||HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYESHA KADUSKAR||(Ayesha's Iv written update added)

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Posted: 5 years ago

Dedicated, extremely hard working and completely professional, a girl who gives whatever she does, her 100 percent, and is fiercely loyal to her friends and loved ones. A girl who makes friends and gets along with everyone, from the spot boys on the sets to the backstage crew, to even the dogs and homeless kittens ... and of course, with all her co-actors and co-workers.

A girl who is bold, beautiful, brash, outspoken, honest ..

Her smile ... lights up the surroundings. Effervescent and sparkling, it draws the world in and invites all to smile with her. 'The world is beautiful,' it seems to say, so enjoy life, be happy and keep smiling.' Her smile is infectious and all-encompaselse.

At first look, she seems loud and ebullient and simply bindaas. Then one looks deeper, and sees the person beneath - a girl who is simple, honest to the core, deeply committed and faithful both to herself and to her loved ones, talented.

A girl who says what she feels, and doesn't worry what anyone will think of her. She's a natural screen stealer - when she's on screen, it's difficult to look at anyone else

So here's wishing our golden Sunshine girl Ayesha
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. We wish you a day as wonderful as you are, surrounded by all the happiness that you have given to millions of fans, and blessed with the love of your loved ones, and the ones all over the world, who love you very much. May you always be surrounded by all the love, happiness and success in the world.

Thank u so much Su(Munchkinland) for your beautiful words & edits πŸ˜ƒ And of course for the idea of making this post β€οΈ The write up & pic edit credits goes to my pyari behna Su πŸ˜ƒ

My dear forumwasi come let's wish our beloved jijaaji ki saali Naina's personal hanuman Pandit's padosi & Munna's sipahi ki behen Preeti agarwal aka Ayesha Kaduskar A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY πŸ₯³

Come let's cut cakes

It's party time

Abhi toh party suru huyi hai πŸ˜† It's just the beginning😳 So here is Ayesha's IV written update. Thanks to Anjali(Anjali33). She has given this written update. Enjoy forumwasi πŸ˜ƒ

Here are the written updates of two of Ayesha's IVs😳

Up, Close and Personal

Nickname- No specefic nickname. Mom calls me wo jo typical marathi words hote hai na shona and all, wo bulati hai. But, few of my friends do call me Ayeshu!

Date of birth- 1st March, 96

Place of birth- I was born and brought up in Bombay.

Education- Education Bombay mein hi hua hai. So I changed two schools. To meri pehli school thi Bombay Scottish, Powai. Then I went to Hiranandani Foundation School. Then I went to Mithibai, and finally ab main apna MA kar rahi hu from IGNOU, Delhi.

Describe yourself in 3 words- Hmm, three words... Let's see! Introverted, nerdy and I would say, thoda crazy. 

Tell us something about your family- OK, so meri family mein there's my mom, my dad, my brother who's older than me- mujhse aath saal bada hai wo; and main. So Bombay mein hum chaar hi hain. Until last year, I also had a dog, who I considered as much a part of my family as anybody else.

What did you want to be as a kid- Yaar, pata hai! Jab main chhoti thi, I wanted to be a lot of things. But, I think the one that stuck with me the most is I wanted to be a veterinary doctor.

How did acting happen (planned or by fluke)- Umm, ye kaafi complicated story hai, because I did my first serial when I was seven years old, and iski kahaani aisi hai ki, meri mom- she's a fashion designer, so she used to have this boutique jahan pe kaafi sare TV ke log aate the you know kapde wapde mom se design karwane ke liye. To one day, mom ko randomly ek call aaya tha about the show. To meri mom ko laga ki audition hai and because main school mein kaafi saare debates, elocutions, dramas mein part leti thi, mom ne kaha ki ja ke we can try it out! So, we went over there, but as soon as we reached, humein pata chala ki it wasn't an audition and they were actually ready to shoot with me. On the spot! So pehli baar to main royi thi because I didn't know ki camera ke saamne kaise karte hain. But, uske baad se wo show mein continue role kiya, uske baad se one by one I had things come along my way.

TV debut- It was called Zindagi Teri Meri Kahaani on Sahara.

Favourite colour- Black or Blue

Favourite food- To mujhe Asian food bohot pasand hai. So Asian food can include Chinese, Japanese, whatever it is. To usme jitni bhi dishes aati hain, mostly mujhe saari pasand hai.

Favourite brand- Brands, like clothing and all, waisa? Actually, honestly koi ek favourite brand nahi hai because I shop from multiple brands. But, the last place I shopped was from Zara. So, I guess that.

