their respective offices. They met in the evening after office hours. "Zoya what's this?" "It is a list of shops we need to go to get the things we need for the house." "When did you search for them?" "Office mein." "Zoya!" "Asad J" Asad and Zoya went to many shops but she did not like anything. They had dinner and then went to their respective homes.

Asad and Zoya after work the next couple of days. They went shopping but ended up buying nothing except the dinner which Asad bought Zoya. On the third day, "Zoya I don't think we will purchase anything if this goes on. Tumhe kuch accha hi nahi lagta." "Asad let's go to your place. We can shop from there." "My place? Shop from there?" "Haan. and se." "Great." Asad and Zoya came to his house. They shopped online. It was fun, time saving and an added bonus was that Asad and Zoya go to spend a lot of time together which made them both very happy. Asad went to order some food. Zoya was watching him. The TV was on and a beautiful song from the movie Gharonda' played on the Music India channel. Zoya imagined Asad and herself instead of the actor and actress.

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh itana yakin hai

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh itana yakin hai

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh itana yakin hai

The shopped goods arrived at Asad's home after 2 days. He called Zoya and she was there to help him set up his home. She had not met him from the past 2 days and had missed him terribly. They had cute fights about placement of the furniture but Zoya ended up winning all the fights. The kitchen was set and Zoya also stocked food items which she purchased from After setting the bedroom Asad and Zoya tired fell on the bed. "Wow, I had no idea setting up a house would be so tiring." Asad turned to his side and looked at Zoya. "Asad every couple sets up their home like this. Apna ghar khud sajane ki kuch aur hi baat hoti hai." She looked at him and then an idea struck her. "Asad, today this house has become a home. Kuch meetha hona chahiye." "I will order a cake or whatever you want." "Asad, no more of ordering the food from outside. I know how to make sooji ka halwa. Abhi banati hoon." Asad too came to the kitchen to help Zoya. Zoya was very happy cooking for Asad. They had the halwa and Asad praised it. Asad got a call from the office. "May I?" he asked "Sure" she replied.' "Zoya, where did you go?" "Asad I have spoken to the neighbor's maid. She will arrange for a maid and a cook. Don't worry jab tak you don't get a cook I will personally deliver your breakfast and lunch. Dinner ammi bhej dengi. I will also come and take the interview of the cook and maid. I will also tell them everything about this house and your likes and dislikes."  Asad just nodded.

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

magar maine yeh raj abb tak naa jana

ke kyon pyari lagati hai, baten tumhari

mai kyo tumse milane kaa dhudhu bahana

kabhi maine chaha, tumhe chhu ke dekhu

kabhi maine chaha, tumhe pas lana

magar phir bhi

magar phir bhi iss bat kaa toh yakin hai

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh itana yakin hai

Zoya could not wait to meet Asad or be with him. She would see him everywhere. He was there at home and at her office. He was the only one in her dreams. She loved spending time with him but time with him just flew by so fast. She hated saying good bye to him. It had been 1 week since she had been meeting him. She loved playing house with him but she did not want it to be a play anymore. She wanted it to be real.

phir bhi jo tum dur rehate ho mujhse

toh rahate hain dil pe, udasi ke saye

koyi khwab unche makano se janke

kabhi dil ki raho mane faile andhera

kabhi dur tak roshani muskuraye

magar phir bhi

magar phir bhi iss bat kaa toh yakin hai

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

tumhe ho naa ho, mujhko toh itana yakin hai

mujhe pyar tum se nahi hai, nahi hai

Zoya was lying in bed looking at Asad's photo on her phone. She smiled looking at the times they had spent together. Her phone rang and she picked it up at once. "Zoya, aaj Sunday hai. Would you like to spend the whole day with me?" Asad tried his luck. "I would not love anything more. I will be at your place in an hour." Zoya was there at Asad's home just as she had promised. "Asad aaj hum South Mumbai chalte hain. First we will go to the Hanging gardens then to the Chowpatty beach tonga ride at Marine drive aur..." "Zoya, can we begin our day by praying our respects at the Haji Ali Dargah?" "It would be a perfect start." Asad and Zoya visited the Haji Ali Dargah. It was an amazing peaceful feeling to visit and pray at the dargah. After visiting the dargah they went to the Chowpatty beach. "Asad?" "Hmm." "If I had not asked you to reject me toh..." Zoya asked Asad sipping her coconut water. "Toh tumhaare boyfriend ka kya hota?" "Boyfriend? Kaunsa boyfriend?" Zoya got on the tonga. She realized it and turned to look at Asad. The look on his face ...

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Part 3(Bichhdann)

Asad and Zoya had grown very close in a very short time. Zoya had begun to realize Asad's importance in her life. Asad's heart beat only for her. Sunday, it was a beautiful morning and Asad wished to spend it with Zoya. He asked her if she would, he wanted to try his luck and it worked. She said yes to spend the entire day with him. Asad knew it was all a dream, it would end and that her reality was with someone else but he wanted it badly. The entire day's itinerary was made by Zoya. Asad expressed his wish to begin from paying their respects at the Haji Ali Dargah and Zoya agreed.  After visiting the dargah they went to the Chowpatty beach. "Asad?" "Hmm." "If I had not asked you to reject me toh..." Zoya asked Asad sipping her coconut water. "Toh tumhaare boyfriend ka kya hota?" "Boyfriend? Kaunsa boyfriend?" Zoya got on the tonga. She realized what just slipped out of her mouth and turned to look at Asad. The look on his face ...

