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All episodes added forgive typos/ grammar mistakes as it is a lot to write.
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epi 1 - contains spoilers in bold. other episode written updates below done til 3rd epi

Harshad as Abhimanyu is flirtatious and brings a smile to your face in all the scenes he is in, he is happy go lucky and always sweet with girls. So far my favourite
Arjun's character Karan is really shady so far, he wants to poison himself this is rather confusing. Surely airport should double check his bag after he 'amends' things. Taxi driver he spoke to in the beginning was funny this scene was clever as it gave us background knowledge into a pilot's job and was a good narrative.
sakshi only had one scene she only said 'let me handle this' but it is highly likely she will have a larger role later. She plays her character ATC Kiran with ease. Her character is calm and confident.
Sarah is a foreigner she is an obsessive girlfriend who thinks Maddy is cheating
giizelle is careless air hostess, she gives joe used (poisoned) coffee that she found in the plane's kitchen this should not be allowed for hygiene reasons let alone poison, what if someone spat in it

brilliant background music. beautifully shot epi great cinematography
interesting first epi got me curious what happens to this plane
the speaking in Tamil and subtitles in Hindi should have been avoided for krishnamurthy as I did not understand it 

I do recommend you watch the show

epi2 spoilers in bold 

sidarth aka javeed jaffrey seems filthy rich buys hostess jewellery, his wife is divorcing him and wants more money he thinks she is funny scene when he sips drink whenever some man tells a lie. after abhi jo also dead.
Astrologer role is good like his dialogues especially about hurdles
 Kiran tells pari to investigate. pari saw that abhi is dead in the cockpit and karan(arjunrampal) has not helped or alerted anyone. I dislike arjun's role so shallow so far I can't connect with him 

pari seems like a simple honest working woman. Kiran(Sakshi) is fabulous in the episode the show was going in one direction then the pace improves due to Kiran. 
Kiran and Pari's role good in the episode. She tells ATC crew to contact Anti Terrorist Squad 

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 epi 3-
flashback episode
Karan in beautiful srinagar the show has great cinematography and shot beautifully. Karan asks the little boy for directions and they become friends he tells where he studies in poultry farm with red roof.Karan tells that he is a pilot. The little boy is comical and the scenes are enjoyable however it is short lived Karan is in the airforce and he is instructed to do something against his wishes that makes him the saru he is today. He is told to drop a bomb on little boy's school as suspect it of terrorist activity the boy sweetly comes out to say hi but is bombed by karan's hands his boss pressurises him. After that karans behaviour changes and he has a guilty conscience. Karansfather was also in the air force he died serving the nation the boss emphasises this but karan quits nonetheless. 
kiran is fab she is good in cards and plays smart moves. Boys challenge her to drink she smartly replaces the alcoholic drink with water as she is pregnant (do watch this scene)
the perfect protagonist kiran is no longer perfect anymore from this epi onwards she 'put her unborn baby at risk to do her job' she successfully saves a hospital from a bomb threat and kills the terrorist but her husband is extremely angry as she didn't take proper care and precuations for herself and her child things get bitter with her husband. her friend tells us that she has a new husband now  
tyagi is a big man he is arrested but escapes on this flight astrologer predicted to him that he will not go to jail. he draws a bird escaping the cage 
One part I love is sidharth(javeed jaffrey) with the astrologer krishnamurty they become friends easily when sidarth sits in the economy class. Sid feels empty lonely and has no peace. These scenes really shows that siddharth is beyond the super successful businessman a must watch 

