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Part 24

Amazingly written! Big smile

He doesn't want to mess up her life and that has my heart! He still loves her so much! How can my  poor heart handle this? 

I am happy they have started working together and especially liked where he was reminded of Naina's honesty in her work by linking it to a memory. He still remembers those, well, some memories are too special to forget! 

I really liked her asking about Nanu's death and comforting him; even if it's for a moment! 
They are transported to the right college days, it's hard to stay indifferent when you know the person a little too much. I can really feel the pain they might have been going through! 
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Part 25

I loved this update so much especially the part where they acted out the scene where the girl is pregnant and it became so real for Naina. I don't know why but it brought out a lot of emotions inside me and maybe, I won't write much on this chapter. But, as a writer, you were very successful as it affected me more than it should have! 

The reference of the book was nice; I am yet to read Paradise and soon, I will join the gang! Big smile

Her wishing him on his birthday and the later him receiving a surprise was heartwarming too! I really hope Diya is Sameer's daughter only then, I can properly wish for a happy ending. It's a reader's selfish wish. 

This chapter was really good, Sur Di! Invoked many emotions inside me! 
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Will you be updating today Smile
Posted: 9 months ago
Dil Kush kar do yaar...plzzz update soon ...
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Sur Di! Hug
Congratulations on the new thread! Heart

It feels like ages where I had sat down and reviewed this story properly; I am quite busy now too but this chapter had so much to offer and as a reader, it felt so good that I had to compliment you. Your writing is improving so much day by day and it feels like reading a novel (because I had binge-read and also, the superb writing style) but now, I am like the other readers too waiting for the next update where you might give us glimpses of the past as well as the present. I had read Pooja Di's review and I agree with her, the present is so much more exciting. 

What vow did Naina give to Arvind and didn't she go to USA with him, she seemed a little confused and I felt like she went along with him. 
I liked the transition from Aap to Tum again and the awkwardness is fading. But with this fading awkwardness, a new comfort and old feelings are rising and before they give in, I want this mystery behind Arvind to be cleared so that I can enjoy any romantic advances properly. Also, it was initiated from Naina's side and that is the thing that made me happy. 

Haha, Sameer comparing himself to Mr. A! 
He still loves her just like in the college days and maybe, much more?! But, keeping everything aside, this fangirl heart of mine is happy that his long hair is reminds me of the Sameer on school, dashing and with full of swag! Day Dreaming
Jealousy is creeping inside both of's good to see that, the feelings are still intact and it's a pity that they can't act on it and I don't want them to unless and until they are out of all the mess. 

You know, when I was reading this chapter, this particular line from the song Heaven by Julia Michaels was playing in my mind- You don't realise the power they have, until they leave you and you want them back...
Isn't it true? Their power on each other is becoming strong. Might say the power of their hidden love. It's like a forbidden fruit right now and it hurts me so much. 

A direct symbolism this time, Di! The dream, in fact, showed him his reality. The child is his. But, how is he going to know? The doubts has to start coming to his mind for him to take action. Dreaming is ultimately about the awakening. 
And, I loved how Naina asked Sameer to stop smoking! Old habits die hard! 

I am eagerly looking forward to the next chapter! Love ya! Big smileEmbarrassed
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I'm really sorry. Some unexpected guests had come over to my place on Saturday evening, before I could finish off the update I wanted to give on the weekend. 
I know I haven't responded to all the comments for the previous thread- I'll do so pretty soon, but did not want to delay the update any further. I actually wanted to make this one longer, but somehow the other part of the write-up made the update very lengthy. Hence, I'm not really happy with the amount I've covered here. 
Please let me know your feedback. 
PS: Since the idea for the title came from your previous review dear Pooja aka doublecross, this one is for you! Also because you too craved a story on this concept as much as I did. 
This part, infact this entire story is also dedicated to Minu, aka TereLiyeMinu. If it had not been for Kati Patang and the revelation that Nisha is not Sameer and Naina's love child, the idea for this story would never have taken root inside my head. So Minu, all the love, support and encouragement I got from this story is all because of you! Thank you! Heart I wanted to keep this dedication a secret till the point I reveal for certain the parentage of Diya, for I did not want to kill the suspense. 
Love you all! 