Zoya was standing on the tonga. Asad was looking at her with a thousand questions in his eyes and anger all over his face. Zoya gulped the juices forming in her throat. "Madam jee baith jaaiye." The tonga driver told Zoya. She was stuck on her place. Zoya and Asad were having an intense eye lock. She was about to step down but Asad put his hand forth and gesture her to stay on the tonga. Zoya sat on the seat. Asad sat across her. There was dead silence. Zoya slowly got up from her seat to go sit next to Asad. Just then the tonga driver pulled the reigns. Zoya fell on top of Asad. She felt a shiver run down her spine, whether it was from the closeness to Asad or the icy chill in his behavior is not sure. He made her sit across him. She tried to speak with him but he was not even ready to look at her. Just as the sun is setting and the moon is rising is a perfect romantic time for a tonga ride but not in this case. Zoya was desperate to speak with Asad. She wanted to give him an explanation for her lies. Asad did not speak to her for the rest of the tonga ride and also when he was driving towards her home.

"Asad, please listen to me. Let me explain." Zoya tried to plead with Asad. He grabbed her by her upper arms and pinned her to the outside wall of her house. "Explanation? What explanation can you possibly give for that lie Zoya?" Zoya saw it now. It was not anger but disappointment in Asad's eyes for her. "Asad, meri baat toh..." "Kya? What will you say Zoya? Why did you lie to me? Agar main pasand nahi tha mujhse shadi nahi karni thi toh you should have said so. You knew I was in love with you. Theek hai you did not love me back but at least you should have not given me the pain by saying that you are in love with someone else. Kyun kiya ye sab?" Zoya could see the pain she had caused Asad. She too was wincing in pain but her pain was nothing compared to his. "Asad, it is not that I did not want to marry you. Us waqt main aapse toh kya kisi se bhi shaadi nahi karna chahti thi. I wanted to work." Asad looked at her. "Job karna tha? Zoya, what opinion did you have of me and my family? What did you think that after the marriage if you said you wanted to work we would have stopped you? Which century do you think we belong too? Zoya my mother works too. I don't believe it! Iss qadar ki bewakoofi kar sakti ho tum! Do you have any idea what have you done?" Zoya stood there with her eyes lowered.

Asad was still not done. "Zoya, tumne mujhe dard diya uss dard ke liye I can forgive you. I can forget everything. But you caused pain to my parents. My mother saw her daughter in law in you. She saw a daughter in you. Wo beti jo unhe khuda ne nahi di unhone tum mein use dekha. I refused to marry you and caused her pain. Pichhle do saalon mein she has seen so many girls for me but I make excuses and refuse. Every time I refuse ek nayi hope unke andar zinda hoti hai for the two of us. She asks me about you and I refuse just like the way you wanted me to. Unki ummeed har baar zinda hoti hai dobara marne ke liye." Zoya could not say a word. She stood there guilt ridden thinking of the pain she had caused Asad and his mother. "Asad, I know I have caused a lot of pain to you and your family. I am sorry. I had no idea ki mera ek jhoot it would cause so much pain. Maine socha..." "Socha? Kya socha Zoya? Kiske baare mein socha? You did not think before lying to me. You did not think about anyone else before lying to me and asking me to do the same. Sirf khud ke baare mein scoha!"

Asad grabbed her arm and took her to the side of the house. They were standing outside the living area. They looked in through the window. "Dekho inhe Zoya! Your parents, you have caused pain to them too. Do you any idea what parents go through when their perfect daughter is rejected? What do you think it is as easy for them as it is for you to be in contact with me? I live alone in the city away from my home and parents so courtesy sake ke liye and also being family acquaintances they care for me. Wo bhi asaan nahi hai Zoya, every time they invite me over I have seen a fear in them. There is a hesitation with every invite. Kahin Asad aur uski family ko ye na lage that we are trying to trap him or convince him for Zoya. Wo mujhse bade hain but every time I have seen their heads and eyes lowered in front of me. Kabhi nahi socha na tumne ye sab?" Zoya stood there crying silently. Asad too was in tears.

Asad was not done yet. He pulled her into the house and took her up the stairs to Humaira's room. There they saw Humaira looking at Haider's photo. There was a longing in her eyes. "Look at your younger sister, Zoya! She is in love with Haider. It has been 2 years since her engagement. If her older sister was married then she too could have gotten married and gone with Haider to the US. Do saalon se wo apne pyar se door hai. Arre if you would have agreed to get engaged to bhi your parents could have got her married. Ehsaas hai iske dard ka? Nahi. Zoya ko kisi ke dard ka ehsaas nahi hai. Na mere dard ka, na mere parents ka arre tumhe toh khud ki family ka dard bhi nahi dikhayi diya! You wanted freedom to work. Azaadi chahiye thi par Zoya azaadi ki bhi keemat chukani padti hai. Wo keemat tumne nahi unn sab ne chukayi hai jo tumse pyar karte hain. You wanted freedom to work, you did not want to get tied down right? Now you can enjoy your freedom. Aaj main khudko tumhaare pyar se azaad karta hoon. I have no idea how will you get rid of the pain of your family but I know what I have to do to soothe the pain of my parents. The next girl I see I am marrying her. Good bye and good luck for the future Zoya."

