Double standard

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Posted: 1 years ago
Today's episode we see kajol ki Maa uselejanekheliye athi hai pur
After kajal OA she leaves
I request the star bharat people not to show ladies so cheap
The concept is to show that ladies who become prostitutes are forced to that field and how they struggle. That is okay. Showing sirji villainy even that is okay. 
But stop the internal cheap tricks and doubts standard plays of gayatri. 
The worst character. She gives impression as if she is a god and does all devil things
Next comes kajal
Who has least dignity and character 
Now dolly 
The list is increasing
Please show more about Raunak 
His attitude towards life and caringness etc. 
Though born to evil father the way he takes care and respect to ladies. 
And show some understanding between Raunak and muskan and the bond they share. 
Some sweet nothings etc. 
What do you say friends 

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Posted: 1 years ago
Hi... completely agree with you...these ladies have become intolerable .. always insulting muskaan...don't know which girl in world will go after a man who is not interested in self respect..muskkaan was a dancer and not prost****e like these people behave and keep throwing vile..trp will go down if they show so much of negativity...list of villians increasing..armaan will show his true colors...need some good positive trackEdited by Achelvi - 1 years ago
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Posted: 1 years ago
Can i join wit u all. On this point?
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Posted: 1 years ago
S please 
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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by ushasis

S please 

Oki Ta

Oki ...contd  from ur say...oki  u say  muski  wl  be seen shameful  as  dancer is ok...justified..sirji villianous is okie U SAY iS JUSTIFIED

Tou those who wl bring alll this in fruition...willbe someone else only na yaar...
If other ladies dont stoop low shown tou ye serial kaisa chalega. THR hv to be SoME  WHAMS NA

Omg  LOL  ROFL   the serial with pack of  Sharad and  Beri us really  dammmnnn hilaarious

Ohhh cracks me up

Everyday smthing or othr is new n funny.  Yaar  mujhe tou bahut masst  n funny serial lagta hai yaaar...

Lets forget everything as long as rauni wit muski

Kajal pull at shiv lingu
Kajal muski rauni all under shower
Bullet sudden hit sirji car n him and LOLand he thinks raunak son firing him.LOL
Video record of school trustee engagement chap..

Omg everythjng sooo ultra hilarious

See it is not a cry cry cry torture  serial...
Things r handled well by hero


Its damn hilarious 

N trust me sharad actually looks like Beris biological son in this Muskaan  serial with all his dialect n behaviour and body language  fabulous.

Majaa hai..

I liked all the house ROFL  court.  Omg LOL

N whr  that lady Bindiya  gayab  total she is gone
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Posted: 1 years ago
Hi..usha shiish 
U r offended  by my writ up
Cryplsss   in no way  i  m to hurt

I just wroteCry sorry
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