Favourite season- Winter. Jo ki Bombay mein kaafi kam dekhne milta hai. Lekin mujhe winters bohot pasand hai.

Favourite movie- See, again! All time favourite movies and all time favourite songs wala question humesha bohot difficult hota hai because bohot saari favourites hai. So I'll give you a few names. Hollywood mein there are The Shawshank Redemption, there's A Walk To Remember, and a few others but abhi ke liye ye dono. Aur Bollywood mein I would say, jo ki zyada mushkil sawaal hai, umm.. Barfi would be one, and... I don't know! Jab soch rahe hote hain tab koi movie dimaag mein aati nahi hai. So, haan.

Height- I am 5 feet 2 inches. 

Shoe size- Yaar! 6. Aur Euro 38. If I'm not wrong.

Angry or peaceful bird- The thing is, I do get angry, lekin mera anger aisa hota hai jo main.. I don't express it. So, I keep it inside and then it's mostly like, it comes out in the form of tears. So, main kabhi kisi pe chillati nahi hu, I don't yell. It's mostly like agar main gussa hu to main side mein baith ke kahin rone lagungi, bas.

Obsessed with- I'm obsessed with? I'm obsessed with desserts currently. Kaafi zyada mujhe dessert cravings ho rahi hain aaj kal. 

What are you doing when you're not shooting- If not shooting, then I'm usually either Netflix-ing, studying or reading.

Favourite perfume- I'm currently using the Bodyshop Vanilla body mist, which is my absolute favourite currently. 

What makes you happy- I already told you, being around dogs makes me happiest. No matter how sad I am or depressed I am, if you put me infront of a dog, I'll be the happiest person on earth. 

Apple or Android- Apple. IPhone8. 

Favourite one liner- I don't know! I think main "uff" aur "ainveyi" kaafi bolti hu. To I think that counts.

Favourite actor- Bollywood ki baat kar rahe hain na, Ranbir Kapoor. 

Favourite actress- Alia Bhatt 

Favourite singer- Arijit Singh 

Favourite app- Yaar, I'm using Instagram the most, so I would say Instagram. Ya!

Favourite emoji- Wo kya kehte hain? Ek to wo heart hai obviiusly because wo main kaafi zyada bhejti rehti hu. And dusra wo jo haste hue rone wala hai, that one. 

Favourite festival- I think Christmas is my favourite festival because again wo winters mein hi aata hai. 

Favourite holiday destination or place you would like to visit- Ek specefic destination nahi hai, but I would like to explore Europe as much as possible.

Favourite cartoon- Tom and Jerry 

Comfort clothes- Yaar, pyjame aur t-shirt. 

What fills you wardrobe- I think I have jeans the most, but I wish ki mere paas jeans kam hoti aur tops zyada hote because tops ki kami ho jati hai. 
Friends in the industry- Who are my friends in the industry? I have so many friends in the industry, ab main kis kis ka naam lu. Everyone from the show is my friend, ya!

3 things you never leave home without- Phone, wallet and earphones.

Candid Chat
How's been your journey as Preeti so far- Journey as Preeti has been very very wonderful. The thing is ki jab maine ye show start kiya tha tab mujh mein aur Preeti mein thode bohot differences the. Hum kaafi similar nahi the. Lekin ye show karte karte Preeti meri body mein itni zyada ingrain ho gayi ki ab mujhe Preeti aur Ayesha mein koi fark pata nahi chalta hai. So ab both of them have become, you know, combined into one person. So it's been an absolutely wonderful journey and I think I'll carry Preeti with me for the rest of my life. 

Describe your bond with the followings and tell us something about them fans are unaware of (unknown fact):
Ashi- Behen! So, one word is behen, and to describe that further would be... You know what it means. Aap sab ko pata hai Ashi aur main ab actually sisters ban gaye hain. So that's what our bond is like. 
Listen, maine last time ek segment kiya tha, jis mein maine Ashi ki ek secret bata di thi sab ko. To ab main aur koi secrets uski nahi batane wali.

Randeep- I say this for Randeep all the time. If I have to describe him in one word, it'll alwaya be gentleman, because Randeep hum sab ka jitna dhyan rakhta hai set pe, I don't think koi rakh pata hai. So I'm really really grateful to him for that because he's constantly asking for us and worrying about us, and getting us things that we require.
Unaware to nahi, I think everyone is aware, but Randeep bohot zyada masti karta hai set pe. Like, you know, he's the one that makes everyone laugh, along with Sanjay. So, I'm sure a lot of y'all are aware of that, but ya he's like our entertainment person. 