Asad left and did not once look back. Zoya collapsed on the floor. She cried silently. She had already given a lot of pain to her family she could give them more. She made an excuse and went to the guest room for the night. She did not want Humaira to know about her pain. Zoya lay in bed thinking of the last 2 years. Just like Asad's family was looking for his bride her family too was finding a groom for her. They had felt pain more for her when Asad had rejected her. She had seen her parents worry about her but took it lightly. Humaira too spoke to her about her dreams of a beautiful life with Haider and that she could not wait to begin it. Zoya felt like punishing herself for the pain she had caused but she was already punished. Asad left her and did not look back. She cried to sleep that night.

The next morning Zoya woke up feeling weak. Her eyes were puffed as she cried herself to sleep. Zoya was very quiet at the breakfast table. The only time she responded was when Gafur mentioned Asad. Zoya sniffled and ran away from the breakfast table. She quickly picked up her bag and left for work before anyone could ask her if anything was wrong. She was on her way to work. She saw Asad's building and stopped her car. "I should speak with Asad. I must apologize. I have to make things right. Everything that went wrong began with lying to Asad so making things right should also begin with him. Zoya was determined to make things right. Asad had told her that he will move on but she had to try at least once. Even after trying if Asad did not want to be with her, accept her love then she would move out of his way. She got out of the car after saying a silent prayer.

"Memsahib, aap kidhar ja rahi hain?" Zoya looked at the guard with shock. "Guard bhaiyya, aap toh aise pooch rahen hain jaise mujhe pehli baar yahan dekha hai. Haan kuch dino ke baad aayi hoon but itne dino mein aap mujhe bhool gaye. B' wing, 10th floor flat no 20 mein jaana hai." Zoya took one step towards the B' wing where Asad's flat was but the guard stopped her. "Maaf kijiye memsahib par saab ne mana kiya hai. Hum kisi bhi visitor ko nahi jaane de sakte." Zoya dialed Asad's number to clarify the guard's confusion. She was Zoya not just any other visitor. He can't have had her entry stopped. She dialed his number but Asad did not answer her call. The guard was looking at her. She saw pity in his eyes for her. She turned to go out of the gates of the building. She stopped and looked up towards Asad's window. "Kya hua Srivastav, ye B' wing, 10th floor flat no 20 wali memsahib ro kyun rahi hai?" Another guard came to the guard post. "Ram Singh, wo sahib ne mana kiya hai kisi ko bhi upar bhejne se." Gul Khan told Ram Singh. Ram Singh looked at Zoya. "Ye ameerzaade aise hi hote hain, jab tak mann kiya ladki ko ghumaya, phiraya, ghar bulaya, saath waqt guzara aur jab mann bhar gaya toh moonh pher liya. Bechari ladki."

Zoya stood there hearing the two guards talk about Asad and her. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She wiped them and then went to the guards. "Aap logon ka kaam iss building mein rehne walon ki raksha karne ki hai na ki unke baare mein itni ghatiya be buniyaad baatein karne ka. Kisi ke personal life ke baare mein comment karne ka aapko koi haq nahi hai. Agli baar mein na sunu aapko Mr. Khan ke baare mein kuch bolte hue. Agar dobara aisa hua toh main aapki complaint kar doongi society committee se." Zoya gave the two security guards a cold stare and left. She ran towards her car, and broke down. Asad had really turned away from her. She drove back home and ran to her room. She could not stop crying and wished to drown in her own tears. Humaira came to the room and saw Zoya crying. "Aapi? Kya hua? Why are you crying?" Zoya hugged Humaira and cried. "Asad... Asad came to know the truth about the fake boyfriend. He is very disappointed in me. I have hurt him Humi. Wo mujhse baat nahi kar rahe... I love him Humi and I lost him. Maine Asad ke pyar ki value nahi ki aur ab I will never be able to tell him that I love him.  Wo meri zindagi se chale gaye Humi. He left me." Zoya cried and Humaira hugged her tightly.

Days passed Asad had broken all contacts with the Siddiques. Whenever Razia or Gafur invited him over he made some or the other excuse and politely declined. Razia noticed a change in Zoya too. She had lost her chirpiness, she did not smile, she did not talk much, she did not sit with the rest of the family, she was lost and sad all the time. Razia had her doubts but she needed a confirmation. "Humaira, come with me." She took Humaira and went to her bedroom. They were alone at home. "Humaira, sach sach bolo what is going on with Zoya? Humaira don't even try to cover up for your sister. Kya hua hai use? Does it have something to do with Asad? Humaira bolo kuch!" Razia was worried for Zoya. She did not want her daughter's heart to be broken. "Ammi, it is better if you speak with aapi. Unke dil ki baat hai she will be say it better." Humaira did not say anything to Razia and left.