episode 4- fast paced episode it has many spoilers

 Young Siddharth(the millionaire in first class essayed by Javeed Jaffrey) didn't understand maths, he went out to play and he fell in a well.  A voice said it's not your time go come,Sid finds a stone. Sid got high marks due to instinct sid credits stone for success calls it luck. He says do right thing at right time.
Krishnamurty teaching Sid astrology.  Krishnamurty and Sid say our death in 4hrs. Dhruv tells his details but sid thinks he told wrong year as answer came out wrong. Sid says plane is going to crash. Sid asks how you are so peaceful Krishnamurty says I will teach you how to live. accept life so death accepts you sid looking for stone. 
Horn Lightning Sounds remind karan of the incident. Kiran doubts Kale competence(he is from ATS). Kiran says airport is very busy I am in charge of safety.I am incharge of many more flights I have experience of dealing with risk. Kale calls minister calls Karan unsafe and suicidal.
 Karan not able to sleep takes medicines everyday wife advises against he has 3 tablets. Karan gets flashes flies plane in wrong direction unsafe by himself freezes suddenly. Kiran wants information from leading editor shalini against kale now. Shalini tells us that Kiran has new husband. Husband anant angry loud sounds impact child she doesn't mind violence kiran says unborn baby has no ears till 4month. Anant says Dont leave family so behind that nobody is left.
Karans whole family had accident wife says good you shaved to him. His daughter acting that she is sleeping so he can lift her up be hugs and kisses her. Karan saw old air force mate he insists to talk to friend. Wife hit due to drink driving.
 Kale thinks jo alive kiran practical thinks he can shoot as he is an ex commando. Kale says he is already provoked. Dhruv says wish my parents met before he is stunned foreigner knows hindi says she only speaks little. 
Karan only wants to speak to kiran kale says we can work it out kale contradicts kiran. Kale makes personal comment about his wife karan threatens to crash plane. Kale said that your wife did accident due to your bad jokes karan goes faster. Karan has medicine remembers wife ketu saying not to have it. 
Kale says Defense minister told him to take over. Kiran says Kale went from delhi to mumbai secretary resigned says can be your last day of marriage she says to work together.kiran says not to call political but better to look down where dirt is. Kale says she shouldn't have given advice wants info about kiran now. Karan wants to only talk to kiran and nobody comes to plane for 30mins after landing.Kiran says karan not able to focus. Karan thinks that he wants to resign but everything reminds me of you(his dead wife) tomorrow my last flight we will meet tomorrow. 
Kale sent fighter jets near him the jets bomb shake reminds him of that night. He goes right. Karan has voices in head of airforce boss. Someone finds Siddharth stone. Thundercloud noise makes people in the plane scared.

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epi 5
Plane shakes. Krishnamurty mum angry he announced his dads death she wishes his gift and wisdom matched. Pari taught planes can Get out of thundercloud survive lightning as long as pilot good. Anjali scared of planes she is from small village. Radio disconnected kale says hijack kiran says ats poor judgement lives in danger. There is navigation or electricals problem. Karan hit losing control. Tyagi meets krishnamurty says he does export import krishnamurty says he does arms drugs human trafficking. Krishnamurty says he wont go to jail for even a second, a policeman lets him escape he has to do unfinished work that's why on flight. Lady calls kiran asks kiran if hijacking news true putting it on news. Karan losing control. Tyagi shaved off his hair so he is not recognised. Tyagi used to live in a chawl did paintings he had to do fake signatures of picasso arrested for duplicate paintings. Tyagi killed boss sawant as his boss didnt care about his dad's death. Pari finds jo dead. Plane has to go up. Krishnamurty doing om. He thinks death easier to accept than truth. Krishnamurty dad says Speak what is true, kind, necessary to help others. 502 found in clouds. Kale trying to save plane calls centre he has daughter, he refuses to give her ipad on the phone tells her to close eyes. Karan says losing altitude quickly and controls jammed he regrets killing abhimanyu. Pari shouts at karan he says you killed both pilots she calls him mad and rightfully alone. Karan's father died in the sky regrets not being like his dad he only wanted to kill himself. Pari gives cold tissues. Karan troubled.
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episode 6 
dhruv tella sarah about his love, his dadi. dadi loves him wants to give old age home money for his camp to play Australian football. He saw dadi's padmalay sees dadi there. Dadi not talking can't feel his presence. Dadi wants him to be a football player. Sarah parents fought when she was a young girl her dad left she wants him to come back he says dad loves you but I have to go. Plane gives warning not starting properly. Kale thinks he is a trained suicide bomber kiran says only 3hrs before he crash lands. Kiran agrees to kale's airline suggestions. Abhimanyu semi conscious walks around the plane he hears that colleagues suspecting him. Abhimanyu talks to krishnamurty he says he won't leave captain he says cancer is nature not this krishnamurty persuades him this is also nature. God made us it was his destiny designed by almighty you are not a victim forgive you will see clearly. Kale says plan a or b commando enter inside need to contact inside plane phoning passengers in sky. Kale shouting at daughter for not sleeping. Karan wondering what is less painful death crash or bomb. Little boy wanted to be a fauji without uniform person fighting not a terrorist. Boy says they want land not people. Karan says we are fighting for your safety we are not your enemy your dad is not wrong he is angry we will talk later. Karan remembers bombing boy we will driving kavaa together. Pari finds a phone. Flight descending low fuel. Karan thinks he wanted to die peacefully abhi spoilt plan. Abhi tells krishnamurty had plans ambition purpose family career proving himself. Krishnamurty asks his souls purpose finding a meaning person scared of death when attached wants death when no attachment. Don't have greed raise yourself see things with a spiritual purpose. Greed and other vices will be there in your next life if you have it now. Abhi feels different like be is free. Kiran finds vvip flying from delhi has satellite phone. Pari talking to kiran jo dead karan unstable. Karan thinks atc wont save them. Pari going to cargo section opening it cannot call back will flash light from window. Young sarah waiting for dad feels destined to live without love. Krishnamurty says ram sita kundali matched but still had obstacles 14yr exile abducted by ravan ram conquered and bought her back. Commoner doubted her chastity ram could have ignored but he asked if he isn't trusted how will he rule he was forced to send her on an exile. Was it ego or selfless love. Sita went on exile was it blind love? What was Ram's right to send her in exile he himself bought her back. Is it selfless love thats why we say siya ram because together they rose and grew in love. Sarah mini monologue about love shared purpose important for love to last. Pari opened cargo section. Pari realised gizelle filled water from leftover cups she tells she used leftover coffee pari tells that it was poisoned coffee Pari consoles. Kale tells commando to be ready

