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Posted: 2019-02-15T15:53:21Z


Letting go is a form of love. When you truly love someone all you want is to see this person happy with or without you. Palash and Tipsy had to experience this harsh and painful reality of life for each other's happiness sake.

The day Palash saw Tipsy in his hospital room (he was being treated for drug overuse and Tipsy was one among the two doctors who treated him during his critical condition) his four years of search and yearning for Tipsy came to an end. Since then he had been trying every possible way be it  romantic ways like sending flowers, stalking her in a cute romantic manner or his screwed  ways like offering Radhika's restaurant back to Karan khanna only on the condition if he agrees to forget Tipsy, manipulating M.D of rehabilitation centre where Tipsy works to convince Tipsy to take up his case and bring him out of addiction, (he cared less about the treatment, his main aim was to spend time with Tipsy) but nothing worked out. Tipsy never accepted his apology for leaving her and choosing money over her nor Karan was willing to breakup with Tipsy. Though Tipsy agreed to take up Palash's case on M.D's  request but never reciprocated Palash feelings. Repeatedly shunned him declaring her love for Karan.

Over six months of  treatment yielded in positive result and Palash managed to overcome his addiction by Tipsy's help. During this course of time he started losing hope of winning her back, everytime she confessed her love for Karan to him it would crush his heart mercilessly. He had almost lost his hope until this evening when Tipsy herself made a call to Palash and asked him to meet her at the same place where he proposed her years back.

Beautiful park and the gazebo under which he proposed her and she accepted his love, the sweet memories of their first young love  would always tickle his heart with joy. This place will always remain special to him.

Palash kept pacing up and down the little gazebo, glancing at his watch. He's worried, not knowing the reason behind this meeting but he remained optimistic, may be she has accepted his apology and his love, maybe she wants to confess her feelings for him, he's just too excited about it. After the call he had planned his whole life with Tipsy ; their marriage, kids. He had even thought of names for their babies but of course without her opinion he won't finalise any names for their babies.  

Thought of living a cute happy family life with Tipsy brought a gentle smile on his lips, smile turned into a grin when he saw Tipsy got down the car. But... wait a minute! That's Karan Khanna's car. Why is that fading superstar always tags along with Tipsy? Palash cursed under his breath. Anyways he shouldn't spoil his mood and blow way his last chance of getting Tipsy back in his life, at least Karan stayed back in his car and only his Tipsy was heading towards his direction, he was glad about it. He smiled when she walked in the gazebo.

"Hi !

She didn't bother to acknowledge his hello. An painful silence lingered around them. He initiated the conversation ."This is the exact place I proposed you, remember? Of Course you do, isliye toh tumne mujhe yahan milne ke liye bulaya hai. Hum dono yeh jagah kaise bhool sakte...

"Those memories are curse to my life. Tipsy cut him off in calm demeanor.

Palash tried to comprehend her reaction. It almost scared him thinking of worst. She stretched her right arm forward. "Have a look at it.

He glanced down at the envelope in her hand and examined it. Her voice pulled him out of his bewilderment. "Agle mahine meri shaadi Mr.Khanna ke saath ho rahi hai.

Her words sliced his heart mercilessly. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. "You can't do this to me, Tipsy. I love you damn it!

"LOVE ? DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF LOVE, PALASH?! She  bellowed with pain and rage, jerking his hands off her. "My appa was on death bed but still I came to you, I left everything  for you but you never came back to me, you chose money over me and you say you love me?!

Guilt stung his heart once again. This guilt has been haunting him since the day he left Tipsy. Palash and Tipsy had fixed a day and had decided to get married. Tipsy kept waiting for Palash on that date but he never returned. His father laid an offer in front of him. He had to select from Tipsy and money. If he selected Tipsy he would be disowned from the family wealth. He chose money. He was young and very ambitious at that time, made wrong decision in lack of maturity but doesn't mean he justifies his actions. He spent restless days and sleepless nights cursing himself and regretting his decision to choose money. Drove himself more into drugs and alcoholism in search of peace.

"Pyar par se mera bharosa udgaya tha, main jeena bhool gayi thi par Mr.Khanna ne mujhse phirse pyar par yakeen dilaya, unhone phir se mujhe jeena sikhaya, he is my antidote and I love him with all his bagage, woh jaise bhi hai tumse kayi guna ache hai. Just forget me and leave me alone, Palash.

"Please don't say that, he said, cupping her face gently in his hands. "I agree saari galti meri hai but give me one chance to rectify my mistake, Tipsy. Please forgive me and come back to me. I'm not that old Palash now. His moist eyes nearly broke her heart. For a moment, her facade of anger and hatred which she managed to maintain in front of him from a while slipped. Then she sealed herself off. "kabhi kabhi zindagi mein hamein dusra mauka nahi milta, You are too late, Palash.

"I love you, Tipsy. Aur main janta hoon aaj bhi tum mujhse pyaar karti ho. Come back to me, he said, pleadingly. She felt her chest tightening, she was not used to seeing him like this miserable. "No, I don't love you, she lied again with utmost confident that it sounded like truth. "If you truly love me you would want me happy. This is the time to prove your love, Palash, forget me and move on. Jab bhi tum mere saamne aate ho it hurts me. You make my life difficult. Let me go. Let me live a peaceful life with Mr.Khanna.

Palash took a step back contemplating on her words, and realized maturity lies in acknowledging the fact it's better to let her go. It hurts him like hell knowing she'll be with someone else. It is so damn hard to let her go but this is the only way  to see her happy.

"Are you happy with Karan?

"Yes, very much.

"Then I am happy for you.

She could tell, from her own pain, that he is fighting back his emotions. She knew she was hurting him but she also knew there was nothing she could do about it.

"Can I hug you one last time? he asked.

She nodded. He reached her and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. She embraced him back, sinking into the warmth of his hug. Not knowing if she would ever see him again pained her heart.  "I should leave... she said, holding back her tears. His arms tightened around her instead of loosening it, not wanting to let her go. "Mr. Khanna mera intezaar kar rahe hai, she choked up. Reluctantly, he let go of her. She turned her head so that he would not see her tears and left from there, gulping down her urge to glance back.

OS will be continued in next update...

Posted: 2019-02-20T03:58:18Z
ohhh..how i missed this???
i dont even know k new story is posted here..
tipsy k marriage fix hua hai karan k saath. and she is breaking with palash. good.
hope  k palash koi misunderstandings na khadi karde karan aur tipsy k bich me.
anyways...keep posting such beautiful stories as we love RaShi so much
next parts ..jaldi jaldi update karo.

if possible plz pm me
Posted: 2019-02-22T07:13:59Z
Good story.continue:D
Not to sound rude but this somehow what happened on KTBM  
Posted: 2019-03-26T11:30:18Z
Lovely update 
Please continue sooon 

Posted: 2019-03-30T05:31:53Z
If love is true it will come back to u but now destiny has given second chance to Tipsy in form of karan who like her very much but Palash her past which is now part of her present too but she has to move on.
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