OS - What Is Love ?

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                        What Is Love ?


             " Today's topic , 'What is love '? "

             " when you living on your father's but giving explanation to your boy-fried...thats called love "

               " you mean boyfriend ? " Pinky asked to be sure ... Geet narrowed her eyes .. " same thing babe " . Seeing her glare Pinky didn't dare to say more . 

               "  love is like fever ... fever will come and go anytime but pain will stay for long  " 

                All nodded agreeing with Meera and Geet liked this very much so told them to write it down .  


                    "  Love is like a tornado, picks you up off your feet and takes half your house " depressed Tasha gave her two cent ...  Geet expected something like this from her as recently Tasha's  4th BF broke up with her , she point at Tasha.. " see the result of love "  all looked at her with pity..

                " In the morning i can't eat , I'm thinking of you . In the evening i can't eat , i'm thinking of you . In the night i can't sleep ..."      

               " its so easy , she must be hungry that's why can't sleep , whole day without food omg I can't imagine ! " 

               Pinky cut Geet in mid to answer this only to get another glare from her . " everything is not about food Pinky ... guys see this is the side effects of love ...it takes away peace , happniess , sleep everything even hunger too so cruel "  .. Girls again looked at Tasha who nodded yes confirming it . 


                  " love is like sharing popcorn , why share it when you can eat all ? " Pinky finally gave her opinion opening another chips packet .  For once Geet silently thanked her eating habit , atleast something good came out of it .   


                " see people are so illogical about love .. They say love is in the air ..but in true sense... "  

              " Nitrogen, Oxygen , Carbon dioxide are in the air "  Tara another classmate answered it making Geet happy ...

                "  I want to be your sweet good morning, your lovely good night and your most painful goodbye. " Geet read out a Quito from book and looked at her fellow members with serious expression ... " can you guys explain it ? "  

                 Janvi raised her hand " ' sweet ' it only cause diabetes , good sleep can do by reading books and ' pain ' who wants that ? "

               All went silent still trying to understand what Janvi described ... " Sweet can harm us and pain well we know what it is ,  why we need unnecessary emotion to deal with when we can be happy without it . And sleep not so big deal for happy people like us " 

              they finally got the whole meaning and clapped on it ...   " so today's discussion end here , let's meet next week "

                All went out saying good bye , Geet smiled proudly to her Anti love aka single society members ... just two moths back she made this group here she already got 21 single members... even many already filled form to get entry  ... no doubt if it continue like this it will be revelation ... the people who now laughing at her will see how right she is , when her club will prove  ' what a silly thing called Love ' 

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To be honest  it's not an OS  ... was reading funny Quotes on FBLOLBig smile,  so just put all down and seeing forum silent just post itEmbarrassed don't take it seriously Star... read for fun guys ... don't think it need to continue ... it's just combination of funny memes lol Big smile

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Dreamer are you seriously asking what is LOVE?
Love is when you come back to GF and write a number of OSs lol

Now i havent read but will so soon snough Smile
Posted: 2019-03-10T09:02:40Z
Originally posted by Twenty1st

Dreamer are you seriously asking what is LOVE?
Love is when you come back to GF and write a number of OSs lol

Now i havent read but will so soon snough Smile
Hooo such good thought, I likkees it ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
Posted: 2019-03-10T10:48:35Z
thanks for the pm Sabina! 

Superb OS!! wonderfully written! 

Posted: 2019-03-10T14:14:19Z
Originally posted by Keepdreaming

Hooo such good thought, I likkees it ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I thought you would lol
Buttering learnt from the best out there Wink LOL
Posted: 2019-03-11T00:51:26Z
Single members society club ...what an idea madam jiLOL
Loved reading it

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