Part 27: The Games We Play

"Kya hua Naina? Sorry...Reena! Sameer queried as he joined her waiting on the road. He'd checked through the chink in his window that Mr. A hadn't appeared as yet on his white-battered horse, or if you prefer to call it a Bajaj scooter. It had been almost half an hour, yet Naina was still standing there with Diya by her side. So Sameer had hastened downstairs to check what was the matter.

"Wo pata nahi ab tak Arvind aaye nahi...aaj bola tha Diya ko Children's Park leke jayenge thodi der...teen chaar mahine se kahin bahar gaye nahi na to bahot zidd kar rahi thi...! Naina explained.

"Ohh...! Sameer eyed Diya who shyly smiled up at him, before hiding her face inside her mother's pallu. Sameer smiled back and ruffled her hair. So Silky! For a moment, an absurd, yet gleeful thought crept though his mind. Could it be that...Diya...Diya was his and Naina's daughter? The dream from last week was still vivid in his mind. His brain went into a rampant overdrive- that could explain Naina's anger and her rushed marriage. He peered at Diya's face, trying to find any semblance between him and the little girl. But apart from the high cheekbones, which even A had; her brown doe eyes, which Naina too had, the silky locks were the only things to base his theory upon. But the grounds were flimsy for such an argument. Plus, Naina had not been pregnant then. And the last time he'd made love to her, for he'd replayed this scenario hundreds of times, he remembered clearly, much to his dismay, he'd used protection. But even that wasn't 100% safe right? What if? But that would be leaving too much to chance.

"Kya soch rahe ho? he heard Naina ask.  

"Wo Diya ke baal itne silky hai na..., he blurted still lost in his thoughts. He looked up, alarmed at what he'd let slip.

But she seemed preoccupied to pay him any heed. "Toh?

"Wo...toh kuch nahi...achi baat hai...mere bhi silky hai naa..., he trailed off, now wishing he'd kept his mouth shut.

Naina raised her eyes and mocked, "Toh? Sameer couldn't tell if she'd understood the direction of his question. She hadn't he decided or else he might have been rewarded with a slap on his face. Stop fantasizing Sameer. The novel is still playing in your mind, coupled with the weird dream from last week. Just because a child's hair is as lustrous as yours doesn't mean you have fathered the child, even if you wish it was so.

"Ahh...kuch nahi...ek kaam karo...A...Arvind ko call kar lo office se..., Sameer suggested.

Naina looked at him and nodded. "Thanks!

Five minutes later, she replaced the receiver, sounding disappointed. "Wo aaj Lab mein bahot kaam nahi ho payenge..Aur kal to wo Chennai jaa rahe hain kaam se...wo bhi do hafte ke liye!

Diya heard this exchange and whined in dismay. "Mummmaaa...park jaana hai!

"Baad mein jayenge beta...! Naina tried to placate her.

"Nahi abhi jana hai! she continued for a while, as Naina tried to ignore her daughter's protests.

"Diya zidd nahi karte...baad mein chale jayenge kya ho gaya! Naina glowered at her daughter.

Sameer sensed Naina's growing anger and wished Diya would keep shut. But when Diya continued to grumble, Naina's patience snapped and she took it upon herself to berate her incessantly, and Sameer for no explainable reason, did not like it. He couldn't bear to see an innocent child being reprimanded for just wishing for an outing.

"Itna gussa kyun kar rahi ho...bacchi toh hai! Sameer rebuked her. And then he lifted Diya in his arms and muttered, "uncle le jaayenge aapko park! Chalega? Rona band karo beta! And he wiped the tears from Diya's eyes.