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 kale tells how planes will position they will shoot pilot from cockpit they have tough bullets. Pari apologises to karan for blaming him for jo he says he doesn't care. Karan had said she is a bad air hostess on her first day my sisters faught over everything we had so less kheer was meant to be shared she got blamed mum also blamed her she didn't talk for 2days. Mum found kheer with cat pari gave to cat thinking it was milk. Pari saw lie not truth pari says she really was bad as she was new. I worked hard because of your advise today I made a mistake I only saw what was obvious to the eye not the truth Karan crying Pari says he isn't dishonest. Pari apologises again she cannot imagine his state I can help you if you need please don't crash the plane. Pari lets him in. Karan tells because of thunderstorm communication not working. Pari says other pilot won't be able to help even if they come. Pari tells of mid air break-in she apologises tells of satellite phone it is dead now. Karan asks for phone charger. Gizelle asks for charger sidharth tells where it is. Kale moves to plan b. Young boy's game not good he cries he was going to be kicked out. At try outs he played very badly pulled out mid game. Coach says he is talented focus don't disappoint me. He played his best game but he got injured broke leg last minute. His career over but found his purpose renovating old age home wanted to spend time with grandma in her last days. Krishnamurty says sarah will meet man that will change her live and teach her about love (young boy rohan). Charger not connecting as no charging point tyagi helping. Doing plan b deploying. Pari fells kiran she is in cockpit controls jammed navigation not working electrical systems burnt. Kiran says to abort. Karan tells altitude 9200 ft cannot manoeuvre controls not working karan asks for engineer kiran calls sushant engineer. Kiran says to keep Fighters behind plane he is blinded need to control plane otherwise it will crash. If not controlled will crash in few mins. Need to inform important people. Karan speaking to engineer sushant all negative controls not working. Kiran tells pmo gave permission for midair strike need to destroy plane before it reaches 3000ft otherwise it will kill thousands. Karan says throttle navigation and communication back on. Plane at 4000ft. Kale says there is threat, if dont fire now then dangerous he wants to fire in 10sec kiran agrees with karan. Karan flies up kale aborts mission. Karan praises pari for being a great airhostess and person, pari says we will land soon, he tells her to check on the passengers. Krishnamurty tells sidharth gopi and nagraj story gopi asking God for his death. Death will happen after 3months god says 6more going. For water in village sacrifice family gopi went to river there was a snake stopping water. Only killing snake will save them snake will never die if near the water. If villagers don't have water he will die gopi says life to live not save up. What is life that makes others die everyday. Life is worthless if kill others. Life good if reason otherwise a curse. The whole world is out there why trap yourself here. Nagarjun cried out if guilt (karan crying). Tear on nagarjun this burnt him he asked gopi to tell them for forgiveness gopi told villagers to open bandh opened they both gone together found reason to live and die till a reason still alive after death. Sid says 2 lost travellers living one unconcerned with life and one afraid of death. Kiran talking to karan Karan says you wanted to destroy the plane kale speaks says no choice. Kiran says what would you so in my shoes. Karan says i would have trusted the pilot if I were you. Kale says he was following orders Karan remembers his family. Karan speaking to colleague how could he drop bomb colleague said I had no choice I was following the orders. Karan emotional not replying Kiran wants to discuss landing proceedures. Karan says to kale you wanted to hit from behind kale says it was an order. Karan says the customers life in my hands. Kale says elephant die by their own weight, karan says bad joke, kiran cuts call. Kiran says Karan will call back. Kale gets information he says I am taking over now get off chair. Kiran says he got new information. Today is kirans last day at work Kale says she is not fit to handle. Abhimanyu who died is kiran's son. Kale says you are going through trauma