Raiza and Gafur were worried about Zoya. Razia had shared with Gafur her concerns about Zoya's feelings for Asad. They decided to send Zoya away to her khala's place for some time. She needed to sort her life. Razia was about to call Zoya to tell her what they had decided for her. Her cell phone rang. "Itni raat ko kiska phone hai Raiza?" Razia's eyes were staring at the phone. Dilshad's name flashed. "Dilshad bhabhi ka." "Iss waqt?" "Kya karoon?" "Answer it." "Mujh mein himmat nahi hai. What if..." "Razia you will not know unless you answer the phone. Accept the call baat karo." Razia accepted the call. "Jee Dilshad bhabhi, iss waqt phone kiya sab khairyat toh hai na?" "Kuch khairiyat nahi hai." Razia's color changed as she heard what Dilshad had to say. "Jee?" Dilshad disconnected the call. "Razia kya hua? Kya kaha Dilshad bahbhi ne? Sab theek toh hai na?" Gafur looked worriedly at Razia. 

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Part 4

"Hello, Razia bhabhi, main Dilshad." Dilshad, had given a late night call to Razia. Razia's color changed as she heard what Dilshad had to say. "Jee?" Dilshad disconnected the call. "Razia kya hua? Kya kaha Dilshad bahbhi ne? Sab theek toh hai na?" Gafur looked worriedly at Razia. Razia sat across Gafur. "Razia say something! What did Dilshad bhabhi say? Mujhe tension ho rahi hai." Gafur jerked Razia out of her thoughts. "Wo Dilshad bhabhi, she asked for Zoya's hand in marriage Asad ke liye." Razia was tensed and disbelief was all over her face. "Kya? Asad aur Zoya? Did you hear it clearly, she said Asad, her son Asad aur koi Asad toh nahi?" Gafur too did not believe it. "Yes, she was very clear. Unhone Asad ki hi baat ki. Par..." "Par kya?" "I am tensed about Asad. What if he refuses again and rejects our Zoya? Nahi nahi... What will we do?" "I too am worried about the same. What if we ask Zoya and she says yes but Asad rejects her once more?" Gafur and Razia sat worrying about the proposal.

"Asad bhai will not refuse." Gafur and Razia looked at the door. A pretty smile played on Humaira's lips. "Humaira, don't poke your nose in matters jiske baare mein kuch pata nahi ho." Gafur reprimanded Humaira. "O hello! How does it not concern me? Meri aapi aur jeeju ki baat ho rahi hai." Humaira was standing at the door of the library. She entered and sat on the bean bag. Gafur and Razia saw an extra excitement in her. "Ammi, abbu, Asad bhai will not refuse to marry aapi because the first time too he had not rejected aapi. Aapi made him reject her." Humaira told her parents about the lie Zoya had told Asad. They were shocked to hear about it. They could not believe that their sundar, susheel, sarvagunna sampan daughter was capable of something like this. "Zoya, pagal hai wo ladki! Arre what if Asad would have gotten married somewhere else? He is such a good boy from such a good family haath se nikal jaata iss ladki ki beawkoofi ki wajah se!" Razia was not happy with Zoya.

"Ammi, aur bataiye na what did Dilshad chachi say?" Humaira was excited to know more about the call. Razia was confused. "Bahut confusion hai. Dilshad bhabhi said that yesterday Asad called her up and asked her to send us a proposal for Zoya. But..." "But kya?" Gafur and Humaira asked in unison. "But Asad said not to tell Zoya about the proposal being from Asad's family. He wants us to know what she wants and convey it to them but Zoya ko openly nahi batana hai ki the proposal has come. Humi, Asad knows about the lie Zoya said, hai na?" Humaira nodded. "Kitna accha ladka hai aur koi hota toh Zoya ki taraf dobara mud kar nahi dekhta." Gafur said. "Maine pyar kiya hai uncle Zoya ki tarah bewakoofi nahi." They looked up and saw Asad standing at the door.   

He kneeled in front of Gafur and Razia. "Uncle aunty aaj main aapki sabse beshqeemti cheez mein se ek ko maangta hoon. Humaira ko jaise aap Haider ko de chuke hain kay aap mujhe Zoya denge? Will you accept me as your son? Will you make me a part of your family? I am in love with your daughter Zoya. I had never anticipated that someone especially a girl would change my life but she has. I am incomplete without her. My life is incomplete without her. Kya aap mujhe aur meri zindagi ko poora karenge? Kya aapko mera aur Zoya ka rishta qubool hai?" Gafur and Razia looked at him with tears in their eyes. They blessed him and it was a yes.  Humaira was jumping with excitement. Asad was extremely happy. He became serious. "Uncle aunty meri ek shart hai." Gafur and Razia got a little scared. "Nahi it is nothing to be scared. I don't want my parents to know that it was Zoya who had asked me to reject her. They love her very much and also respect her. Zoya ab meri izzat hogi main nahi chahta ki jo pyar aur respect my parents have for her usmein ek dhaage jitna bhi fark aaye. Parents hai na and they had seen me in pain so shayad Zoya par gussa ho jaaye. Please ye baat humaare beech hi rehni chahiye." Razia and Gafur looked at each other and then nodded. "Ek aur baat no one will tell Zoya about this. Main use apne andaaz mein bataoonga." A devilish smile crept up on Asad's lips. Gafur and Razia shook their head and Humaira palm smacked her forehead.


