||Mere Ajnabi|| An Anurag and Prerna OS

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She walked towards the railway station, her heart beating wild and frenzy, her breath coming out in uneven gasps. She took slow and measured steps towards the platform, as she got into the station. With every step she took, she could feel her heart skip a beat. She could feel the tug of war between her mind and heart, and she wondered if she were doing the right thing. But, she remembered her mother telling her that when there was a conflict between the mind and the heart, you have to listen to your heart, because it'll always show you the right path.

As she stepped on to the platform, she felt a familiar sense of warmth wash over her. The deserted railway station held nothing for her, but coming there felt like... home. She stared at those railway tracks that never seemed to end. "What a weird relationship these railway tracks share?" she though to herself. "They always go together, but never cross paths"

She was so lost in her own thoughts when she suddenly sensed another presence in the station. She looked up to find him in the opposite side of the platform, staring at her. She could feel her heart skip a beat at the sight of him

He just looked at her, his eyes peering into her soul. She felt completely vulnerable in his gaze, and it felt like as if he were reading her mind. They kept looking into each other's eyes, and the silence deepened. No words were exchanged between them. It was just the silence that spoke.

This was all they had been doing from the past 2 months. Two months ago, she had walked into this deserted train station in tears after she fought with her family. That was when she saw him. He sat there on the opposite side of the platform, looking at her, as she let the tears fall freely. When she sensed another presence in her midst, she wiped her tears and looked up to find him staring at her. His eyes seemed to reach out to her and console her. She could feel it. Ever since then, she had been coming here everyday, and so did he. All they would do was just look into each other's eyes wordlessly, before either one of them had to leave.

Today, standing there in that place and looking at him, she could feel a whirlwind of emotions hitting her. She knew that their relationship was also like those railway tracks, they always go together, but never meet, and their paths would never cross. But still, he made her feel special. He made her feel loved. Ever since the day she first laid eyes on him, he seemed to become a part of her. He was there in everything that she did. He was all that she thought of. And she knew that he felt the same.

"He is my stranger..." she thought to herself as she looked at him. Theirs was the kind of relationship that no one would ever understand. Was it love, or not? Nobody knew. But she knew that what they shared was something beautiful. Something beyond this world. Something beyond love itself.

The time was ticking. She knew that it was time to leave. And she also knew that this was the last time she would be seeing him. But, how could she say goodbye? How could she let go of this stranger who made her feel alive? 

Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at him, waving her hand to bid him farewell. A slight frown crossed his features as he looked at her, unsure of what to do. Then the realization dawned on him.  He raised his hand to bid her a fond farewell, a slight smile playing on his lips. 

"Prerna!" she heard her fiance's voice at a distance. The time had come. Her fiance, Dev, entered the platform, carrying a bouquet of red roses for her. She took it hesitantly, her eyes still on her stranger. Dev held her hand and walked her out of the station. She could feel her heart breaking into a million pieces as she caught the last glimpse of her stranger.

She knew that she would get married tomorrow, and that was the last that she would see her stranger. After this, she's probably fly to London and never come back. She would probably never see him in her lifetime. She walked out of the station for one last time, leaving half her heart with the stranger she had grown to love so much. They may not be together forever, and they may never have an epic love story. But these moments of silence that they shared was priceless, and nobody could take that way from them. For it was only theirs...

"Prerna... If you don't mind, can I ask you something?" asked Dev, her fiance, as they got into the car.

"Yeah sure." she replied, still lost in thoughts.

"Have you ever been in love?" Dev asked her as he drove.

She smiled as she thought of her stranger back in the station... the way his eyes spoke, the way his presence made her feel warm and safe, the way he smiled as he bid her farewell, and pain in his eyes as she walked away.

"Yes..." she replied. "Yes, I have. And it is painfully beautiful." she told him, her eyes on the road, thinking of those beautiful moments with him. Yes. She had just realized that she was in love with her stranger. She knew that they had walked together till the end of the railway tracks, but they were never meant to cross paths. But deep down in her heart, she knew that he'd always remain her stranger, and no one could ever change that.


Whew! I thought this was never gonna end! But anyways, please drop in your comments and feedback. This was my first attempt in writing something for KZK. I think I've gone overboard in describing their feelingsEmbarrassed

P.S. The banner is by SevenStreaks. This girl is seriously talented! Please give me some of your talentOuch
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Posted: 11 months ago
Oh! Lovely but painful
Posted: 11 months ago
beautifully written
would love to read anu's pov
Posted: 11 months ago
Posted: 11 months ago
Originally posted by reeyacute

Oh! Lovely but painful

Thank you so muchHug
I'm glad that you liked it
Posted: 11 months ago
Originally posted by Prizi

beautifully written
would love to read anu's pov

Thank you so muchHug
Will definitely work on itBig smile
Posted: 11 months ago
Originally posted by AdyaXoxo


Unres soonEmbarrassed
Posted: 11 months ago
I loved this.
How beautifully u have drawn parallel with railway tracks.
Yes that's how their love is.
People bash me for this, but since I am an ardent kzk1 fan and have watched every episode, I need to say this-
If people are watching this story for Anu-pre to unite, it's not going to happen
I love this story for the kind of love it portrays. Two people so madly in love with each other, but due to circumstances are not able to lead a happy life together. They separate and
They both manage to get married to different people and prerna also happens to fall deeply in love with bajaj, but these two's (Anu-Pre) love turns into something divine and pure. A friendship so beautiful and Anurag knows Pre loves bajaj and yet the way he always wants only her happiness... This story teaches us so many things. ...That your first love need not be your last love, that love can happen again.
That despite Anu-Pre not being with each other, they turned into bestest friends and always stood for each other.

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