Lost its charm

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Posted: 1 years ago
It is now among plethora of other shows who have abundant drama but no plot or character development. Nimki as well as show lost its charm .if nimki was first girl in the show to get raped .then it would have been a good example but prior two rape cases too arent solved ..Confused
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Posted: 11 months ago
me too, in the beginning couldn't wait to watch the episode everyday, something Nimki would do to the Haveli people etc Now not so much, because I know how the story is going, can read what they are showing us and what its leading to.
it seems strange I know but i have an idea.

This Dablu fighting from the very beginning against his family, and Sweety in the middle of the story figured she wanted to change sides from her family to Nimki's side, Dablu was always Nimki's side, he tries constantly to change his brother but fails.

I think Dablu who witnessed his mother, father, diamond, and jaria trying to bury Nimki and Tunne, the result of this is that he will testify in the court and make Nimki's case stronger then his family's case. The end of the show will be when those Haveli people are found guilty of attempt to murder. Also Dablu will say openly the rape happened as Babbu confessed to him in the jail, now this defending lawyer is telling them to lie, he also will be stripped of his right to practice.

Both Sweety and Dablu reveal in the court what it was like for Nimki to be in Haveli, how his mother believes in the separation of the castes and that his parents would never let Nimki even worship with them, eat with them, had to stay with the servants etc thereby making their brother's defence weak, and he will be found guilty of the rape.

I was reading a news article last week where Bhumika Gurung said this is the main tract of the show. It was always supposed to end with the court case this show...they showed all other women weak Sweety, other one that was raped also and didn't go through with a prosecution but only the heroine of the show is strong enough to go through all the trial of bringing a case to court and winning it, facing the society outcry against her for being herself etc. But still even with that going against society thinking, and changing how they think.
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Posted: 8 months ago

I am sorry but can you please tell me what has happened? Babbu raped Nimki?!! 

And this is the last track of the show?! 

Why must they subject Nimki to rape?! :( I do understand the point about them trying to send out a message but unless the subject can be dealt with sensitivity it is better not to meddle with it. 

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