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Appreciation Thread

Character Sketch

Dr Kunal Malhotra

Dr Kunal Malhotra,a pediatrician by profession...he is a very cool...calm and composed man...he loves his wife more than his life...very down-to-earth human being who loves kids and a prankster at home with his folks and wife...he loves the attention of wife if its not given he locks himself in the bathroom till she pampers him...a kind-hearted man

Dr Mauli Malhotra

Dr Mauli Malhotra,a successful gynaecologist by profession...she is a perfectionist and a planner...she is a multi tasker a successful doctor in the clinic and a homemaker at home whose world revolves around her husband kunal and her in-laws...she is a very mature and kind person and has a golden heart...there is no hatred in her heart...she loves and trust everyone around her...a strong and determined women who can't tolerate injustice and fights back...


Kunal-Mauli were college sweethearts,they fall in love and married each other for 7 years...they were the most perfect couple who had can't live w/o each other...they are perfect couple goals in their inspiration how husband-wife should be till one day a storm came into their lives and circumstances tore them apart...

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Messages To Shakti & Additi

sid_ridz- was curious after see the promo. The day I saw first episode of Silsila I was blown away by Shaditi...their chemistry, boldness and comfort level . It's not feel like I am seeing them for the first time. I love how Shaditi can changed the environment, can be from bold to cute to intense within seconds . Will miss them  together. I hope we will get Shaditi in a new show together in future. Thank you to play kunal-mauli  and become our maunal.

Amber_Eyes-You guys made me your fan with your talent and amazing acting skills. I fell in love with Kunal and Mauli because of the beautiful chemistry you two share. Going to miss you very much on my screen.You guys were a treat to watch. All the best for your future. May you get bigger and better opportunities. Will look forward to your next projects. Come back soon.

rmahi25-Thank you SHAKTI & ADITI for playing Kunal and Mauli respectively...Heart
MauNal's Silsila was not only your Silsila but also oursLOL..When you guys smiled we smiled when you cried we cried...Embarrassed !! You both hold a special place in my heart and always will!! Hug
So many of us fell in love with Mauli and Kunal , we took them to our hearts as we would a blessing.  MauNal are the epitome of entwined souls, incomplete without each otherHeart
Maunal's journey is destined with each other and their destination in itself is each other.

Kudos & thankyou Shaditi for potraying MauNal they are the jaan & praan of Silsila.Heart

yanks28-Dear Shakti & Aditi, 
I randomly found Silsila Badalte Rishton ka and fell in love with Mauli & Kunal's beautiful chemistry. You've both been mesmerizing since episode 1. You have gone thru the ups and downs with your characters and risen to the occasion with your brilliant expressions. It was a treat watching 2 brilliant actors sharing 1 frame but also witnessing that scorching, sparkling, and unmissable chemistry! I will miss it so much. Come back together one day...till then, my prayers are with you both. May you rise up and become even bigger. Thank you for being thoroughly dedicated and total sweethearts. Love, Mehwish. 
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Creations By Amber...Mahi

Gifs By Sabyata

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Rules n Regulations

for all those new members who join our home,stritctly no discussions of ishaan n mauhaan in this AT...if you accidentally mention please edit your comment ishaan and mauhaan will be only mention in updates other than strictly NO...hope everyone have a pleasant and healthy discussion on Maunal and kids       

 To All      

 Maunal shippers in this AT are not obsessive n possessive fans who thinks abt endgames 24/7...we have our own fun moments which we include Maunal n just have fun with it...we are watching till Shaditi on-screen...they are not a chemistryless tasteless every frame they share passion just oozes in whatever emotion they play...we just enjoy their performance...we are already done n dusted withendgames...whatever needs to be shown just show and end the season...we had enough of torture seriously stop spreading negativity in Maunal AT...if they happen its good...they don't happen its also worries at all...these few weeks together...lets make the most of it           
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Congo Shango 

New ThreadParty
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Kunal jaisi tight jhappiya for all my girls

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