"Uhh...nahi...tum rehne do...main le jaungi ise..., Naina muttered, not wanting to meet his gaze and to see the way he was affectionately handling her child. Their child. Her heart craved to let him know. But she knew she must not jeopardize her relationship now. And as it is, Sameer had never been faithful. It was possible that he may snatch Diya away from her as well- and Naina could not live without her daughter. And then there was Arvind- his trust would be shattered.

"Naina...Reena...late ho raha hai...akele kaise jaogi...main le jaata hun saath...vaise bhi mera kaam khatam ho gaya hai..., Sameer said, still coddling Diya and nuzzling his nose against hers.

"Maine kaha na main le jaungi...! Naina realized she must've shouted, for a few people, including Rita looked up from their desks.

"Mere saath nahi jaana koi baat nahi...gaadi bhej deta hun driver ke saath chali jao..okay! Sameer responded slowly, coldy, his own anger seeping through now.

Wordlessly, Naina took Diya from Sameer's arms, whilst the child clamoured for that friendly uncle's affection over her scolding mother, and walked down the steps of the office.

"Abhi tak itni akdu hai! he murmured to himself and sprinted after her.

He reached her just as she'd hailed an auto. He saw her climb into it with Diya. Before the auto could revv up again, Sameer stopped it and entered besides her. "Chalo bhaiya!

The auto driver started the vehicle, while Naina looked on in shock at his audacity.  

But Sameer chose not to explain. He sat away from her on the other edge of the seat, careful not to touch her, his legs spread out and palms crossed together over his knees, and continued to stare out of the auto instead of at her.

Diya chuckled, happy that the nice uncle had given them company and spared her from her mother's recent rise in temper.

Sameer smiled back at Diya affectionately.

"Tumhe kisne bola andar aane ke liye? Naina found her voice.

Sameer's brows furrowed as he tried to tame his rage. He did not respond and resumed staring out of the auto. 

"Sameer...main tumse baat kar rahi hun! Tumhe auto mein ghusne ke liye kisne bola? Naina snapped yet again, her own anger building up again.

Sameer bit his lip and retorted, "Mrs. Mittal..aap akeli hain...shayad aapko Dilli ke baare mein zyada pata nahi...shaam hone wali hai...raat ko aate time andhera hoga aur ek akeli aurat, ek choti bacchi ke saath raat gaye safe nahi hai...aap mere office se nikli hain to aap meri zimmedari hain jab tak aapke husband nahi aa jate...okay! Main sirf aapko safely ghar chodna chahta hun...aapko meri car se nahi jaana to auto se hi sahi.

"Main tumhari responsibility nahi hun!

"Theek hai...lekin tumhari akad ke chakkar mein main Diya ko leke risk nahi lunga samjhi! Infact- aap mujhe ignore kijiye...kyunki main aapki safety ke liye aaya hun...aapke saath waqt bitane ke liye nahi! All right? With this, he turned away in a huff, leaving Naina speechless amidst the honking by the auto as it waded through the traffic. Does he really care this much about Diya? And what was this aap' again? He used to do this everytime he was angry with her- start addressing her formally, as if she meant nothing to him. Did she or did she not? At least he was concerned about her safetly. Naina brushed her thoughts aside as India Gate came into view.

An hour later, Diya was busy enjoying her evening with the children around. She reveled in the soap bubble blowing apparatus that Naina had brought for her and she was busy trying to show off her caliber of being able to blow huge bubbles to the kids around.

Naina was sitting at a nearby bench watching her with happiness and a strange sense of satisfaction. Sameer was seated on the other end of the bench, his expression still sullen, while he kept an eye on Diya. Whenever she strode up to him to show him the bubbles she'd blown, his expression mildened, and he smiled broadly and clapped, encouraging her. And then, he again crossed his hands across his chest and his expression turned back into a scowl aware that Naina was noticing him.

Unable to take the silent treatment anymore, Naina got up from her place and walked over to him. Sameer did not bother to acknowledge her and kept his eyes fixated on Diya.

