The New Naksh!

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Posted: 2019-03-15T12:50:20Z
Why does the actor playing Naksh over do the angry scenes -_-
He just looks so menacing and cruel.

He over yells with extra expression of anger for no reason.

I liked him in his sad scenes, but now its just overbearing to another level.

Can he just shut up, or be angry like the others. Sleepy

Having said that, I like the fact he stands upto Kartik and doesn't give into his selfish nature.
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Posted: 2019-03-16T23:28:26Z
This kid was good in qabool hain he used to be super angry there all the time... 
But i hated him in bepana and that washed over to yeh rishta

I feel this track lacked a properly established seperation to base/ foundation of the story line i rem last leap was beautiful in show casing how kaira changed we got nothing like that

Naira ddn seem bothered she lost her memory and sort of boy crazed. and kartik all together lacked empthy or emotion for lying he stole that child...and telling naksh and keerti their kid was dead(sure leela lied for him but still being quiet is the same as lying)

Watching him justify him self was disgusting like if he explained what he did i would have forgave him but it felt like he had no problems with what he did

Coming back to naksh in this track naksh was right. Kartik is not stable enough to be trusted with naira...But they threw him under a bus to white was kartik which is really disgusting 
and makes no sense kartik could have slowly redeemed himself but no they are in a rush to show us the next crappy track ...

Also new naksh doesnt come of as authentic his smiles look so weird to me and like creepy 
his scenes with keerti lack chemistry that rishi did have with her
and his clothes don't fit him at all he needs to be styled...

Posted: 2019-03-18T09:51:50Z
I felt whole scenario was unfair to Naksh so that they could whitewash Karthik and make him unapologetic.

Now the family has decided that Karthik shouldn't tell Naira about the baby swap and want to remarry them again.
This goes against what Naksh believes which is they should start their relationship but revealing all that happened so that their relation starts on the basis of truth. Looks like Karthik is still going to hide that from her saying that it is better to hide the truth for Naira's happiness which is bound to cause problems in the future. One day she will come to know what happened and then there will be a negative storyline of them apart again. Karthik will never redeem his character. He is unapologetic for anything he does and slapping Naksh after that was really bad after all Karthik has been horrible with Naksh. (telling him the baby died and baby swap)

I feel very bad for Naksh in all this.
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