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 episode 8
kiran asking karan where abhimanyu is karan says abhimanyu is dead. Kiran made tea instead of coffee he makes a face as he drinks coffee in the morning Abhi says it is ok. Abhi having cornflakes he calls stepdad by his name Salim Kiran says to call him ji. Abhi tells Kiran she can take the call she picks up and says I will call you back it is her offday. Phone keeps buzzing abhi says it is ok you are head of atc. Kiran says it's urgent. She says take care abhi has tear in his eye. Kiran crying. Tyagi says krishnamurty you knew I would die he says pray repentance and promise you will live for others from now on after that you won't care about death. Kale says have to be cold and ruthless Kiran says I need to do this not despite i am abhi mother but because I am abhi mother. Not ideal mother wife but I can do this best. Kale says sorry about loss of your child. Kiran crying looking at abhi pics her ex tells her abhi wanted to be a pilot to be with you. Kiran resigning to spend time with her son job didn't allow her to. Kiran looking at wrist with scissors. Kiran realises karan wanted to do suicide. Only 20mins more worth of fuel. Kiran thinks he will call. Sidharth asks what you are doing here krishnamurty you are so wise. Krishnamurty wants key to freedom. Karan calls Kiran says she will give what you want. Kiran says you made pari call us system failed but you saved them. Kiran asks if he wants to do suicide he says yes. Kiran says I know poison was for you I am the means to help you. Karan says you are good but you cant help me I want to die in the sky but if i die everyone will. Sid says 15mins left. Krishnamurty says since 13 i was waiting for death Sid says leave loved ones and body. Krishnamurty says i dont know if we are using it or body using us. Kiran says i will help you kill yourself she says I will try. I can't promise you my son is also a pilot. The reports are a lie a coverup even reports couldn't break you only accident did.17yr old boy that killed your family still roaming alive you are not him that difference should be kept. You know most about losing loved ones killing others wont bring yours back others in your situation. The kids their champions. Sidharth says one more question krishnamurty says only time for one more lesson. K holds his hand Sid feels the universe Krishnamurty says life is an illusion. Abhimanyu has champion tattoo karan connects the dots. Kiran says to karan you have the strength to forgive can you forgive me is your champion with me. Karan says sorry to kiran. Krishnamurty says most difficult thing in universe is this illusion real thing shown as fake. Karan says sorry crying Kiran says I forgive you Karan says I forgive that boy but don't stop me now I cannot forgive myself all gone from me because of me. My friend a good pilot also gone he really was a champion a friend he was someone to be proud of. Death not the end or sukoon but heaven is the end listen to your soul calling.

Karan puts pilot hat on abhi as time for flight to land karan puts his hat on. Krishnamurty closes eyes in his seat not replying. Karan has tablet plane landing he remembers his loved ones. Landing gear stuck wheels won't unlock. Plane tilts. Sid says we will meet soo. Krishnamurty. Plane landing won't survive tarmac. dhruv doesn't want to die because of his purpose old age home. Tyagi praying.Pari thinks they should go in water. Sarah rohan put heads on each other.Karan had poison he pushes the controls as he falls on it & flashbacks of them arriving on plane. Plane crashed nose first into water. Sidharth has purpose to live and be more. Plane on fire sid walks around sarah also gets up she has rohans book. Sid and sarah look up in sky all stuff from plane scattered around. Kale saying to daughter you should have slept not wait for me ILy. Newspaper article 174 people saved journalist shalini asks kiran what to write heroic efforts or villain winning. Funeral ceremony pari gizelle tyagi krishnamurty rohan karan. Sidharth visits krishnamurty house kisses krishnamurty's book.

3years later Sarah renovating old age home for dhruv's last wish. Sidharth a spiritual leader has followers krishnamurty's soul walks around pleased. Kiran calls new son abhi gives milk and toast the son is adopted. Kiran wants to tell the truth quickly and be proud of it feeds him toast and plays. Kiran has photo of abhimanyu with garland at home

excuse typos
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