"I'm sorry...! she mumbled. Sameer pretended not to hear her.

Naina cleared her throat. "I'm sorry...! she repeated, loudly this time.  Sameer arched his brows at her  and then glanced away again without response.

"I'm sorry Sameer...maine kaafi rudely baat ki...wo Diya ko leke main kaafi protective hun...aur mujhe laga ki..., she was cut-off by Sameer. "Aur tumhe laga ki main tumhe akela paake tumhara fayeda uthana chahunga ya Diya ko kuch nuksaan pahunchaunga?

Naina was at a loss of words. This wasn't what she'd thought exactly- but the thought of sitting with him in his car had made her extremely uneasy, and before she knew what she was doing, she'd snapped back at him and refused his offer for any help. Perhaps she'd been scared of her pent-up feelings that she wanted to avoid any proximity to him, that too, when the two of them were all alone. Also, she had a strangely fear that Sameer would somehow uncover the truth about Diya's parentage if he spent more time with her. She might blurt it out. Deep down, she felt she might be wrong in concealing the truth from him, but she couldn't place his widely varying behavior when it concerned her or Diya. She might easily mistake his generosity for Diya as his affection for her, like she'd felt all those years back that Sameer had truly loved her.  

"Sorry? she squeaked again.

"It's okay! he nodded, the frown still there on his face, but his features had softened a little. "Ghar kahan hai tumhara?

The tums' are back Naina noted happily. "Moti Bagh...!

"Okay...jab chalna ho bata dena...driver bhijwa dunga...!


And then they again immersed themselves in the antics of the children playing there as dusk fell. Naina realized it was probably the first time, she and Sameer were both sitting together, watching their daughter play.

Soon after, Diya pulled Sameer uncle by his arm and wanted to play hide and seek with him. With mommy's temper flaring today, she did not dare to ask her. Naina giggled and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

"Diya uncle thak jayenge...tang nahi karte aise! Naina taught her in a motherly manner.

"Koi nahi...mujhe bacche pasand hain! Sameer smiled at her and Naina's heart missed a beat. "Kabse? thought both Sameer and Naina simulataneously.

"1 2 3 4...5...10...main aa raha hun! Sameer counted. Though he could easily spot Diya ambushed behind a shrub, he acted as if he couldn't find her in the allotted time of five minutes. And when Diya's turn came, Sameer made himself as conspicuous as possible for the little child to find.

Naina laughed along merrily. It was a fine day indeed. Now Diya was playing with her own father!

Diya was now chattering with two children nearby- a girl with her hair tied up in two pigtails, who looked almost six or seven years old, and the other one, a small boy of around Diya's age, probably siblings judging by their appearances.

Sameer and Naina sat talking about her novel, about Arvind's research,  while they saw Diya laughing and screaming as she ran around the park with the two kids. Minutes later, when Sameer and Naina looked at her, the scene had changed completely. The children were rolling on the ground, and Diya and the other girl were busy hitting the young boy. They had straddled the child, while he continued to cry, and Diya and the other girl smacked him. Alarmed, Naina and Sameer rushed to the spot and rescued the boy from Diya. His parents also came running there. Naina and Sameer asked for forgiveness citing Diya was nave. The reason it appeared was that the boy had cheated in one of the games and a squabble had ensued, and the girls had decided to punish him. The other set of parents chided their own daughter for not taking care of her younger brother and soon the crowd dispersed.

Naina's anger had returned. Sameer too wasn't much pleased with Diya's behavior initially, but chuckled when he got to know the reason, and how Diya had taken it upon herself to punish him and even gotten his sister to do the same.

"Kya...khee khee khee...? Naina cocked her eyes at him and then glared at Diya. She simpered under her mother's gaze. Diya looked at Sameer uncle who surreptiously passed her a wink and smiled. Diya's face lit up at his support. Naina noticed the exchange and looked up from the bruise on Diya's forehead to Sameer.