"Asad bhai?" "Hmm." "What is your plan?" Asad looked at Humaira. "Promise I will not tell aapi but aap inhe zyaada trouble toh nahi karenge na? Wo kya hai na she is a dodo but she really loves you and you would not want her to go through the same pain that you went through toh..." Asad looked at her. "Accha jee aapi ki itni fikar hai and what about me? You have shared so much with me bata nahi sakti thi that Zoya lied to me. You kept her secret now you have to keep mine. Mera plan jaanna hai?" Asad asked Humaira as if he were offering a kid a lollipop. She nodded her head in excitement. "Shaadi!" "Kya?" "Yeah I told Zoya that I am getting married to the first proposal that comes. Ab proposal aa gaya toh shaadi and shadi ki tayyari bhi. You see I live alone in Mumbai and ammi wants me to do some shopping for my bride from here. Tumhari didi ke liye bhi rishta aaya hai so she will also go shopping toh ek se bhale do!" Asad winked. Humaira's eyes widened as big as headlights of a car and her mouth opened wide enough for that car to pass through it. "How mean Asad bhai!" "As you sow so shall you reap, this is my principle."


Sun Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye
Ek Rishta Aaya Hai
Sun Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye
Ek Rishta Aaya Hai
Are Sun Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye
Ek Rishta Aaya Hai
Are Sun Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye
Ek Rishta Aaya Hai
Sun Sun Sun Ladke Main
Kya Gun Sun Sun Didi Sun Ayyy
Sun Sun Sun Didi Tere Liya
La La La La La La
La La La La La
La La La La La La
La La La La La"

Humaira went to Zoya's room and began dancing on the bed. She had a photograph in her hand. Zoya was not done crying over Asad and now a proposal had come for her. She looked at Humaira who was so happy. How can Humi be so happy about a proposal for me jab ki she knows I am in love with Asad and that he has just left me?' Zoya then remembered Asad's words of Humi being away from Haider because of her. Haan why can't she be happy ab uski khushiyon ke raaste mein jo sabse bada pathar matlab main jo hat jaayega. Zoya why are you thinking like this? Humi has the right to be happy. She has done nothing wrong. You are paying the price of your own foolishness.' Zoya tried to give Humi her best smile.

Razia and Gafur came to the room. Humi stopped dancing when Razia glared at her. Her heart went out to her older child. She was angry at Zoya for her foolishness but her baby did not deserve this harsh punishment either. She wanted to tell Zoya everything but Gafur stopped her. "Zoya beta," Gafur caressed Zoya's hair. "Beta a proposal has come for you. Have a look at the photo and tell us if you want to marry the boy. He is from a good family. Accha ladka hai accha kamata hai khaate peete ghar ka hai. He will keep you happy and that is all what we want ab tum bhi photo dekh lo milna hai toh I can arrange for a meeting. Bolo beta." Zoya hid her tears. She smiled. "Abbu, aap aur ammi, you are my parents and my No. 1 well-wishers. I have full faith in your decision. Na mujhe photo dekhni hai aur na mujhe ladke se milna hai. It is a yes from my side." Zoya went away. Razia put her head on Gaufr's shoulder and cried. "Kya se kya ho gayi hai meri beti. We should..." "Ammi-Razia" Humi and Gafur told her to control her emotions as it was for the best.


"Arre, Asad bhai aap yahan? What a pleasant surprise!" Humaira flashed a bright smile on seeing Asad. "Wo... actually main..." Before Asad could complete the sentence a handsome young man interrupted him. "Asad bhai? Oh so you are Humaira's the famous Asad bhai! Waise I must say I am quite jealous of you. Humaira mentions you for almost 3/4s of our conversations. Har baat mein aap hi aap hain hum toh bas naam ke hi hain." Asad understood that the young man was Haider. He saw how happy Haider and Humaira were with each other. Haider was a really fine young man. Haider and Asad were having a small chat when Asad saw Zoya walk towards them.

Zoya looked at him but Asad ignored her. She tried her best to stop her tears. She cutely pouted as Asad's avoiding her hurt her. Humaira saw it and she wanted to have some fun. "Asad bhai, you did not answer my question. Aap yahan kaise? Jewelry shop hai ye." Asad looked at Humaira and she winked at him. Asad blushed. Zoya saw him blush and her eyes popped like headlights. "Wo Humaira, ammi asked me to select a ring for my fianc. There isn't much time before the engagement. Main yahan hoon wo wahan hai so I will select her ring and she will select mine." "Wow Asad bhai, you are getting engaged too?" "Too, matlab?" "Aapi is getting engaged too." "Waise kaun hai wo?" Asad looked at Zoya. "Hai koi jo bahut lucky hai." Zoya snapped at him. "Hoga hi, unlucky toh hum hain." Asad walked in the jewelry shop. Humaira and Haider too dragged Zoya in.

Zoya was annoyed that Humaira and Haider were shopping along with Asad. The three of them were stuck together as if glue had fallen between them. "Humi!" "Kya hua aapi?" "What do you mean kya hua? Don't you know what is going on? Why are you and Haider moving with Asad everywhere? Hum apni shopping karne aaye hain unhe unki shopping karne do." Humaira smiled. "Aapi, he is all alone itne bade ajnabi sheher mein. We should be good Mumbaikar's and help him." Zoya was feeling sad but she could not let her true feelings known. She was getting married to someone else and he to someone else. She shed a few tears on their incomplete love story and wiped them before anyone saw her tears.

