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                       Want To Be Yours 

             "  I can't do it . This can't happen to me . I love Aryan . Why ? just tell me why you married me ? You knew everything , every single thing about me , then why ruined my life . "

              Geet question her newly wedded husband at their first night with pure hatred in her eyes . She is angry  , hurt and frustrated over her poor situation. Never in her life she thought she will face something like this . Just yesterday she was happy , in fact she was in cloud nine as her dreams gonna be come true . She will be Aryan's forever. But in a moment everything changed . She became Geet Maan Singh Khurana . 


               She married to her father's best friend's son . She lookeed at the decorated room and her blood boil with immense anger . She start throwing flowers harshly . Maan  just stood there , not moving or saying anything . He knows she is angry so want her to clam down by any means . 

              Even it mean she to destroy his room be it , he has no problem . After few minutes she got tried and fall on floor crying her heart out . He close his eyes in pain then took few stop toward her . " Geet .." 

              he tried to touch her shoulder when she thrown his hand away ." Don't touch me with those filthy hands " . She got up and marched toward him giving pure betrayel look . She hold his collar .." what the hell you think of yourself ? That you some saint , some hero , saviour , who married me because my Aryan didn't show up in our marriage day . What do you think I would beg on my knees and keep thanking you for your favour huh? . But listen Mr Khurana  I'm not doing anything like that . Because of you I couldn't be with Aryan, because of you I lost my chance with him . All because of you im in this unwanted relation , I will never forgive you . " Her angry tears keep flowing as she pouring her pain ... she harshly wiped her tears suddenly hating to show her weakness before him ..

         " Why did to marry me ? Just why ? I hate you I just hate... " 

             " Shut up " 

               till now he was listening all accusation which she was throwing toward him , without knowing how much it hurting him . But couldn't keep quiet hearing her hateful words . He can take anything but hate no he can't. He pulled her closer by her arms  " come back on reality . I ruined your life ha . "


           he pulled her more harshly scaring hell out of her . She never saw him this angry " get this thing clear in your pretty little head , me your husband saved your life ..."

                  " you ..." she tried to get free but he didn't let her..

                       " yes I did . Here you crying over that so called man who didn't give any importance about your love and ditched you in your big day,  there he must be drinking to forget everything because I know that spineless man . He is a looser coward who love to hide behind excuse . Who fear to enter in any commitment . Tell me Geet if he has commitment phobia why he even agreed to marry you then suddenly back out that too marriage day itself. Did he care about you ? Did he care about your reputation ? , your father's reputation  ?  no he didn't. He only cared for his so called fear . In his own fear he forgotten that how his step may hurt you , how this can ruined so many things . He is just a selfish bas***d. .. but lucky enough to get your love . "

               he told the last part quietly . He closed his eyes to control his anger and emotion then let go of her . " look Geet stop imanging things which would have never happen . Aryan may be loves you but not enough to commit to stay in forever bond deep down you now this too. You thinking I ruined your chance,  no Geet  I didn't. From the beginning there was no chance with him , . Even if you didn't get married to me , in future too he would have never agreed to marry you  , because I know he doesn't believe in marriage or commitment . Let's assume that he agreed to marry you but can you guranty it that he won't run away leaving you in mid ? . The man who can leave you  in marriage day itself he can leave you in middle of married life too . " 

              Geet had nothing to argue because she knows Maan saying true . She and Aryan is together for 2 years now . She knows him well , she knows his issues . Broken family , divorce of his brother and sister all made him weak as person . And he is scared to commit because he thinks commitment never last forever . Knowing all this still Geet fallen for him . And now she facing this . She  knows , she foolish to blame Maan  where she is the one to be blamed . But one thing now bothering her and she couldn't stop herself from asking ..

            " Why you marry me ? "

            " Because I wanted to be yours " he gave her honest answer without playing with words or anything . She looked at him fearing what she thinking not true . When she asked that question she thought he would say because of her family as his father and her father  good friends and Maan respect her father very much .

              But now his answer scared her to the core . She knows after Aryan she would never be able to love anyone . She fearing for disappointing the person who is now her husband . But her fear came true as she saw the selfish love in his eyes . She always knew he liked her and thought it's just mere crush. But now she understands it was not any small crush but his immense love for her which forced him to marry her even after knowing she would never love him back .

                She looked away as couldn't stand his intense gaze . Maan went to cupboard to get his cloths but before going to washroom he stop at the door ... " I still want to be yours " . With this she heard the clicking sound as he closed the door went inside .

                 Geet  closed her eyes as her eyes wet up again but she not sure for whom she is crying now , on her fate that she couldn't get her love or to that person who married her ,  who loves her when she cant give it back Ever ... 

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IF behaving weird 
Anyways here an os , very old one last year written it so thought to post it now 
Very simple and fast forward type 

                    MY INDEX 

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Nice OS
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tum aagaye ho
noor aagaya haiLOL

nice shot by the way
josh me geet ko ek thapad bhi padjati tho maza aajataTongue

Do keep writing!
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Interesting concept. Looking forward to the story.
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Originally posted by sporthy_smile28

tum aagaye ho
noor aagaya hai LOL

nice shot by the way
josh me geet ko ek thapad bhi padjati tho maza aajataTongue

Do keep writing!
Ooh you and your tariff LOL happy to be back 
Thapad!!! You are as violent as I remember Big smileBig smile
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Beautiful & Emotional

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