"Tum zyada sheh mat do ise...dikhne mein jitni bholi lagti hai na...utni hi tez hai...din bhar bhagadaudi...aaye din maar peet! Naina slammed Diya. "Samajh nahi aata? Kitni baar mana kiya hai ki ache bacche aise ladai jhagda nahi karte...aap pyaar se nahi samjha sakte the Varun ko? Kahan se seekh rahi ho aap yeh haath chalana? Diya lowered her eyes.

But Naina was not done. "Din badin bigadti jaa rahi hai yeh ladki! Zidd ka koi hisaab chahiye so chahiye...abhi zabardasti aapki wajah se hum yahan aaye aur yahan pe fir aapne hungama shuru kar diya? School mein yahi haal...yahan pe bhi wahi haal!  Ek thappad padega na! Naina clenched her teeth and raised her hand. Diya flinched and Sameer gasped. But Naina regained control and instead of slapping her, she jabbed at her forehead and continued to mumble about her misbehavior and simultaneously wiped the mud from her face with her saree.

Sameer was alarmed by Naina's anger and how Diya was becoming the object of it since today evening. "Aur log mujhe koste hain ki mujhe bahot gussa aata hai...ise kya kahenge..inka to gussa bhi khandani hai!

Naina was still rambling on and on about how Diya was becoming indisciplined- that she was not at all like her mother. Sameer cleared his throat, made a solemn face. "Naina..I'm really sorry!

Naina teared her eyes from Diya's to his in exasperation, "kya?

"I'm sorry...kab hua yeh?

"Kya hua Sameer? Naina responded in agitation as she picked out blades of grass from Diya's hair.

"Rakesh sir...unke baare mein pata nahi tha!

"Papa ke baare mein? Kya hua papa ko? Naina's eyes widened.

Sameer responded with a straight face, "mar gaye na...!

Naina was silent for a moment- her brain ceased to function. "K...Kya keh rahe ho Sameer?

"Haan...Rakesh sir mar gaye na...tabhi to unki aatma tumhare andar aa gayi hai! Sameer completed and then broke into a fit of giggles.

Naina finally comprehending the joke became flustered. "Kuch bhi!

"Aur kya...itne bure se koi daantata hai itni choti...itni pyaari bacchi ko? Wo bhi khud ki beti? Yeh Rakesh sir ke hi lakshan hain! Sameer remarked laughingly as he lifted Diya in his arms.

He chortled. "Ekdum unki beti ho! Tabse dekh raha hun...kabhi Diya pe gussa...kabhi mujhpe gussa...bechara pati tumhara...!

Naina couldn't help it and started giggling herself. "Chup raho!

"Vaise kaisa hai khusat aajkal? Sach mein to nahi...? Sameer slit his finger across his neck and then lolled his head.

Naina eyed him in mock indignation, but as she contemplated his question, she realized she indeed had no news of him. She prayed he was safe. All her family was safe.

"Koi jawab nahi...matlab sach mein tapak gaya? Sameer asked, this time a bit seriously, "vaise unhone toh kabhi kisi ko di nahi...lekin bhagwaan unki aatma ko shaanti dein...!

"Papa theek hain! Naina exclaimed, hoping that was the case. And Naina's brows furrowed further. "aur tumne papa ko khusat kaise kaha?

"Mooh se kaha aur kaise...aur please tum to use defend mat hi karo...ek exam mein number kam aane pe us kameene aadmi ne tumko bhukha marna chaha tha..., Sameer's face contorted with rage as he recalled that day.

Naina's expression softened. He remembers? After all these years?

"Please apne papa jaise mat behave karo...aaj daant rahi ho...kal bina baat ke thappad marna shuru kar dogi...thank God tum school teacher nahi ho varna mere jaise students ka kya hota, he smirked.

Naina couldn't help but smile herself, "Diya bahot ziddi hai...bilkul baat nahi maanti meri...aur dekho kaise ladai jhagde karne lagi hai!