Haider, Humaira and Asad were at the ring counter selecting rings. Zoya joined them. She stood away from Asad. Asad began to search for the perfect ring. Every ring that he picked up Zoya scrunched her nose rejecting it. Asad had his eyes on Zoya which she was not aware of. Zoya had been eyeing a ring for quite some time. Asad looked at that ring. Just as Zoya was about to ask for it Asad picked it up. "Perfect. Haider, Humaira dekho I found the perfect ring for my fianc. It will become even more precious after I slip it on her ring finger." Asad looked confusedly at the ring. "Asad bhai, what's wrong?" "Humaira, wo actually I wish I could see if it would fit her and also how it would look on her finger."  Humaira pretended to think. "Idea! Asad bhai you know her ring size?" "Yeah I do ammi ne batayi thi." "Ok so all we need is a girl who has the same ring size." "Humaira, pitwaogi kya? How can I go to some random girl and ask her if she will try it on." Humaira looked at the sales girl so did Asad, Zoya and Humaira.

"Humi, I don't think she is has the correct ring size." Haider said scratching his chin. He then caught Zoya's left hand and put it forth. "I think ye ring Zoya ko perfect fit hogi." Asad's heart was jumping with joy but Zoya was feeling sad as she was being treated as a proxy for Asad's fianc. She tried to pull her hand back but before she could Asad slipped the ring on her finger. Just as Asad slipped the ring on Zoya's finger rose petals were showered on them. Humaira and Haider were smiling standing behind Zoya. Zoya was admiring the ring on her finger. She could not stop smiling when the rose petals were showered on them. Her eyes were filled with joyous tears. Asad's heart was breaking for her and he hated himself for playing this cruel prank on her but he had no choice. "Wow, it is a perfect fit." squealed Humaira. "Haan, Asad bhai it will fit perfectly on bhabhi's ring finger." Zoya felt like she was stabbed in the heart when she heard what Haider said. Asad smiled. "You know what Haider, I also loved this showering of rose petals. Main ammi se kahoonga that I want rose petals to shower on us." Asad dialed Dilshad's number. He took Zoya's hand in his and removed the ring. Zoya felt like her life was been slowing drawn out of her body.


Humaira and Haider were shopping for their marriage and Zoya had to shop for her engagement. They asked Asad to join them. After a little no nukur he said yes. Zoya was wished that he would have refused. She could not bear to see him shop for another girl. "Humaira?" "Jee bhai?" "Umm... wo actually I wanted to buy her some clothes too. I want to see her wear my choice." "Le so what is the problem. We are going to a few boutiques you can shop for her from there. What's her size?" "Size?" Asad's eyes popped. "How should I know? And main itna besharam nahi hoon ki I will ask ammi or her!" Asad made weird expressions. He was baffled and shy at the same time. "Asad bhai, isme aise feel karne ki... OMG Asad bhai, I was talking about her dress size! Wo wali shopping how can you do with me? Main aapki beheno jaisi hoon." Humaira gave him a hai tauba expression.

"Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan, Delhi abhi bahut door hai! I guess that you are here for your engagement shopping. Pehle sagai toh kar lijiye phir apni magetar ke liye first night aur honeymoon ki shopping kijiyega." Zoya gave Asad a disgusting look, stomped her feet and walked away. "Haye she looks so cute when she is jealous and if you add her anger to it toh toh bas qayamat hai" Asad smiled. "Asad bhai, jootiyaan padengi aapko uss din!" Humaira said. "Humaira, which girl would beat up her mangetar on the day of the engagement?" Asad asked. "Zoya" "Zoey" "Aapi" Asad, Haider and Humaira spoke in unison. They followed Zoya in the boutique.

 At every shop Asad had his eye on Zoya. He picked up everything she would look at from the corner of her eyes and smile. She did not pick them as she would have taken them if she was getting married to Asad but not for her marriage to another man. She was settling for a husband and so for all the other things. Accha hai Asad is picking up the same things that I like, main na sahi meri pasand toh unke saamne rahegi. Also, I am settling for another man, and Asad now belongs with someone else. Jo mere liye sabse anmol hain wo Asad hi mere paas nahi toh main inn bejaan cheezon ka kya karoongi.' Asad knew what Zoya was going through.

Asad, Zoya, Humaira and Haider were saying goodbyes. "Asad bhai you had aapi try everything that you bought for your mangetar to see if it would look good on her." "Haan toh?" "Toh Asad bhai why not have aapi wear everything saath mein see how bhabhi would look on the day of your engagement." "Nahi Humaira, complete look mein toh I would only want to see my to be wife and no one else." Asad's would be wife, Humaira's bhabhi... these tags for that girl pricked Zoya's heart and it was bleeding. She could have had it but she lost it because of her own foolishness.' He smiled as his plan had reached its final stage. "Bye.", said Haider-Humaira to Asad and he to them. "Alvida..." said Zoya but Asad did not reply. Bas ab kuch der aur phir tumhaare ye ghum ke aasoon khushi ke aasoon mien badal jaayenge aur ye fake smile lashkaare wali smile ban jaayegi. Abhi tum mujhse door jaa rahi ho lekin sirf uss waqt tak jab tum humesha ke liye mere paas nahi aa jaati.' Asad saw Zoya walk away from him.