Somi- To describe him in one word would be talented, because... We miss Somi a lot on the show because jab se humne shuru kiya tha show, tab se Somi humare sath tha. To abhi kaafi dukh hota hai ki wo humare sath nahi hai. Lekin to describe him, it would only be like, usme bohot zyada talent hai. Like, he writes, he sings, he acts, so he is great! 
Nahi yaar! I think Somi ke baare mein jo bhi hai sab ko pata hai because, you know, everyone kniws that he writes poetry and he sings. To I think sab ko pata hai. 

Hema (Shefali)- Hema ko agar one word mein describe kiya jaye, so I would say sweet, because Hema jab se show mein thi, I didn't get a chance to become very close with her. Lekin meri jitni bhi interactions rahi hain Hema ke sath, she's always been really sweet and really gentle and caring towards me. 

Nidhi- So Nidhi has just come on to our show and Nidhi actually mere ghar se kaafi paas mein rehti hai, so I and Nidhi have now decided to become travel buddies. To hum ne decide kiya hai ki humara jab bhi sath mein shoot hoga, hum ghar se set tak ya set se ghar tak sath mein travel karenge. And Nidhi is a really fun person. Nidhi zumba classes bhi leti hai, so she's a dancer, and she's invited me to come to some of her classes some time. So let's see, I might do that.

Sanjay- Munna to... Sanjay ko ab hum inevitably humesha Munna hi bolte hain. Sanjay muh se nikalta hi nahi hai because wo character uske liye itna perfect hai. Wo humein constantly set pe hasata rehta hai, entertain karte rehta hai, and so Munna is...
One thing that I would tell people that they don't know about Sanjay is that Sanjay actually kaafi emotional insaan hai. To, you know, wo kaafi zyada emotionally attatch ho jata hai logo se, so that is one thing that probably peopke don't know about him. 

Raghav- Raghav ke bare mein one thing if I had to tell people that they don't know about him is ki jo onscreen itni bak-bak karta hai, offscreen utna hi zyada chup hai. He's a very quiet, reserved person, but he's also the light of our show, and uske bina and Munna ke bina ye show complete hi nahi ho sakta.

Malina- So Malina ke sath bhi mera zyada close bonding nahi hai, lekin hum jab bhi set pe sath rehte hain to hum bohot hi cordial rehte hain, affectionate rehte hain.
And Malina ke bare mein bhi I think everyone should know ki wo bohot hi amazing dancer hai. She's Punjabi to wo Punjabi dance to nail karti hai, lekin baki har tarah ka dance bhi humari parties mein jo Malina karti hai, she's very very good. 

Hema- Hema ke bare mein bhi, since Kamya (Malina) aur Hema humesha sath mein rehte hain, to again mera bohot zyada close bonding nahi hai. Lekin, like I said, hum saare bohot hi affectionate hain, to Hema ko thoda sa idhar udhar hum uski taang khichte hain. Lekin wo sab out of pyaar hai, out of love hai. So that's all!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you my dear pervin for putting up the thread
lots of love bhen
A very happy birthday to our sassiest preeti agarwal
the best sister,saali and friend

happy birthday Ayesha our sunshine girl
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Happy Birthday to my favourite Ayesha darling! She is the best and I can watch her 24x7...wishing the lovely birthday girl a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy!  πŸ₯³β€οΈ Edited by Mayashika - 5 years ago
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Wonderful job suhani and pervin. Awesome thread to an our sweetest ayesha. The best sister and adhi gharwali πŸ˜‰

Happiest bday to Ayesha Edited by Deepanand - 5 years ago
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Pervin and Su, it's such a beautiful thread! Amazing! πŸ€—
By the way, did you ask any moderators to make the lovely thread global? 
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Originally posted by: Mayashika

Pervin and Su, it's such a beautiful thread! Amazing!  πŸ€—

By the way, did you ask any moderators to make the lovely thread global? 

I wish I could make siggies πŸ˜­ But it was difficult to learn it in one day. No should we? πŸ˜ƒ
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Wish u Happiest Birthday ever my tindey queen 

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Beautiful thread!
Happy birthday to my pyaari Ayeshu
May success and happiness always come her way
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Happy happy birthday Ayesha! 
May you find much joy and success today and always. You come across as a truly beautiful human being and may you touch innumerable lives with your kindness and love. 

Thank you so much for giving us our much loved Preeti!!

God bless dear.
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Such a lovely thread:)
Happy birthday ayesha
Wishing you all the happiness and success