"Naina...bacche nahi to kya hum bade zidd karenge? Pyaar se samjhana padta hai..aur fir kuch bacche chanchal hote hain...main bhi aisa hi tha bachpan mein...umar ke saath sab seekh jayegi...lekin aise agar hum apne bacchon ko darayenge to wo humse darne lagenge...fir hamse sach chupane lagenge! Aur fir tum use marogi, dantogi, to Diya bhi to wahi seekhegi aur aage chalke dusron ke sath wahi karegi!

With this, Sameer turned to Diya. "Diya beta...agar aap aise maar peet uncle udaas ho jayenge...mumma bhi udaas ho jayengi...masti karna achi baat hai...lekin abhi us bacche ko lag jaati zor se toh...usko dard hota na...agar wo galti karta aap use batao aur bolo ki use sorry bolna chahiye...aur agar wo nahi bolta to apni teachers se ya mumma, papa se kaho...aaj aap use maroge...kal wo marega...aise Diya ko sab bura bolenge na...Diya buri hai? Is Diya bad?

Diya silently shook her head.

"Diya is a good girl na? To aaj se koi bhi Diya ko pareshan karta hai to wo aake ghar pe batayegi...aur koi nahi suntan na...toh uncle ko bhi bata sakti hai...uncle usko ekdum seedha kar denge!

Diya let out a toothy grin now, which showed her bereft of her front two incisors and nodded.

Sameer smiled indulgently at her and ruffled her hair again, while Naina kept looking in amazement at the duo conversing with each other. The maturity showed by Sameer and the love with which he treated the child had made her heart swell with joy.

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I reread this chapter and for some reason (probably known to you), there are times when all I can think of are Mer and Matt...a perfect reflection. Maybe your story unexpectedly sends me to 'Paradise'; a paradise filled with beautiful writing and and intricately woven tale of Sameer and Naina and their Diya...

A big thank you to Arvind for staying in the Lab...though I feel I've heard about this Lab and its happenings before LOLEmbarrassed Jao Arvindji, Chennai mein aaram se raho. Aane ki koi jaldi nahi because Sameer is here to take care of your--correction--his Naina and their Diya. 

Sameer's anxious emotional turmoil...and all the possibilities brimming through his much I wanted to scream, yes yes yes! Yes, Sameer Maheshwari, your thoughts are flowing in the right direction. The desire for love, for a family, for care and to care too; all of this reflected in his thoughts. The craving for his Naina, her Matt Farrell! 

I loved how you expressed her pain, Sur Di. She too, despite having a family, found herself completely isolated from the world, with Diya in her hands while her heart and soul in someone else's. Her love was strong enough to let go, but her fear dominates her emotionally feeble state. Which is why she is not ready to see her life get shattered again, by those who she loves and who love her the most! 

The authority Sameer feels on her that never leaves him as he surreptitiously expresses her care for her. Nainaji, you aren't his responsibility, but rather his love...that will never diminish for you. 

The part that I adored the most, only because you so beautifully weaved another side of Sameer Maheshwari; his fatherly affection for his daughter, Diya. The protective nature, the giggles, the defensive side, the slight anger and the constant assurance. Sameer Maheshwari, aaj aapne Diya ke dil mein toh jagah bana hi li...ab kya karein, aapka charm kisiko chodta hi nahi, chahe woh Naina ho ya uski beti LOLEmbarrassed

Your writing entails every small detail, which makes it so intriguing. The transitions between 'aap' and 'tum', between 'Reena Mittal' and 'Naina'...the battle between the heart and mind, churning an inner turmoil within him! Not to forget, the tinge of happiness in her each time he addresses her as 'tum' or 'Naina' if nothing wrong had happened between them. As if they were still the college sweethearts, deeply in love with each other, with no complications nor conspiracies by fate.

Loved the chapter Di! Can't wait for more! 

Update soon! Big smile
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I'm first again, Sur Di! 
kya kehna hai iss baarein mein... Embarrassed

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