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Part 5 {Finale}

The preparations for the engagement were in full swing in both the houses. Zoya used to get irritated with Humaira every time she would ention her dulha bhai'. "Humaira please would you stop withy our dulha bhai ye and dulha bhai wo. "But aapi he would be my dulha bhai, so I gave o address him as such ab Asad bhai hote toh main Asad bhai hi bolti na. Humaira was right oya could not say a word. Haan Asad hote toh baat hi kyat hi. Lekin wo toh kisi aur se wo bhi mere barbaadi wale din abaad hone ja rahe hain. I wish a miracle would happen but miracles don't happen in eal life especially my life.' Zoya was not listening nor was she looking at the things Humaira was showing her. Humaira was very happy for Asad and Zoya but Zoya could not understand it. Her heart belonged with Asad and no one else. She decided to take a decision, Asad kisi aur ke ho sakte hain par main humesha unhi ki rahoongi. I need to speak with ammi abba. Humaira was so excited that she cold not sleep so she sneaked out to meet Haider. Zoya could not sleep because of her worries. I need to tell ammi abba that I will not get engaged. What if they ask ou why, Zoya? I don't know I will make up something but I cannot cheat myself and that man wo is going to bring me into his life with love and all honesty.

"Humaari Zoya kitni khushnasseb hai na ki uski zindagi mein itna accha aur saccha humsafar shaamil hone wala haai. Mujhe Zoya ki nadaani ki wjah se bahut tension ho rahi thi Gafur par ab sab theek hai. Razia was thankful for Zoya's life taking a beautiful turn. "Han, Razia, humein koi beta nahi tha log kaise kaha karte the ki aapko beta nahi hai par ab dekho kitne honhaar do bte mile hain, Haider aur... He was going to take Asad's name but Razia saw Zoya's refletion in the mirror and signed Gafur to stop, Zoya had heard how happy her parents were. She knocked on the door. "Zoya, aao na beta. "Ammi, abba can I sleep with you tonight? "Haan, haan beta ofcourse. Aaj ki raat hai jo tum humaari beti kehlaogi kal se toh unn ogin ka haq hoga tumpar. Zoya wiped th few tear drops which fell from Gafur's eyes. "Abba main humehsa apki beti kehlaoongi. Wo beti jispar aapko naaz hoga. She slept between her parents. "Kya hua Zoya neend nahi aa rahi? Gafur pat in her head so she could fall asleep. "Gafur aap bhi nakal se uski poori zindagi badal jaayegi. Aankhon mein nayi aane wali zindagi ke sapne hain toh inmein neend kaise hogai. Zoya closed her eyes. Main khudse aur aap dono se promise karti hoon ki ye naya rishta main poore dil se qubool karoongi. Poore honesty ke saath apnelife partner ka saath doongi. Koi aap par kabhi ungli nahi utha payega meri wajah se.' She drifted off in a not so sweet sleep.

"Aapi ek nazar khudko dekh toh lijiye. You are loking so beautiful. Aaj toh dulha bhai ki nazar aap par se hategi nahi. Humaira praised Zoya whom she had got ready for her engament. Razia had asked a parlowali to come but Zoya refused. She said she wold get ready on her own and that Humaira was there and who better than her own sister would get her ready. Everyone knew the mood Zoya was in but they all hid their happiness thinking how happy will Zoya be when she gets the surprise of her life. Zoya had not kept her eeys closed all the while Humaira got her ready. Kaash main Asad ki dulhan ban rahi thoi toh apne saare armaan poore karti. Zoya stop it Asad ko yaad nahi karna hai ab.' She looked in the mirror and was completely shocked. She was wearing everything Asad had bought for his fianc. A tiny hope filled her heart. "Humira? "Aapi hai na dulhe bhai ko choice kamaal ki. YE sab unki choice hai. "Haan. Asad aur unki choice har lihaaz se match ho rahi hai aaj, bas dulhan ke mamle mein unki choice alag hai. Aaj wo bhi toh aisi hi lag rahi hogi na, actually mujhse better kyunki uski dil ki khushi uske chehre par dikh rahi hogi.'

"Arre bhai chalo jadi karo, tum loon ka toh sajna sawarna khatam hi nahi ho raha. Gafur yelled. "Aap bhi na, aapki saari cheezrin maine arrange ki phir tayyar hone gayi thi aur Zoya ki life ka itna bada din hai toh use toh taime lagega hi na. Bas chillana ata hai aapko. Razia wsa going to check on HUmaira and Zoya. "Ek minute zara rukiye toh sahi, humne ab tak aapko jee bharke ekha bhi nahi aapki tareef bhi nahi ki. Gafur got romantic, "Aap hi na aj beti ki sagaai hai kuch toh sharam kijiye. Koi sun lega toh. Razia scolded him but wanted to her praises from Gafur. "Arre sunta hai toh sun le apni biwi ki tareef kar raha hon ki aur ki nahi. Razia blushed but then next moment gave him a scaring look, don't you dare.' The Siddique family came to the engagement hall. "Tum log dulhan ke kamre mein jao main tayyari deh kar aata hoon aur ye bhi ki wo log aaye ya nahi. Gafur left, now Zoya, Humaira and Razia remained in the room. Humaira saw Raiza's resolve of keeping the secret failing. Humaia sent her out. She was having too much fun and was waiting to see Zoya's reaction when she would see Asad, in place of her fianc.

Humiara brought Zoya to the engament hall. She heard everyone praising the groom. "Kitna handsome hai aur dil ka bhi saaf hai. Zoya bahut lucky hai. Said one aunty. "Arre humaari Zoya bhi kuch kam nahi lag rahi. Said another. Zoya was taken to the stage. Asad got up to take her hand and make her sit next to him. When he took her hand Zoya felt like snatching it away but on the other hand she wanted to keep holding his hand as he gave her Asad's vibe. Zoya sat down and Asad next to her. She shifted a little and he moved closer to her. Ye itna kyun chipak rahe hain, abhi shaadi toh door humaari engeament bhi nahi hui.' She did not lift her eyes to see him but she kept on feeling Asad's vibe near her. Razia and Dilshad came to the stage. "Chalo bhai ab aur intezaar nahi karwate logon ko. "Ammi logon ko? I'm sure logon se zyada toh dulha bhia bekaraar hain. Humaira teased Asad. She was doing her full duty of being a sister and sister-in-law. "Zoya, beti ye lo ring pehenao. She took the ring and he placed his hand in hers and gently stroked it. Now it was the heights, she raised her head to shout at him. "Asad! Aap? She could not believe he was sitting in front of him. He was the person she was getting engaged to. "Toh asa laga mera surprise? He winked at her. She looked at everone and thy all gave her sweet smiles. She snatched her hand from his, "Mujhe ye sagai nahi karni. She announced and ran away. "Main dekhta hoon. Aap log please yahaan sambhal lijiye. He followed her.

Zoya ran into the open lawn and Asad followed her. "Kyun? Kyun kiya aapne? Aapko pata hai mujhe kisa feel ho raha tha. Aapko kaise pata hoga, aapko toh bahut maza aa raha than a mujhe pareshaan kake. She beat him with her delicate fists. He held her by the writs to top her. "Zoya, love is not a game and I am not like some toy, you see at the shop and then leave it on the shelf thinking it will always be there for you till the time you feel like picking it up and playing with it nor am I like the toy which a ziddi ladki wants when she sees it belong to someone else." He said in a strict tone. "Game? Ziddi ladki? Asad aap mujhpar aise ilzaam kaise laga sakte hain. Pyar mere koi game nahi hai. Aapko andaaza bhi nahi hai jab se engagement ki bat suni hai main har pal ahista ahista mar rahi thi par aapko iss se kya. Jaaiye mujhe nahi karni aapse engagement aur aap kyun ek ziddi ladki se engagement karna chahte hain?

"Engagement? Main sirf engagement nahi shadi aur uske baad... Zoya looked at Asad, he had that naughtiness in his eyes and smile. "Asad! "Kya? Zoya tumhaara mind bhi na main toh yeh khena chahta tha ki engagement, nahi main shaadi karke tumhaare saath ek khushiyon se bhari zindagi jeena chahta hoon. Chalo ab andar chalo. Asad took her hand. "Nahi, aise nahi. Aise kaise main aap se engagement kar loon? "Toh? "Get on one knee and propose to me. Asad got on one knee and proposed to her. "Zoya, will you make me the most blessed man on earth by making e your husband. Zoya took a little time. "Zoya please jaldi karo. Abhi sprinklers shuru ho jaayenge toh hum geele ho jaayenge. Kya tumhaara inkaar ikraasr mein badal gaya hai? Zoya nodded, "Haan mujhe qabool hai. Aapke pyaar ne mere inkaar ko ikraasr mein badal daiy hai. Asad slipped the ring on her finger. They were walking hand in hand and right at that moment the srpinklers went on. "Zoya jadli chalo hum bheeg jaayenge aur sab humaara wait kar rahe honge. "Nahi Asad aaj main khuke bheegna chahti hoon, bearish mein mere kai aansoon chupe hain ab main iss pani se apne saare dard dho dena chahti hoon. They continued to get wet nd ended up in a tight hug. "Agar mera inkaar ikraar mein nahi badaalta toh? "Main saari umar tumaare ikraar ke liye intezaar karta.

"I love you, Asad. "I love you too, Zoya.

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Had read your stories and I Loved them a lot... 
Glad you are back with another AsYa story...

Me First... 
Awesome story... 
Loved it...
Zoya lied to Asad about her BF... Poor Asad's heart broke...
Even after 2 years Asad Loves Zoya...
Zoya too realised she Loves Asad... 
Asad got to know the truth and was hurt... 
Asad's plan for revenge was a good one... Humeira and Haider too helped Asad...
Finally AsYa are together... 
Edited by AsadZoya1708 - 2019-03-16T22:34:55Z
Posted: 2019-03-16T12:25:49Z
You are back!!

Walk with eyes on the front not back.
Posted: 2019-03-16T14:28:47Z
Originally posted by AsadZoya1708

Had read your stories and I Loved them a lot... 
Glad you are back with another AsYa story... 

Thank you for liking my stories 

It is not a new one but an old story I had not finished 

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